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^Because Atheno gave all his money to a Lapras pretending to be God, and never got it back.

Then he realised it was just Team Rocket's latest Submarine. ;)
Zdrup, i need to talk with you about the prizes. And when i can get that soul you owe me...
Guys, there will be a new prize! The MEP A1 will give the winner is SHINY!!!

Also, I'll now update the OP and Round 3 will be on in less than an hour.

EDIT: Thread Updated! Round 3 is on and our shiny new prize is also there.
Guys, there will be a new prize! The MEP A1 will give the winner is SHINY!!!

Also, I'll now update the OP and Round 3 will be on in less than an hour.

EDIT: Thread Updated! Round 3 is on and our shiny new prize is also there.
IMPORTANT: zdrup15 can't read. The winner gets Azure, the Heracross.

You must write a Warstory for you to receive the MEP. And, it must be a warstory with comments from both sides. Also, only the best Warstory gets MEP. And only one MEP, to whoever wins the battle in said Warstory.

My prizes, my rules.


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I just beat Vratix. Great Battle. Would be a great story to tell, even if not a warstory, for after the SPL has finished. The score was 1-0


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Maybe a warstory then. Although I would not be taking your MEP, I'm just fine without it. Maybe Vratix would like one.


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Pearl Scramble Update #6

Has been a week, but it's time for update #6!

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5

The Scramble Pokemon...
  • Pachirisu: Electric attacks only, Discharge by E4 (Treadshot A1)
  • Misdreavus: Can't come out in bright areas unless last one left (Ungulateman)
  • Kricketune (Faricimo): Use at least one sound move when sent out against a trainer, must be caught as one (Auramaster)
  • Drifloon: Solo a Gym depending on nature to evolve, level up, teach Frustration & use it upon entry until beating E4 (BuddyBlueBomber)
  • Burmy (Metapod): If Female, Evolve to Wormadam-S, learning Protect, Psychic*, Hidden Power & Fissure Before Palkia. If Male, Evolve into Mothim, learning Protect, U-Turn*, Hidden Power & Camoflauge before Palkia (Sprocket)
  • Piplup (Big O): Moveset is Aqua Jet/Drill Peck, Hydro Pump/Flash Cannon, Flash Cannon/Hyper Beam/Ice Beam, & Protect/Double Team. Moveset Obtained before Invasion of The Galactic Building in Veilstone. Solo 3 Gym Leader Main Pokemon as Prinplup to Evolve (Paradox808)
*: Was initially Bug Bite, but later changed after it was discovered that neither Burmy, Wormadam or Mothim learn Bug Bite in Pearl. Bug Bite was replaced with Psychic (Wormadam-S) & U-Turn (Mothim) respectively.

The adventure so far in text...
After healing at the centre, I head towards the library & learn
about some Sinnoh mythology crap. Soon, an "earthquake" happens,
& I'm sent to Lake Valor to investigate. I teach BlueBomber
(Drifblim) Fly & hop on her (That sounds rather wrong...) to travel
all the way to Veilstone City. From there, I travel south to Lake
Valor & find that the dudes that were previously blocking the site
were no longer there. So I go inside to investigate, & find nothing
but spacemen & flopping Magikarp. I eventually reach the cavern in
the middle of the lake & find a spaceman with a weird haircut. The
weird haircut man (Who called himself "Saturn") challenged me to
a battle.

I sent in Faricimo (Kricketune) while the weird haircut man sent in
a Kadabra. Kadabra gets the jump on Kricketune & uses
Embargo...And that was a good move to use, because...Faricimo got
to reply with Sing, which hits. While Kadabra spent the next turn
slothing around, Faricimo shows her usefulness by OHKOing with
The weird haircut guy then sent in Bronzor. Faricimo got down to
business, laying in a couple of X-Scissors, while Bronzor didn't do
much, boosting its Defence. Faricimo, eventually cancelled that by
Screeching at it, while Bronzor continued its pathetic attacking
onslaught, doing not much with each attack. Eventually, Faricimo
lands the KO with X-Scissor, & left the weird haircut guy with one
Pokemon left.
So, He sent out his final Pokemon: A Toxicroak, while Ungulate
(Misdreavus) comes in (The battle was in a dark cave). In short,
Ungulate lands an easy 2HKO with Psybeam & wins me the battle.

