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Lol I love XeRxEn, will edit this post with another update. I had a LOT of free time today :) Just going ahead and posting so there will be 6 Updates in a row!!! which has got to be a record.

EDIT: Third Firered update!

loudkirbyking said:
Eevee, nickname it "Loss"
Must know Frustration, Growl, Roar, and one non-stab move for whatever it ends up being.
To evolve into different pokemon, it must solo different gym leader pokemon.
Must faint all steel types with Frustration, or PP stall if it faints and can't revive.

DetroitLolcat said:
Auramaster: Take an Ekans with Shed Skin. You must choose ONE of the following restrictions BEFORE YOU BEGIN your challenge:

1. It must not learn the moves Earthquake, Crunch, Glare, Rock Slide, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power, Iron Tail, Giga Drain, Substitute, Screech, Wrap, Hyper Beam. Evolve when you want.

2. It must solo a Gym Leader WITHOUT items in order to evolve.

3. It may not evolve until after you beat Bruno.

Name it Data Worm

Dexington said:
Auramaster, I'll give you the very unrepresented Doduo. It may evolve after you defeat Blaine, no soloing requirements. It must also solo every Bird Catcher (or whatever you call those trainers with birds) you come across. Name it whatever you name your rival. No STAB

Texas Cloverleaf said:
auramaster, take a Horsea (Edras). Evolve it to Seadra by soloing every trainer between Fuschia and Cinnabar with only Water moves. At that point, it may no longer learn Water moves. Solo Bruno. Also, don't learn Ice Beam.

If you don't evolve it, solo Lance instead of Bruno. Name it Edras.

Good Luck (manaical laughter)!

Its A Random said:
Auramaster gets Whacamole the Dugtrio. Whacamole likes to dig, so its only attacking move is Dig, & it must solo Erika.

Arcticblast said:
Auramaster, take a Vileplume. It must always know Acid and must know and keep Moonlight to evolve into Vileplume. Make it solo Giovanni. Every time you battle him. Name it Photograph

EDIT: Uh oh - your Vileplume hates the sun! It can never battle during Sunny Day or outside during real-world day. If it does, you may not use it for one hour of play time so it can recover.
Finished up exploring Mt. Moon, and went through Cerulean to Rock Tunnel. Rock Tunnel is long. Very long. Even with Flash, and going through enough times that I don't get lost, it still feels like it goes on forever. Everyone started running low on PP near the end, except Whacamole (Now Dugtrio) who ran low on PP pretty quickly, 12 PP is really hurting him. Photophobe (Gloom) also got a lot of use, to the point that he got several levels above everyone else, and Data Worm (Ekans) learned Rock Slide from the tutor.

After finally getting out, I skipped Lavender Tower for now and went west to Celadon, where I bought some helpful items and TM's from the Department Store, and got Loss the Eevee. I decided to save capturing The Guy (Doduo) until I got the TM for Steel Wing, so it could use a move besides Pursuit, and instead went to the secret hideout underneath the Game Corner. Loss gained a few levels defeating the Grunts, before Photophobe was forced to solo their leader.

Boss battle: auramaster Vs. Giovanni

He started with Onix, which Photophobe outsped and OHKO'd with Absorb. Onix was followed by Rhyhorn, which was also OHKO'd. Then came the hard part, Kangaskhan. It started with Bite, which did little damage as Photophobe Secret Powered, though it didn't do much damage. Kangaskhan then showed its power with Mega Punch, which did about 55%, while another Secret Power was closer to 15%. I healed, as Kangaskhan used Mega Punch again. Another Fresh Water, but this time Kangaskhan used Bite. Then it started Tail Whipping. Once. Twice. I feared a OHKO. Three Tail Whips. Four. Its low on health, but one Mega Punch will knock me out. I need two more hits to finish it off, and Giovanni could just use a Super Potion to erase all my work. No healing, instead it uses Tail Whip again. Kangaskhan is now in the red, within range of another Secret Power/Acid. One Mega Punch will easily knock me out, and Kangaskhan is faster. It used Bite.

Giovanni flees defeated, and I return to the city above. Data Worm is now at level 31, but still an unevolved Ekans, so I head back to Vermillion City to finally battle Lt. Surge in a no-item solo attempt to fulfill his evolutionary requirement.

