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Also, Merry Christmas to everyone. If you don't celebrate Christmas that's a shame because I do and I'm wishing you the spirit I feel for the season.

As you may have noticed, but probably did not, if you are active in this thread I have been gone for about 20 pages. I had a urgent matter to take care of in Utah and in m haste to get there I forgot any means to connect to the internet. As such I will not be delivering the speech I prepared for winning Best Scrambler but I will read the last nineteen pages to see what I missed.

Also, because I like you guys better than I like the nuzlocke board, I finished a nuzlocke of Blue version while I was flying back and forth. It was kinda tough but I've had harder Scrambles so EAT THAT NUZLOCKE.
@Breludicolo, you get a Torkoal. It thinks it is a Poison type, and thus, must have at least two Poison moves at all times along with one Fire move, while its fourth move must be Protect. This restriction is removed once it learns Heat Wave or it KOs two of Tate & Liza's Pokemon on its own, whichever is earlier. After that, you can remove one Poison move, and remove Protect in favor of HW. It must KO Wallace's Tentacuel to prove it is the best Poison type in Hoenn.
Merry Christmas everyone!

@Breludicolo, take a Wurmple named Buetos. It must evolve into Beautifly (Catch another Wurmple if necessary) and once evolved into Beautifly, it must know 2 attacking moves and 2 non-attacking moves at all times.
Sorry for the major delay, but Breludicolo gets a X-Eyed the Crobat (Catch a Zubat & evolve it ASAP). Have it learn Fly Shadow Ball Confuse Ray & Poison Fang before chasing Team Aqua underwater. Have it land the KO on 5 E4 Pokemon.

Have Fun. (Shadow Ball is Physical in Emerald & Crobat has Base 90 Attack, to clear up.)

Also Welcome Back, Vratix. Glad to have you back.

Unfortunately, Christmas has already finished here. :(
Reserve the last slot for breludicolo

Meet Berserker (or Bersrkr if it's too long) the aron. Berserker thinks he is the sronguest pokemon in Hoenn. He shows off his true strenght by never using his talent. One day, he got destroyed by Flannery's Slugma, so he hates all fire types, especially Flannery. He refuses to evolve unless he defeats Flannery. He also admires Drake because all his pokemon are super strong and he really wants Drake to train him. But Drake refuses because Berserker is not a dragon type and because Berserker refuses to use his talent. To prove his strenght to Drake, his dream is to defeat Drake his way.

To sum this up:
-get an aron and name it Berserker (or Bersrkr)
-solo Flannery to evolve to lairon (this is fair because aron takes only normal damage from fire attacks)
-always use him against every fire type pokemon you fight.
-solo Drake
-can't use STAB move

@ It's a Random: Poison Fang is a 4th Gen move. No one can learn it in Emerald.
@ It's a Random: Poison Fang is a 4th Gen move. No one can learn it in Emerald.
Wrong. I think you are referring to Cross Poison. Crobat learns Poison Fang at Lv49 in Emerald. Reference.

EDIT: Whoops...My failure in reading Lightsabre's post in full has resulted in him becoming a ninja...

@Lightsabre: That's Okay, got your VM. I'm here to help when needed. :)

DOUBLE EDIT: Breludicolo need one more, guys.


@Evil X - Because I'm looking for a rather easy challenge, I'm dropping restrictions - I won't use it against every Fire-type I see and I will use STAB moves. The other restrictions are fine.

Anyway, to tally this up:

Mudkip (Named "Tertiary", not to be used against Roxanne)
Torkoal (Must have 2 Poison-type moves, Protect, and a Fire-type move; after learning Heat Wave or KOing two of Tate and Liza's Pokemon, it can replace one Poison move and can replace Protect with Heat Wave. Must KO Wallace's Tentacruel)
Crobat (Named "X-Eyed"; must learn Fly/Shadow Ball/Confuse Ray/Poison Fang before chasing after team Aqua)
Beautifly (Named "Buetos"; Must know two attacking and non-attacking moves at all times)
Aggron (Named "Berserker"; must solo Flannery to evolve into Lairon and must solo Drake)

Looking at HMs, I have so far:

Swampert: Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Sterngth, and Rock Smash
Beautifly: Flash
Crobat: Fly
Aggron: Rock Smash, Strength, Surf and Cut
Torkoal: None

Swampert will have four HMs (Surf, Strength, Dive, and Waterfall... well it has neutral coverage at least :P), Aggron will have one (Cut or Rock Smash; the other moveslots go to Steel-type moves, Normal-type moves, and Mud Slap for Flannery), Crobat will have one (Fly), and Beautifly will have one (Flash). Thus Cut/Rock Smash remain.

