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Bleh -_-

Contact me via pm to get a pkm file so you can clone. If you get a pkm file, please clone and distribute to at least one person
That's the whole theme of this is to spread it to others through others

FSLAR and Dr. Alex, I'll contact you if you want Maleficent

EDIT: Traded a copy to uber effective.
For some reason ir-gts--bw isn't letting me copy for now, so contact uber effective for now

EDIT2: Gotta go now, I'll be back in about 3 hours, more or less to distribute to some other people hopefully
Alright, if anyone wants a copy of Maleficent either for distribution or for your own, feel free to vm me right now with your fc, I'm on my laptop once again
Instead Player A could give Player C two copies so he/she can give one of them to someone else
(considering A can clone and C cannot)

Therefore, you first give it to someone who can clone, if next person who asks cannot clone Player A gives 2 copies so the non-cloner can give it to the next person, who has to be able to clone
awesome idea XD i'm a C'er :p so if anyone could give 2 copies :)
Okay, Part 5 is over, if you have a copy, good, give it to others if you want. I will only trade it to two specific people who have contacted me about it.

So yeah, no more Maleficent from me for the giveaway.

Will post part 6 within the hour
Part 6: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…

Day 6: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…

Winners Day Six: no one yet

Fiendfyre | chandelure || ♀
IVs 30/15/30/31/31/31 | HP 70
| Flash Fire
Caught at Celestial Tower, Sep 25 2011 | OT: Julius | ID: 56094
Available as Modest | 4/0/0/254/0/252 | Level 100
{Overheat, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Hidden Power} | Choice Scarf
Notes: cloned with ir-gts-bw, fully redistributable

Isn't my recoloring fantastic? Anyways, Fiendfyre is the name of cursed fire in the world of Harry Potter. It's a destructive fire capable of consuming anything… which this baby should do with its huge Sp. Attack.
So how do YOU win this?
(Sorry, no ABBA related rules)
This will be a random giveaway like with the Milotic, but hopefully with faster distribution.
So, go ahead and post a single Harry Potter spell to enter the random drawing from which fate will pick ten random winners. I'll use again to chose the winners.
Again, any spell used in the Harry Potter film series or book series will get you in the random drawing.
ATTENTION: No doubles, meaning if someone already chose Fiendfyre, you can't use Fiendfyre. Same goes with all other spells.
No one can use Fiendfyre by the way.
Post away.​
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