Boss battle: auramaster Vs. Lt. Surge

Data Worm is sent out, with a level far higher then anything Lt. Surge has. Voltorb and Pikachu are both outsped and OHKO'd by Dig, leaving me cautiously optimistic against Raichu, even though its far stronger then his other Pokemon. Data Worm Digs as usual, but Raichu Double Teams. Twice. Dig misses. He Digs again, but Raichu Double Teams again. This time it hits, but he heals as I Rock Slide, which misses. Two more Double Teams, two more misses. He uses Thunder Wave, as Rock Slide misses again. Shed Skin cures Paralysis, and I try to Dig. Dig misses, as another Thunder Wave cripples Data Worm.

Raichu finally takes to the offense with Shock Wave, as Rock Slide misses. I give up on that and try the more accurate Bite, since Static isn't an issue, but it missed as another Shock Wave brings Data Worm to the low yellow. Unable to heal, Raichu outspeeds and finishes him off. I try again, easily beating both Voltorb and Pikachu, before staring down Raichu again. This time it begins with Shock Wave as Data Worm Digs, now wounded. Raichu Double Teams, but Dig hits. Lt. Surge uses a Super Potion as I Bite, weakening it enough that a Dig will finish it. So I Dig, and Raichu uses Double Team. However, while underground, it Thunder Waves <_< and Data Worm hits with Dig for the win.

With the battle over, I go east back to the Lavender Tower, to get the Poke Flute needed to get my last 2 Pokemon. But first, I run into my rival again.

Boss battle: auramaster Vs. The Guy

He happily proclaims that he now has a nearly unbelievable 5 Pokemon to use. I start with Loss, while he predictibly uses Pidgeotto. Loss Frustrates, which since I just got him, was strong enough to knock it in the yellow. A weak Gust and Quick Attack weren't enough to stop another Frustration from finishing him off. Loss levels up, and learns Bite, sure to prove useful in the Tower. The Guy interrupts my excitement with a new Gyarados, and I leave Loss out to take the Intimidate. Data Worm comes in after him, and easily beats Gyarados with Rock Slide. Exeggcute is out next, and is 2HKO'd by Photophobe's Secret Power. The Guy sends out Kadabra, trying to regain the advantage he never had, but it's only level 20. Whacamole, now level 30, easily OHKO's with Dig. Ivysaur comes out, and Photophobe once again stops it in its tracks. Razor Leaf does a pathetic 3 damage, as Photophobe 2HKO's. His last Pokemon, Growlithe, is OHKO'd by Whacamole, ending the easiest battle yet against him.

The Tower can now be explored, but its full of ghosts, and half of my team can barely damage them. Data Worm beats one to evolve to Arbok, but Loss sweeps the rest of the Tower up to the Marowak ghost by outspeeding and OHKOing everything except one Haunter, which was easily 2HKO'd. Marowak was moved by Photophobe, revealing 3 Rocket Grunts. After some short battles, Mr. Fuji was rescued, and he gave me the Poke Flute I needed.

I head south and catch the Snorlax, after a long struggle. I get a Super Rod, but due to misreading Serebii, I leave without a Horsea. Instead, in an attempt to save trainers for Dodou and Horsea to battle, I head west through Snorlax and past the bikers on Cycling Road to Fuchsia City. A trip to the Safari Zone yielded enough Pokemon to be given the Amulet Coin, along with 2 HM's and the TM for Steel Wing. With the items in hand, I went out to catch The Guy the Doduo, and Edras the Horsea, then quit for the night.

Next up, I'm going back to battle the trainers I skipped, followed by gym battles with Koga and Blaine. I may have all my Pokemon, but only 2 of them have evolved fully; expect that to change next update.

Data Worm (Male Arbok) @ Level 33
~Rock Slide

Comments: Rock Slide finally gave him a good physical attack besides Dig. Evolving gave him a major power boost, to the point that his defensive stats are roughly equal to Photophobe, and his Attack and Speed are doing well. Also now free of all restrictions! Current MVP

Photophobe (Male Gloom) @ Level 33
~Secret Power
~Sleep Powder

Comments: Hasn't changed since the last update. Still a great Pokemon overall, and will get better with an evolution in 2 levels :)

Whacamole (Female Dugtrio) @ Level 32
~Mud-Slap (Unusable due to restrictions)
~Scratch (Unusable due to restrictions)

Comments: Strong and fast, her defenses are good enough to survive a hit or two from anything that survives a Dig. However, Dig's low PP limits its usefulness, and anything that resists Ground shuts her down completely.

