The Dreams and Nightmares of SkittyonWingull

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Welcome to our joint giveaway. Princess of Johto and I are hosting this giveaway. All you have to do is post a dream or nightmare that you've had. It is first come first serve. You may NOT trade the pokemon won in this giveaway. Contact PoJ as she needs distributors as well.

Here are the prizes
My Skitty:

#300. Skitty () | Gender: Male
OT: NUVEEN (MeGaMaN X) | ID No. 00145
Nature: Modest | Ability: Wonder Skin | Type: Normal
Location: White Forest
Hidden Power: Dragon 70
IV: 31/14/31/31/31/31
EV: UT | Level: 1
Moves: Baton Pass | Calm Mind | Ice Beam | Wish
Note: Non C-Gear
Cloning Method: Action Replay/IR-GTS BW

Princess of Johto's Wingull:

#278. Wingull () | Gender: Female
(Princess of Johto) | ID No. 36229
Nature: Calm | Ability: Rain Dish | Type: Water/Flying
Location: Undella Town
Hidden Power: Dragon 70
IV: 31/30/31/31/31/31
EV: UT | Level: 1
Moves: Water Gun | Growl | Toxic | Roost
Note: Non C-Gear
Cloning Method: Action Replay/IR-GTS BW

I need 2 distributors:
1. Cereza
2. Biosci

0. ezequiel6566
1. Ebondragonx
2. GXStrider
3. Dangertrout
4. burning inpact
5. Impact
6. Str0ngbad
7. BattleStar
8. Zora
9. soul_survivor
10. tlb31m

2. Pink Floyd
3. Defense
4. Petey488
5. Red
6. pedrokabu
7. Axmaster68
8. DaPokeMaster
9. pokemonrocks777
10. Peppers

Edit: Please tell us what pokemon you want.
Edit2: If you take more than a week with explaining the distributors wil skip you.
I had a dream about the gangster lizard Scrafty. He did one of those Bruce Lee screaming backfists and KO'd a Conkeldurr.

Scrafty: Waaaaah! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... *fist shaking*
Conkeldurr: fml

Edit: I'm not sure how this part works, but I like skitty ;)
I've spent hours dreaming I was RNGing and couldn't figure out my starting frame....
Signs I should stop RNGing so late. XD

EDIT: You already took care of me but Skitty. :)
Once upon a time, I had a dream. I had a dream about a Skitty that I met. That Skitty and I suddenly switched minds. And at that exact moment Skitty and I both realised how far we could travel together. It was a great dream that unfortunately ended. However little did I know then that my dream might come true...

Skitty please ;)
I had a dream that I was a Zoroark and managed to save a whole a Skitty and a Wingull from the depths of a Volcano. To them however, I appeared as a Staraptor

EDIT: interested in the Wingull/Pelliper
I once had a dream where I was playing Diablo 2 and that I had found the perfect base for an enigma, then I woke up.

Could I get the wingull?
I had a nightmare once, where I was running in an abandoned building of some sort right, and there were zombies (I think, they seemed like them anyways) everywhere. Weapons could be found everywhere and for some reason, there would be a ammo and health display like Resident Evil 4 + 5. I had a shotgun and got to owning some zombies, but I had to walk because, for some reason, I cannot run in my dreams. I know, sucks right? But as it turns out my mother had been infected and I spent a while running from her because I didn't want to shoot her. But then I had to because I was going to get bitten, and then I woke up. Not a Pokemon dream I made up for a prize, but a REAL dream I had.

If I do win, I'd like the Wingull please. The green stripes and the Rain Dish on her are just great. :)
One time i played 5 hours past midnight of COD. When i slept i dreamt i was playing COD, But with POKEMON sprites. I was like LOL wtf, I tried to touch them but everytime i got near one it just appeared even further.
i had a dream where i was battling another guy in a pokemon battle match. It was his nidoking vs my scrafty. but instead of his nidoking attacking my scrafty, it attacked me.
Interesting dreams, lol. But one thing!

PLEASE TELL US WHICH POKEMON YOU WANT! (some of you already did that, so thank you)
I once had a dream in basic training that instead of issuing us rifles they gave us pokemon...only if.

Can I get a Wingull please :)
To all previous posters: Edit your post telling me what pokemon you want so I don't skip you for future posters.
Darn it, I just had a crazy dream, but its fading fast... it involved a ghost town and it was in the past so everyone was dressed western style. the ghost town had valuable antiques that people were fighting over, and I found someone tied up in a chair with his eyes and mounth sewed shut and I had to rescue him from the ghosts. Then I found that some other ghosts were trapped in a wardrobe, and i had to pry it open to free them. At which point the evil ghosts got angry and started chasing me. At some point during this chaos my dream cuts to a forest where a large torterra decides it wants to roll around in the dirt , like a dog, and flattens a whole forest. this prompts us (not sure who "us" is at this point, but I distinctly remember a group of people) to have to get on a bus, (we're no longer dressed in western attire by this point) where some girl teases me about something and I snap and beat her into a pulp (which is a horrible thing to do but in my dream it was clear that she had to pay for every ill-mannered pest in existence) and this is where i woke up and said "wth"
I like both of them >.< but if I have to choose I guess I'll go with Skitty =)
my worst nightmare I was on my street then when i wanted to take a walk the area to get out was blocked of then out of nowhere a mess of zombies came luckly there was a stick then out of nowhere again there where more zombies but they where pokemon and dogs they looked harmless when you where far away but come closer they has there eyes fal out there mouths split some where without part of there heads and all the zombies had magots when i was about to be eaten i woke up.i want skitty
white fc:Chris 0175 3737 2085
I had a dream that I was playing Pokemon Black and I faced a Missingno. I was very confused cause this was impossible or a glitch. Missingno had like 999 stats and killed my whole team.
I want skitty please :)


For a wierd and unknown reason, I have this uncanny ability to remember all of my dreams. Often my dreams are littered with school life situations that involve relationships between me and other people. Those were my natural dreams. But one of then that really stuckout was one where a stranger came to our school, and we underwent a "school lockdown" where everyone had to lock classroom doors, and hide in a corner of the room away from the windows. I was in the mobile classrooms, so there were literally windows everywhere, so I naturally feared Our class would be in danger. And as it so happens since it was a dream, the stranger came into our classroom. We thought the door was locked, but he automatically came in. What I saw surprised me a lot, he had the face of my brother, but had a heavily mutilated face, and carried a random assortment of weapons. I remember my class screaming, and the teacher cowering in fear. He went and knocked out a bunch of my classmates and tried dragging then out the door. But I kept shouting and yelling for him to stop, because all of the classmates who he hit and knocked out were all related to me in someways. Boyfriends, people who would ask me out, etc. Eventually he knocked me put too, and thenext thing I knew, I woke up and saw my brother shaking me to wake up for breakfast. Ever since then I have been weary and distant from my brother and Iregret that I did so today.

Upon reflection, I think he was trying to protect me, and I appreciate that from him. He hardly showed any emotion, but whenhe did, it was sincere. Even though I feared him, I still loved him, and he will always be in my heart.

I'll take the Wingull please! Can you nickname it? If so, Peecko would be amazing!
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