After that, the weird haircut guy gives me a random hint about
getting my ass to Lake Verity. So I randomly took his advice, flew
to Twinleaf, & healed up at home. After healing, I run to Lake
Verity, get rid of the annoying spacmen, & confront Mars,
challenging her to "Round Two".

I sent in Faricimo while Mars sent in Golbat...Bad
matchup...Faricimo survives a Wing Attack, but misses with
Sing...Not a good start...I then switch out Faricimo for Treadshot
(Pachirisu), only for Treadshot to be badly poisoned by Toxic.
Treadshot retaliated with Discharge, OHKOing Golbat & annoying
Next, she sends in Bronzor, while Faricimo comes back in. After a
while of trying to fend the metal plate off, Bronzor gets the upper
hand, eventually KOing Faricimo. Big O (Prinplup) comes in for a
revenge kill on Bronzor.
Big O stays in for Purugly. After not doing much damage on the
first turn with Brine & Fending off an attack with Protect, Purugly
unfortunately managed to hit with Hypnosis on the third go & puts
Big O to sleep. Purugly then started an onslaught with a Slash,
followed by numerous Faint Attacks. Big O eventually woke up &
killed Purugly two Brines later, winning me the battle, & really
agitating Mars.

After the battle, I get told to visit Lake Acuity by Prof. Rowan.
After healing at my House in Twinleaf, I fly to Celestic, Teach
Faricimo Strength (Over Fury Cutter), & begin my march to
Snowpoint City. Fighting my way through Mt. Coronet, I then arrive
at the beginning of the Icy Routes, knowing I was in for a hell of a
fight with the hail pelting down every turn & battle. After a long
fight, I finally arrive at Snowpoint City, where I heal up at the
Pokemon Centre, Stock up on Potions & Revives, before entering
the Snowpoint Gym for Badge #7. Knocking out the trainers &
completing the annoying puzzle, I confront Candice, Save the
Game, & take her on.

I send in Big O (Who was now level 50, one level away from Hydro
Pump!) while Candice sent in Snover, who got the Hail going for
her. Due to Snover's err...slowness, Big O got the jump & landed an
easy OHKO with Drill Peck.
Then came Abomasnow. Big O Drill Pecks the big bitch, doing just
over 55% damage to her, while she eats a Sitrus Berry, before
hitting with Grasswhistle, putting Big O into a slumber. I then
decide to play it safe, switching in Metapod (Mothim) predicting a
Wood Hammer. Abomasnow used Swagger. When I switched
Metapod in, I had planned to use it as death fodder, to one, get
Big O awake and two, give it the best chance of beating the yeti.
So, I use an Awakening on Big O, waking him up, while Abomasnow
replied with Avalanche, OHKOing Metapod. You served well
Metapod (Albeit, as death fodder).
Big O came back in and Drill Pecked Abomasnow, putting her in KO
range, while Abomasnow used Swagger? Strange, Candice could've
took out Big O with Wood Hammer there...Anyways, predicting a
Hyper Potion usage, I decide to take advantage of that and use my
only Full Heal to get rid of the confusion (I didn't want to risk
letting her getting free recovery due to hax) while Candice
predictably uses a Hyper Potion. Big mistake, Candice, with Big O
no longer confused & at +2 Attack, hell was about to break loose.
Big O then came along & OHKOed the big Yeti with Drill Peck,
giving me a decisive advantage.
Then came along Sneasel, who got the jump on Big O & hit with
Slash, but it wasn't enough to stop Big O from OHKOing it with
Metal Claw.
Last was Medicham, & decided to abuse Detect. After the first
Detect, I decided to take advantage by topping up Big O's health
with a Hyper Potion. After another turn of Detect abuse, Medicham
switches attacks & strikes with Force Palm. It was a bad mistake &
Big O pounced, KOing with Drill Peck & winning me the battle, the
Icicle Badge, & the TM for Avalanche.

