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Random, take an Abra. Its moveset will depend on its nature:
  • If it has a +Atk nature, then it must learn Return ASAP and must learn one other physical non-stab move.
  • If it has +Def nature, then it must set up Reflect in every gym leader/E4/Plasma boss/Rival battle
  • If it has +SpAtk, it must learn and keep Hidden Power and use it to solo your Rival at least once
  • If it has +SpDef, it must set up Light Screen in every Gym Leader/E4/Plasma boss/Rival battle
  • If it has +Spd, it must set up Trick Room in the above mentioned battles
  • If it has a neutral nature, then it must have one status move and Recover at all times

It cannot face any gym Pokemon before evolving into Kadabra. To evolve it to Alakazam, you must first use it to OHKO every Pokemon in the Fighting Gym. If it cannot OHKO every Pokemon in the Fighting Gym, it will refuse to evolve. Consequently, you must give it 6 of the EV raising items for the stat it has a negative nature in. If it has a neutral nature, then you must give it one each of the six items. Thereafter, you must replace two of its moves asap to evolve it to Alakazam. You cannot replace the moves I have specified. Next, you must use the RNG to get a number between the level it is then (ie, after OHKOing all the Pokemon in the fighting gym or giving it the EV boosting items and changing its moves) and 100. You must evolve it at that level or at level 75, whichever is earlier. Alakazam must hold the Amulet Coin as soon as you get it. Have fun.


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I'm surprised no one besides me is preparing a Black and White scramble. Although I am familiarizing myself with the japanese import of Black before I attempt the scramble challenge on the US Black and White.
I still need a starter from my list. Since no one seems to be interested in trading me an egg, I'm dropping the trade me an egg requirement. Egg moves will only be allowed as part of your challenge if you trade me the egg yourself.

Someone will give me a starter egg from another region. Upon defeating Roark (which will be done without my starter if possible) and obtaining my second pokemon, I will trade my Sinnoh starter for any of the following eggs:
The Sinnoh starter I choose will be the same type as the Starter in my challenge.
This also allows you to give me some crazy egg moves if you like.
For reference, here is the rest of my team.
@HotDave: Take a Meditite named Broken. Your Meditite has mad skills when it comes to fighting, but it is mad that Medicham is NU. Your rival, named Eo, is one of the greatest OU battlers ever; for this, Broken hates him. Broken must KO three of his Pokemon every time you fight him after you get Broken (I don't know how many times this is). Broken must learn at least one HM move to show its superiority (it rocks with bad moves), and it must learn one STAB move of each type. It sympathizes with its NU brethren and may not even attack any Pokemon in the Elite Four that is in NU as of the most recent Gen IV tier list. However, it must KO every Pokemon in the Elite Four that is in the OU tier. It must also solo Cynthia's Garchomp.
@Hotdave: You get Boxer the (male) Duskull. This Duskull has seen Fighter so many times and has watched WWE for so many years that he HAS to be a fighter. It has to punch everything into the ground. Teach it Shadow Punch and any other elemental punch of your choice. Its nature determines it's next move

+Atk- Earthquake
+Def- Will-o-wisp
+SpAtk- Night Shade
+SpDef- Substitute
+Spd- Shadow Sneak
Neutral- Confuse Ray

To evolve into a Dusclops, it must solo Maylene. It has to evolve into Dusknoir after defeating Iron Island but before beating Byron.
HotDave, I'm giving you a bad ass, and useful, HM slave. It is the most bad ass of all HM slaves you will ever encounter!

It must learn only HM moves when it's possible to teach it HMs (pre-evolved it can learn Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, and Waterfall. After evolution it can learn Rock Climb). It must also be the highest level Pokemon in your party at all times. (edited to be a bit more fair)

*edit* Saw you had a nickname requirement. Nickname it Aspirin, because it's going to need a lot of it.
You get Dancer the Cacturne. It must know the on-site Evasive Subseed moveset (You will need a Heart Scale for Leech Seed). Have it solo Bertha (2nd Round).
You get Will the Drifloon.

