The Philip7086 Smack Talk Thread

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On behalf of Masterclass, Smurf. and I, we would like to apologize to our great savior LonelyNess, Evan, and Fishy for being 3 dramatic douches. We have all agreed on not doing such a thing to thy: Fishy, Evan, and LonelyNess.

Thou shalt disobey one of these masters shalt be sent to the Benches of Frogville.

If we want to prove the media of Smogon wrong, then we shall play nicely together and discuss our differences in a correct and respectful manner.

*ribbit ribbit!!*


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more 2yo photos zzz...jason feels a little jealous of my good looks, charm, and skill at bw2 ou

all three of which he lacks

also the shades aren't mine, a fellow debater put them on my face
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