The NU Throwdown Round 1


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when my opponent was on I couldn't battle, I guess he will be back for the next week end, so, we may need 1 day extension... since he wasn't active since the beginning of the week :7
I will give you guys a 1 day extension, but you must schedule a specific time to get your battle done on Saturday. If it is not complete by the end of Saturday, I will advance the user who showed more activity.

Still PMing Trufflehunter daily about our battle.
He posted saying he's busy (even after beeing warned in the sign-ups thread about quitting tournaments) so if you guys can't get it done, then I'll advance you Dan Dan.
I also have been really busy, and have had very little time to actually gather the pokes I need. However, Itsuki and I plan to battle Friday afternoon. If I fail to get my pokes together by that time I'll just scrap together a team and hope for the best.


would you suck the poison out
Just one more day to get your battles done people! I have not heard at all about the progress on the following:

Tyler422 vs Hamstern
FlamingKid vs Syberia
Shawk vs DragonFE

Please post or PM me and let me know what's going on.


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I PM'd my opponent several days ago asking him when would be a good time to battle, he responded on Tuesday with "tomorrow." According to his profile, he was last online today (Thursday, in case time goes by before you read this), at 7 AM.
Yeah, Dan Dan said he would kick my ass :( If only I could use my Staraptor...

Also I've been in contact with Tyler422 and he said we would battle today. I asked on wednesday if we could battle because both were online, but he said he didn't had his team ready..
he should be online in a couple of hours from now TDS, wait on IRC as usual

No life signs from my opponent instead, I've left him anoter VM, and I suppose he should be on at least tomorrow
Me and TDS are having trouble getting online at the right times, with a 5 hour time difference, and both of us being in school. I will accept the loss if I am deemed the inactive party, but I would appreciate the coin toss.


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Me and Hamstern cant connect because Wifi isn't working for eveyone. Could you give us til sunday to finish?
I scheduled a battle with Mr. Darkrai for this afternoon from 3-4, but he hasn't been on yet today. Hopefully he shows up soon because I don't think I can battle tonight.


would you suck the poison out
Okay guys, I see activity from people actually trying to get their matches done. Also, there were some wifi issues earlier today. The deadline for this round has been extended till the end of Sunday.

Schedule a specific time to meet your opponent online this weekend and get your matches done!!

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