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OK. I have all 6 plus one reserve now, so I'm about ready to start. The game will arrive this week, and I'll just pick it up and play.


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Still debating what to do.
You can always catch a random Pokemon in the wild & use it as a slave. In my recently completed Pearl Scramble, I had to catch a Bibarel & use as a HM Slave, as the only Pokemon I had that could Surf had a set moveset.
I'm pretty sure there are no rules saying you can't catch a non-scramble mon & use it as a HM Slave...
Keep in mind none of Brock's Pokemon actually use Rock-type moves, and Pidgeotto is good in-game for quite awhile.
This is true only in original red/blue. In FR/LG at least his Onix (and possibly his Geodude) know Rock Tomb.


Also, Congratulations Dexington. Can't believe I forgot to mention it.
Actually, I can, I started feeling sorta bitter around round 5 or so. Anyway:
Congratulations, you did a great job. Congrats.

As for the regs tourny, I'd love a chance to make my good name back.


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Sapphire Scramble Update #3

After a longish hiatus from my Sapphire Scramble (Due to Pearl Scramble Grinding), I am back to playing it! (Yay...) Here's the third update in this adventure...

Update #1
Update #2

The Pokemon...
  • Wingull (FrostGull): Must Know Mist & One other Ice-Type Move (Bynine)
  • Gyarados: Must know Fire Blast/Thunder/Blizzard & one other Special Move. Must KO 10 E4/Champion Pokemon. (Athenodoros)
  • Pikachu: Cannot Evolve (Sprocket)
  • Torchic (Khan): Solo one Pokemon of each type (except for two, decided before game start (Fire & Ice)) up to 10 levels lower, & solo 2 Fully evolved Pokemon (One from a Gym Leader & Another from the Rival) & solo one of the champion's Pokemon. Complete one half of the challenge to evolve into Combusken & clear Victory Road to evolve into Blaziken.
  • Abra (Lolcat): Must have four different typed moves ASAP & always have moves of four different types. Can never evolve into Alakazam (DetroitLolcat)
  • Absol (Hirador): Pure Special attacker (auramaster)

The adventure so far in text...
So, after a long hiatus, I got going again, & went to Route 110 to get the Electric type solo for Khan (Combusken). Khan beats an Electrike. I then deal with the trainers on the first part of Route 110 & Route 103. Part way through, my Lolcat (Abra) suddenly evolves into a Kadabra! No more bait & switching for him, now its Atheno's (Magikarp) turn to Bait & Switch. I then go into that Trick House & beat the trainers there. After healing at Slateport, I then pressed on through Route 110 when I encounter that May girl & challenge her to a battle.

I sent in Atheno while she sent out a Shroomish. I switched in Khan, who took the incoming Absorb, to quickly KO with Peck.
Next up was Marshtomp (Insert meme here), & I bait & switched Atheno into Lolcat, who was quickly 2HKOed by Mud Shot.
So I sent in FrostGull (Wingull), who eventually sank Marshtomp after I used a Super Potion on it, with FrostGull using Wing Attack, & Marshtomp using Water Gun.
I bait & switched Atheno into FrostGull again for Numel, who quickly dispatched the camel with Water Gun, winning me the Batle & an Itemfinder.

After that, I eventually made it to Mauville, where I healed up, got a Mach Bike, defeated the Trainers on the Cycling Road, & found that lucky Wally guy, who had a Ralts. I battled him, quickly dispatching him with FrostGull. After that, I dealt with the trainers on Route 118, those Winstrate randoms on Route 111, & the Trainers on Route 117. Halfway through Route 117, Atheno evolves into Gyarados & that meant no more bait & switching for now. After that, I then go into Mauville Gym & deal with the trainers in there, & after healing up, I took on Watson for Badge #3.

I sent in FrostGull while Watson sent in Magnemite. FrostGull tries to confuse Magnemite, but fails & gets OHKOed by Thundershock.
I sent in Khan to deal with Magnemite & he survives two Sonic Booms to 2HKO with Ember.
I send in Atheno to use as Death Fodder against his Voltorb. I fully heal Khan with a Super Potion while Voltorb 2HKOes with Spark.
I then send in Lolcat, who quickly OHKOes Voltorb with Confusion.
Last was Magneton & I send in Khan to try & get the Gym Leader Fully Evolved Pokemon solo. Khan survives a Shock Wave & halves Magneton's health with Double Kick. I then use a Super Potion on Khan, but it amounted to nothing as Magneton used Shock Wave again. So I give up the solo opportunity by switching in Lolcat & using him as Death fodder to top up Khan's health. I succeed in doing so as Lolcat gets 2HKOed by Shock Wave.
So it comes down to this, if the next Shock Wave hits, then I lose the battle, as Khan is 2HKOed by Shock Wave under normal circumstances, & Magnetoon is in KO range with Double Kick. I send in Khan & hope for the best. Magneton uses Shock Wave, but it does normal damage as Khan KOes with Double Kick, winning me the battle, the Dynamo Badge, & the TM for Shock Wave, Which I immediately teach to Lolcat.