Loss (Male Eevee) @ Level 33

Comments: Stronger then expected, especially going through Lavender Tower. Frustration is weakening quickly, I think, but I'll be getting Shadow Ball once I get enough Pokedollers (It costs more then Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Ice Beam <_<). It's not bad, but doesn't have the raw power my other Pokemon have. Current LVP

The Guy (Male Doduo) @ Level 24
~Steel Wing
~Fly (Unusable due to requirements)

Comments: Just got it

Edras (Male Horsea) @ Level 23
~Water Gun

Comments: Just got it


Official Smogon Know-It-All
Well, after all this time I feel like I should give an update on my hard Platinum Scramble. I admit that I have gone on and off it, but I have done a bit now. So, without further ado:

Its_A_Random's Drifloon, "Angry"
-Must always know Frustration and Payback, and no other attacking moves.
-Must use Frustration whenever it enters battle.
-Can only attack a team-mate in 2v2
-Can never use Revives on it
-Must solo one of Valkner's Pokemon to evolve
I predict this being hopeless, but it will have the foresight necessary to evolve Rocky.

zdrup Shellos, "minizdrup"
-Can not evolve
Also hopeless. Probably LVP. Thanks zdrup.

Texas Cloverleaf's Chimchar, "Derago"
-It can only have Overheat as a STAB move
-If it knows Swords Dance, it can not learn Shadow Claw or Focus Punch
-If it knows Nasty Plot, it can not learn any STAB moves at all
-It must solo Aaron
This thing is currently LVP. It needs a huge amount of grinding, because it only has Fury Swipes as an offensive move atm. I hope that it will improve, but I'd say it will need to only have TM/HM moves for that to happen.

ungulateman's Ponyta, "Epona"
-Highest-level until Spoink, then always used with it in Doubles.
-If Spoink faints, must solo team.
-To evolve, it must solo a leader with Bounce.
Currently MVP, but only because it is the highest level, has STAB moves and a bit of speed. I predict this being very helpful later on in the game.

Sprocket' Geodude, "Rocky"
-Must always have Self-Destruct or Explosion
-Must KO a ghost with Explosion to evolve to Graveler.
This thing, surprisingly enough, is a godsend. Its evolution requirement isn't so bad because of Drifloon, and it has STAB EdgeQuake. Possible MVP.

TA1's Spoink, "Ranga"
-No Exp. Share
-Highest level in party
-Solo any Dark types met.
-Must always lead Not doing this either because otherwise I will never use anything else
-Must solo Giratina
Thank God you can only get Spoink after the E4, because this thing will be hell. Not looking forward to getting this.

Drifloon "Angry"
lvl 15

Can't remember the moves, because I just caught it. Hasn't done much yet, and I can't say that I think it will change, but meh. I asked for a hard scramble.

Shellos "minizdrup"
lvl 9

Same as above. Just caught, and needs much grinding. Howver, I know this will always be useless.

Monferno "Derago"
lvl 21
-Fury Swipes

My God this was a let-down. No STAB really hurts it, and so far it hasn't done much. I have hope, however.

Ponyta "Epona"
lvl 24
-Flame Wheel
-Tail Whip

Suprisingly good. Actually the crutch of the time atm. Flame Wheel is awesome. Shame, really, that it will probably end up useless.

Geodude "Rocky"
lvl 22
-Rock Throw
-Rock Smash

Amazing. STAB EdgeQuake obliterates everything. Probably MVP in the long run.

So we started off picking Derago, and he was good, until we got to the first gym. Here, we grinded with Rocky and Epona until Rocky could essentially OHKO all of the gym, and Epona was at a higher level, and destroyed anyone we met for some time. We have just beaten Gardenia, and at this point I realised that I should go and pick up some more team members, especially because Geodude will want to evolve soon, for which I need Drifoon. And so we went back, and we are now about to set off down Cycle path, with five of the six members present, which is where we leave off for the update...

