Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2


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Alright, enough jabberin'! Time for an UPDATE!

Chapter 4 of my Colosseum Scramble Challange is up!

It's actually not that long in terms of amount of game covered, but I managed to pad it out. Ended up spending several hours grinding, but after that it went pretty quickly. I also battle Dakim this chapter... if you want to find out how horribly I got mutilated this time, read up!

And if when you're done with that and if you want more, I do have a Youtube channel where I play games, commenting live in much the same style as I do with the Scrambles. Except it's me speaking instead of my writing shit. I only mention it here because honestly you're the only people I can count on being interested in them :S maybe if you guys view and comment on it and stuff it'll gain some traction. (the channel is called, Jimera0, just like everything else I do).
So since my White cart is full of RNG'd Pokemon and beaten, I can't restart that.

Bought Pokemon Black.. wanting an interesting game.


No pigeon, lilepup, patrats, darumakas, audinos, or anything caught in the pinwheel forest [monkeys are available].

Starter of choice must be in my party, so I guess that would be a good place to start. [I know, they are all shit in-game]

Unova only.

Trading is available, so if I need to get a Pokemon from White, I can.
Phadunk, take a Trubbish and name him Toxin.

This Trubbish is determined to show that he isn't rubbish, so he sets out to prove the Poison type's superiority.
He must always have at least three Poison-type moves, ASAP, one of which must be Toxic Spikes.

Typing really influences how he battles:
He can never directly attack a fellow Poison-type.
If he sees a Ground or Psychic type, he goes mad with rage and must solo them or die trying.

He can evolve if he sets up two rows of Toxic Spikes in at least three gym battles.

Finally, he must solo one trainer per gym, in all gyms after his capture except one. (Your choice which one you can avoid)

He must attempt to set up a full set of Toxic Spikes in all elite four battles not being soloed by somebody else.
Phadunk, your starter is a Snivy.

This Snivy thinks it has Contrary, and thus if it ever has its stats lowered in battle, it must stay in (it thinks they are boosts instead). If it's stats are raised, however (like through Swagger), then it must switch out immediately.

As will all Snivy, it's very smug, too. It likes to do things it's own way, and that just happens to include a lot of variety. So, no using the same move twice in a row. No using items twice in a row (even if they are different items).

Oh, and if Snivy faints, you must solo a Gym Leader. Faint again, solo another one. So don't faint. This restriction becomes null and void after Drayden, obviously.
Phadunk, take NileDile the Sandile. This Sandile's grandparents lived in Egypt, close to the Nile Delta, and it wants to rediscover that place. Ever since you find him in the desert, Sandile wants to be near water, to have a relationship with water. Therefore, every time you are Surfing, NileDile must lead the party, as its only hope of rediscovering its ancestors' natural environment is to find water. It also must not attack a Water-type Pokemon.

After exploring the east coast of Unova, it feels like it will never find its true home, and therefore must learn and keep Outrage (lv. 60 Krookodile) to vent its anger. However, it then decides to destroy the Relic Castle, as it reminds him of Egypt. Solo the Relic Castle, including Volcarona at the end. After that, it realizes that its true home is with you, a trustworthy trainer. Forget Outrage and learn and keep Return.

Good luck!
Phadunk, add a Minccino to your team, and name her Enthusia.

Enthusia has always been super enthusiastic about, well, everything really. She's excitable and finds it difficult to ever be truly calm. To her, battles aren't about beating the opposition; they're about having a good time, perhaps showing off a little.

As a Minccino, Enthusia must always know Encore. If an opponent uses a powerful technique (60 or more BP), she will stop and applaud the showing by Encoring as soon as possible. This restriction does not apply if Encore is already in effect.

Enthusia must also know Work Up (at all times regardless of evolution). She must have used Work Up at least once before using a damaging move.

To evolve into Cinccino, Enthusia must start to develop her own talents, instead of merely appreciating the talents of others. Her chosen medium is stage performance - she will learn one of Sing, Rain Dance, Attract, Charm or Captivate, and use her move of choice during a solo of Elesa. What better way is there to become well known aside from living it up with a supermodel?

Once evolved into Cinccino, Enthusia no longer feels the need to applaud the work of others, and may drop Encore. However, she works harder than ever now she's well known - the Work Up restriction is extended to require at least two Work Ups before using a damaging move. Also, the move used in the Elesa solo may not be forgotten, as this is the move that brought her fame in the first place.

- Must always know Work Up. Must have used Work Up at least once before able to use a damaging move
- As a Minccino, must always know Encore and must use Encore next move if the opponent uses an attack with 60 or more BP. This is not applicable if the opponent is already affected by Encore
- To evolve, must learn one of Sing, Rain Dance, Attract, Charm or Captivate, and use this move in a successful solo of Elesa
- As a Cinccino, may drop Encore. The Work Up restriction is extended to require two Work Ups before able to use a damaging move, and the move used in the Elesa solo may not be forgotten.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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So, you need a water type by the looks of it and you're getting a Snivy. Well then, take a panpour and name it Chill. Chill is like, totally chill man, and just likes taking it easy you know? He has a habit of going to sleep whenever he gets into the red, because he's tired of that shit, yah know? So he just goes and takes a nap (teach him Rest ASAP). Also, because he's so chill you know, he totally needs like, an Ice Type move man. As soon as possible! He has to show off just how chill he is. One thing is ruining his chillaxin' though; that hyper nutjob Skyla with all her bouncing around and flying and shit. Force her to chillax some by soloing her team (with an ice type move ideally of course!). Oh, and now Acrobatics for Chill. That's just too much work, yah know?
Snivy - TBD
Grubbish - Toxin
Sandile - NileDile
Minccino - Enthusia
Yamask - Zombie
Panpour - Chill

Will fill in the rest when I have more time.

Looks like my team is done after Route 5, nooice.
Yeah, i was in a non-sadistic mood. :)

Also, Phadunk can call his Snivy any thing he wants, but if it either a)contains a vowel or the letter 'y', or b) cannot be pronounced according to regular english rules (e.g. "RNHRFLR"), then you must shout out the name of any object you can see around you (table, seat, watch, etc.) whenever Snivy attacks.
Yeah, i was in a non-sadistic mood. :)

Also, Phadunk can call his Snivy any thing he wants, but if it either a)contains a vowel or the letter 'y', or b) cannot be pronounced according to regular english rules (e.g. "RNHRFLR"), then you must shout out the name of any object you can see around you (table, seat, watch, etc.) whenever Snivy attacks.
How could I not find out about a scramble!?!
Ps. What does sadistic mean
Pps. Look who originally posted this!!
Since my computer is down, I guess I need another Scramble. I think I'm gonna play this one on Blue version


1. Include a nickname/story, please
2. Check what I've already been assigned, and make sure there are no repeating types
3. Make it hard, but not ridiculous or tedious


1. Arceustar the Squirtle (from Arceustar)
Reserving a Arceustar the Squirtle for phantom

This Squirtle is going to be based off me

I don't like routines changing so obviously no evolving and you are only aloud to use one move per battle. I'm good at looking after people so if one of your pokes is on red HP, Squirtle must switch in and be used as heal fodder. I have seminterratoaphobia so no fighting in team rockets HQs. Finally, I like a challenge so solo Bruno.

Is that enough or do you want more (this is first time I've put backstory)

2. Angry Nerd the Spearow (from AOPSUser)
Reserving something for Tyranitarphantom.

Tyranitarphantom, you get Angry Nerd the Spearow.

This Spearow is like no other Spearow, it aspires to be intelligent. Therefore, it desires to raise its Special. Of course this cannot happen, as in Gen 1 there are no EVs, but every time you get the Special-boosting item, you must use it on Spearow. Spearow is from the Saffron Academy; he had failed the Special exam, hence the name Angry Nerd. Therefore, it must solo its teacher, Sabrina.

After soloing its teacher, it realizes that its true potential is in its Attack and Speed stats. Use every Protein and Carbos that you get on Spearow. Of course, it still remembers the old times, where it was trying to max out its Special. Therefore, every time it is hit by a Special attack, if you have an X-Special, use it on Spearow. It must also know Agility ASAP, along with one Normal STAB, one Flying STAB (it likes STABs) and one status move. (I was going to say Special attack, except that Spearow doesn't learn Special attacks Gen 1.)

Evolve after soloing 10 Special attackers (Pokemon whose STAB is Special Gen 1).

3. Doomed the Nidoran(F) (from King Serperior)
TtarPhantom gets Doomed the _______.

Please select the doomed Pokemon:
1). Rhyhorn
2). Nidoran (female)
3). Mankey

Whatever you choose, it must solo one of the last 4 gyms according to the correct order they come in.

As this mon is doomed from the beginning, no STAB over 40 BP. Must use a non-damaging move first, if possible becaus it is doomed from the start.

Now, so far, you have average restrictions, so, the mon that you chose will you the last two apiece:

Rhyhorn: left alone and abandoned, this little one is very sad. Let it try to solo Moltres in Victory Road. If it fails, Rhyhorn cannot be used in 3 E4 battles because of low confidence.

Nidoran(female): he brother made fun of her for all her life. Unless another restriction prevents it, solo all Nidoran(male), Nidorino, and Nidoking that you see. May only know TM/HM moves ASAP.

Mankey: he lost his fighting skills for most of the trip. You may never learn a fighting move until soloing the fighting Dojo. Must know Mega Punch and Maga Kick (it learns those right?) forever. Solo the Machop line if possible.

Have fun and good luck!!

4. enviro the Bellsprout (from user 18)
reserving for Ttar.

Grass/Poison type

You get enviro the bellsprout!
This bellsprout was raised in an environmentally conscious family, and is very concerned about the environment. It believes in natural things, so it must know PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder and Stun Spore ASAP.
After arriving in Celadon, enviro feels great kinship with Erika, due to her respect for the environment and nature, and may not battle inside her gym.

In Saffron, enviro is stunned at the amount of toxic smog released by Silph Co. Solo all the gym trainers in Sabrina's gym in order to make a statement. After Sabrina has been defeated, enviro realizes that PosionPowder is poison type, and may never use a Poison type move again.

Finally, solo Agatha, the poison member of the Elite Four, in order to break all links enviro has with the poison type. After this point, you may only use grass-type moves for the rest of the E4 and Champion, and the rest of the game if you do it, as enviro has fully embraced the grass type.

Let me know if its too easy or too hard, and I can change it.

5. Creeper the Drowzee (from StallMandibuzz)
TTar, you get Creeper the Drowzee. Now, since Drowzee eats dreams, he can't attack unless the Pokemon is first asleep. So, always keep Hypnosis. In order to evolve into a Hypno, he must put 20 Player-owned Pokemon to sleep first, and defeat them. But wait! Once evolved, he has a craving for children, so he must lure 10 children to their dooms, meaning solo their teams. And to make a speedy get-away, he must Teleport away after every battle. And since Blue is Creeper's ultimate prize, he must solo at least one of Blue's Pokemon, if not more.

