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Part 6 Entries + Random Winners

  1. StealthX Sectusempra
  2. lanced99 Lumos
  3. Chill Expelliarmus
  4. ooh_shiny Wingardium Leviosa
  5. caruto Crucio
  6. SheikTheGeek Reducio
  7. BattleStar Imperio
  8. King N Expecto Patronum
  9. legendarymaster Avada Kedavra
  10. Pink Floyd Serpensortia
  11. Paul Endri Alohomora
  12. Pynewacket Sonorus
  13. pimpgangster Finite Incatatem
  14. Kiebin Piertotum Locomotor "I always wanted to use that spell" FTW LMFAO!
  15. Tsunade13 Accio
  16. Vulgo Expulso
  17. babismanias Petrificus Totalus
  18. Cherub Agent Reducto - That's how Bellatrix is destroyed in the film :(
  19. The_Duke Tarantallegra
  20. Cereza Cave Inimicum
  21. CallMeRandom Waddiwasi
  22. _Apocalypse_ Bombarda
  23. davidryan Stupefy
  24. SlashingTires Aguamenti
  25. Dano454 Obliviate Aww Hermione HP7 Part 1
  26. Enraikou Oculus Reparo
  27. jucaa Confundo
  28. Zachilles Legillimens
  29. ~Golden Emp Flippendo (?) (" WTF LMFAO FLIPENDO")
  30. czechm8 Salvio Hexia
  31. Fireworks Protego
  32. Bluecaptain Revelio
Thirty-two valid entries. Now ten random winners chosen by True Random Number Generator:

  1. Fireworks Protego
  2. Bluecaptain Revelio
  3. Vulgo Expulso
  4. caruto Crucio
  5. ~Golden Emp Flippendo (?) (" WTF LMFAO FLIPENDO")
  6. lanced99 Lumos
  7. Cereza Cave Inimicum
  8. Chill Expelliarmus
  9. SheikTheGeek Reducio
  10. Kiebin Piertotum Locomotor "I always wanted to use that spell" FTW LMFAO!
Number 16 came out 4 times while using the "True Random Number Generator." Not in a row, but still weird. Winners contact me via vm

I'll add a last part later today that will be open for the whole weekend (its still Friday here). That is all
The End

Day 7 - Dragonite
Winners Day Seven:

Dragonite| dragonite ||♂
IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31 | HP [70 Dark] | Multiscale {DW}
Hatched at Entralink, Nov 6 2011 | OT: Julius | ID: 56094
Available as Adamant | 254/44/0/0/0/212 | Level 100
{Dragon Dance, Outrage, Roost, ExtremeSpeed} | Lum Berry
Notes: cloned with ir-gts-bw, fully redistributable

Shiny Bulky DDance Dragonite, 'nuff said.

So how do YOU win this?
Draw a picture of any pokémon featured in this giveaway (Haxorus, Milotic, Reshiram, Hydreigon, Chandelure, Dragonite) in a Harry Potter-related situation. Simple as that, just draw and post it and you get a clone of this unnicked Dragonite.
Just be sure to put some effort in your drawing please

It looks tiny -_-
A question, is it Harry or Albus?

EDIT: Well, recall that Albus was worried that he would end up there but then Harry tells him not to worry because the hat would let him chose… Anyways…
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