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P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Dexington, take a Seviper. Everytime you fight a Zangoose, Seviper must switch in and attempt to solo it. It must know at least one STAB attack move at all times. Nickname it Repives
Take a Graveler named Gravel Er. It must not know the following moves:
Rock Slide
Rock Blast
Hidden Power
Focus Punch
Body Slam
Sleep Talk
Right, I forgot that I can't trade either, so no Graveler. I'll reserve a slot for you though
@Arcticblast, am I able to evolve the graveler if I am able to find someone to trade with me or is it stuck as a graveler? Also, can I catch a Geodude and level it up by switching and what not or do I have to catch a Graveler?


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Sapphire Payback Scramble

Meh...Starting my Sapphire Payback Scramble.

The Pokemon are...

Swablu should be MVP, & Shuppet should be LVP, unless my Cheri Berry Supply runs dry. Good luck me, I'll have fun...

1.) Just Started, & it's going to be a looooooong Mudkip as I got a Calm-Natured one...Damnit. That means Mudkip has to solo 5 G.L.M.P. excluding Roxanne to evolve into Marshtomp. Something tells me this is going to be a long hard scramble. I name the Mudkip " Mudkipz, & get ready to take on that May bitch. In Littleroot at the moment with a Level 5 Mudkip.

2.) Beat a whole bunch of trainers, saw Wally catch his lucky Ralts & got to Rustboro with little problems. Cheri Berry Zubat has 9 lives due to the person at the Flower Shop giving me a Cheri Berry. Beat Roxanne easily & went to Dewford where I caught a Cheri Berry Zubat named Flapper in Granite Cave. In Dewford at the moment with a Lv11 Zubat & a Lv18 Mudkip.

3.) Started in Dewford & grinded up Flapper, through trainers on Route 116 & Route 109. Caught a HM Slave in the form of a Zigzagoon & went into Dewford Gym. In the most bshax battle I've ever been in, Machop took forever to go down with Flapper & it used up all my potions. Then came Makuhita. Mudkipz reduced its accuracy to -6, but then got killed by Arm Thrust, so Flapper came to the rescue & haxxed Makuhita to death, winning me the Badge. In Slateport at the moment with a Lv16 Zubat & a Lv19 Mudkip.

4.) Started in Slateport & streeted through the Oceanic Museum. Then went up Route 110 & beat my Rival, Flapper beating Grovyle & Mudkipz taking care of the rest, then got to Mauville, evolved Zubat, & took on a lot of trainers. And after a couple of hours worth of grinding & several failed attempts, I finally beat Wattson. Mudkipz took care of Magnemite, Flapper soloed Voltorb, & Mudkipz soloed Magneton. In Mauville at the moment with a Golbat & a Mudkip at Lv30.

5.) Started in Mauville, & got Rock Smash, to save the lovebirds in Rusturf Tunnel & claim another HM. I then went up through Route 111 to eventually arrive in Fallabor Town. I then went through Route 114 & caught Cotton the Swablu: Scramblemon #3. After the skirmish in Meteor Falls, I eventually make my way up to Mt. Chimney, beating the Pirates before fighting Archie. Basically, this was Flapper territory, decisively handling Golbat & Mightyena, while both Cotton & Mudkipz tried to take down Sharpedo, but failed. Enter Flapper & he took care of Sharpedo. After that, I went down Jagged Pass to Lavaridge Town & took on the Gym. Eventually I got to Flannery & soloed her with Mudkipz. The two Slugma were annoying spamming Light Screen & Sunny Day, while Mudkipz, despite being attracted to Torkoal & paralysed, eventually pulled through to beat Torkoal & win the badge. In Lavaridge Town at the moment with Cotton at Lv21, while Mudkipz & Flapper are at Lv34.

6.) Started in Lavaridge Town & made my way to the desert, beating the trainers there. I then did the Trick House Challenge & went to Petalburg to take on the Gym. After a few battles with minor trainers, something amazing happens! Flapper becomes a Crobat! After the minor Trainers are out of the way, I battled Norman, my in-game father, for Badge #5.
I lead with Cotton against Slaking #1, who OHKOes Cotton, before Flapper came in & haxxed it to death. Vigoroth also found Flapper to strong, also falling to hax, & lastly, Mudkipz came in for Slaking #2 for the GLMP solo. It was disappointingly easy; all Slaking did was spam an easy preventable Focus Punch, as Mudkipz easily reduced his accuracy to -6 before spamming Water Gun until he fell.
After that, I healed up & to cap off the update, I got the Surf HM & gave it to Mudkipz. In Petalburg City at the moment with Cotton at Lv23, Mudkipz at Lv35, & Flapper at Lv36.