Always keep Hypnosis and Teleport
Use Hypnosis before attacking
Can't attack unless opponent is asleep (if enemy has any other status ailment besides confusion, which doesn't affect putting things to sleep, Creeper can't attack.)
To evolve, 20 Trainer-owned Pokemon asleep and defeated
10 children defeated as Hypno
Teleport away from scene of his crimes, errr, battles
Solo at least one of Blue's Pokemon each time met after evolution

(First Scramblemon I've done, sorry if it sucks. >.> ))

6. Torture the Vulpix (from Professor Science)
Reserving for Tyranitarphontom and Phadunk.

Tyranitarphantom, take Torture the Vulpix. Torture just loves to watch its enemies die slowly- specifically, it loves residual damage. So, its final moveset must consist of Fire Spin, Toxic, Confuse Ray and one move of your choice. However, the final move may only be used on an opponent after all 3 of Torture's other moves have been used on it. This is because Torture just loves to make its enemies feel prolonged pain. To prove that Torture is the most evil and sadistic pokemon out there, it must solo an entire gym (leader as well as all the trainers). Have fun!


Chapter 1: First Steps (this one is rather long)
"Right. All boys leave home some day. It said so on TV," said the boy's mother. "Professor Oak, next door, is looking for you! Run along now!"

That was all Ttar needed to hear. The day had finally come for him to start his journey through the Kanto region! He was still unsure of what his true goal was, but he was told that Professor Oak would have a task for him to complete. He rushed to the identical house next door to his own, and without even knocking, opened the door and went inside.

Quite to his surprise, Ttar found only one person in the house: a girl with shoulder-length brown hair, held back by a green headband, wearing a knee-length green dress. This was Daisy Oak, one of Professor Oak's two grandchildren. She gave Ttar a smile, and said:

"Hey, Ttar! I think my brother is out at Grandpa's Lab! Why don't you go see him there? Grandpa should be there too!"

Ttar shrugged his shoulders, and walked out. He didn't want to offend Daisy, as he had had a bit of a crush on her since he was 7, but he really didn't want to see Blue, Daisy's younger brother. He had a reputation around Pallet Town of being a snob, and being the only other person in town the same age as Blue, Ttar had plenty of experience with Blue and his childish attitude. Blue was the kind of kid who would unplug your controller if you were beating him at Mario Kart, then try to pass it off as an accident. There was no other person Ttar disliked quite as much as Blue.

Having no other choice, Ttar headed around to the front door of Professor Oak's Research Lab. Despite being one of the world's greatest Pokémon Researchers, Professor Oak's Lab was quite modest, featuring only one large room, filled with mettalic tables, bookshelves, and potted plants. On one of the tables, Ttar noticed three Pokéballs sitting side-by-side. He was just imagining what they could be, when....

"Hey Ttar, what brings you here?" said a nasally annoying voice. "Your mom send you on an errand? Bringing Gramps his lunch or something? That's nice, but Gramps isn't here. I really wish he'd hurry up! I need to get my Pokémon! I'm gonna be the greatest....

Ttar didn't hear the rest of Blue's rambling speech. He walked out of the lab, and headed towards the piers on the river that ran along the south side of Pallet Town. After seeing nobody except a fat guy claiming that "Technology is incredible! You can now store Items and Pokémon via PC!" (what a nutjob!), Ttar decided to go to the entrance to Route 1, at the northern edge of the tiny town. He had been told not to step into the tall grass, but he decided that it wouldn't hurt anyone. He set one foot into the grass, when out of nowhere:

"Wait! Don't go out!" called the raspy voice of an old man. "It's unsafe! Wild Pokémon live in tall grass! You need a Pokémon for protection!"

It was Professor Oak, the old-timer that Ttar had just spent the last 30 minutes looking for. As if he could see everything, he had stopped Ttar from walking into the tall grass. He grabbed Ttar by the arm, and escorted him back to the Research Lab.

"I know you want to go out, but you need a Pokémon for protection!" Oak said.

They walked into the Lab, and stopped in front of the table with the three Pokéballs on it. Blue ran up, shouting something like, "NO. ME FIRST!"

Professor Oak ignored him. "Inside these three Pokéballs, there are Pokémon," he said. "These Pokémon are new to the world, and have never had a Trainer before. I'll give them to you as your very first Pokémon! Ttar, you can have first pick!"

"HEY GRAMPS. WHAT ABOUT ME?" shouted Blue.

"Don't worry, DICKS... er, Blue," Oak said. "You can have one too, just wait your turn!"

Blue folded his arms and pouted. Ttar observed the three Pokéballs, unsure of which to choose. The label on the left ball said, "Charmander," the label on the center one said, "Squirtle," and the label on the right ball said, "Bulbasaur." These were Pokémon that Ttar had never heard of before, but he had a feeling that the ball labelled "Squirtle" was calling to him.

Without saying a word, Ttar picked up the center ball. Something about holding it in his hand just felt right. He held the ball up to Professor Oak.

"So, you want the Water-type Pokémon, Squirtle?" Oak inquired. Ttar nodded in response.

"This Pokémon is very energetic, and rather stubborn," Oak said. "Best of luck with it!"


Ttar paid no attention to Blue. He waved to Professor Oak, and then turned to leave. As he was almost to the door, a shout came from behind him.

"Wait, Ttar! Let's check out our Pokémon!" Blue called out. "Come on, I'll take you on!"

With that, he tossed his Pokéball into the air, and out of a flash of light came a small green Pokémon with a big plant bulb on it's back. Ttar knew that it was an unwritten rule that no Pokémon Trainer could refuse a challenge from a fellow Trainer. The two of them were Trainers now, so Ttar had no choice.

He tossed his Pokéball forward, and from a stream of bright light came a small blue Pokémon. It had a round blue head, a brown shell with a hexagonal in the center, and several small limbs protruding from holes in the shell, including a rather puffy tail. This was his first Pokémon, Squirtle.

Without hesitation, Blue called for his Bulbasaur to use Tackle. It charged right into Squirtle, knocking it over on it's back. Startled, Ttar rushed over to Squirtle, and helped it stand back up. He wasn't sure what to do, so he decided to mimic what Blue had done.

"Squirtle, use Tackle!"

Squirtle lowered itself to the ground, and charged at Bulbasaur, headfirst. Bulbasaur was knocked off of it's feet, and sent flying into Blue. Ttar pumped his fist in the air. It was a direct hit!

Blue quickly recovered. "Not bad, Ttar," he said, "but I'm still better! Bulbasaur, show him who's boss! Growl!"

Bulbasaur let out a mighty roar, echoing throughout the lab. A few books fell off of their shelves, but Squirtle stood strong. Ttar thought about what to have Squirtle do next. After a moment of thought, he called out:

"Squirtle, show him a Tail Whip!"

Squirtle glared at Ttar, folded its arms, and shook its head. This greatly confused Ttar. He was under the impression that Pokémon would follow all commands given by their trainer.

Blue started laughing. "He's just standing there!" he said. "Some Trainer you are! Bulbasaur, finish him with a Tackle!"

Bulbasaur charged directly at Squirtle. Ttar panicked. "Squirtle, do something!"

Squirtle nodded, and charged forward again with a Tackle. The two Pokémon charged towards each other, and with a huge thud, they collided.

The two Pokémon went flying. They skidded along the ground and crashed into the walls behind them in a cloud of dust. As the smoke cleared, both Pokémon could be seen lying on the ground. After a few moments, one of them struggled to it's feet.

That Pokémon was Squirtle. Ttar jumped for joy. He had won his first battle!

"No!" Blue shouted, "I picked the wrong Pokémon!"

He withdrew his Bulbasaur, and ran out of the lab, shouting a hasty "Smell ya later!" to Ttar as he went.

"Well done!" Professor Oak exclaimed. "You won your very first battle! And with that stubborn Squirtle, too! I get the feeling you'll become a very good trainer someday."

When Ttar asked why Squirtle refused to do anything but Tackle, Professor Oak responded, "That Squirtle is a very hard-headed Pokémon. Once sent out, you can command it to use a move, but after that, it refuses to use any other move for the rest of the battle. I was worried that you might not be able to handle him, but it turns out I was wrong!"

Ttar recalled his Squirtle into it's Pokéball, and after placing the ball into the healing machine briefly (at Oak's request), he left the lab, and walked towards the entrance to Route 1.

As he was about to set foot onto the Route, a voice called behind him.

"Wait, Ttar!" It was Professor Oak, catching him about to leave town again. "I've just recieved word that a package I ordered has just come in at the Viridian City Poké Mart. I'd really appreciate it if you would retrieve it for me!"

'What am I, your secretary?' Ttar thought to himself. But he nodded in agreement, and with a smile, Oak returned to his Lab.

Pokéball in hand, and with a determined look on his face, Ttar set out onto Route 1, the first step of his long journey.

Chapter 2: The Stubborn Squirtle and the Encyclopedia

Within the first four steps onto Route 1, a wild Rattata jumped out at Ttar! This was his first encounter with a wild Pokemon, so not knowing what else to do, he sent out Arceustar the Squirtle.

"This time, instead of just straight-out attacking, we're going to try some strategy!" Ttar said to himself. "Arceustar, use Tail Whip!"

As commanded, the Arceustar turned around and wagged it's tail at the Rattata. The Rattata seemed to be taken off guard by this, and it responded with a Tail Whip of it's own! Arceustar cringed slightly, but stood by, awaiting command.

"Good, it's defense is lowered!" Ttar shouted. "Now hit it with a Tackle!"

Arceustar looked back at Ttar, shook it's head, and wagged it's tail at the Rattata again. The Rattata was so startled, it missed it's Tackle attack!

"Arceustar, why won't you listen to me?" Ttar asked the small Pokemon. "You just seem to want to do the same thing over and over."

Quite to his surprise, Arceustar turned around and nodded at that statement.

"So, you just refuse to change moves mid-battle, is that it?" Ttar asked. Arceustar nodded again.

While they hadn't been paying attention, the wild Rattata had run away from them. Arceustar seemed disappointed that he hadn't been able to defeat the Rattata.

"I see now why Oak said that you're one stubborn Squirtle," Ttar thought aloud. "I'll just have to keep that in mind- no switching moves for you. So the first move has to count."

Ttar and Arceustar continued walking down Route 1. Shortly, another Rattata appeared to challenge them! This time, Ttar knew what to do.

"Arceustar, use Tackle!" he called out.

Arceustar dove headfirst at the Rattata, who seemed to be hurt. The Rattata responded with a Tackle of it's own, but Arceustar shook it off easily.

"Just keep Tackling it into submission, Arceustar!" Ttar said. "You can do it!"

Arceustar used Tackle again, and now the Rattata was looking really weak. It used Tail Whip, but Arceustar seemed unphased. It went for another Tackle, and sure enough, the Rattata collapsed to the ground!

"Well done, Arceustar!" Ttar cried out. "Now, let's be on our way."

The rest of the journey along Route 1 was uneventful. A man advertised the PokeMart in Viridian City, and gave out a free sample Potion. Other than that, a few Rattata and Pidgey challenged them, but they fell easily to Arceustar's Tackles. Arceustar even learned to use Bubble along the way! Before too long, the duo made it to Viridian City.

Viridian City is not particularly large, and it took no time at all to find the Pokemon Center, where Arceustar was healed after his encounters with the wild Pokemon. They left the Pokemon Center, and conveniently, the PokeMart where Oak told them to go was right around the corner.