Therefore, to the last suggestor, please let it be able to learn one of those HMs.
@ Breludicolo

Take a Makuhita. Teach it Rock Smash ASAP. It has got to be the first move you use everytime it is sent out. To evolve it into Hariyama, defeat 15 Wild Pokemon you find when using Rock Smash on rocks.


Ok, Makuhita is fine. I'm not going to do the first restriction because it gets very tedious over time but the latter one is fine. EDIT: Must Solo one of Norman's Slakings.

My adventure awaits! (expect updates soon)
Allright, then I will give you another restriction. Have it solo one of Norman's Slaking. With a Super Effective STAB move and decent bulk, it shouldn't be that hard.


Ok, got my Mudkip. My first Wurmple evolved into Cascoon.

Wurmple and its split evolutionary line can go to hell. Getting more Wurmples. Mudkip is level 10 from the grinding xD
Swampert will have four HMs (Surf, Strength, Dive, and Waterfall... well it has neutral coverage at least :P), Aggron will have one (Cut or Rock Smash; the other moveslots go to Steel-type moves, Normal-type moves, and Mud Slap for Flannery), Crobat will have one (Fly), and Beautifly will have one (Flash). Thus Cut/Rock Smash remain.
FWIW, you need Dive twice, once to enter Sootopolis and for the Team Aqua base. After that, you can replace Dive with Waterfall, so Swampert can have a free moveslot.

On another note, an update for my Platinum scramble is coming soon, probably today. Damn, Gardenia is hard with Pachirisu and Prinplup.
here it goes. from morty, i beat him of course he had no chance, got to the lighthouse, picking up my last team members on the way. billy the voltorb is ready to evolve but must solo electrodes at team rocket hq. Chiko the chikorita now a bayleef after 14 extra levels. At cianwood i get the cure and own chuck and his gym with curseutran the scyther and his powerful wing attack, adamant stab technician and se. Jasmine was easy, kinda, steelix gave me problems. Reach mahogany ko red gyara, solo the electrodes evolving billy. Barely beat pryce, half my team is weak to ice. After the ice path's treachery, i reach blackthorn and grind for 2 days. then from there i easily own the rest of the johto league, only lance gave me some trouble. mvp:scyther lvp:tauros team: scyther, meganium, qwilfish, tauros, noctowl, electrode. in my emerald scramble, only have smugleaf the treecko who cant evolve till e4 bout to tackle wattson. might not update for a while, i just got platinum for christmas.
Well this is my first update. My game cartridge keeps freezing so I just got to battle my rival for the first time in HeartGold. My Cyndaquil is lvl 13 from a lot of level grinding. The hard part was trying not to get any attack EV's because it is mono-special attacker.

I just realized that the restrictions make it so that I have to solo Faulkner with Cyndaquil and Solo Bugsy with Zubat (unless I can evolve Magikarp first).

*EDIT* Never mind. I can get a Zubat in Dark Cave before Faulkner, so I can use a couple of Pokemon against Faulkner
Guess I'll make it 3 updates in a row, been playing a lot due to Christmas break, so time for another Firered update!

loudkirbyking said:
Eevee, nickname it "Loss"
Must know Frustration, Growl, Roar, and one non-stab move for whatever it ends up being.
To evolve into different pokemon, it must solo different gym leader pokemon.
Must faint all steel types with Frustration, or PP stall if it faints and can't revive.

DetroitLolcat said:
Auramaster: Take an Ekans with Shed Skin. You must choose ONE of the following restrictions BEFORE YOU BEGIN your challenge:

1. It must not learn the moves Earthquake, Crunch, Glare, Rock Slide, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power, Iron Tail, Giga Drain, Substitute, Screech, Wrap, Hyper Beam. Evolve when you want.