EDIT: lol, 7 updates in a row.
I'm evil, I'll break the trend...
I'm liking all the updates so far, looking forward to seeing how they turn out. I've been a bit slack across the Christmas break & haven't played any of my scrambles since Christmas Eve...Last time I was playing Heart Gold, EV Training my latest addition to the team, Lapras...With Pokerus.

EDIT: Oh, Crap! I'm not evil! I technically updated my Heart Gold scramble!!! X_X
Eight & Counting...
Let`s make it nine.

I am currently fighting Sudowoodo with a Nidorino, Flaaffy, Golbat, Solrock, and Grovyle ranging from levels 20 to 23.

I decided to drop two parts of challenges. First, Galladiator`s no STAB on Treecko because after Charmander I will never use a no STAB starter again. Second, BiGGiE`s always use requirements (SR and RP) because frankly, they suck and I`ve never had the patience to follow those.

On the other hand STAB was the only way to solo Bugsy with Treecko, that was fucking hell. Scyther would always OHKO with U-Turn so my only way to beat it was to use X-Defend, get a Sp.Def drop with Energy Ball and crit with Leaf Storm. (By the way if you are wondering why my Treecko has those moves I used my Specs Sceptile as A parent. So far I know it inherited max speed.

Finally, I looked at Lolcat`s challenge and realized that it could potentially conflict with IaR`s challenge. so I need someone to arbitrarily replace Koga solo with one of Pryce, Lt.Surge, Janine, rival in Mt. Moon. By the way this is a Mantine solo so if you choose Lt. Surge I will kil you.


Official Smogon Know-It-All
Alright, but let it be known:

Texas has to solo Lt. Surge with a Mantine in his hardest Scramble.

I don't care if he has one, he has to do it anyway. Train one up specially.
I still need someone to give me new restrictions for my Charizard in FireRed. I'm at Cinnabar (I just defeated Blaine), and I can't teach him SolarBeam. First come, first serve!

(Be sure to check his original requirements, which are 10+ pages back, so you don't give me the same thing. No renaming.)
Phone post=double post.

After some thought, I have also decided to remove 2 of the Global challenges and change the ruleset slightly for the other two which will then become a creative challenge and a Scramble Payback challenge the next time I reach a computer.

Even with that Mantine the Scramble Payback may just turn out to be the hardest one to do.

Edit: Ignore that top line. It the minute it took me to post ther were 4 that got through first >I
Sweet. Now I can drop Ember and Smokescreen for better moves. :)

(This is probably the only time anyone will ever say this.) Thank you, DetroitLolcat. *rinses mouth with soap*
Final decison. The Global challenges will be nixed completely. Seeing as the Hardest Scramble Challenge EVER is clearly now on HG, the Global challenges will ne replabed by LeafGreen, Emerald and Platinum Payback challenges plus probably a Gold or Red challenge to mix things up and I`ll let the community decide in the Scramble Challenge Group.


Episode 1

Ok, after getting my Mudkip (Female!) and naming it Tertiary, I got my Wurmple and named it Buetos. While the first Buetos turned into a Cascoon, the second was a Silcoon. From this point, I realized a big issue... I could not use Mudkip against Roxanne.

I had to solo Roxanne with a FUCKING BEAUTIFLY.

You may think, "Oh, just use Absorb." You underestimate the bulk of the mighty Nosepass (which can quite easily OHKO Beautos with Rock Tomb as well). Thus, I decided I would need to get Mega Drain at level... 24. Fuck. At this point, literally every experience point went to Beautos. Every trainer, every wild battle, I finished and started with Beautos. After a few hours of grinding with Gust on route 116, I finally got the little devil to level 24 so it would learn Mega Drain. I go to Roxanne, OHKO her Geodudes, and out comes Nosepass (at which point, I imagine the BW last pokemon music for gym leaders :P). I Mega Drain and hope for the best. It does 2/3. Shiiiiit.

All hope dies within me... And then a light...


I let out a quiet cheer and Nosepass meets its demise, 2HKOed by Mega Drain. And I, after grinding for only God knows how long, finally get my badge!