Immediately upon entering, a man called Ttar over, handed him a parcel, and told him to be on his way. Ttar assumed this was supposed to happen, so he just went on his way back to Pallet Town. He arrived back at Oak's Lab, where he handed the package over to Oak.

"Thanks, Ttar," Oak said. "This is the custom PokeBall I ordered!"

"Hey Gramps, what do you want?" called out a very irritating voice. It was Blue, back again to annoy everyone around.

"Oh, right," Oak said. "I have an experiment for you two. On the desk there is my invention, the Pokedex. It records data on Pokemon you've met! It's a high-tech encyclopedia! Take these with you!"

Oak handed over a small red box to Ttar, then handed another one to Blue. Ttar opened it up, and saw that the entry for Squirtle had already been filled out. There was also an entry for Bulbasaur, Rattata, and Pidgey, but without any data.

"To get the full entry, you must catch a Pokemon," Oak said. "To make a complete guide on all the Pokemon in the world.... That was my dream! But, I'm too old. So, I want you two to fulfill my dream for me! Get moving! This is a great undertaking in Pokemon history!"

"Leave it to me, Gramps!" Blue said. "Ttar, I hate to say this, but I don't need you! I'll borrow a Town Map from my sis! I'll complete the Pokedex before you! Hahaha!" With that, Blue ran out of the building. Oak wished Ttar good luck, and sent him on his way.

Ttar left Oak's Lab, and ventured back up Route 1. When he arrived at Viridian City, Ttar discovered that there were two paths to take: a path to the west, and a path to the north. But which path to take?

Chapter 3: New Teammates!
For some reason, the path to the west seemed like the right way to go. Ttar headed down the path, and passed a sign that said 'Route 22.' This seemed like as good a place as any to start.

The tall grass was everywhere on this route. There appeared to be a bunch of hills and steep ledges. With PokeBalls at his disposal, Ttar decided that it was time to try and catch another Pokemon for himself. He wandered into the grass, wondering what he might find.

As soon as he walked into the grass, he was attacked by a small Pokemon. According to the Pokedex, it was a Nidoran(F). This Pokemon seemed like it might be strong, so he decided that he should catch it!

Ttar sent out Arceustar, ready to wear down the Nidoran. He started off by commanding Arceustar to use Tackle, which scored a critical hit on the Nidoran! Nidoran responded with a Tackle of it's own, but it was clearly much weaker than Arceustar's. The Nidoran was looking winded already, so Ttar decided that it was time to throw a PokeBall!

In a burst of light, the Nidoran was sucked into the ball. The ball rolled on the ground one, two, three times, and then was still. Nidoran had been caught!

Immediately after capturing the Nidoran, another Pokemon jumped out of the grass at Ttar. This was a small bird, but it looked different than a Pidgey. A scan from the Pokedex revealed that it was a Spearow, a different species of small bird Pokemon. It looked much tougher than the Pidgey that Ttar had seen earlier, so he decided to catch one of these, too.

Arceustar was ready to go. It used Bubble against the Spearow, who responded by using Peck. The Peck did a lot more damage than any other attack had done before, but it still didn't hurt all that much. Arceustar used Bubble twice more, and the Spearow seemed to be feeling rather weak.

Ttar decided that now was the time to use a PokeBall. Just like before, he tossed the PokeBall, and in a flash of light, the Spearow went inside. The ball shook once, twice, but then it burst open, and the Spearow came out and flew away towards Viridian City!
Ttar was upset with this. He called Arceustar back, picked up the ball that contained his newly captured Nidoran, and took off towards Viridian City.

When he got back to Viridian City, Ttar noticed the Spearow had roosted on the building nearest the Pokemon Center. It had a sign saying "Pokemon Academy" on the wall. The Spearow was on the roof, and it's back was turned.

"A surprise attack would probably be the best way to catch this thing," Ttar said quietly to himself. He pulled another PokeBall from his bag, and tossed it at the Spearow.

Caught off guard, the Spearow had a shocked look on it's face before it was sucked into the ball. The ball rolled off the roof, and started shaking on the ground. One, two, three, and.... Spearow was caught!

Ttar now had three Pokemon. Because it ran off to the school, he decided to call the Spearow 'Angry Nerd.' When he sent out the Nidoran to fight a wild Nidoran(M), it seemed furious, and relentlessly attacked. It ended up being defeated, so Ttar decided to call it 'Doomed.'

Ttar decided that it was time to do some training. He went back out onto Route 22, and started battling wild Pokemon in the grass. Angry Nerd seemed upset about having to use physical attacks, but he seemed to get stronger. While timid, Doomed would force itself out of it's PokeBall if there was a wild Nidoran(M). It refused to let anyone else battle the male Nidoran.

Ttar spent a while on Route 22 grinding. It was fairly uneventful. Until....

"Hey, Ttar!" came a voice from around the hill in the middle of the route. That voice could only be one person: Blue.

"So, Ttar, you're going to the Pokemon League?" Blue asked as he came nearer. "Forget it! You probably don't have any Badges!"

"Well, I don't have any badges yet," Ttar said. "But I didn't know the Pokemon League was out this way."

"The guard won't let you through!" Blue said. "By the way, did your Pokemon get any stronger? Let's have a battle!"

Blue tossed out a PokeBall, and out came a Pidgey. It stood ready for battle.

"So, what've you got, Ttar?" Blue said mockingly.

Ttar thought about which Pokemon to use. After a moment, he tossed a PokeBall in the air.

"Let's go, Doomed!" Ttar exclaimed. Doomed stood ready to take the little Pidgey down.

"Pidgey, Sand Attack!" Blue called out. Pidgey kicked the ground, and a bit of dirt flew into Doomed's face.

"Doomed, use Scratch!" Ttar said. Doomed ran up and raked Pidgey with it's claws. Pidgey was taken aback, but it was still ready to fight.

"Keep using Sand Attack!" Blue said.

"Use Scratch again!" Ttar said.

Another bit of dirt hit Doomed in the face, but she didn't care, and she used Scratch again. The Pidgey was starting to get tired.

"Now use Gust!" Blue commanded. Pidgey flapped it's wings and sent a gust of wind at Doomed. It blew her back, but she got up after a moment. Doomed ran forward and used Scratch again, and the Pidgey looked to be on it's last legs.

"Try Sand Attack again!" Blue cried. Pidgey kicked up some dirt, but this time, Doomed jumped out of the way just in time.

"Well done, Doomed!" Ttar said. "Scratch it again!"

Doomed did as commanded, but this time, Blue told Pidgey to use Gust again, and the wind blew Doomed off course, and her attack missed!

"Keep up the Sand Attack!" Blue ordered his Pokemon. Pidgey continued to toss dirt at Doomed, hitting her in the face.

"One more Scratch will do it!" Ttar yelled. "Keep at it, Doomed!"

Doomed got up, and charged straight through the dirt that had been tossed at her. Her claws glowing, she slashed at the Pidgey again, and this time, it was a direct hit! The Pidgey fell to the ground, fainted.

"Gah!" Blue screamed. "Pidgey, return! Go, Bulbasaur!"

"Good job, Doomed," Ttar said. "Now, get back! Go, Angry Nerd!"

Angry Nerd came out of it's PokeBall, and stood ready to fight the little bulb Pokemon.

"Hit it with Peck!" Ttar called out. Angry Nerd charged forward and poked Bulbasaur with it's beak. It seemed to really hurt the Bulbasaur! Blue commanded Bulbasaur to use Tackle, but it was cringing from the Peck, and didn't even notice.

"Peck it again!" Ttar said. Angry Nerd poked the Bulbasaur again, and collapsed, having fainted to just two attacks.

"No, my Pokemon!" Blue called out. "You just lucked out!"

With that, Blue ran off back to Viridian City, cradling his fainted Pokemon. Knowing that there was nothing more to see, Ttar too headed back to Viridian City, to prepare to head north, where he would find his first Pokemon Gym!

Chapter 4: The Forest and the First Gym!
With a fully healed party of Pokemon, Ttar headed to the northern exit of Viridian City. He passed by an old man, who asked him if he knew how to catch Pokemon. Ttar held up his three PokeBalls, nodded, and walked on.

Route 2 was another short route. However, unlike Route 1, Route 2 was split in half by a large forest. As Ttar walked through the gatehouse leading into the forest, a woman warned him not to get lost in Viridian Forest. As she put it, the forest is a 'natural maze.' Ttar smiled and nodded, and walked through the door into the forest.

The first thing that Ttar noticed was that the road immediately forked three ways: straight, left, and right. Ttar had no idea which path was the correct one, so he went with his gut: take the left path.

The left path went a short way, and then curved to the right. A short way further, there was another fork. One path curved to the left, and the other turned dead right. Ttar decided to take the left path again, but soon found out that this was not the right way. The road ended in a few tree stumps and thick grass. Ttar found a PokeBall on the ground, however, so it wasn't a waste. He turned around and went back the way he came, and this time, he turned left onto the other path.

This path curved to the right shortly. Ttar followed the path, and before long, he realized that his gut had been wrong. He found himself face to face with the gatehouse he had entered the forest from. Shaking his head, Ttar went down the only remaining route: to the right of the gatehouse.

This path was clearly the correct one. There were several signs along the path, and several trainers as well. Some of them even challenged Ttar, but their Weedle and Caterpie were no match for Ttar's Pokemon. They gave some nice experience, though. Now that Ttar had found the right path, there weren't many forks, and the ones there were led to the same place. The rest of the forest was easy to navigate, and before too long, Ttar found himself at the exit gatehouse. The rest of Route 2 was very short, and Ttar found himself in Pewter City, the site of the first Pokemon Gym in the region.

Ttar healed his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. He noticed the Gym was right around the corner, so he headed there immediately. Having done his research, he knew that the Pewter Gym specialized in Rock-type Pokemon. This meant that Arceustar the Squirtle would have an easy time with it's Water-type attacks.

The Gym had a very simple layout. One trainer guarded Brock, the Gym Leader. Strangely, the trainer used Diglett and Sandshrew, two Ground-type Pokemon. So much for Rock-types, huh? They still fell easily to Arceustar's Bubble, and Ttar went on and approached the Gym Leader.

Brock awoke from his meditative state. He eyed Ttar, and then began speaking:

"I'm Brock, the Pewter Gym Leader!" he said. "I believe in rock hard defenses and determination! That's why I train Rock-type Pokemon! Do you still want to challenge me?"

"Of course I do!" Ttar exclaimed.

"Fine then!" Brock shouted. "Show me your best. Go, Geodude!"

Out of a PokeBall came a Pokemon that appeared to be just a rock with a face and arms. It floated in the air, clearly anxious to fight.

"Come on out, Arceustar!" Ttar cried. He tossed his PokeBall in the air, and the small Pokemon appeared before him.

"I'll let you have the first move, challenger!" Brock said.

"An honorable, yet very poor decision!" Ttar replied. "Arceustar, Bubble!"

Arceustar shot a flurry of bubbles from it's mouth. They all struck the Rock and Ground-type Pokemon, very clearly nailing a weak point. However, Geodude was still standing, much to Ttar's surprise.

"Geodude, Tackle!" Brock called out. The Rock Pokemon charged Arceustar, knocking it over, but Arceustar didn't seem to be hurt.

