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pepe's red card was a fucking joke, seriously, there were so many fouls that were red card worthy, but pepe's was just dani alves being a little bitch and that really sealed it

lol marcelo stomped pedro and that was more of a red card than what pepe did (can't say it was on purpose though it seems like he was just at a bad place at a bad time)

even pepe suffered a foul earlier than was more worthy of a red card

and rm just sank like a ship after that

2-0 down, no ramos, no pepe, no mourinho, bad game rm


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This is fucking disgusting. The crappiest football game I've seen.
Shitty Performance by both teams. 2-0 ._. are you fucking around with me?
Barça really toyed around with Real this time.

There is no way real is going to reach the finals.


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Worst game I've ever seen, a terrible advertisement for the Spanish game. More stops and starts than a game of American football. I hope Man U thumps the winner.

Absolute unmitigated shite. Seeing Mourinho flounce around like a twat in the stands did raise a smirk, though.


yeah but it was working til pepe got carded

also lol at madebayor, THAT was a red card if i ever saw one

we all know barça's REAL strategy involves them boring the shit out of the opposition and when the players are about to take a nap barça scores
What a big shitstorm there was at Spain more fouls and agression than anything. Also it was played before they even enter at the field using the midia as a tool of pressure, the couchs created a atmosphere that left everyone in a uncomfortable position and that was the result.The judge was a chicken also.

At the very least i saw messi doing messi stuff...
what the fuck messi you son of a.......

still a win is a win for barca i guess even if it wasn't much of a match

pretty much gg here for real, unless camp nou is about to witness an epic real siege
I think it now sets up for a legit Real vs Barca match in leg 2. Practically forcing Mourinho to attack, and really see what happens when Madrid doesn't just sit back and absorb Barcelona for 90+ minutes. Gonna be good.

a little statistic

xavi -

passes attempted : 120
passes completed: 107

real madrid -

passes completed: 140

No offense, But I honestly don't think anyone cares about stats like these anymore[from Barcelona anyways]. We all know Barca plays the style they play.. overly playing the possession game. It's not an impressive mark anymore.


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Honestly i could see the final ending 0-0 and united winning on pk. But i could also see a dumb united defender making a foul inside the box and messi winning on a penalty followed by a huge controversy. I think that if united does win in regular time it will be on a nani cross or on a random berbatov stroke of genius.
I think United will win, though I don't want it to happen...

Barca vs United will make it to finals for sure (well pretty sure), though I wanted Real.


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Apart from Messi, everyone from Barca is a cunt. Seriously, Messi was probably the only person who didn't get involved in any fracas or whining - he just showed off his skills. Even the fucking RESERVE keeper got involved, ffs.
Have you guys seen Mourinho declarations after the game?

I´ve never seen so much thirst of blood in any Clasicos. Barça has denounced Mourinho for his declarations; and then Real Madrid has denunciated Barça for the unsportsmanlike act of some Barça players.

Seriously, El Clasico games were awesome. Until Mourinho arrival.

Hopefully we can see some football in last Clasico since Mourinho now has to go all-attack instead parking the bus.
Maybe Real Madrid will stand a chance in the next leg if by some miracle they actually finish the game with 11 men
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