Unfortunately, Big O after the battle was just under 300 exp from
Hydro Pump, so I wen into the grass at Acuity Lakefront, & killed
the random encounter, giving enough exp to level up & learn Hydro
Pump...And then evolve into Empoleon!!! :D
After that, I took Big O's Exp. Share, went back to Snowpoint,
healed up, & put Big O at the rear of the party, before setting out
for Lake Acuity, & that's where we leave off...

And the current team...

Faricimo (Female Kricketune) @ Nothing

Comments: X-Scissor improved her a lot, but looks like lagging of behind her teamates.

Metapod (Male Mothim) @ Nothing
-HP Fighting

Comments: Doesn't see much action, makes the occasional contribution (Owning Byron's Bastiodon with HP Fighting) but apart from that, he's lagging behind. Expect it to rise in level a lot by the time Palkia comes around.

Ungulate (Female Misdreavus) @ Nothing
-Confuse Ray
1 Dusk Stone until Evolution

Comments: Since learning Psybeam, Ungulate has been a great team member. Curse the light!

Treadshot (Female Pachirisu) @ Choice Specs
Lv:37/Relaxed/Run Away
-Quick Attack

Comments: Great revenge killer, has helped me get out of some tight spots in the past...

BlueBomber (Female Drifblim) @ Nothing
-Shadow Ball

Comments: Frustration does lol damage, which makes it the least used member of the team.

Big O (Male Empoleon) @ Nothing
-Metal Claw
-Hydro Pump
-Drill Peck

Comments: Just needs Ice Beam to complete moveset now...Usage will drop now that Hydro Pump is in its arsenal...

And that's all for the update. :)


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Okay, guys I've just beaten Red in my HG scramble, and so this will be the final (and second) update. The first Hidden Object is a bit of storyline, and the rest are all of the Pokemon, which I think someone wanted.
We last left off the story of young Doros after he beat the champion, Lance, in a close battle. After this, he dispensed of Ho-oh and set off to the far away land of Kanto. Here, it is possible to rapidly go around the gyms and collect the badges quickly, so this he does. The only problem is the hickup of beating Blue, who is much stronger than Blane, the next strongest leader. He requires grinding, but eventually he too falls, in a difficult battle. And so, finally, Doros makes his way to Mt. Silver, in preparation for the ultimate showdown. He finally gets to the lookout, where he sees Red, overlooking nothing whatsoever. It is very strange, that he stands looking at absolutely nothing, but as Doros wonders why he does this, he realises that if he battles Red at this time, he will get absolutely whooped. As such, he runs back down the maze, to the open, and so flies to the league. However, when he gets there, he realises that his level ~60 pokemon will have to be level ~85 pokemon to beat Red, and so the amount of grinding needed will be just too large, and that he could just about finish a Scramble in another region in the necessary time. Because of this, the clever Doros, who just happens to know a small amount of magic, decides to magic his pokemon up around 25 levels, because he has done too much grinding since he began his adventure all those hours ago (see above posts, especially those concerning a Hoothoot). In this way, he rapidly goes back to Mt. Silver, to challenge Red with his final team (which is below, for those who wanted to see it in all of its bizarre glory.

Red leads off with his prized Pikachu, but the clever Doros leads with a Nidoking, which holds a choice scarf to ensure that it has at least one good stat. A quick earthquake dispatches the Pikachu, after which a Lapras switches in. Doros decides to pit Atheno against Red's Lapras, and a few Thunderbolts dispatch it, or it would if Red did not decide to switch it out. And so the battle went, with titanic Pokemon of the two masters dueling at the top of the world. Atheno once again starred, backed up by DUMMY007, who between them took down most of Red's team. Eventually Doros beat Red 3 beaten and bruised pokemon to none, and so sealed his story in history, as the most powerful trainer in the region. The End.