"Use Bubble again!" Ttar commanded. Another flurry of bubbles shot from the turtle Pokemon's mouth, and after they connected with the Geodude, it fell to the ground, unable to take any more.

"Geodude, return!" Brock cried out. "Not bad, but I still have my faithful partner Pokemon left. Go, Onix!"

Out of the PokeBall came a gigantic Pokemon that Ttar hadn't been expecting. It appeared to be a huge snake made entirely of rocks. It was certainly menacing, but Ttar thought to himself, 'This probably won't be too hard. A few Bubbles and it should go down.'

"Onix, brace yourself!" Brock shouted. "Use Bide!"

Onix coiled itself up, forming a giant spiral of rocks. It was preparing to tank attacks. However, Ttar knew this was in vain.

"You know what to do, Arceustar!" Ttar yelled. Arceustar turned around and nodded at him, and then unleashed a stream of bubbles at the Onix. Like with the Geodude before it, Onix seemed really hurt by it.

As Onix was using Bide, it was unable to attack. Ttar took advantage of this, and simply commanded Arceustar to use Bubble again. The bubbles hit their target, and just like that, the gigantic Pokemon collapsed to the ground, defeated.

"No, my Pokemon!" Brock screamed. He called his Onix back into it's PokeBall, then turned to address Ttar, who was celebrating his victory with Arceustar.

"I took you for granted," Brock said. "As proof of your victory, here's the BoulderBadge."

He handed Ttar a small metal badge, which appeared to be an octagon, segmented into nine parts. This was Ttar's first badge; his first step towards the Pokemon League!

"Thank you so much!" Ttar said joyously.

"That Badge also enables the use of the hidden technique Flash," Brock said. "And here, a little bonus from me." He held out a small disc to Ttar, who took it from him.

"That's TM34, Bide," Brock said. "It's one of my favorite moves. Use it to teach the move to a Pokemon. It can only be used one, though, so choose wisely!"

"Thanks a lot," Ttar said. He didn't plan to use the TM, but he wasn't going to tell Brock that.

"You should head to Cerulean City in the east," Brock said. "That's where the next Gym is. My good friend Misty runs it. You may have beaten me, but I bet you won't beat her!"

"I'll look into that," Ttar said. "See you later!"

With that, Ttar left the Gym and returned to the Pokemon Center. He got his Pokemon healed, and decided to rest there for a while. He had a long day, and both he and his Pokemon had earned their rest.

Chapter 5: The Road to Cerulean

After a good long rest, Ttar and his Pokemon were ready to proceed to Cerulean City to earn their next badge. The path to Cerulean City was Route 3, to the east of Pewter City. Full of energy, Ttar made his way onto Route 3.

This route was very hilly, with lots of high ledges that could be jumped down. There were also lots of young trainers on this route, likely preparing to challenge the Pewter Gym. Despite their numbers, none of them gave Ttar any real challenge. They were more amusing than anything, with one boy giving a speech on why he liked shorts, and a girl accusing you of touching her, when she walked up to you first. But whatever, eh? Children will be children.

After walking around the twisting, curving route, Ttar found himself outside of a Pokemon Center. He entered, figuring that since the route appeared to be rather long on the map, that he may as well heal up. He then noticed a cave to his right. He walked into the Pokemon Center, wondering what the cave was. He asked the nurse the very same question.

"That's Mt. Moon," the nurse responded. "It's the only way to Cerulean City from Pewter City. That's why we run this Pokemon Center; as a halfway point for tired travelers."

"I see," Ttar said. "So, there's no other way, huh? Guess I have to go through the cave."

The nurse healed his Pokemon with a smile, and handed them back to him. As Ttar was about to leave, a man walked up to him and said, "Hey man, wanna buy a super-rare Pokemon?"

"What kind of Pokemon?" Ttar asked. He liked the idea of a super-rare Pokemon. It would probably be really powerful if it was that hard to come by!

"It's a really strong Pokemon, man," the strange man said. "I caught it at the Lake of Rage in the Johto region. It's called a Magikarp, and if you raise it well, it'll destroy everything in your path!"

Ttar rolled his eyes. "A Magikarp from Lake of Rage is no different than any other Magikarp," he said. "I'll be on my way now, thanks." With that, he walked out of the Pokemon Center. He saw the man shake his fist in frustration, and then go back to his seat.

Ttar saw the entrance to the cave to his left as he walked outside. With nothing better to do, he went ahead inside.

It was very dark in the cave. This cave, too, seemed to be a natural maze. Ttar decided to try going to the left, but as he did, swarms of bat-like Pokemon attacked! Something told him that this was the wrong way. He then proceeded along the right path. There were several trainers along the way, including one girl with a Clefairy who kept putting his Pokemon to sleep! As annoying as that was, Ttar still came out on top.

There was a ladder along the path, going down to a deeper part of the cave. Ttar figured that it must be there for a reason, so he went down it. Following the path, he went down another ladder. In the room he arrived in, he saw a strange-looking man wearing all black, who appeared to be digging in the wall. Figuring it must be something important, Ttar decided not to both him, and return to the main path.

He ran into many more trainers along the way. Youngsters, Lasses, Super Nerds, Bug Catchers, and even a Hiker! However, when fighting one of the Youngsters, something special happened! Doomed defeated the Youngster's Zubat, and grew to level 16! After the battle, Doomed started glowing! Her form grew larger, and in just a few seconds, there was an entirely new Pokemon in her place! Doomed evolved into Nidorina!

Soon, after defeating a Hiker, Arceustar started glowing too! Ttar was thrilled about having two evolved Pokemon! However, Arceustar stopped glowing almost as soon as it started. Ttar was largely confused. Arceustar shook his head as if to say, "No, I don't want to evolve!" Ttar was annoyed at this, but hoped that one day, Arceustar would stop being so stubborn and finally evolve.

A Bug Catcher had tipped Ttar off that the men wearing black were part of Team Rocket, a group of thugs who steal Pokemon from people. Ttar was shocked, but decided to avoid the Rocket Grunts at all costs. He neared the end of the cave now, and he saw someone pacing around near the exit. There were what appeared to be rocks with patterns on them on the ground. Ttar wasn't really interested, so he walked on, but the person came up to him, shouting, "I found these fossils! They're both mine!"

The person then sent out a Grimer, clearly challenging Ttar to a battle. Ttar sent out Arceustar, and commanded him to use Water Gun. The Grimer fainted in three hits, at which point the person sent out a Voltorb! Ttar called Arceustar back and sent out Doomed. The Voltorb tried to use Screech, but it kept failing. Doomed hit it with Scratch three times, and Voltorb went down. Clearly upset, the person sent out his final Pokemon, a Koffing. Ttar brought Arceustar back out to battle, and just like before, knocked the Koffing out with three Water Guns, while the Koffing only attacked with weak Tackles.

Defeated, the person cried out, "Ok, I'll share! We'll each take one, no being greedy!" Ttar didn't really know anything about fossils, so he took the one on the right, which was apparently called the Helix Fossil. The person ran up and took the other one, and then ran away. Figuring he might need it some time in the future, Ttar put the fossil in his bag, and continued on. He was right, a short distance later, he saw the exit to the cave, and emerged into the sunlight!

Now on Route 4, Ttar knew he had to head east to get to Cerulean City. His Pokemon were in pretty poor shape after the battles in the cave, so he was happy that there were no trainers on Route 4. He soon arrived in Cerulean City.

Ttar headed straight for the Pokemon Center. He healed up his Pokemon, when a kid approached him. The kid talked about all of the things there were to do around Cerulean City.

"Mister, you gotta visit the Cerulean Gym!" the kid said. "The leader, Misty, is really strong! Oh, and you should take the Nugget Bridge Challenge! Oh, and visit Bill! He knows a lot about Pokemon! Oh, and you should visit the Pokemon DayCare! They'll raise your Pokemon for you! Isn't that cool, mister?"

Ttar nodded and smiled. Clearly pleased, the kid ran off to talk to the next person who had come inside. With so much to do in Cerulean City, Ttar decided that he and his Pokemon should take a long rest after their spelunking adventure.

Chapter 6: The Nugget Challange, and a New Ally!
Ttar decided that seeing what the "Nugget Bridge Challenge" was all about before taking on the Gym. With his Pokemon fully healed, he headed to the north side of town, to the entrance to Route 24. As he was about to set foot on the brigde, a familiar person came running towards him. Ttar knew who it was, and groaned to himself.

"Yo, Ttar!" Blue called out. "You're still struggling along back here? I'm doing great! I caught a bunch of strong and smart Pokemon!"
'Good for you,' Ttar thought.

"Here, Ttar, let me see what you caught!" Blue said. "Let's have a battle!"

Without waiting for a confirmation, Blue took out a Pokeball. "Go, Pidgeotto!" he said. Out of the ball came a fairly large bird.

'His Pidgey must have evolved,' Ttar thought. He pulled out a Pokeball of his own and tossed it up, saying, "Go, Arceustar!" The small Pokemon came out of it's Pokeball, ready to fight.

"Pidgeotto, Sand Attack!" Blue commanded. Arceustar was hit in the face by a bunch of sand, but he stood strong.

"Water Gun!" Ttar ordered. Arceustar shot a pulse of water, nailing Pidgeotto in the face.

"Sand Attack again!" Blue shouted.

"Dodge it, and use Water Gun!" Ttar cried out. Arceustar jumped out of the way of the burst of sand, and shot another Water Gun, hitting the Pidgeotto again.

"Hit it with Quick Attack!" Blue said to Pidgeotto. Moving at high speed, Pidgeotto slammed into Arceustar. It appeared to score a critical hit, as Arceustar fell over from the force, and didn't get back up. Arceustar had fainted! Ttar called back his defeated Pokemon. He pulled another Pokeball out.

"Finish this, Doomed!" Ttar yelled. Doomed the Nidorina came out of the ball, ready to fight.

"Sand Attack, just like before!" Blue said. Pidgeotto whipped up sand, but before Ttar even gave an order, Doomed jumped high into the air.

"Hit it with Scratch!" Ttar shouted. Doomed dropped down onto Pidgeotto, it's claws glowing. With one quick hit, the Pidgeotto collapsed to the ground. Pidgeotto fainted!

"Come back!" Blue said. "Go, Abra!"

A small yellow Pokemon that appeared to be sleeping appeared. Ttar called Doomed back, and sent out Angry Nerd the Spearow, wanting it to get some action too.

"Fury Attack, go!" Ttar commanded. Angry Nerd rushed to the Abra and poked it with it's beak four times. Already, the Abra fell over. It's defenses must have been low, because it fainted in one hit!

Blue called his Abra back, and called out his next Pokemon, a Rattata. Ttar withdrew Angry Nerd, and sent Doomed back out. The Rattata used Quick Attack, but it barely damaged Doomed. On the other hand, Doomed only had to use Scratch twice, and the Rattata fainted.

"Your Pokemon are pretty strong, Ttar!" Blue complimented. "My last Pokemon; go, Bulbasaur!" The familiar plant Pokemon appeared in a flash of light. Ttar called Doomed back, figuring that Angry Nerd had a better matchup against Bulbasaur.

"Use Peck!" Ttar called. Angry Nerd rammed straight into the Bulbasaur, and the Bulbasaur was clearly hurt.