He must be male. To show off his vast masculinity, Will can only use physical moves (status moves are fine too). Once the Fly HM is obtained and once he has evolved into Drifblim, he must be taught the move. Once you get Blackglasses from Celestic Town, he must be equipped with them.
HotDave, I'll give you a Torchic. requirements in a min or two

EDIT: OK, you get Joe the torchic. The reason it's called Joe is Blaziken, in the 4th gen anyway, is just considered average compared to Infernape. This torchic, however, has a burning desire to see that changed. It wants to prove that it can be better than Infernape, so it must solo any and all pokemon that are weak to fire or fighting, and it must have one of both of these moves at all times. On top of that, it must solo any chimchar/evo that it sees. (start with a turtwig, so your rival will have chimchar) It must solo your rival's chimchar every time. To evolve it must prove to itself that it can beat chimchar, by defeating your rival's chimchar. Then to evolve to Blaziken it must prove itself against something that is usualy called a hard-counter to itself(i.e. a bulky water type at full evo.), as well as beating your rival's chimchar/evo. 3 more times. Re-nickname it "Master." Now that it has evolved, it steels itself for its final challenge, so it must learn and keep Bulk Up as well. The final challenge will be to solo your rival completely on the final match up before the E4, and solo the Fire Type E4.

-Start with Turtwig, tade for Torchic ASAP
-nickname Joe
-must solo all pokemon weak to fire or fighting, this includes normal/rock ect. before getting a fighting type move
-Must learn and keep fire and fighting type moves ASAP
-To evolve to Combusken, solo your rival's Chimchar
-To evolve to Blaziken, solo your rival's chimchar/evo. 3 more times and defeat what would be competitively considered a "Hard-Counter" for Blaziken
-Once Blaziken, re-nickname "Master"
-Learn Bulk Up ASAP(if you've already learned it, that's fine), and keep it the rest of the way (you now have a Fire move/fighting move/bulk up/filler)
-Solo your rival the final time(when you're trying to get to the E4) and then solo the fire type E4

please note, all soloing challenges can give way to another challenge already issued

Double Edit: haha, sorry SoS
I'm surprised no one besides me is preparing a Black and White scramble. Although I am familiarizing myself with the japanese import of Black before I attempt the scramble challenge on the US Black and White.
I'm thinking about it, but I'm probably gonna play through the game normally first, then do a scramble :P


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This looks interesting! For nostalgia's sake I'll try a LeafGreen challange.

-No trading
-No breeding
-A starter (Pikachu counts as one, in which case I will release my starter Sqirtle-to give my rival the type advantage)
-No grinding
-Nothing impossible, but I want a hard challange.

Amarillo, you get Mimien, the Mr. Mime you receive from the trade on Route 2. (I assume in-game trades are fine. If not, I'll change it.) Mimien cares so much about his friends, that he'll do anything to support them, and so, he carries at least two team-supporting moves (e.g. Reflect) at all times. He likes to keep his combat options open, so give him one move that he could use at close-quarters (e.g. Doubleslap), and one for long range (e.g. Psybeam). Good luck.
Amarillo gets Beethoven the Clefairy. To evolve, it must OHKO a trained Pokemon with Metronome. Being musically inclined, it must know Sing, Encore, and Metronome. It must also KO 10 pokemon belonging to Gym Leaders or the Elite Four.

EDIT: I don't know if you can get them in FR/LG but if possible, catch it in a Premier Ball.
Its_A_Random said:
Amarillo gets Ka-Boom!!! the Electrode, who must know & keep Explosion (Until then, It must know & keep SelfDestruct).

If Ka-Boom!!!'s health drops below 50% at anytime, it must use SelfDestruct/Explosion the next turn without hesitation. Must solo 3 E4 Pokemon.

Have Fun.

Well I need one more for the solo run. I have a Spiritomb, a Munchlax, a Machop & an Abra. One more then I will RNG for the winner. Sprocket's didn't get picked, because Psyduck wasn't on the viable list.
Take a Turtwig. It must know Substitute, Leech Seed, and Synthesis.
Fianl move is determined as follows:
+Atk=Razor Leaf
+SAtk=Wood Hammer
+Spd=Giga impact
Neutral=Anything but no SRing.

Solo every Pokemon in the game.
Take a Turtwig. It must know Substitute, Leech Seed, and Synthesis.
Fianl move is determined as follows:
+Atk=Razor Leaf
+SAtk=Wood Hammer
+Spd=Giga impact
Neutral=Anything but no SRing.

