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I've decided upon a name(I took into account the female part this time).
'Nayru'. I've always pictured the Goddesses of LoZ as being quiet, very powerful, and wise. That's the feeling I get from that Milotic, and that's part of the reason I chose Daphnes without hesitation(but we can see how that wasn't quite right).
The best of luck to the rest of the participants, as I have seen some good nicknames.
milatis because its a pun and a cool name based on the city of atlantis which was supposed to be filled with wonders and other amazing stuff and possibly this milotic who really knows
well since its kind of a "serpent" ish pokemon, and same for the loch ness monster i think it suits her
I would call it 'Mizuchi' which is also the name of a Japanese Shinto dragon, and god of the seas. Very fitting for this Milotic, I think!!
Venus, a beautiful name for a beautiful pokemon. The planet also looks beautiful in the night sky. It is also the name of a roman goddess of love.

the name that's composed of multiple meanings.i'll break it down.
Ser for Serpent,to the body shape of it.Also for its ability to as Serpent are also known for having scale like skins.And to a game i liked playing,the leftovers represent lootings,which goes with the game's group emblem of the Serpent for treachery,thief and defensive roles they play .
Qua for Aqua,since it's a Water-type and to match the ball it was caught in.
Jyu for Beast,applied for the Dragon Hidden Power.
Siren: the beautiful creatures from the odyssey that could suck the life out of others. Milotic plays a similar role, because it pretty much destroys any 'mon one on one.
NN: Angelina

Its the world's most beaultiful pokemon, so I think it should have the name of one of the most beaultiful woman in the world (Angelina Jolie).
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