"Use Leech Seed!" Blue said. Bulbasaur's bulb opened slightly, and it shot a seed at Angry Nerd. It hit square in the chest, and expanded with vines, covering Angry Nerd! Ttar had no idea what was going to happen, but figured that his best plan was to just faint the Bulbasaur.

"One more Peck!" Ttar said. Spearow charged again, beak held out, and hit the Bulbasaur straight in the head. That was the final hit; Bulbasaur crumpled. Ttar had won the battle! Blue called back his defeated Pokemon, shaking his head.

"Your Pokemon are seriously tough, Ttar," Blue said with a smirk. "You should visit Bill's house. He lives up on Route 25. He's got a ton of rare Pokemon! If you're still working on the Pokedex, it would be worth your time. Anyways, I'm out. Smell ya later!"

With that, Blue walked away, seemingly headed to the PokeMart. Since Arceustar had fainted, Ttar went to heal his Pokemon, then returned to the Nugget Bridge, ready to take on it's 'Challenge.'

There appeared to be five people on the bridge, waiting. The first trainer explained that the challenge was to take on all five trainers in a row. Ttar figured this would be good training before the Cerulean Gym, so he accepted.

Ttar's Pokemon were clearly leagues ahead of the competition. None of the five trainers gave him any sort of challenge. After defeating all five, a man on the other side of the bridge approached Ttar.

"Congratulations, you beat our five trainers!" the man said. "Here is your prize!" He handed Ttar a Nugget of gold.

"Thanks," Ttar said. He started to walk on, but the man stopped him.

"By the way, would you like to join Team Rocket?" the man asked. Ttar shook his head. He had no interest in the scum of Team Rocket.

"I'm telling you to join!" the man shouted. He removed his jacked to reveal a Team Rocket uniform! "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse! Go, Ekans!"

The man sent out the small purple snake Pokemon. Ttar responded by sending out Angry Nerd. He commanded it to use Fury Attack, which took out the Ekans with four hits. The man followed up by sending out a Zubat. This too was doomed to failure, as a 3-hit Fury Attack followed by a Peck was enough to take out the Zubat, and all it did is steal 1HP with Leech Life.

"Argh! You're good!" the Rocket Grunt shouted. "You could've become a top leader in Team Rocket! Now, you're on our shit list! Watch out, kid! We'll get you someday!"

The man then ran off. Ttar laughed to himself. 'That was the power of Team Rocket, huh?' he thought. 'No wonder they're never accomplishing things.' He then went to the left of the bridge. He saw some tall grass. Since Blue had four Pokemon, Ttar decided that he too should catch a fourth Pokemon.

As soon as he walked into the grass, he noticed an odd flower. It appeared to be wiggling back and forth. Ttar thought this looked odd. 'It must be a Pokemon,' he thought. 'If I just toss a Pokeball while it isn't looking, maybe I can catch it!'

He did just this. He tossed a Pokeball at the wiggling plant. Sure enough, the plant went inside, the ball shook three times, and just like that, Ttar had caught another Pokemon! A scan by the Pokedex revealed this Pokemon's name to be Bellsprout. Ttar didn't care for that name. Being a Grass-type, Ttar decided to name it 'enviro.' This new Pokemon would be sure to help against Misty's Water-type Pokemon!

With his new Pokemon on-hand, Ttar decided that it was time to train it some. He proceeded onto Route 25, where many trainers awaited! Thanks to it's Grass-type move Vine Whip, enviro was able to make quick work of the Rock/Ground type Pokemon used by the Hikers. enviro was leveling up fast! It learned Poisonpowder and Sleep Powder along the way!

Before too long, Ttar found himself in front of a small house on the cape at the end of Route 25. The sign outside said, 'Sea Cottage! Bill lives here!' Obviously, this was the right place. Ttar walked inside.

The only thing he saw when he walked in was a Clefairy, working with a machine on the wall. Hearing, Ttar's footsteps, the Clefairy turned around, and quite to Ttar's surprise, it started talking!

"Hiya! I'm Bill!" the Clefairy said. "I screwed up an experiment, and got fused with a Clefairy! My machine is set up to turn me back to normal. So, help me out here, ok?"

Ttar was speechless. 'Bill' took this as a yes, and it walked into one of the pods of the machine. "Just run the Cell Separator!" 'Bill' called. Ttar walked over to the computer, and activated the Cell Seperator program. He was convinced he was dreaming, so doing this couldn't hurt.

The machine whirred into life, accompanied by flashing lights. The Clefairy disappeared from the first pod, and moments later, a human appeared in the other one! Ttar knew this had to be a dream now.

"Thanks, pal!" the man said, smiling. "I'm Bill! I've got a huge collection of Pokemon! But I should thank you in some other way.... I've got it!"

Bill pulled a small piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Ttar. It said 'S.S.Ticket' on it. "That's a ticket to a fancy party on the S.S.Anne in Vermilion City!" Bill said. "Vermilion City is south of Cerulean. I was invited to the party, but I can't stand fancy do's. You can go in my place!"

As odd as this was, Ttar had always wanted to go on a ship. He was so happy, he forgot about this being a 'dream.' He thanked Bill, and left. While he wanted to challenge Misty, Ttar decided that going to the party on the S.S.Anne was more important. Ttar returned to Cerulean City, healed his Pokemon, and prepared to venture to Vermilion City!

Ttar saw that the only way to get to Vermilion City was to circle around the back of Cerulean Gym, then take the path due south. Ttar was walking around, when he noticed a group of police officers standing outside of a house. One of them approached Ttar.

"Son, have you seen a man wearing all black?" the officer asked. "Perhaps with an R on the front of his shirt?"

Ttar nodded. "There was a Team Rocket Grunt at the end of the Nugget Bridge," he said. "He wanted me to join them, but I said no."

"Good lad," the officer said. "The people here were robbed; we need to find the culprit. Thanks for your help."

Ttar walked around the back of the house. He just wanted to get to the S.S.Anne, but as he turned the corner, a Rocket Grunt jumped out at him! This was clearly a different man than before, but the large red R on his shirt couldn't be mistaken. Ttar pulled out a Pokeball, ready to battle.

"What, you want some of this, kid?" the Grunt sneered. "I'll send you crying home to mama!"

The Grunt sent out a Machop. Ttar sent out Angry Nerd the Spearow. The matchup was obviously in Ttar's favor. It took two Pecks to knock out the Machop. However, the Machop scored a critical Karate Chop on Angry Nerd, severely damaging it. The Grunt withdrew Machop, and sent out an odd looking Pokemon called Drowzee. Ttar didn't like the look of this thing; it just felt creepy to him. Regardless, a 5-hit Fury Attack from Angry Nerd was enough to take out the Drowzee. The Grunt threw up his arms in rage.

"Fine, here, I'll give back what I stole!" the Grunt said. He tossed a disc right at Ttar. The disc was brown, and said 'TM28' on it. The Grunt then ran off. Ttar was starting to get annoyed with these Team Rocket punks. He took the TM28 into the house that had been robbed, but the man inside told Ttar he could keep it, as thanks for defending them.

Ttar returned to the task at hand: reaching Vermilion City. Ttar walked south onto Route 5, where he passed nothing of note. He tried to walk through the gatehouse at the end of the route, but the guard wouldn't let him pass! He had no choice but to take the Underground Path. This bothered Ttar, as he wasn't fond of being underground, but it was his only option at this point.

Ttar stumbled around in the dimly lit Underground Path. He couldn't see very well, so he walked slowly. He tripped over an item on the floor, which he discovered to be a Full Restore! Ttar decided to hang onto it, as it would probably come in handy at some point. Before long, he made it to the stairs leading up to Route 6.

Route 6 was also a short route, but unlike Route 5, there were trainers to battle along the way here. They all fell before Ttar's Pokemon, though a Bug Catcher did give Ttar a rough time with his Butterfree. His Pokemon were weaked, but Ttar still made it to Vermilion City.

Ttar healed his Pokemon, then headed to the dock. He could see the majestic ship waiting for him! As he neared the pier, however, a sound reached his ears: a sound of children screaming, coming from the Route directly in front of him. Ttar completely forgot about the ship, and ran towards the screaming.

Before him, he saw a young boy and girl, with their backs to a tree. An Ekans and a Rattata were laying on the ground, clearly fainted. Standing before them was another one of those creepy Pokemon Ttar had seen earlier, owned by the Rocket Grunt: a Drowzee. Ttar knew he had to help the kids, so he sent out enviro.

"enviro, use Sleep Powder," Ttar whispered. enviro the Bellsprout let loose a blast of spores from it's mouth. They landed on the Drowzee's head, and it slowly fell forward onto it's belly. Ttar then took out an empty Pokeball. He had to make sure this Drowzee wouldn't attack again. He tossed the ball at the sleeping Pokemon, who disappeared inside. The ball shook three times. Ttar had caught Drowzee!

The children picked up their Pokemon, thanked Ttar, and ran off, presumably to the Pokemon Center. Ttar looked at the Pokeball in his hand. This Drowzee had to be tamed, taught to not attack children. Ttar decided to name it Creeper, and he placed it's Pokeball on his belt, deciding that Creeper would be the fifth member of his team.

'As long as I'm out here, I could do some training,' Ttar thought. There were plenty of trainers on the route, so Ttar decided to battle them all!

One of the battles Ttar had on the route was very special indeed. He battled a Youngster, who had two Rattata and a Raticate. enviro defeated the two Rattata, and grew to level 21. Arceustar was battling the Raticate, but a critical Hyper Fang took the poor Pokemon out. Angry Nerd was sent out for the revenge kill. Recently, Angry Nerd had defeated many Pokemon whose STAB moves were special. Full of confidence, Angry Nerd took out the Raticate with a Fury Attack. After the battle, both enviro and Angry Nerd started glowing!

The pair evolved simultaneously. enviro's head grew larger, and it's entire body became it's head. enviro evolve into Weepinbel! Angry Nerd grew much larger, getting bigger wings and a much longer beak. Angry Nerd evolved into Fearow!

With a team of two newly evolved Pokemon, Ttar decided it was time to head back to Vermilion City, for what he originally came there for: the S.S.Anne! He flashed his ticked to the guard, who waved him through. Standing on the gangplank, Ttar marveled at the huge ship. More excited than he'd ever been, he walked inside.

The inside of the ship was just as nice as the outside. Ttar wandered around the place, entering each cabin and challenging the trainers to a battle. This netted him tons of experience, getting Creeper leveled up to comparable strength to the rest of Ttar's Pokemon. Ttar even had a few battles on the bow of the ship! He was having the time of his life!

Ttar had explored the majority of the ship after a while. The only remaining place to go was the Captain's Quarters. As Ttar approached the Captain's Quarters, who should emerge but..... Blue, getting in Ttar's way, as always.

"Bonjour, Ttar!" Blue said in a snobbish way. "Imagine seeing you here! Were you really invited?"

Ttar took a deep breath. He was determined to not let Blue's petty insults get to him this time.

"I've already got 40 Pokemon in my Pokedex," Blue said. "You just gotta look hard. So, while we're here, let's battle!"