Solo every Pokemon in the game.
Added. Now to RNG for the winner.
Spiritomb is 1
Munchlax is 2
Machop is 3
Abra is 4
Turtwig is 5

Spiritomb: 11
Munchlax: 7
Machop: 13
Abra: 9
Turtwig: 10

ROUND 2 (Munchlax's rolls transferred)
Spiritomb: 13
Machop: 15
Abra: 9
Turtwig: 13

ROUND 3 (Abra's rolls transferred)
Spiritomb: 15
Machop: 18
Turtwig: 17

ROUND 4 (Spiritomb's rolls transferred)
Machop: 23
Turtwig: 27

So that means my challenge is...
Take a Turtwig. It must know Substitute, Leech Seed, and Synthesis.
Fianl move is determined as follows:
+Atk=Razor Leaf
+SAtk=Wood Hammer
+Spd=Giga impact
Neutral=Anything but no SRing.

Solo every Pokemon in the game.
This is going to be a long solo run...

You heard me, a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong solo run...With a Starter Pokemon...

Thank you for reading.

Original Post

Updates: 1

This one takes me post-Faulkner to my rival after Bugsy

-Special attacking Cyndaquil cannot be used with a type advantage in boss battles
-Crobat with four different move types named Xerxen
-Gyarados without Blizzard, Thunder or Fire Blast

Well I beat Faulkner and got to Union cave. I then the random egg from The old man gave me his old rod. (just realized the innuendo there) I then caught my Magikarp and named it Kraken. After a bunch of training, I had a Gyarados and a Zubat one level from evolving. Just as I was about to enter Union Cave guess who had to hatch? I went back to the Prof and all the way back to Union cave. Then, Gyarados soloed his way to Slowpoke well. In the well, Zubat evolved into Golbat on the first trainer. Cyndaquil finished the rest until Proton (was a joke)

Her Zubat and her Koffing are OHKOed by Cyndaquil’s ember. Nuf said

Kurt talked, I healed in the Pokemon center and went to Bugsy. Cyndaquil soloed the gym, but since he was unable to be used against Bugsy, I started Golbat

Scyther vs. Golbat: Scyther’s quick attack does ~10% while wing Attack KO’s
Metapod vs. Golbat: Wing attack KO’s
Kakuna vs. Golbat: Wing attack KO’s

Easy enough I did have 5 levels on his Scyther and 7 on his Kakuna and Metapod, so it wasn’t really fair. I continue to Ilex forest. But then my rival is all “No way you beat Team Rocket. BATTLE ME”

Rival AKA Doosh (Yes, I know that it is misspelled)
Ghastly vs. Golbat: Bite OHKO’s
Croconaw vs. Gyarados: Intimidate cuts attack first, giving me plenty of time to do stuff. Bite crits, flinches and puts him in the red in one turn. Yay hax. Tackle puts the wannabe croc out of its misery.
Zubat vs. Golbat: Wing Attack OHKO’s

And my rival faints in a horrible fashion, leveling up my Golbat.

-Fuego the Cyndaquil (Female)
Quick Attack
This rodent is technically my LVP. She did nothing this entire time except solo his way through Team rocket and The Azalea Gym. I couldn’t train Magikarp with her because she needed Special attack EV’s but Magikarp needed attack. All in all… mostly useless this update

-Kraken the Gyarados(Female)
This guy was LVP until she evolved and then, there was no looking back. At her evolution, she was the fastest on my team for a while and had more attack than Zubat and Cyndaquil combined. She would be MVP if it weren’t for her shallow movepool

-XeRxEn the Golbat(Male)
Leech Life
Wing Attack
Confuse Ray
MVP by far. He has the most diverse movepool, the highest speed and close to the highest attack, the only one with a STAB move with a 50+ base power and he is the only MALE! I expect him to drop once Gyarados expands his moveset and Cyndaquil evolves. Oh yeah… and he will have competition from Nidoqueen for a Poison type (oh boy Jasmine is going to be fun to beat. I get an Eevee, a Gyarados, a Miltank, and two poisons. It’s all up to you Gyara. Oh crap, no water moves + Magnemite)


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So to summarize so far:

-Mimien the Mr. Mime from Route 2 in-game trade: 2 team support moves, 1 contact move, and 1 non-contact move

-Bulbasaur, with no STAB moves.

-Beethoven the Clefairy, with Encore, Sing, and Metronome ASAP, captured in a Premier ball, and evolving only when it OHKO's a Trainer Poke with Metronome.It must also KO 10 pokemon belonging to Gym Leaders or the Elite Four. That's gonna be fun.

-RAEP the Gyarados. It must know Dragon Dance, Substitute and Flail by the E4 one of which it must solo.