After that, I heal up at the Pokemon Centre, knowing that the G.L.F.E. Pokemon Solo would have to wait, if I'm not mistaken, th next opportunity is against Norman. So, I now have Three Badges, & I'm now ready to head north of Route 111. And that's where we leave off...

And the Team...

FrostGull (Male Wingull) @ Nothing
Lv:20/Lonely/Keen Eye
-Water Gun
-Wing Attack

Comments: Not too far away until evolution. Mist next level! :)

Atheno (Male Gyarados) @ Nothing

Comments: Extremely powerful, with Bite as a special attack (I think Dark is classified as Special in Gen 3), looking forward to getting the required moveset...

Khan (Male Combusken) @ Nothing
-Double Kick

Types (*Not Soloed, Underlines are omitted): Dark, Normal, Bug, Water, Flying, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Electric, Dragon*, Gym Leader*, Rival*, Champion*, Fire, Ice

Comments: Doing quite well, missed solo opportunity for Gym Leader to win the fight, there's always Norman...

Lolcat (Male Kadabra) @ Nothing
-Shock Wave

Comments: Doing well since evolution. Cannot evolve any further, but for now, Lolcat is doing very well for me.

Okay, that concludes a long overdue update for this Scramble, will start the Pearl No-Evo Scramble that I have been waiting to do soon. :)
Alright I am about to go to Kanto to take on the Pokemon League. Most of the team needs to get five or six levels before the league excrpt for Typhlosion who is at 45 And Octillery, who I`m not even going to bother to use until the second set of badges, because of how late I got it, and because I don`t feel like spending four hours on Voltorb Flip (this coming from someone who is actually good at the game, although I do have the worst luck with it).


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Alright, I'm officially starting my Pearl No-Evo Scramble Challenge!

  • Shinx (Lailaps): Must know Return (Athenodoros)
  • Piplup (Mr Penguin): Must be male. Must solo rival's main Pokemon at each battle. Once Surf is learned, it may never learn another level up or Water type move (Sprocket)
  • Buneary (Larolla): When it learns a level up move, the oldest move is replaced. It is to be taught exactly 2 TM's/HM's after each gym, starting with the 2nd. Cannot learn more than 2 TM's or 2 HM's at any time (auramaster)
  • Misdreavus (Missy): Can only learn & use STAB moves. For it to learn other type attacks, you must own an Unown of an appropriate HP (Paradox808)
  • Hippopotas: Cannot use Normal-type moves. If it has one, it must be overwritten ASAP (DetroitLolcat)
  • Starly: Must have a moveset of Quick Attack/Agility, Whirlwind/Endeavor, Brave Bird/Take Down & Fly before Palkia. Must Solo Gardenia at a level below 17, Maylene below 33, & One of Volkner's Pokemon (Chocolate-Kipp)
Good Luck me.
Keep in mind none of Brock's Pokemon actually use Rock-type moves, and Pidgeotto is good in-game for quite awhile.
As Vratix said, Onix knows Rock Tomb. Not only that,, but Pidgeotto needs to rely on sand attack to beat any rock type in early game. And against electric types? That challenge is just ridiculous, and I sure as hell would not want to play through with a Pidgey.
yea can i request a new firered scramble challenge, one that's not generated around 1 type and no stupid bug-types especially those that are only useless until i beat the game. :P
yea can i request a new firered scramble challenge, one that's not generated around 1 type and no stupid bug-types especially those that are only useless until i beat the game. :P
Sure, why don't you tell us what pokemon you want and we give them to you?
That's not the spirit of the Scramble Challenge man...

I give you TMNT the Squirtle. TMNT can't evolve. That's all.
but it's a really unfair challenge compared to others but fine ill keep doing it.

EDIT: at least change the cheap pidgey challenge and my swords dance beedrill since it doesn't get swords dance until seven island which is after i beat the game

Badges Earned :

Elite Four Beaten :

Time Elapsed : 19:00

Charmeleon (Arbalest)
"no super effective attacks, as charizard always not effective if possible"
Rash lv 56 (received level 5) MVP (shared)
-Dragon Claw

(solo one rock-type pokemon and koga to evolve)
Naughty lv. 52 (received level 3)
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack

Farfetch'd "Ch'ding"
(always @ stick and only stab moves)
Adamant lv 51 (received at level 5 (spearow for trade))

(must solo blaine, only attacking moves)
Lonely lvl 54 (received at level 5) MVP(shared)
-Wing Attack
-Rock Slide
-Hyper Beam
Flareon "Cannon"
(must know 3 attacking moves and 1 non-attacking move and evolve right away )
Lax lvl 30 (received at level 25)
-Sand Attack
-Quick Attack

(no physical attacks)
Brave lvl 51 (received level 16)MVP (shared)
-Water Pulse

I give you the same Pidgey with different evolution requirements.
To evolve to Pidgeotto it must solo any Rock type Pokemon.
To evolve to Pidgeot it must solo Koga.
Alright, I will take on the league today.
Team is:
Ampharos lv 43
Smeargle lv 43
Miltank lv 43 <--- currently has Gyro Ball due to having a moveslot open at level 41. To be replaced by Heal Bell.
Pupitar lv 43
Typhlosion lv 45
Octillery lv 25 <--Phuck Flamethrower
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