Nidoking @ Choice Scarf, Level 84
Mild, Rivalry
-Rock Climb
-Poison Jab
Despite looking like a beast, Nidoking is surprisingly bad. His stats are all okay, but his typing means that everything hits him for super effective damage, so he is not around long, and his Attack and Speed stats are no high enough to actually sweep. He gets a Choice Scarf to ensure he has at least one decent stat. However, over his time, aside from soloing the strongest pokemon in any of the games (Red’s Pikachu), he also soloed Pryce with moves of four different types to evolve and finished Lance to evolve again, just in time for Kanto.

LUIGI, Level 84
Calm, Water Absorb
-Rock Smash
-Belly Drum
LUIGI was something of a let-down. I suspect that it is his NFE stats which are the problem, but this is supplemented by his movepool, which (as you can see) is rather lacking. The strategy was generally Hypnosis=>Belly Drum=>Waterfall, but this meant he was very hard to level up and was easily beaten. Must try harder.

WALL @ Exp. Share, Level 86
Serious, Overgrow
-Razor Leaf
-Light Screen
WALL was easily the most useless pokemon on the team. While LUIGI could at least attack a bit, WALL had the attack stat of a caterpie and the moveset of a magikarp. Neither attack did anything, even if they were Super Effective, and so it was equipped with Exp. Share for most of both regions.

DUMMY007 @ Muscle Band, Level 85
Timid, Flame Body
-Focus Punch
-Fire Punch
-Faint Attack
DUMMY007 was a great help to the team. His movepool was good, enabling him to hit much for super effective damage, and his STAB Fire Punch (how I would have loved a STAB Fire Blast though) was one of the most reliable ways of killing something that the team had. He soloed Karen on a run through of the Elite Four, and it was a testament to his power that he OHKO’d most, even with a timid nature and an all-physical movepool.

Noctowl, Level 84
Docile, Insomnia
-Sleep Talk
Noctowl was by far the best pokemon in the period after he soloed Morty as a Hoothoot and before we started to train anything else. After this, however, despite the power boost after evolving from Hoothoot, he was still relatively weak, and the fact that he needed Sleep Talk, Fly, a status move and a move with power under 80 meant that his strongest move other than Fly was an unSTABed confusion. He was, however, helpful against the Fighting types of Blue, the Elite Four, and that Gym Leader on the stupid Island.

Atheno @ Macho Brace, Level 89
Bold, Water Absorb
-Ice Beam
-Ice Shard
Atheno was the carry for the team. I took the time to get the TMs for him, and he ended up beating just about everything in the game that no-one else needed to. After soloing the Champion, except for 5% on Charizard which Nidoking needed to take, as well as most, if not all, of every Gym leader in Kanto, he was the only one even close to being challenge to Red. It is just a shame that he needed to hold a Macho Brace the whole time, otherwise he would have been even batter, or even if he was allowed to battle wild pokemon, which he was not.
Apologies to everyone to replied to my previous requests for a Scramblocke challenge. I can't seem to locate that old post, so I'll open up another set of requests here:

I'm gonna be doing a Scramblocke on I will need five main team Pokemon and three backups. But here's the thing. I want a REASONABLY difficult challenge, but I also don't want to, at any point in the game, feel tempted to let one of main Pokes die so I can bring in a better replacement. So the five main Pokemon should have tough but reasonable challenges, while the backups should be pretty darned insane. Ok, let the suggestions flow!

P.S. If you're gonna suggest a main Pokemon, please be reasonable. Don't give me an utterly insane challenge more befitting of a "punishment" backup and tell me to use it, cause I probably won't.

P.P.S. Alright, new condition: my five mains must be allowed to fully evolve before the E4. Conditions are fine. My backups don't have to be allowed to evolve.
Okay chomzloh, go get yourself a Makuhita in Dewford Cave. This will be one of your main members. It must solo Brawly and Winona. Also, when you get to Fortree and find Kecleon, You must kill it with Makuhita's Hidden Power, and only Hidden Power.

