The Same-Type Tournament (Round 1)

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active post eos has not sent a team nor has pm'd me back\

EDIT i have reached eos he is working on a team now and.... we shall battle sometime tonight

Edit the edit: Eos will summit his team tomarrow then we can battle
Just sent my opponent a message asking his time and telling him mine. Also reminded him to submit his team to you, Tobes.

Will hopefully get this done soon, and like I said, good luck everybody.
Was on vacation camping, so I'll get my team in tomorrow.
My opponent and I are in contact.
Just posting to say that I resign from the tourney as I won't be able to complete it in the end
activity post, still no response from my opponent...I'm seeing a decent amount of DQs coming through on this first round...or whatever gets done to people who don't reply for a round...
Not open for further replies.

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