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option a: screw a team who had a dced player out of a game they might have had a good shot to win

option II: let the player have his chance. if he wants to stick with his decision to forfeit that's fine and this situation is no different from option I. if it was a legitimate dc then he can make up the battle and huge gets a slight advantage but it's otherwise a fair fight.

option 2 is way fairer
had no idea why everyone was so angry about it since i had no idea what happened that game

then saw atticus's post

and facepalmed

and why is kg being allowed to rule on any decisions at all, let alone those involving HIS OWN TEAM? he's not an impartial arbiter of spl law, if you will, which is the only way things can be done in a fair and just way. why not have eo fill this position instead of pretending symph has any say in things when he's really just kg's political puppet

btw i have nothing against kg or symph, i just call it like i see it
I would like to know if Kevin_Garrett was involved at all in the decision making process for this.

Before even getting to how utterly foolish a decision this is, I want there to be enough transparency to know if a Tournament Director whose team was directly involved in this decision was allowed to influence the decision; if he was in anyway allowed to do so, I would like the world to know so we managers / assistant managers can take appropriate measures towards determining fair SPL management, and hopefully fair overall tournament management.

Posting this here as well because some of the TDs are dicks and will delete my post and I won't be here to undelete.

relevant logs: (kg claiming lack of bias) (log with symph) (kg responding) (log with 4 of the 8 non involved managers saying not that they simply disagree, but the decision is terrible) (i also have more managers but couldnt find the logs)

I also have a TD agreeing with Hugen...but I also promised to keep that confidential so until he signs on and agrees to publicize it, I have to leave this here -.-

So there you have it; an overwhelmingly large stack of evidence against KG's team, majority managers agreeing with scooters...and ~The Decision~

love ya kg ^_^
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I hereby admit kd is the best trash talker this planet has seen.


im the best
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I'm too lazy to make anything up here but imagine I said something witty about Conflict johning me for two hours at our match deadline and then destroying him Tuesday anyway.
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