-Ka-Boom!!! the Electrode, who must know & keep Explosion (Until then, It must know & keep SelfDestruct). If Ka-Boom!!!'s health drops below 50% at anytime, it must use SelfDestruct/Explosion the next turn without hesitation. Must solo 3 E4 Pokemon.

-Seal the Seel, with no STABs and try to solo Giovanni on its first try must try to solo Giovanni on its first try without items (hold items are ok). For each Pokemon it fails to solo on its first try it must solo 4 E4 Pokemon. It it soloes Giovanni successfully it must solo only 1 E4 Pokemon. Either way, it must solo every Pokemon in the Berry Forest you see.

Also, Sprocket, could you NN your Bulbasaur you gave me?


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As soon as you can Surf, surf to the Seafoam Islands from Fuchsia and catch a Seel, and it will be named Seal. It cannot use both of its STABs (water and ice, assuming you evolve it into Dewgong), and it must try to solo Giovanni on its first try without items (hold items are ok). For each Pokemon it fails to solo on its first try it must solo 4 E4 Pokemon. It it soloes Giovanni successfully it must solo only 1 E4 Pokemon. Either way, it must solo every Pokemon in the Berry Forest you see.
I guess I should give an update on my Emerald scramble.

Galladiator: Take "Evil X" the Treecko. Evil X may use any move it wants in battle--UNTIL it solos Brawly and evolves to Grovyle. It must from that point keep Pursuit, using it on the last turn of any battle it is involved in. That means if it is involved in a Trainer battle, and it appears against a Pokemon, it must always land the KO on that Pokemon with Pursuit. If it OHKOs something, it must have 2 TMs/HMs used on it before it can be used again. This stacks for every missed Pursuit opportunity. Solo Norman--with the "Pursuit Clause" not under effect--to become Sceptile. From there it must forget Pursuit and instead learn Rock Smash. It must successfully cause the opponent's Defense to drop 10 times, not counting hits where Rock Smash hits super-effectively. Solo Juan for the hell of it. (And yes, Leaf Blade is allowed.)

Hutch3: Evil X- You get a Kecleon. Since Kecleon is unable to make up it's mind as to what type it needs to be it's moveset needs to be completely different! It needs to have 1 special attacking move, 1 physical attacking move, 1 status move, and 1 "support" move (double team, protect, rain dance, something like that). However, it can not have 2 moves of the same type, so if it knows toxic it can't know another poison move, if it knows rain dance it can't know another water move, and so on, you get the picture. To prove it's not completely useless it needs to solo a combined 10 gym leader pokemon after you catch it and can never be the lowest level in your party.

Edit: nick name it Geico

DetroitLolcat: Take an Azumarill. It may not learn: Waterfall, Return, Double-edge, Focus Punch, Substitute, Encore, Toxic, Hidden Power, Iron Tail, Hydro Pump, Frustration, Belly Drum, or Surf.

Now, to make sure it is not dead weight, it must be at least 3/4 the level of the Gym Leader's Main Pokemon when you challenge that specific Gym and level 46 by the time you finish the E4.

Iggdrasil: Recap:
Get a Timid Whismar, NN Snookums
As a Whismar: Can’t use STAB, can’t use or be hit by sound based moves (if you do get hit, you must ether switch out or use a healing item), cant enter trainer battles.
As a Loudrod: Can’t use or be hit by sound based moves, can’t use STAB.
As an Exploud: Can only use STAB moves, Cant use or be hit by sound based moves.

CrappyGyarados: Have an Anorith. Your Anorith is either incredibly angry, or incredibly calm. If male, (which is more likely - 87.5% chance) it is Angry. It must have all attacking moves, and wants to evolve straight away to get more powerful (level 40). If female, it is Calm. It must have 3 Non-Attacking moves, and it's 1 attacking must be less than 75 power. It isn't as keen on evolving, and must evolve at level 50

Texas Cloverleaf: Evil X, take whatever you want. It can never use STABvmoves and must solo Drake. Choose wisely
The pokemon I choose for my last party member is Aron and I'll add more to this challenge.
-can't evolve to lairon until it solo Flannery
-always have a fighting move
-needs to solo 35 Gym pokemon to evolve to Aggron (this can be gym leader pokemon or gym trainer pokemon)
-brave nature.

