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(is aXl still interested in spriting it later?).
Can confirm yes. Current priorities spriting-wise are to finish fronts for Celesteela and Oricorio Baile, that way we can remove as many of the mini sprites from Showdown as possible, and then do the backsprites later, but I'd still love to go back and do some of my earlier reservations that I ended up not having enough time for.


Alas poor Yorick!
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I'm going to open the project for animations now

To apply to be an animator, please send a PM with a minimum of one sprite you have animated, but you can include up to three. If you have done anything for the XY Sprite Project, those will be the best to submit. Please then include up to 3-5 Pokemon you would like to start animating, in order of preference. Once you do this I will then consult with spriters to make sure there are not any final edits that must be done. I will then let you know what is able to be animated.

I am quite happy with how progress has been made, so I hope to see some nice animated sprites, if animators choose to include them.

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more Primarina edits plus shiny sprites to seal the deal


Wobble's changes to the face and pose were lovely, but I wasn't terribly fond of my original sprites on which the QC was based. Also opted to make the body not twisted around, as although it's posed as such in-game, I find that it looks awkward.

EDIT: made some further adjustments

EDIT2: uploading Minior upon Layell's request


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been busy lately and internet's been wonky. batch of sprites for now:
alolan geodude shiny.png
alolan geodude.png
dewpider shiny.png
toucannon shiny.png
toxapex shiny.png
alolan golem 2 shiny.png
alolan golem 2.png
Golem backs next, gonna work on Graveler too. trynna fill up the missing pokes first. fixed toucannon's cheek things

need a vote on this one, people on discord weren't sure which one was more accurate. it's p much impossible to get the "spikes" just right because of the size and the restrictions of pixel art, so lemme know which one's the better Mareanie:


So, it's sad that this has to be necessary, but this is going to be a post about plagiarism.

For those who don't know, there's a Gen VII GBA sprite project on PokéCommunity, which, like the Gen VI project hosted there, is a continuation of Chaos Rush's completed Gen I-V GBA sprite resource. The project largely consists of low-quality resizes of other artists' sprites, including many by leparagon and fishBowlSoul and some by Wobblebuns and Layell. For some time, we've been concerned with the project's poor crediting practices, namely incomplete or inaccurate credits in individuals' posts. Earlier this week, Layell lodged a complaint in the thread, prompting a moderator to step in and directly address the problems with permission and crediting. Regardless, the state of affairs hasn't improved very much since; in particular, the OP's list of credits is insufficient and not organized in any sort of logical manner, such as contributors' usernames in alphabetical order or Dex order, with sprites from outside sources clearly highlighted.

Next, if it isn't surprising that a bunch of 15 year olds on the internet couldn't get crediting right, maybe an established, online content aggregator with a fanbase numbering in the millions absolutely would, right?

Two weeks ago, Dorkly published a Sun/Moon parody video on their YouTube channel featuring a number of BW-style fan sprites, including TrainerSplash's Mimikyu sprite, without giving credit. Splash wrote a letter to one of their personnel indicating that his sprite was not to be used without permission and requesting to be credited in the video's description. They responded to him in a timely fashion and ultimately complied with his request.

It would be lovely if the story ended there, but today, aXl pointed out that Dorkly has published a "part two" to the above video using Splash's Mimikyu alongside other fan sprites. Even better, this time, they credited only Splash and not anyone else, such as leparagon for his Alolan Raticate sprite. The other fan sprites from the video appear to be the work of JaegerLucciano23 on DeviantArt, who is also uncredited.

Without mincing words, it's disappointing to see that this is a recurring issue. Although Dorkly might operate in the realm of comedy, for small-time fan artists whose work is stolen, it frankly isn't funny (if crediting fan artists is that much of a sore point, they might consider taking a cue from us and pouring their blood and tears into producing their own custom sprites). If you're reading this, we ask that you consider writing to Dorkly about their improper handling of artists' work, as we very much hope to prevent this kind of thing from happening again in the future, even to artists unaffiliated with Smogon. The message you send need not be long as long as it's clear and uses courteous, non-inflammatory language.

At the Smogon sprite project(s), we take the issue of crediting seriously. In particular, the Sun/Moon project's application system means that the possibility of plagiarism transpiring here should be minimal, as each of the project's formal contributors are vetted for our artistic ability and integrity. That aside, a small number of this project's sprites are appropriated from outside sources, namely DA, and Layell not only credits third-party artists clearly on the spreadsheet but also often goes the extra mile by asking artists for written permission to use their work.
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Here's bruxish 2.0

On the front sprite, I moved the eye a little closer to the mouth and fixed the fins, as what leparagon and pom suggested. Also color picked from a clean image of the model, so the colors are more or less as close as I can get it.

Tried my hand at doing a different backsprite, but I'm not too good with perspective so it ended up sorta deformed.