7.) From Petalburg, I go to Route 118, taking the Trick House challenge along the way, & got the Good Rod. I returned to Petalburg & fished for my Corphish, which I caught at Lv14 & named it "Craffian". Considering his level, I add Surf over Bubble & Double Team over Vice Grip & went to the Route 111 Desert to grind both it & Cotton to Lv25.
After the grind, I went up Route 118 & 119 to the Weather Institute, where I beat some Grunts & gain a Castform from the Weather Institute people, naming it "Rain" once I made a trip to the Name Rater in Slateport, making it obvious that I'm going down the Rain Route. Along the way, I cashed in money for coins to teach Mudkipz Ice Beam. After the Institute, I beat my Rival & arrive in Fortree City, where the entrance to the Gym was blocked. I go to Route 120 after this & find out it was a Kecleon, as Steven told me. I caught the compulsory Kecleon, naming it "Invisible!" & boxed it immediately.
Instead of going inside the Fortree Gym first, I decide to make a detour to Route 121 & caught my final Scramblemon: "Puppet" the Shuppet, avoiding the trainers along the way & back to Fortree, where I heal up & go inside the Gym. I beat the minor trainer & challenge Winona the Gym Leader to a battle for my 6th badge.
Leading with Puppet against Swellow, Puppet got off to a good start, cursing Swellow, but then being killed by Aerial Ace. So Flapper revenged him & also killed Pelipper. Craffian fared very well against Skarmory, but eventually fell, as Flapper came along & beat Skarmory after a big struggle. Finally, Mudkipz survived an Earthquake from Altaria to 2HKO with Ice Beam & win me the battle, & get Mudkipz his 4th G.L.M.P. Solo.
After that, I healed up & taught Cotton & Flapper Fly over Peck & Leech Life respectively. In Fortree City at the moment with Rain at Lv27, Cotton, Craffian, & Puppet at Lv28, Mudkipz at Lv37, & Flapper at lv39.

8.) Starting from Fortree, I make my way down Route 120, & win one of my toughest battles to date: Against that Cool Trainer with a Milotic. The bitch was responsible for killing & haxxing 5 of my Pokemon, until Flapper came along & shut the lights out on that bitch. During the run through the routes, Craffian evolves! After that, I go to Lilycove & take on my Rival: May, for the final time. In short, she got beaten hopelessly. After that, I went up to Mt. Pyre.
At the top, I go through some boring rambling & then go to Slateport, where some Submarine was stolen & I had to go & raid the Pirates Hideout. But first, I went through the water routes between Slateport & Route 104 to gain experience. After doing that, I go to the Pirates Hideout & raid the place. Eventually I beat them all & they run away like cowards. In the final battle against the Admin, Cotton managed to evolve!
After leaving the Hideout, I go & heal at the Lilycove Pokemon Centre. In Lilycove City at the moment with Puppet at Lv33, Rain & Craffian at Lv34, Cotton at Lv35, Mudkipz at Lv38, & Flapper at Lv41.

9.) Short update this time around. From Lilycove, I surf my way to Mossdeep after a little bit of Mudkip grinding & a visit to the Shoal Cave. I then go inside the Mossdeep Gym & beat the minor trainers, before fighting Liza & Tate, which I try to solo with a Mudkip.
This wasn't exactly the best of ideas, however, as they kept on OHKOing Mudkip. It wasn't Solrock that was the problem, it was that friggin Lunatone & the fact that it will OHKO after a Psychic. Boo...This caused a trillion Soft Resets until I found a formula that worked. With Mudkipz, I also had Rain alongside for Rain Support & for healing purposes. It worked, after ~10 attempts, one being an almost, only for an unboosted Lunatone to score a critical hit...But on the attempt it worked, the hax-man turned on Lunatone & I got the critical hit I badly needed to successfully solo Liza & Tate with a Mudkip & get the last GLMP solo required for evolution.
After that, I don't evolve Mudkip...Yet, but I will do so next update. In Mossdeep City at the moment with Puppet & Rain at Lv35,Craffian & Cotton at Lv36, Mudkipz at Lv40, & Flapper at Lv41.