Blue sent out his Pidgeotto. Ttar decided to lead off with Creeper. Upon seeing Blue, Creeper's eyes widened. Ttar made a mental note of this; Creeper hadn't gotten over it's obsession with children yet.

Ttar commanded Creeper to use Hypnosis, but it missed, and Creeper took a Gust to the face. Creeper tried Hypnosis again, but missed, and took another Gust to the face. This one scored a critical hit. Ttar told it to try again, and this time, Hypnosis landed, and Pidgeotto fell asleep. This was Creeper's cue to attack.

Ttar commanded Creeper to use Confusion as the Pidgeotto slept. It only took two hits to knock out the Bird Pokemon. Blue called it back, and sent out his Raticate. Freshly evolved, it seemed. Ttar withdrew Creeper, who was badly hurt, and sent out Arceustar.

The Raticate started with a Tail Whip, while Arceustar hit it with a Water Gun. The Raticate then used a Quick Attack, but even after the defense Drop, it still did hardly any damage. The Raticate went for another Quick Attack, but it still did nothing, and a third Water Gun took the Raticate down.

Blue's next Pokemon was Kadabra. Ttar sent out Angry Nerd to battle it. Angry Nerd was faster, and landed a 3-hit Fury Attack. However, the Kadabra barely survived, and launched a critical Confusion at Angry Nerd. Angry Nerd hung on by the skin of it's beak, and hit the Kadabra with a Peck for the KO.

"You're really getting better, Ttar," Blue said. "I never imagined you'd give me such a run for my money. It's ok, though. I've still got my main partner. Go, Ivysaur!"

Blue sent out his final Pokemon. His Bulbasaur had evolved into a larger version of itself, with a large pink bulb on top. Ttar called back Angry Nerd, because he could feel Creeper's ball shaking. He sent out Creeper, hoping it could get the job done.

Ivysaur started by landing a Leech Seed on Creeper. Creeper responded with a Hypnosis, which thankfully landed. As soon as Ivysaur fell asleep, the vines on Creeper starting glowing. They sapped Creeper's health, and gave it to Ivysaur!

"Leech Seed is a really powerful technique," Blue taunted. "Even though Ivysaur is asleep, it's still dealing damage!"

Ttar was worried. Creeper seemed to be really tired. He decided to give it one more shot before calling it back and letting Angry Nerd finish the job.

"Creeper, use Confusion!" Ttar shouted. Creeper let loose a burst of psychic energy, directly hitting the Ivysaur. Much to Ttar's amazement, Creeper scored a critical hit, and the Ivysaur was taken down in one hit!

"Gah, I can't believe I lost again!" Blue grumbled as he called back his Ivysaur. "Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'll have to call Gramps and ask him. Smell ya later, Ttar!"

Blue stomped off, clearly upset. Ttar was proud of what his Pokemon had accomplished, especially Creeper, who had only been caught recently. Ttar had a feeling that Creeper was going to be one of his most useful Pokemon. He called Creeper back, and proceeded up the stairs to the Captain's Quarters.

A sickening smell overwhelmed Ttar as he reached the top of the steps. The man who Ttar assumed was the captain was kneeling by a trash can, and appeared to be vomiting. Ttar thought about something his mother had taught him once.... a way to cure seasickness. Ttar walked up to the captain and started rubbing his back. The captain was surprised, but seemed to feel much better.

"Thank you!" the Captain said. "I feel so much better. You're a trainer, yes? Here, this should come in handy!"

The captain handed Ttar a disc. It appeared to be a TM, but this one felt different from the TMs he had used before. This felt like no matter what happened, it would never scratch or break.

"That's HM01, Cut," the captain grinned. "If you teach it to your Pokemon, you can cut down anything in your way! Now, if you'll excuse me, it's about time to set sail again!"

Ttar thanked the captain, and then went to the entrance of the ship. As much as he liked it on the ship, his goal was to get all the Badges. The trip to the S.S.Anne was just a detour; he had to get back to his main goal. Almost as soon as Ttar stepped off the gangplank onto the pier, the gangplank was withdrawn. The ship's whistles blew, and the magnificent S.S.Anne shoved off. According to a sailor on the pier, the ship wouldn't be returning for another year. As much as that saddened Ttar, he waved as the ship disappeared into the distance.

Ttar had five Pokemon now. All of them had their own strengths. Not only did he still have to defeat the Cerulean Gym, but now, he knew of the Vermilion Gym, another obstacle to be passed. Feeling refreshed and full of energy, Ttar headed back to Cerulean City, prepared to take on Misty!

Chapter 8: Double Gym Madness
Ttar arrived back in Cerulean City quickly enough. His team was ready to go, so he immediately went to the gym. Two trainers stood in his way, but they were disposed of easily. Before him stood his true target: Misty, the Gym Leader!

As he approached the Leader's seat, Misty turned around and smiled. "I heard from Brock that a tough trainer was coming my way!" she said. "That wouldn't be you, would it? You don't really look the part."

Ttar was taken aback by her rudeness. He nodded yes, that he was in fact the trainer Brock had mentioned. He then pulled a PokeBall from his belt, ready to battle.

"Well, excuse me, then," Misty said. "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader. I must ask, what is your approach when you catch Pokemon? Mine is to only use Water-types, and to go all-out with offense! Let's see if you can stand up to my Pokemon!"

Misty pulled out a PokeBall, and tossed it forward. Out of it came a brown Pokemon in the shape of a star. It had a red jewel at it's center. Figuring it was just a Water-type, Ttar decided to give Creeper his first Gym Battle!

"Staryu, use Water Gun!" Misty called out. The Staryu shot a bit of water at Creeper, but Creeper didn't seem bothered by it.

"Use Hypnosis!" Ttar commanded. Creeper sent out a beam of energy, but the Staryu dodged it!

Misty had her Staryu use Water Gun again. Ttar had Creeper go for another Hypnosis, and this time, it connected!

"Now, Creeper, use Confusion!" Ttar shouted. Moving it's hands, Creeper sent out a pulse of psychic energy at the Staryu. It seemed heavily damaged! Ttar told Creeper to use Confusion again as the Staryu still slept. After the second Confusion, Staryu seemed to be on the verge of fainting! The Staryu continued to sleep, and Ttar ordered Creeper to use Confusion once more. This time, as the attack connected, the Staryu fell forward, fainted!

Misty withdrew the Staryu. "That was just the warm-up round!" she said slyly. "Now, the real battle begins! Go, Starmie!"

A much larger Pokemon came out this time. It was blue, and appeared to be made of two stars put together. The gem in it's center was much brighter, too. Ttar called Creeper back, and sent out enviro. A Grass-type would have the advantage over a Water-type, so the choice was clear.

"Starmie, use Tackle!" Misty ordered. The Starmie charged straight at enviro, and it apparently hit a weak point. enviro suffered a critical hit!

"enviro, use Stun Spore!" Ttar called out. enviro waited a second, then released a cloud of spores from it's mouth. The spores hit Starmie right in it's "face." It was paralyzed!

"Good call," Misty said. "Starmie is really fast! I doubt any of your Pokemon could keep up. Paralyzing it was definitely the right choice!"

Ttar grinned. He knew he had gotten the best of the Leader. His second badge was so close, he could feel it! He commanded enviro to use Vine Whip. With a lash from it's vines, the Starmie reeled back in pain. Misty had it use Tackle again. Thankfully, it didn't critical this time. Ttar ordered another Vine Whip, and the Starmie was now looking very hurt. It used Tackle again, but enviro seemed to still be ok.

"Vine Whip again!" Ttar yelled. "Finish this!" enviro did as it was told, and with this hit, the Starmie too fell over. With both of her Pokemon fainted, Ttar had won the battle!

"Wow, you're too much!" Misty said as she called her Starmie back. "I suppose looks can be deceiving! Here, to prove you beat me, take this CascadeBadge!"

She handed Ttar a badge that looked like a drop of water. Ttar clutched it tightly. Misty continued, "So that's your second Badge? You've still got a long way to go. Here, maybe this will help!"

She pulled a disc out of her bag, and handed it to Ttar. This disc was blue, and said TM11 on it. "That's my favorite TM," Misty said. "It teaches Bubblebeam. Use it on a Water-type of your own!"

Misty then jumped into the pool and swam away. Satisfied with his victory, Ttar left the Gym, but not before using the TM11 on Arceustar. He figured that Bubblebeam would be a stronger Water move, and Arceustar needed all the power he could get. Ttar then walked out of the Gym.

After a short rest at the Pokemon Center, Ttar headed back to Vermilion City. Now with two badges, he felt ready to take on anything! The journey back to Vermilion went quickly, and soon, Ttar was standing before the Gym!

The man in the front of the Gym told Ttar that this Gym specializes in Electric-type Pokemon, and had a puzzle involving a secret switch inside some trash cans! Ttar knew that Arceustar and Angry Nerd wouldn't be much help here. He then noticed a few other trainers in the Gym. Ttar defeated them all first, and then turned his attention to the trash can puzzle.

There were 15 trash cans, set up in three rows of five. The man had said that there were two switches. He said to find the first one, and then the second switch would be in a nearby trash can. Ttar did the only sensible thing: check every trash can!

Of course, Ttar found the first switch in the last trash can he checked. He crossed his fingers, and checked the trash can nearest to the first switch. Quite to his surprise, inside was a switch that hadn't been there before! He pressed it, and from behind him, Ttar hear a motorized door slide open. That was much easier that Ttar had though it'd be.

In the back room was a lone man. He wore a green army uniform, and had tall blond hair. He strongly resembled a character Ttar had seen in a fighting game once. Ttar approached him. The man looked up, clearly surprised.

"Hey, kid!" he said. "I'm can't believe you found your way back here! I'm Lt. Surge, the Vermilion Gym Leader! I suppose you're looking for a battle?"

Ttar nodded as he pulled out a PokeBall. This guy seemed tough, but Ttar knew he was tougher.

"I see," Lt. Surge said, eyeing his opponent. "I tell ya, kid, Electric-types are tough. They saved me during the war! They zapped my enemies into paralysis! The same as I'll do to you!"

Surge pulled a PokeBall from his belt and threw it. Out of it came a Pokemon who looked exactly like a PokeBall: a Voltorb! Ttar decided to start off the match with Creeper.

Lt. Surge pulled an item out of his satchel, and tossed it at his Voltorb. Suddenly, the Voltorb appeared to be moving much faster! "X Speed," Surge said. "Makes Pokemon attack faster! Think you can keep up?"

Ttar wasn't concerned with speed. "Creeper, use Hypnosis!" Ttar shouted. Creeper did the same thing as always, and the Voltorb closed it's eyes. It was asleep, completely vulnerable! Surge seemed bothered by this.

The Voltorb continued to snooze as Creeper launched several Confusion attacks. It didn't take long before the Voltorb rolled over, fainted.

"That was a cheap trick, kid!" Surge screamed. "I won't let you get away with that!"

He pulled out a second PokeBall and tossed it up. Out came a Pokemon Ttar was very familiar with, a small yellow mouse. It was a Pikachu! Ttar left Creeper in to take it on.

"Go for Thundershock, Pikachu!" Surge yelled. The Pikachu charged a bit of electricity, and shot it at Creeper! It hardly seemed to do any damage, though. Ttar commanded Creeper to use Hypnosis, and again, Surge's Pokemon took a nap!