If it's Hidden power is Fighting, congrats, solo Wallace with it.
If it's Water, no using it in Victory Road.
Should it be Fire, no using it against the Champion.
Steel = Lucky, no restrictions.
Grass = Makuhita dies after beating Winona. Box it or release it, and bring in a back up.
Electric = Congrats, you must make a detour and go to Pacifidlog Town and get either Return or Frustration TM, before the E4.
Everything else: No Hariyama, ever.

Evolution is fine, should your Hidden Power be Fighting, Water, Fire, Steel, Grass or Electric. Call it "WTF? Argh!".


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chomzloh, your starter is Mudkip (Name it whatever you want) Its challenge depends on nature:

  • Neutral: Solo 2 Gym Leader Main Pokemon (Except for Roxanne's) to evolve into Marshtomp, then solo 3 more Gym Leader Main Pokemon to evolve into Swampert.
  • + Attack: Solo 1 Gym Leader Main Pokemon with Bide to evolve into Marshtomp, then Solo 2 more G.L.M.P. with Bide to evolve into Swampert.
  • + Defence: Congratulations! There are no restrictions for evolving into Marshtomp, but sorry...Marshtomp can't evolve into Swampert until you defeat the E4...
  • + Sp. Attack: Solo 2 G.L.M.P. without any Water or Ground type moves to evolve into Marshtomp, then solo another 2 G.L.M.P. without any Water or Ground type moves into Swampert.
  • + Sp. Defence: Solo 5 G.L.M.P. (Except for Roxanne's) to evolve into Marshtomp. Marshtomp can evolve into Swampert whenever!
  • + Speed: Solo 3 G.L.M.P. (Except for Roxanne's) to evolve into Marshtomp, then solo 2 G.L.M.P. to evolve into Swampert.
Have fun!
Wow, my Makuhita hs to solo at least 2, maybe even 3 if you're unlucky, and then Mudkip has to solo between 3 and 5 G.L.M.P.

Just a note, because there's a possibility that all 8 gyms might now be taken, all the other challenges will have to not have any gym requirements, or it would be physically impossible to finish the game.

EDIT: Because Its a Random specified it cannot be Roxanne, there's only 7 gyms left. If you happen to have to solo 3 with Makuhita and 5 with Mudkip, you're stuck. Do tell us if you happen to be that unlucky.
Treadshot: That sounds like the sort of challenge I would accept as a backup... having an over 50 percent chance of not being able to evolve at all seems pretty vicious to me, especially since Makuhita is such an incredibly useless and hard-to-train Pokemon on its own.

I'll probably accept that as one of my backups, to be used if a main Pokemon dies before Winona.

EDIT: In that case, I guess I'll keep Makuhita as one of my mains. But could you give me some sort of backdoor to allow it evolve somehow? Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up not training Makuhita at all if it has an unevolvable HP.
It would be hard to use my Makuhita as a backup, it's gotta solo Brawly and Winona, and the other conditions based on it's HP.

So unless you have something die before Dewford, that has to be one of your mains. :(


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Chomzloh, I am bored, so you get a short novel to lead into your pokemon, which fortunately will not need to meet any gyms.

You are standing in Sootopolis City. It feels like the end of the world, because two titanic forces are engaged in an epic clash in front of you. Then, suddenly, the gigantic, fearsome dragon you just awoke on the top of the tower flies into the mouth of the volcano, and everything slows to a crawl. The two pokemon, suddenly pacified, leave to go back to their respective caves, and after the dragon is satisfied that all is calmed, flies from sight. The assembled masses exhale, slowly, and all is silent for a time, until finally Steven, who stood and watched with you, turns and congratulates you, but you hardly hear. You are still stunned by the awesome display of power that you have just witnessed, and realise that before you challenge the Pokemon league, you will need to increase your strength. As it is, you still have one spot left in your party to be filled, and you decide then to fill it with a mighty dragon, just like the one which just saved the day, because you have so far struggled with mediocre Pokemon like Makuhita. You remember hearing myths about creatures of great power, so much so that they only battle now with legends, and make the choice to capture a Bagon, which you will train up to be a Salamence before the League. You decide to call it Iuppiter, after the great god of the sky, and in keeping with it as god of the sky, it must learn, and keep, Fly and Aerial Ace as soon as it gets its wings, and it must keep the powerful Dragon Breath, just like the Pokemon before. In addition, and as a true test of its mastery of the skies, it must defeat on its own the two titans from before (Kyogre and Groudon) after you defeat the Elite Four, before you tackle the true champion (Steven, in his funny cave), as well as soloing Drake, who arrogantly calls himself the 'Dragon Master', but must fall the great force you will now command.