Puppet (Male Shuppet) @ Lax Incense
-Night Shade
G.L.P. Solos through Curse Damage: 0/5
Comments: This Pokemon is basically Troll Haunter all over again, except with crappier defences, crappier speed & no sleep move. I really need a better move than Night Shade soon...Current LVP

Rain (Male Castform) @ Nothing
-Powder Snow
-Rain Dance
-Weather Ball
Comments: Rain the Castform, now with respectable moves! I have bumped up the PP of Rain twice to increase his longevity, but other than that, he's doing rather Okay at the moment. :)

Craffian (Female Crawdaunt) @ Smoke Ball
Lv:36/Modest/Hyper Cutter
-Double Team
Comments: Ahhh, Craffian, the Mono-Attacking Crawdaunt. Since her evolution, things seem to have (Fortunately) changed for the better. With really great offences & some great support moves, this Pokemon, as it stands, is a worthy Mono-Attacker.

Cotton (Male Altaria) @ Nothing
Lv:36/Naughty/Natural Cure
Comments: Cotton, Now an Altaria, hasn't been used much, but he's proving himself to be quite a force. Watch out Drake, Altaria's coming!

Mudkipz (Male Mudkip) @ Quick Claw
-Ice Beam
-Mud Slap
G.L.M.P. Solos: 5/5
Comments: Still a Mudkip, but finally, he's got all his solos, & soon enough, he'll go from Mudkipz to Swampertz, after a trillion SR's due to a goddamn Lunatone. Other than that, it's evolution time...

Flapper (Male Crobat) @ Cheri Berry
Lv:41/Quirky/Inner Focus
-Confuse Ray
-Wing Attack
Comments: Cheri Berry Crobat? More like Cheri Berry Probat! He was the only member that could handle that Cool Trainer's Milotic, & basically, owns the opposition. Who said Cheri Berry Pokemon were useless? Current MVP.


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Take an Aipom. It must solo everything it soloes and cannot fight against everything it didn't fight against. Its moveset must be four moves of your choosing. You may ONLY use it in whichever battle you choose. It doesn't have to solo anything, but for every Gym Leader it does not solo, it cannot solo that Gym Leader. It must be named whatever you choose to name it, and cannot be named something that you didn't name it. However, once it gets to Kanto it must solo at least 0 Gym Leaders, but not more than 8. It may or may not solo Red. If you use it against a Gym Leader, then it might solo it. I don't really know. However, you must have 8 badges before fighting the Pokemon League the first time, and you must have collected all sixteen badges before fighting Red. To be even more cruel, it must have fifteen badges before you get your sixteenth badge. You may not trade it to your Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Colosseum, or XD game either. You may trade it to a second or first Gen game. If you use it against your Rival, then you MUST use it against your rival that battle. However, you may solo every Pokemon in the game with it. If you don't do that, then you may not solo every Pokemon in the game with it. This Aipom MUST be a Normal type!!!
lolz were had
@Arcticblast, am I able to evolve the graveler if I am able to find someone to trade with me or is it stuck as a graveler? Also, can I catch a Geodude and level it up by switching and what not or do I have to catch a Graveler?
Geodude can actually learn all three of those moves, so you can evolve it whenever, it MUST have those moves though. If you find someone to trade with then evolve it into Golem. (hint: WiFi)
Geodude can actually learn all three of those moves, so you can evolve it whenever, it MUST have those moves though. If you find someone to trade with then evolve it into Golem. (hint: WiFi)
Alright, sounds good, I'll post with updates after I start. Thanks to everyone for the challenges!
Alright, time to take challenges for my *hard* Emerald challenge. Since this challenge falls into my category feel free to check my Firered Scramble for examples.
- I would appreciate all pokemon being able to fully evolve. All Pokemon must be usable in battle.
- Treecko will be the starter, don`t give me Mudkip or Torchic.
- As with Atheno, I will ban drudgery. If you drudge me I will reject the challenge. If you drudge me once, the challenge will be rejected but you will get a chance to poast another challenge. If you drudge me twice, no challenging for you.
- Absolutely NO reserving of slots.
- Banned pokemon: Wurmple, Feebas, Barboach, Luvdisc, Chimecho. Also, please don`t give me a Slakoth. I will probably reject any given to me just because of how irritating they are.