I used this as a reference:

Amoonguss made a shiny too!
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Tried out a new Toucannon, as I felt that the existing one's proportions weren't accurate enough. Used the official art and Dex model as references.

I have a Marshadow wip that I'll try to wrap up and post soon. After that, I hope to get to busted Mimikyu, Trumbeak QC, and Pheromosa

Modeling Clay Xurkitree looks solid overall. I like the rendering of the body pattern especially, but the "hair" seems like it could be slightly pointier. New Guzzlord pose is an improvement over the old one. Dhelmise's back is facing the wrong way, although I realize it's probably still a wip
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Tried to create a more proportionally accurate Celesteela based on the default pose it has in the pokedex. Feel free to use it in place of the current simulator version if you want, but I'll probably make a back for this sometime next week after finals wrap up.'

also I probably went overboard on shading the pillar arm in front/could probably make less of the pallete share colors but I'll get to fixing that when I do the backsprite.


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tfw you guys already found a better Xurkitree sprite :(
love all the sprites, but dhelmise looks like the wheel face is a bit flat, like it's facing directly at us while the rest of the body is properly angled to the side. I think you could edit the wheel part a wee bit to adjust the angle, but most of that angle is gonna rely on the shading too

le edit: i legit forgot that i made these before, i'm so sorry:
alolan golem back .png
alolan golem back shiny.png
(changed Mareanie's face. got inspiration from fishbowl's face for his mareanie)

new batch of sprites:
i wanted to sprite a different alolan Sandshrew based on the in-game models
sandshrew front.png
sandshrew back.png
sandshrew frontS.png
sandshrew backS.png

resprited Hakamo-o's front, recolored back using new colors on the front sprite:

resprited Marowak:

gonna sprite some of the missing mons tomorrow. thanks to BlackStarG5 for reference models of Sandshrew and Hakamo-o
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Marshadow sprites by fishBowlSoul, which he has allowed for the project's use and which I shrunk by about five percent (gave up on my wip since there were some issues with size). The original front sprite is viewable on fish's DeviantArt here. According to fish, this Marshadow back is his first and last back sprite, so let's not hold our breaths for any more (such as Xurkitree).

shiny tapus!!


Tried making Lele's body pink less saturated in accordance with a comment from the previous page. Will do tapu-bolo.png later.

Modeling Clay Bruxish QC looks awesome! The shading on Guzzlord's back seems somewhat flat, however, so it might be best to add another black shade. I also agree with leparagon about Dhelmise; to me, the angle of the back sprite's lower body in particular makes it look like it's facing away from the opponent.

leparagon I like everything in the above post, especially Marowak and new Hakamo-o front, but I feel that the tail and legs on Hakamo-o's back sprite could use some editing to match the quality of the front.
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Edits :)
  • Added black outlines (help, but i'll do try to fix this mess in later time) fuk it, uhuhu
  • Hat tweaked
  • Plumper tentacles
  • More neutral pose and a new back
  • Dark colors on the ends of the tentacles made more prominent
- - -

- Shinies added
- Strays exterminated
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QC for Alolan Exeggutor! I wanted to portray its tallness more accurately. This of course, necessitated me to shrink down the body to make room for the longer neck. I really had a fun time spriting this one, especially the faces which was quite the challenge given the smaller size.

Mudbray edits!

Just general fine-tunings + shiny!

Will probably just edit in other shinies I would make in this post. :)

- - -

Making QC's as I go, and this time it's for the caring bubble spider, Araquanid. His bubbles are totally meant for protecting PokePals in need, and not for drowning unsuspecting prey! (S&M Pokedex entries are so dark, wth)
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Wobblebuns love the QC and edits! but i actually had something in mind for Eggy, based on a sprite fishbowl showed me but never uploaded. i'd like to try that some time as well and i'll upload it here when i do get to make it :)

btw aXl some people on DA have been telling me that they aren't too fond of the poses for celesteela and midnight lycanroc :o i think it's worth trying to change the pose by going with something a bit more static or smth for celesteela and i think what people wanna see in lycaroc is the angle of its face a bit more from the side. i think if there are people mentioning the sprites, it's worth a look-see
I'm glad to have joined the project! Work has been a pain so I haven't had any time to post anything since yesterday evening at all. However, I did just now find an awesome list of references for Sun and Moon pokemon; front and back. They're gifs ripped from the models which is like manna from heaven for people who have been looking forever for these. T v T

For those of you with an unfinished Pokedex, it should be pretty helpful! They're zoomed-out, but it's better than nothing.

Edit: ahah nevermind. Just found out you guys already have these on PS and Pkparaiso (even though I could never find it on the latter). :p
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oricorio baile.png

Oricorio Baile pictured next to Oricorio Pom for size reference.

Fee free to reply with any comments/criticisms. I made these to preoccupy myself while my computer harddrive on my usual laptop was being uploaded to the cloud so I could bring it in for repairs. Celesteela back will continue once I get the files off of my glitchy computer and onto my older one.
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