2. It must solo a Gym Leader WITHOUT items in order to evolve.

3. It may not evolve until after you beat Bruno.

Name it Data Worm

Dexington said:
Auramaster, I'll give you the very unrepresented Doduo. It may evolve after you defeat Blaine, no soloing requirements. It must also solo every Bird Catcher (or whatever you call those trainers with birds) you come across. Name it whatever you name your rival. No STAB

Texas Cloverleaf said:
auramaster, take a Horsea (Edras). Evolve it to Seadra by soloing every trainer between Fuschia and Cinnabar with only Water moves. At that point, it may no longer learn Water moves. Solo Bruno. Also, don't learn Ice Beam.

If you don't evolve it, solo Lance instead of Bruno.

Good Luck (manaical laughter)!

Its A Random said:
Auramaster gets Whacamole the Dugtrio. Whacamole likes to dig, so its only attacking move is Dig, & it must solo Erika.

Arcticblast said:
Auramaster, take a Vileplume. It must always know Acid and must know and keep Moonlight to evolve into Vileplume. Make it solo Giovanni. Every time you battle him. Name it Photograph

EDIT: Uh oh - your Vileplume hates the sun! It can never battle during Sunny Day or outside during real-world day. If it does, you may not use it for one hour of play time so it can recover.
Soon after leaving Bill's House, I decided that I wouldn't need Secret Power, so I used the TM found on Route 24 on Photophobe (Oddish) to give it a good move besides Absorb. I decided to save the gym battle with Misty for later, so hopefully Data Worm (Ekans) could solo her without items to meet his evolution requirements. Got the Dig TM from the rocket grunt, and went south to Vermillion, where Photophobe evolved to Gloom. Also went into Rock Tunnel and caught Whacamole the Diglett, my third Scramble Pokemon and the last for a while. After some leveling up on the S.S. Anne, I went back to Cerulean and tried to solo Misty.

Boss Battle: auramaster Vs. Misty

I send out Data Worm, as Misty uses Staryu. Staryu outspeeds and uses Water Pulse, confusing Data Worm, who attacks himself <_< Another Water Pulse, and Data Worm attacks himself again. Staryu finishes him off next turn. I reset, and retry with better luck. This time Data Worm Bites after Staryu Hardens, almost dropping its health into the yellow. Staryu Water Pulses for a good amount of damage as Data Worm Bites again, leaving it in the low yellow. Data Worm finishes it off, but another Water Pulse leaves Data Worm with low health. Starmie easily outspeeds and finishes it off.

I return to the S.S. Anne and level up a little more, until Data Worm is level 23, then rematch Misty. The battle goes exactly as before, and I once again return to Vermillion defeated. This time I stay and explore all of the S.S. Anne, eventually running into my rival.

Boss Battle: auramaster Vs. The Guy

He starts with Pidgeotto again, while I send out Data Worm, who Bites for about 40%. Pidgeotto Sand Attacks, but the next Bite hits anyway. Pidgeotto tries to stop Data Worm with Gust and Quick Attack, but it's not enough as a third Bite hits to knock it out. The Guy reveals a Kadabra, while I choose one of my new Pokemon, Whacamole. Whacamole is very frail though, and it doesn't outspeed and OHKO, I doubt that Whacamole can survive a Phychic attack. I order Dig, and it outspeeds. Kadabra outspeeds next turn (Speed tie?!) but it doesn't matter at Whacamole emerges from the ground and hits. Its health bar drops. Yellow. Red. Gone. Kadabra faints, and The Guy's biggest threat is out.

He responds with Ivysaur, but I send out Photophobe and laugh. He starts with Sleep Powder, which hits, and I let Photophobe sleep instead of using an Awakening. Photophobe is immune to both Leech Seed and Poisonpowder, while Vine Whip does pitiful damage. Once awakened, Photophobe 2HKO's with Secret Power. With only one Pokemon left, he send out Raticate while I let Whacamole get some experience. It outspeeds with Dig, but fails to KO. Raticate responds with Hyper Fang, but Whacamole survives the hit and finishes it off with another Dig.