I think that covers everything so let`s have at `em.

Also if you intend to give me a Pokemon then read rules. Just do it.

Finally, Physics sucks.
Texas, you get a Volbeat named BeatBox. It must know Rain Dance, so as to weaken its Fire weakness. The other moves are your choice, but he must solo every other hiker or firebreather (or the gen 3 equivalent of that) that you come across.


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Texas Cloverleaf, I'll go easy on you & give you a Dusclops named 1EyedGhost. Catch it as a Duskull & evolve it ASAP.

Turns out your Dusclops idolises E4 Member Phoebe, so it must know one of Phoebe's Dusclops' (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) movesets & get it before the E4. The movesets are...

  • Curse/Confuse Ray/Future Sight/Shadow Punch
  • Confuse Ray/Shadow Ball/Ice Beam/Earthquake
  • Protect/Curse/Confuse Ray/Shadow Punch
  • Ice Beam/Rock Slide/Shadow Ball/Earthquake
Whatever you choose, you must solo Phoebe with it, because it turns out Phoebe hates your Dusclops.

EDIT: Oh, it must be no higher than 5 levels of the lowest leveled Pokemon at all times.

Have fun.


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Texas Cloverleaf, your starter is Treecko. Nickname it Chikorita, just to be sadistic. In a Gym Leader or Elite Four battle, it must be lower level than the Pokemon it is fighting or it cannot be used in combat. It must always know *edit* exactly one Grass-type move, but cannot learn Solar Beam.


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Take a Minun that cannot learn Thunderbolt, Hidden Power, Substitute, Thunderwave, Encore, Focus Punch, Baton Pass, Light Screen, or Wish. It may only learn one of: Agility, Toxic, Thief, Rain Dance, Charm, and Thunder. name it Electron.

It must be at least level 40 by the time you battle Sidney, and must be used in every Gym Leader you don't have to solo.

Felt like making it tougher. Restricted it more.
Reserving for texas.

Just kidding, you get a whismur named "CANUHEARME" (yes it must be in all caps) it must learn 3 of the following moves, uproar, howl, supersonic, screech, roar, sleep talk, hyper voice and snore. The last move is up to you but can't be >80 bp (80 is fine). Since you asked for a hard challange it must solo 1 gym leader pokemon to evolve the first time, and 1 whole gym leader to evolve the second. So you actually use it, it must be within 5 levels of your highest leveled mon.
Good luck.
EDIT: You heard the man, edit your challanges so they're harder.


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Want something harder? Okay, Dusclops must be the lowest leveled member on your team at all times. :P

EDIT: Nah, that's a bit too harsh/drudgish, it must be no higher than 5 levels of the lowest leveled Pokemon on your party at all times.
Texas, well...since this is supposed to be "hard" you get an Absol, nickname it NightRider, it has to have the pressure ability, and can never be the lowest level in your party, ohhhh...and it can only know special attacks, I'll let you choose them though.

Edit: Since it needs to be harder it must solo all the gym trainers in every gym after you catch it (unless it conflicts with another challenge)
I will consider lolcats challenge drudery, Minun is gay that leaves one spot left. Also any challenges about level requirements are usually pointless since I keep my team levels even.

Also awesomely enough, I was hoping for a Whismur and Absol to a lesser extent.

Also I never use nicknames :-P


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Take a Golduck that may not learn: Surf, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Cross Chop, Hidden Power, Encore, Psychic, Hypnosis, Blizzard or Rest.
It may learn ONE of: Waterfall, Toxic, Psych Up, Disable.

It must be at least Level 30 once you battle Sidney. There are other moves it can learn, e.g. Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Focus Punch, Hyper Beam, and it can still use Waterfall for STAB.
Therefore final team is Volbeat, Dusclops, Treecko, Whismur, Absol and Golduck.

@lolcat: can I request that Surf be allowed to be learned but not used? Hm slave.
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