Should it in this process die, however, you may not replace it because apparently the God-like Pokemon from before is insulted at your mimicry, and so you must leave an empty spot in your party as a mark of respect. This is unless Salamence was at a high enough level to take down Rayquaza by itself, in which case it can duel Rayquaza for mastery of the skies, which will cause Rayquaza to grant life once again to Salamence as its last act, as a mark of respect.

To recap:
After the last gym, you must catch a Bagon and evolve it into a Salamence before challenging Drake. It must know Aerial Ace, Fly and Dragon Breath. It must solo Drake, as a Salamence, and then go on to defeat Kyogre and Groudon before you challenge Steven, which seems to me to be the most logical finish for an Emerald Scramble.

If it dies, it must duel Rayquaza (One on One, no item use, although you may equip one) in the hope that the god-like Rayquaza will restore life to it as its last action, as a mark of respect. If it wins, this happens, but if not, you must leave an empty spot in your party for the rest of the game.
Okay chomzloh, as a backdoor to evolve Makuhita, you can do this: At Lilycove Dept. Store, buy 5 each of Fire Blast, Blizzard and Thunder TM's, plus one Hyper Beam TM. Then walk to the water as far as you can, and throw them away.

Then you may evolve Makuhita. Basically its a money requirement, so be careful how much stuff you buy, you'll need the money at Lilycove.
Chomzloh, I'm going to be nice for a change.

Get a Sableye.
Name it NO WEAK.
The only move it can use in battle is Night Shade.
Must solo at least one of the Elite Four.


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Lolcat is here to ruin yet another scramble! This time a Scramblocke!

Take a Poochyena, name it Hotdog.

It has to solo two Admins from Magma/Aqua and either Maxie's last battle or Archie's last battle. Unfortunately, after seeing how awesome it is to be on those teams, it wants to be a Pokemon criminal too! So teach it Thief and don't get rid of it. it has to successfully use Thief at least three times throughout the game.
Ok, I think I'm gonna help. I'm giving you Gaivota the Wingull. It's a poor wingull that has an injured wing and, because of that, can't use any flying type attacks.
However, once you get to fortree city and battle winona, she'll give you a special medicine to heal your Gaivota's wings. Now he is a normal wingull and can use the strongest flying type attack: Fly (only).
Once you get to Victory Road, you'll realize you're lost and will ask Gaivota to search for food for you and your pokemons to survive. But, when SHE (yes, forgot to say it's female) finds the food, she realizes she can't bring it to you and will evolve to do so! (You can evolve Gaivota after defeating 15 trainers on Victory Road)

EDIT: Also, I updated the SPL OP with Atheno's win and the condition to win the Shiny MEP. Guys, use the weekend to finish this Round!

Btw, the Paradox - Dexington battle may be very important for the tournament, so can one of you save the log?
Species: Pachirisu
Ability: Pickup
Nature: Naughty
IVs: 0/0/0/0/0/0
EVs: N/A
Level: 1
Gender: Who cares?
Shiny?: Yes
Hatch Location: The crappiest place possible. Even if that means while surfing, lol.
Nickname: M.E.P.
Moveset: ~Spark (and nothing but Spark! Delete everything else!)

This is the Pachi Kestral is breeding for me, zdrup.
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