Surge was clearly frustrated, but there was nothing he could do. Ttar had Creeper go for Confusion, and in only two hits, the Pikachu had fainted. Ttar believed that he had won, but Surge began to laugh.

"I didn't want to have to do this, kid," he said, holding his head. "But you leave me no choice! Come on out, Raichu!"

He sent out a Pokemon that looked a lot like Pikachu, but larger, and with an orange tint to it's fur. Ttar had believed that Gym Leaders only used two Pokemon, but it seemed he was wrong. Creeper had had enough for now, so Ttar called it back, and sent out Doomed instead.

"Now we'll show you real power!" Surge shouted. "Raichu, use Thunderbolt!"

The Raichu launched a huge blast of electricity right at Doomed. This did massive damage! Doomed already appeared to be on the verge of fainting! Ttar ordered her to use Body Slam. It appeared to do good damage, but the Raichu was still ready to fight!

Ttar could see that Doomed couldn't take much more. He called her back, and sent out enviro. The Raichu launched another Thunderbolt, but thanks to being a Grass-type, enviro was able to take the hit fairly well.

Surge commanded Raichu to use Thundershock. Ttar wasn't sure why, as Thunderbolt was just a stronger version, but he was ok with it. Ttar commanded enviro to use Stun Spore. It did, and just like Misty's Starmie, the Raichu was paralyzed!

"You, paralyze me?" Surge cried. "I don't think so!"

Ttar grinned. He believed he had Lt. Surge cornered! He commanded enviro to use Vine Whip. It did minor damage, but Raichu wasn't doing much back. Lt. Surge then reached into his satchel again. He pulled out another X Speed, and used it on Raichu!"

"Getting a speed boost negates the speed drop from paralysis, kid!" Surge laughed. "You're just wasting your time!"

Ttar was irritated. He was being outsmarted, but he hoped it wouldn't matter. The Raichu only seemed to know Electric moves, which wouldn't really hurt enviro. Ttar ordered another Vine Whip. This time, it scored a critical hit! The Raichu took major damage! It looked like one more would take it out!

"We're not done yet!" Surge said. He commanded a Thunderbolt from his Raichu, which then scored a critical hit on enviro! enviro seemed to barely be hanging on, but it did as Ttar said, and used Vine Whip. As weak as it was. This appeared to be the final blow, as the Raichu cringed in pain, and then fell over on it's side. Ttar had won the battle!

"AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH, NOOOOOOOOO!" Lt. Surge screamed! "HOW COULD I LOSE!" He then shook his head, and looked at Ttar.

"Sorry about that, kid," he said. "I get so in to my battles sometimes. You're the real deal, y'know? Here, take this ThunderBadge!"

He handed Ttar a badge that looked like a golden 8-pointed star. He placed it in the case with the rest of his Badges. Three down, five to go!

"You're really something," Surge continued. "I want you to have this."

He handed Ttar another disc. This one was yellow, and said TM24 on it. "That's the TM for Thunderbolt," Surge said. "It's a really powerful Electric move! Use it well. See ya around, kid!"

Ttar thanked Lt. Surge, and then left the Gym. Outside, he took out his Badge case, and observed them. Three glistening badges, proofs of his conquests. He still had a long way to go, but he still felt full of energy. Ttar then took out the TM24. That Thunderbolt had packed a serious punch, and Ttar wanted to use it. His only Pokemon capable of learning it was Doomed, and after her failure in that battle, Ttar decided it was only fair to let her learn it.

Doomed now had an entire moveset of TM-taught moves. Body Slam, Rest, Water Gun, and Thunderbolt. Doomed appeared full of energy. He remembered hearing in passing that the Pokemon Fan Club loved seeing powerful Pokemon! Ttar decided to head over there immediately.

The Fan Club president greeted Ttar as he walked inside. "That is one amazing looking Pokemon, son!" he said. "You must be one heck of a trainer! Here, take this and use it on your Nidorina. You'll like what happens!"

The president offered Ttar a shiny rock. Ttar didn't know what it would do, but he offered it to Doomed. She took it, and suddenly began to glow! Her form became much larger, and she began to stand on two legs! When the light faded, before Ttar stood a much larger, and much stronger looking Pokemon! Doomed had evolved into Nidoqueen!

Ttar thanked the Fan Club president sincerely. Doomed was sure to be a huge threat to opposing trainers now. After a quick trip to the Pokemon Center, Ttar took off for the next town!

Chapter 9: The Final Teammate
Ttar had seen a notice that Route 12 would be blocked off by a sleeping Pokemon, so he didn't bother trying that side. Instead, he returned to Cerulean City, and headed onto the path to the east, Route 9. This route would take him to Rock Tunnel, another cave he'd have to go through to get to his next destination.

This route had lots and lots of steep ledges. There were a variety of trainers scattered throughout, but none of them gave much of a challange. However, one strange thing did happen. Ttar let Creeper take the lead in several battles, as it was the lowest leveled of his Pokemon. Ttar had found the Teleport TM on the route, and taught it to Creeper, for fast transportation back to a Pokemon Center. Creeper clearly had not overcome his desire for children. Whenever Creeper would beat all of a young trainer's Pokemon by himself, he would use Teleport after the battle was over! Ttar would be forced to start from the beginning of the route again, as it would Teleport him back to Cerulean. He did it a total of 6 times before Ttar finally reached the end of the Route!

Ttar found another Pokemon Center at the end of Route 9. He was now on Route 10. Right next to the Pokemon Center was the opening for a cave. After healing his Pokemon, Ttar ventured inside the Rock Tunnel

It was completely dark inside. According to a map, this cave hadn't been developed at all, so it was always quite dark. Ttar wasn't able to see, but then suddenly he remembered that he had taught Creeper Flash! As odd as it sounded, Ttar ordered Creeper to use Flash. A bright light shone from the Pokemon's body, and suddenly the entire cave was lit! Ttar had to keep Creeper out walking with him for the effect to last, so he did, and they kept walking.

The cave had lots of twists and turns. There were many trainers, who would've normally used the darkness to hide themselves. However, Ttar had Flash, so they were plain to see. They used a wide range of Pokemon, some that Ttar had never seen before. Still, Ttar had quite the powerful team, so one by one, every trainer in the cave fell. Creeper tried to Teleport away after singlehandedly taking down a young girl's team, but because he was in a cave, it failed!

The cave was long and exhausting, but Ttar eventually made it to the other side. There were a few more trainers on the southern part of Route 10, but Ttar managed to defeat them. He hopped down a couple of ledges, and found himself in Lavender Town.

Ttar's first instinct, after healing his Pokemon, was to check out the Pokemon Tower. However, a woman would not let him enter, and she didn't give much of a reason. Ttar had to come back later. His next plan was to head south along Silence Bridge. He did so, and fought past a few Fishermen along the way, but soon found the same Snorlax was still blocking the path. Annoyed, he turned back to Lavender.

The only remaining course of action was to head west, onto Route 8. The Route was a winding path. Creeper did his thing again versus a Lass near the beginning of the route. After battling his way past a few trainers, Ttar saw a grassy patch before him. He could see something moving inside it, so he went to check it out. He got near the moving thing, when it noticed him! It shot a small fireball right in Ttar's face! He fell back, batting the flames off of his hair. The moving thing turned out to be a wild Vulpix, and it looked very pleased with itself. Ttar was irritated, so he called out enviro to battle!

Ttar commanded enviro to use Sleep Powder. It did, and the Vulpix fell asleep. Ttar had enviro weaken the Vulpix a bit with a couple of Vine Whips. Ttar then pulled a Great Ball from his bag, and tossed it. The ball rolled three times, and then stopped. Ttar caught the Vulpix!

The Vulpix had angered Ttar, and it seemed to have enjoyed it. Therefore, Ttar nicknamed the Vulpix 'Torture.' He now had 6 Pokemon; a full team. Ttar felt stronger than ever! He healed up his new teammate at the Pokemon Center, and then continued on Route 8.

He let Creeper battle a couple more Lasses. After the last one, this marked his 10th time Teleporting away from a young trainer. Creeper seemed a lot happier now. Perhaps his desire for children had been satisfied? He no longer seemed interested in battling them. This was probably a good sign.

A few more trainers were all that awaited Ttar on this route. He let Torture have a shot at them, and she leveled up a few times. Just as before, the gatehouse to Saffron City was barred to outsiders, so Ttar had to take the Underground Path again.

Ttar hated the dank path, but he had to deal with it. He found some useful items on the floor again, too. He emerged onto Route 7 soon enough. With nothing to see there, Ttar continued east, and entered Celadon City.

Ttar's first destination was the Celadon Dept. Store. He had heard all about it from his mother, and knew that he could get tons of useful items there. He bought a bunch of medicine for his Pokemon, as well as a Double Team TM for Angry Nerd. He also bought a Fire Stone and a Leaf Stone, to evolve enviro and Torture. Ttar put them in a secret compartment of his bag, wanting to save them for the right moment. He then went to the rooftop.

A little girl approached him, and begged him to buy her a drink. Ttar was happy to oblige, but when he asked which drink she wanted, she responded, "All of them!" It pained Ttar, but he bought one of all three drinks from the vending machine, and gave them to the little girl. She was exstatic, and thanked him by handing over three TMs. One of them contained Ice Beam, which he taught to Arceustar, so it could beat Grass-types. Another contained Rock Slide, which he taught to Doomed. The final one contained Tri Attack, which he wanted to teach to Angry Nerd, but sadly was not able to. With a full supply of items, he left the store.

As he walked out, a woman walked in. She clearly wasn't paying much attention to her surroundings, and she ran right into Ttar! They both fell over, but Ttar got up first. He offered his hand to her, and she held out a disc to him.

"Take it, please!" she said. "I'm so sorry! I should've never come here!"

She dropped the disc on the floor, and ran off. Ttar was confused, but he picked up the disc. It was HM02, Fly. This would be really useful! He taught it to Angry Nerd, and now, Ttar could fly wherever he wanted to go!

Ttar was tired out from his time at the Dept. Store. He went to rest at the Pokemon Center before seeing what else Celadon City had to offer.

Chapter 10: Celadon City
Ttar asked a woman in the Pokemon Center about other things to do in Celadon City. She mentioned two places to see: the Celadon Gym and the Rocket Game Corner. Ttar decided that the Gym would be the best place to start.

The Gym was located in the southwest corner of the city. As soon as he approached, however, enviro forcibly came out of it's PokeBall. It appeared to be shaking it's head, as if it didn't want to battle in the Gym. Ttar was annoyed, but he returned to the Pokemon Center and dropped enviro off. He then continued on to the Gym. There was an old man outside, who appeared to be peeking in the windows. He didn't say anything, and Ttar walked past him into the Gym.

The Gym was full of trees and flowers. There also only appeared to be female trainers in the Gym. It was obvious that the Gym was for Grass-types. This would be perfect training for Torture! He sent Torture out, and proceeded to challange the girls. They all put up a good fight, but Ttar overwhelmed them with Torture's type advantage.

Ttar found himself before the Gym Leader soon. She was a woman dressed in a kimono. She also appeared to be asleep. Ttar wasn't sure whether he should disturb her or not, but he decided to give her a tap on the shoulder. She woke with a start, and stared up at Ttar.