I picked up Cut and continued my efforts. I had to grind Tertiary the Mudkip up on route 116 to get it to a decent level (as it got virtually no experience during my endeavor to train Beautos but that required double battle xD); I trained it from level 10 to 16 within a half hour. Finally, I got back the Devon Goods (or whatever it is that that Aqua Grunt steals), saved Peeko, and arrived in Dewford Town.


Beautos the Bashful Beautifly @ Nothing
-Mega Drain
-Morning Sun
-Stun Spore

Tertiary the Quirky Mashstomp @ Quick Claw
-Water Gun
-Mud Shot
HotDave's Platinum Scramble Challenge II
I finished Blue a couple of days ago, and I'll post about that later, so I'm gonna do Platinum again.

Trading allowed for Evolution and Starter (see below)
You may require me to know moves. You may not require me to use them, except in specific instances.
(e.g. "Arceus must always use Judgment first." = bad; "Arceus must KO Whitney's Miltank with Judgment" = OK)
No honey tree only.
No forced grinding.
No more than 3 Pokemon in their fully evolved form may be weak to the same type.
Must be able to evolve. (i.e. if you give me a Lotad, I must be able to get a Ludicolo, giving me something like Aerodactyl that doesn't evolve is fine)
Whoever names my starter gets to name the Trainer.
Whoever names the first non-starter gets to name the Rival.
Team must be able to learn all moves necessary to beat the game, and Fly. (Which by my count is all HMs except for Defog.) I don't use HM Slaves. I must have a Pokemon that can use an HM move before I need to use it in order to advance in the game.
All Pokemon must be named. Challenges without a nickname will automatically be rejected.
No profanity.
This should be challenging but enjoyable. Be creative!
If challenges contradict each other, I will do the first one posted, I will PM the other challenger to edit the challenge, if this is not done, the contradicted part will be ignored.
This Challenge ends with the defeat of Cynthia's Post-National Dex team. One (and only one) of the Pokemon given to me in this challenge cannot be in the Sinnoh Dex. (Not including the starter, see below.)

Special Banned List
I want to use pokemon that I haven't used before.
*Turtwig -> Grotle -> Torterra
*Piplup -> Prinplup -> Empoleon
*Chimchar -> Monferno -> Infernape

I'm not going without a starter. Someone will give me a starter egg from another region. Upon defeating Roark (which will be done without my starter if possible) and obtaining my second pokemon, I will trade my Sinnoh starter for any of the following eggs:
The Sinnoh starter I choose will be the same type as the Starter in my challenge.
This also allows you to give me some crazy egg moves if you like.

Other Banned Pokemon
Gastly -> Haunter -> Gengar
Riolu -> Lucario
Eevee -> Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon
Murkrow -> Honchkrow
Pichu -> Pikachu -> Raichu
Gible -> Gabite -> Garchomp
Buizel -> Floatzel
Swinub -> Piloswine -> Mamoswine
Elekid -> Electabuzz -> Electivire
Munchlax -> Snorlax
Scyther -> Scizor
Feebas -> Milotic
Magnemite -> Magneton -> Magnezone
Magikarp -> Gyarados
Starly -> Staravia -> Staraptor
Snover -> Abomasnow
Togepi -> Togetic -> Togekiss
Zubat -> Golbat -> Crobat
Machop -> Machoke -> Machamp
@HotDave: Take a Meditite named Broken. Your Meditite has mad skills when it comes to fighting, but it is mad that Medicham is NU. Your rival, named Eo, is one of the greatest OU battlers ever; for this, Broken hates him. Broken must KO three of his Pokemon every time you fight him after you get Broken (I don't know how many times this is). Broken must learn at least one HM move to show its superiority (it rocks with bad moves), and it must learn one STAB move of each type. It sympathizes with its NU brethren and may not even attack any Pokemon in the Elite Four that is in NU as of the most recent Gen IV tier list. However, it must KO every Pokemon in the Elite Four that is in the OU tier. It must also solo Cynthia's Garchomp.
HotDave gets Generator the Shinx.

This Shinx likes to build up electricity, so it must know & keep Charge. To evolve into Luxio, It must KO 20 trained Pokemon with a Charged up attack. To evolve into Luxray, It must charge up 6 times against 3 Gym Leader Pokemon & KO them with a Charged up attack.

Have fun (Don't know if you'll reject the challenge because of the evolution requirements, if it is the case, then notify me & I'll alter the challenge).
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