He runs off, and I get the HM for Cut, then barely escape the ship before it takes off for a year. However, I still can't use Cut, and subsequently can't explore the old areas like I wanted, until I beat Misty. With Data Worm now at level 25, I rematch Misty for the fourth time. This time, Data Worm outspeeds Misty, barely leaving it in the green, as Staryu Hardens. Another Bite falls just short of a 3HKO, while Staryu Recovers. Another 3 Bites, another 3 Recovers. Finally Staryu responds with Water Pulse instead, leaving it in the red. Misty uses a Super Potion, and the next Bite leaves Staryu in the green again. A Critical Hit finally ends the stall war, with Data Worm at about 80% health. Misty sends out Starmie, and confidence is high. I Bite, but Starmie outspeeds and uses Water Pulse, knocking Data Worm into the yellow. Bite leaves Starmie in the green. Starmie easily finishes off Data Worm, and I give up on soloing Misty without grinding. Photophobe solos Misty with Absorb, granting me the use of Cut.

Deciding to save Lt. Surge for later, I grab the Flash HM and head west to Viridian Forest. The TM for Dig is finally used on Data Worm, and Photophobe learns Acid, as I pick up items and new Pokemon. I'm currently exploring Mt. Moon, with 22 Pokemon owned and many new items. My next destination is Rock Tunnel, after which I can get the next 2 Pokemon.

Photophobe (Male Gloom) @ Level 26
~Secret Power
~Sleep Powder

Comments: Got a huge boost with Secret Power and an evolution. Has by far the best defenses of the team, Sleep Powder to help catch Pokemon, and Secret Power is only surpassed by Whacamole's Dig in power. Current MVP

Whacamole (Female Diglett) @ Level 25
~Mud Slap (Unusable due to restriction)
~Scratch (Unusable due to restriction)

Comments: Has the most powerful attack of the team in STAB Dig. Outspeeds almost everything, and OHKO's most Pokemon. Only problems are that Dig has only 12 PP, and other Pokemon can boost their stats while she's Digging.

Data Worm (Male Ekans) @ Level 26

Comments: Hasn't got much better since the last update. He's not terrible, but not great either. Current LVP
This update is a small one where I fight the first gym leader. I will aim for a boss battle a day or every two days.

Special attacking Cyndaquil. Cannot have a type advantage in “boss” battles ie. Pryce or Bugsy

Zubat NN Xerxen. Every move must be a different type

Well it took about 20 soft-resets to get a female Cyndaquil, but I did it! And it was Adamant, so another 20 soft resets got me Fuego, who at least has a neutral Special Attack Nature. I level grinded her on Pidgeys only (speed EV’s) until she learned Ember then went to Mr. Pokemon’s house. Beat my rival (first attack EV ever) and went back to Prof. Elm and then continued on to Violet City. After some research, I realized I could get Zubat in Dark cave. The first Zubat I caught had a –Spd nature, the next -Atk and the third also –Atk. Finally, I got a Hasty one and named it Xerxen as per the challenge rules. But since I had 3 Zubats in my party, each one had different punctuation, so now XeRxEn is stuck with stupid capitalization. Lots of level grinding later (and a solo of Sprout tower with a newly taught bite) and I went to the gym.

First Boss- Faulkner
I But his Pidgey to red while he tackles Zubat. Leech Life takes Pidgey out and leaves me with most of my health

I hit Pidgeotto with Supersonic who tackles me anyway to just outside yellow. Bite does about 30% and then flinches. Flinchfusion FTW! Another bite leads to another third of Pidgeotto’s health gone and another flinch. Now I feel bad about the flinch hax. The last bite takes it into the red and it hurts itself in confusion, giving me the win!

Cyndaquil NN Fuego
Level 17
-Quick Attack

Current MVP but since I only have two Pokemon that doesn’t really mean much, now does it? She is the only one with STAB, plus a special attacker in a time when special defense is horrible to say the least.

Zubat NN XeRxEn
Level 16
-Leech Life

I detest calling him the LVP, but by process of elimination he is. He takes care of most Pokemon with Bite, and will do even more with Wing Attach in a level
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