My adventure:
So far, I have 4 team pokemon and I'm pretty proud of them. I accidentally soloed Roxanne with Marill and soloing Brawly with Evil X was a real pain X(. I don't know how many times I challenged him and I don't care because I beat him and Evil X finally evolved. On my way to Wattson's gym, the only pokemon that didn't evolve is Aron and the one that I am most happy that he evolved is Snookums because it is really hard to train a pokemon with out the Exp.Share and not being aloud to put this pokemon up front. Despite the restrictions, Snookums was actually really helpful against Wattson. Even though he did almost zero damage to his pokemon, he was still helpful because of his restrictions. The restrictions say that if Snookums gets hit or is present when an opponent uses a sound move, I either have to switch her out or use a healing Item. I took this to my advantage by always healing my team when Manectric used Howl. I got the badge and everything went smoothe until I met Flannery. I completely forgot how tough she is even when I'm not doing a Scramble challenge. Right now I'm living in hell and Aron and I will soon meet Satan the indestructible Torkoal once I'm done EV training Aron.

My Team:
Grovyle: Evil X
Swordman of the wood
Lv. 30
Mega Drain
Leaf Blade
Evil X is the second most powerful pokemon on my team. He's so powerful that he accidentally KO'd Wattson's electrike X(. He will defenitely be a power house on my team. (Current MVP)

Rabbit on a leash
Lv. 27
Defense Curl
Not much to say about him except that I'm a little disapointed that he doesn't have the huge power ability, but thick fat and that he is the current LVP

the Blooming Bud
Lv. 27
Rock Smash
Shock Wave
Howl (not using do to restriction)
Not much to say about her either except that she can finally do decent damage with Shock Wave (since Astonish and Rock Smash are horrible) and she is entertaining because of the restrictions.

The Iron Beast
Lv 36
Rock Smash
Take Down
Once he defeats Flannery, he will be the new MVP. Bring on the no STAB challenge on this guy because I can do ~the same amount of damage with Take Down or Double Edge than with a STAB move and he gets 0 recoil damage. He is the pokemon I like the most on this current team.

Now that I think about it, it is gonna be reeeeeeeally fun when I will challenge Phoebe because I can only do normal damage to her and one of my pokemon will be completely walled by them X(.
Pearl No-Evo Scramble Update #6

Let's start another update chain, second in line is Update #6 of my Pearl No-Evo Scramble...

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5

  • Shinx (Lailaps): Must know Return (Athenodoros)
  • Piplup (Mr Penguin): Must be male. Must solo rival's main Pokemon at each battle. Once Surf is learned, it may never learn another level up or Water type move (Sprocket)
  • Buneary (Larolla): When it learns a level up move, the oldest move is replaced. It is to be taught exactly 2 TM's/HM's after each gym, starting with the 2nd. Cannot learn more than 2 TM's or 2 HM's at any time (auramaster)
  • Misdreavus (Missy): Can only learn & use STAB moves. For it to learn other type attacks, you must own an Unown of an appropriate HP (Paradox808)
  • Hippopotas: Cannot use Normal-type moves. If it has one, it must be overwritten ASAP (DetroitLolcat)
  • Starly: Must have a moveset of Quick Attack/Agility, Whirlwind/Endeavor, Brave Bird/Take Down & Fly before Palkia. Must Solo Gardenia at a level below 17, Maylene below 33, & One of Volkner's Pokemon (Chocolate-Kipp)

So, where we left off, I had just beaten Fantina in a hard fought battle spoiled by her dumbness. Now I have to teach Larolla 2 TM's. I replace Drain Punch with Protect, & replace it with Cut. Then, I went down to Route 212 to do a bit of grinding, beating the Socialite & Gentleman until Mr Penguin reached Lv39 & learned Drill Peck. I then taught him Surf & went surfing along the water routes on Routes 213, & 218-221 to gain experience. Before long, I had finished them & went to Canalave City, healed up, & just as I went across the drawbridge, Idiot came & challenged me to a battle!

Random's Team at this point:
Larolla: Lv32
Stortamus: Lv32
Chocolate: Lv33
Missy: Lv36
Mr Penguin: Lv39
Lailaps: Lv40

So Larolla leads against Staravia. Larolla Baton Passes to Lailaps, who survives 2 Take Downs to OHKO in return with Spark.
Mr Penguin came in against Ponyta, taking a Tail Whip to OHKO with Surf.
Mr Penguin stayed in against Grotle, surviving a Bite to 2HKO with Ice Beam.
Last was Buizel, who I sent Lailaps in, surviving a Swift with 7HP to OHKO with Spark, winning me the battle.

