The Philip7086 Smack Talk Thread

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my allegiance is with the smog frogs 100% this season. as for the alpha ruiners, i have huge crushes on the chaser, pi face, and ciele. it's fun to give scofield fashion advices too.

i am not gonna play unless I'm drafted by one of those two teams

Flareblitz is good but...yeah

Reachzero is just amazing. I'm his biggest fan. The pastor of carnage can own at any tier, not just bw uu.

i am pretty damn good at BWUU; I'm not even gonna be modest about it. but, I can hold my own in dpp ou and bw ou too. Advancing deep in every dpp tournament I take part in isn't a fluke. as for BWOU, I hate that metagame, but I can too hold my own when I try my best.

I JUST WANT TO EMPHASIZE: I ONLY WANT TO PLAY FOR THE FROGS OR RUINERS. if either team thinks that I'm not deserving of a spot, then I'm cool with cheerleading for them on the side and focus on my music career instead


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
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Shit, i am in desperate need of fashion advice with the spring season coming up and whistle just isnt cutting it....
Im in, I wanna play too!

Current Assets before new bids: 10.000

Still Top Bids: wats dat

New Bids: VIL - 0 (i dont want this retired (BAN ME PLEASE) on my team lulz hehe)
New Bids: Iconic - 9.500 (bad nickname, but its fine)
New Bids: Nachos- 500 (a bit expensive for mexican bs food, but ok)

Current Assets after new bids: 0

gl to all!!11!
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