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The Indie Scooters (4) vs. The Smog Frogs (7)

BW OU 1: Ojama vs. yan[sogeking]
BW OU 2: yee vs. xtrashine
BW OU 3: Taylor vs. masterclass
BW Ubers: Hugendugen vs. davidness
BW UU: Blue_Star vs. reachzero
BW RU: Windsong vs. Texas Cloverleaf
BW NU: MMF vs. Raseri
VGC 2013: Synre vs. bearsfan092
DPP OU: BKC vs. smurf.
ADV OU: 6A9 Ace Matador vs. dekzeh
GSC OU: skarm vs. colchonero
RBY OU: Evan vs. Agammemnon


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Whitequeen has 27 posts in this thread and he's been banned for like a month. What the hell.
Midseason is next week and I am hoping to make a team, but not just any team. This is my sales pitch.

If you're looking to immensely improve your bw uu spot, please look no further. I can hold my own in dpp ou and bw ou too, obviously, even though I don't even play bwou that often. I defeated all my opponents, except mdragon, fair and square to get to round #5 of the OST. The first game against the awesome mdragon was just terrible due to most of the hax fallen in my favor. Thank you for being a good sport. <333

Fyi, I ONLY want to play for the Smog Frogs. That's my team this season, and if LonelyNess forgives my misbehavior prior to the start of the season, I will be forever thankful. If the Frogs don't draft me, then I want to play for the Alpha Ruiners because I have mad love for a lot of those guys. I know genderless Princess Bro is a Ruiner, but I don't care.

If neither team drafts me, then I'd rather not play. I'd rather sit on the sideline to make predictions instead of playing for anyone else. Thank you.
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