After healing up again, I went on the nearby boat & sailed to Iron Island, beating the trainers on the Island, & teaming up with a guy with a Lucario to beat the remaining trainers. Returning to Canalave, I healed up & took on the Canalave Gym, beating the minor trainers before taking on Byron for Badge #6.

Random's Team at this point:
Larolla: Lv34
Chocolate: Lv34
Stortamus: Lv35
Missy: Lv36
Lailaps: Lv40
Mr Penguin: Lv42

Larolla leads against Bronzor, I switch in Missy, taking the oncoming Flash Cannon, Confuse Bronzor with Confuse Ray, & Payback away until Bronzor decides to sleep Missy with Hypnosis. At this point, Byron was very likely to use a Hyper Potion, so I switch in Mr Penguin into the expected Hyper Potion & proceed to 2HKO with Surf, dodging a Hypnosis in the process.
Next was Steelix, who was hopelessly OHKOed by a Mr Penguin Surf.
I send in Larolla against Bastiodon, getting in 4 Rock Smashes, before being knocked out after Bastiodon Chesto-Rested, Raised his Defence with Iron Defence, get in a Crit Ancient Power & finally, used Flash Cannon to knock out Larolla. Having enough, I simply sent in Mr Penguin again & finished Bastiodon off with Surf, winning me the battle.

After getting the badge, I heal up & go to the Canalave Library where I listen to an old geezer err...Professor Rowan mumble on about Lakes, & assigning me to patrol Lake Valor. Just as I leave the Library, KA-BOOM!!! A Galactic Bomb explodes at Lake Valor, funny that I can hear it from the other side of the region...So I go to Lake Valor & find some spacemen, beating them along the way, Missy finally learned Shadow Ball! I then find a cavern & go inside it. I see an elite spaceman named Saturn inside, & confront him.

Random's Team at this point:
Chocolate: Lv35
Larolla: Lv35
Stortamus: Lv35
Missy: Lv37
Lailaps: Lv41
Mr Penguin: Lv43

I lead out with Chocolate against a Kadabra. Before Chocolate could do anything, Kadabra quickly outsped & OHKOed Chocolate with Psychic. So Missy comes in, Kadabra puts Missy in an Embargo, & Missy OHKOes in return with the newly acquired Shadow Ball.
Next was Bronzor, whom Missy shrugged off a Gyro Ball to 2HKO with Shadow Ball.
Last was Toxicroak, who I send Lailaps to deal with. Lailaps gets in 2 Returns, but gets 2HKOed by a combination of Poison Jab & Revenge. So Missy comes back in & picks Toxicroak off with Psybeam, winning me the battle.

After that, Saturn says something about Lake Verity & leaves, I then go to Pastoria & heal up. So it's lategame now, things are starting to heat up, & on top of that, I've still got to teach Larolla 2 TM's...6 Badges down, 2 to go. And that's where we leave off...

Chocolate (Male Starly) @ Nothing
Lv:35/Lax/Keen Eye
-Double Team
-Quick Attack
Comments: Not exactly strong, two levels from Brave Bird! It's usefullness is tapering...

Larolla (Female Buneary) @ Nothing
-Rock Smash
Comments: Useless piece of crap. Did well against Steels though. Still have to teach it 2 TM's. Current LVP

Stortamus (Male Hippopotas) @ Nothing
Lv:35/Quiet/Sand Stream
-Sand Attack
-Stealth Rock
-Sand Tomb
Comments: Stortamus has proven himself to be a good member on the team, with very good offensive support in the form of Sand Stream & Stealth Rock. A really good member.

Missy (Male Misdreavus) @ Nothing
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Ball
Unown HP's obtained: Poison, Bug, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Ice, Fighting, Electric, Psychic, & Dark.
Comments: The most brokenest Ghost in Little Cup History is starting to come to the fore, but it's still not broken. Finally got Shadow Ball, usefulness should rise...

Lailaps (Female Shinx) @ Nothing
Comments: The incredibly loyal Lailaps is strong, but hindered by low speed & fragility. Still useful.

Mr Penguin (Male Piplup) @ Nothing
-Grass Knot
-Ice Beam
Comments: Perfect Coverage with Grass Knot/Ice Beam/Surf. Albeit a bit slow, he is extremely powerful, wreaking havoc where possible. The current MVP by a long margin.

That concludes Update #6 of my Pearl No-Evo Scramble, more to come. Next stop: Lake Verity, then Snowpoint City! Stay tuned for more updates.
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