"Hello," she said softly. "Lovely weather, isn't it?"

Ttar wasn't sure why a Gym Leader was making small talk. He explained to her that he was there for a Gym Battle.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry," she said. "My name is Erika, and I'm the Celadon Gym Leader. I teach the art of flower arranging, and I use Grass-type Pokemon. You may challenge me, but I shall not lose."

On that note, she pulled a PokeBall from her dress and held it out. In a flash of light, a Pokemon appeared. It looked like a much larger version of Weepinbell, so naturally, Ttar assumed it to be the evolved form. Ttar wanted Torture to get more training in, but wasn't feeling confident, so he sent out Angry Nerd to start the battle.

"Angry Nerd, use Fly!" Ttar said. Angry Nerd flew high into the air, out of the opponent's reach.

"Victreebel, wait for it," Erika said calmly. Victreebel stood strong, waiting for the hit. Angry Nerd charged downwards at the Pokemon, and hit it with all it's might! The Victreebel collapsed and fainted in just one hit! Ttar pumped his fist, as Erika called her Pokemon back. She sent out her next Pokemon, which appeared to be just a mess of vines with shoes and potruding eyes. This Pokemon looked much weaker, weak enough for Torture to take on. He called back Angry Bird and sent out the little fox.

"Torture, use Ember!" Ttar called. Torture shot a burst of flames, but the Pokemon brushed them off.

"Tangela, use Constrict!" Erika commanded softly. The Tangela extended it's vines, wrapped them around Torture, and squeezed. It hardly did any damage, though. Ttar ordered another Ember, and Erika ordered another Constrict. A third Ember was enough to faint the Tangela, and Torture leveled up! She was looking stronger than ever, and Ttar wanted her to continue battling.

Erika called out her final Pokemon. This was one Ttar knew, from when he was a kid. He had been digging in his mother's garden, when a large flower sprayed him with spores. It turned out to have been a Vileplume, hitting him with Poisonpowder. Ttar shrugged off his bad memories, and told Torture to get ready!

Erika immediately commanded Vileplume to go for Petal Dance, and it swirled around. It then charged Torture, and did considerable damage, but Torture was still ok to battle. At Ttar's command, she launched Ember, which did considerable damage. The following turn was a repeat of the last, but now, Torture seemed weak. Ttar called her over, and sprayed her with a Super Potion. As if it were magic, Torture seemed to be full of energy again!

The Vileplume hit with Petal Dance again, but since this was the third turn, it became confused! Torture hit it with another Ember. The next turn, the Vileplume hit itself in confusion! Torture fired one last Ember, and the Vileplume's petals wilted. Vileplume had fainted, and Ttar had won the battle!

"Oh!" Erika said, looking very shocked. "I concede defeat. You are remarkably strong. I must confer to you the RainbowBadge, as proof of your victory."

She handed Ttar a badge resembling a large, multi-colored flower. Ttar thanked her, and took the TM she offered him. He then bid her farewell, and left the Gym.

Back at the Pokemon Center, enviro seemed happy to rejoin Ttar's party. Ttar healed his Pokemon, and then set off for the last location he had to visit in Celadon City: the Rocket Game Corner.

Ttar didn't have a Coin Case, so he couldn't play any of the slot machines. He enjoyed watching other people win, though. The look on their faces when all three reels matched was priceless. However, one thing started to bug him. Near the back, there was a man dressed in all black, fidgeting with a poster. Ttar decided to approach him.

"I'm guarding this poster!" the man said as Ttar approached. Ttar gave him a puzzled look. He couldn't imagine why someone would want to guard a poster. Then Ttar noticed the man's shirt. It had the all-too-familiar red R on it. Ttar pulled out a PokeBall, ready for the inevitable conflict. The man sneered.

"What, you want some of this, kid?" he said. "Well, come on, then!"

The Rocket sent out a Raticate. Ttar sent out Arceustar, who hadn't got to participate in the last gym due to his type disadvantage. He ordered it to use Bubblebeam, which only took two shots to KO the Raticate. The Rocket then sent out a Zubat, but it was unable to take down Arceustar before succumbing to Bubblebeams.

"Dang, I lost!" the Rocket said, "Forget this!" He ran off behind a set of shelves. Ttar chased him, but when he got to the other side of the shelves, the Rocket was gone! Ttar was confused, but he turned his attention to the poster that was being guarded. There was nothing remarkable about it. Ttar felt it, and discovered that there was a button behind it! He pressed the button, and he heard something click. Behind the shelves, a set of stairs had appeared, leading down. Ttar was about to walk down them, when Arceustar started tugging at his leg. Arceustar shook his head, saying he refused to go in. Ttar was starting to think that his Pokemon were becoming spoiled. He pressed the button to close the stairs, and dropped Arceustar off at the Pokemon Center. He then returned, ready to see what Team Rocket was hiding.

Ttar found himself in a basement. There was a very oppresive atmosphere. He explored this floor, and found two Rocket Grunts! Neither of them could stand up to him, but they did stall him for time. He went down another flight of stairs he came across. On the next floor down, he found a section of the floor with with strange tiles. He stepped on one, and he suddenly went spinning. He was pushed along the floor until he hit a bumper. Ttar was dizzy, but he figured he was on the right track. Something like this would discourage intruders.

He continued with the spinning puzzle, and after a few tries, found himself at the end. He went up a flight of stairs, but there was nothing important up there. It had been a trick! Ttar had to fight a couple more Rocket Grunts, but they were easily defeated. He returned to his starting point, and took the stairs down to the third basement this time. Ttar found more Grunts to battle in the third basement. He let Creeper take on one of them using a Machop. Creeper leveled up from this, and after the battle, he began glowing! He took on a more humanlike figure, and his nose shortened. He also gained a yo-yo from nowhere. Creeper evolved into Hypno!

Ttar found a bunch of useful items on the ground, including a TM10, Double-Edge, which he taught to Angry Nerd. He came across another spinning puzzle. At the end of this one, he found a downwards staircase. In the fourth basement, he came across an especially shifty-looking Rocket Grunt. He looked like he had something to hide, so Ttar approached him. The Rocket challenged him, but lost, just like all the rest. When defeated, a key slipped out of his hand. Before he could recover it, Ttar snatched it up and ran off.

This key would activate an elevator. Ttar had seen an elevator after he finished the first spinning puzzle. He groaned in dread, but he had to do the puzzle again. He finished the puzzle, close to puking, and boarded the elevator. He figured that he would go to the bottom floor again, the fourth basement. As he got off the elevator, he saw a large door being guarded by two grunts. This had to be the place. The boss' office. Ttar was ready to put an end to Team Rocket.

Ttar beat the two Rocket Grunts with no problem, and then opened the door. Sitting at a large desk was a man with short hair and a black business suit. The man smiled the most sinister smile Ttar had ever seen.

"Just a kid," the man said. "Just a kid that's been ruining Team Rocket's heists. You've cost me a lot of money, you know. And you're going to pay for it. I, Giovanni, will put an end to you!"

Giovanni threw out a PokeBall. An Onix appeared from it. Unimpressed, Ttar sent out enviro. Ttar had enviro use Vine Whip, after the Onix used Rage. All it took was one hit, and the rock snake had fallen. Giovanni sent out a Rhyhorn next, but again, a Vine Whip was enough to take it out. Giovanni was starting to lose his cool. He sent out what he said was his last Pokemon, a Kangaskhan. The huge Pokemon was quite intimidating, but Ttar was confident that he could win. He called enviro back, and sent out Angry Nerd. Now that Angry Nerd had some powerful attacks, he should be able to take out the Kangaskhan.

Ttar ordered a Double-Edge. It did a good chunk of damage, and the recoil it caused wasn't too bad. The Kangaskhan used Rage, which did little damage. Another Double-Edge brought the Kangaskhan close to fainting, but thanks to Rage, it got an attack boost when hit! The next Rage almost took Angry Nerd out! It barely survived, and launched one last Double-Edge. This was enough to take out the Kangaskhan, who fell with a huge thud.

"I seriously can't believe this kid beat me," Giovanni said. "But no worries. I no longer need this hideout. I've got bigger plans. And you won't stop me! I hope we meet again. I can't wait to wipe that smug look off of your face!"

With that, Giovanni took off. In his haste, however, he dropped something. It appeared to be a set of binoculars. They said 'Silph Scope' on them. Ttar had heard of that before. Supposedly, the Silph Scope could let you see invisible things! Ttar put them in his bag, and left the hideout.

He arrived back at the Pokemon Center. Arceustar greeted him happily. After his adventures today, Ttar decided to call it a night. He would go after Giovanni tomorrow. He had to. Team Rocket would be stopped!

Chapter 11: The Ghosts of Lavender
Ttar was now in posession of the Silph Scope. It's only function was to see ghosts, so something told Ttar that Team Rocket was heading for Lavender Town, known for it's ghosts. Well rested, he set off for Lavender.

Upon arriving, Ttar headed straight for the Pokemon Tower. A woman told him that there were thugs making trouble on the upper floors. Ttar was furious that Team Rocket would disturb the resting place of Pokemon for their own gain. He proceeded up the stairs.

On the second floor, a familiar figure was kneeling beside a grave. As Ttar approached, the person stood up and rubbed their eyes.

"Oh, hey Ttar," Blue said. "What're you doing here? I'm just here for Pokedex reasons! Your Pokemon aren't dead, are they?"

Ttar shook his head no. He could see the grave behind Blue, with a picture of a Raticate on it. He concluded that something awful had happened, and Blue's Raticate had died. Ttar was about to offer condolences, when Blue continued:

"Well, if they're not dead, I can at least make them faint!" he said, regaining his normal attitude. "Let's go, pal!"

Blue sent out his Pidgeotto, which appeared to be stronger than before. Ttar sent out Arceustar, who hadn't gotten to participate in the Rocket Hideout. The Pidgeotto used Quick Attack, but it hardly did any damage. Meanwhile, Arceustar used it's newly-learned Ice Beam, and scored a critical hit! The Pidgeotto fell to the ground. Blue sent out his next Pokemon, a Pokemon Ttar hadn't seen before.

"This is a Gyarados," Blue said. "It's one of the strongest Pokemon out there! Think you can take it?"

Ttar withdrew Arceustar, and sent out Creeper. He ordered a Hypnosis, but it missed. The Gyarados used Leer, which was awfully strange, coming from a Pokemon that was already intimidating enough. On the following turn, Hypnosis connected. Creeper was now free to spam Confusion, which took three hits, but it managed to take down the monstrous Pokemon.

Gary was clearly upset that his massive dragon had fallen. He sent out his next Pokemon, a Growlithe. Ttar hadn't seen Blue with a Growlithe before, but he knew how to handle it. He sent out Doomed, who simply used Rock Slide, and easily defeated the small dog Pokemon. Blue sent out his Kadabra next, while Ttar sent out Angry Nerd. With it's new Double-Edge attack, it easily took the Kadabra down in one hit.

"Wow, your Pokemon just keep getting stronger and stronger!" Blue commented. "I'm already down to my last Pokemon, and I haven't left a scratch on your team! But I'm not worried. Even if I lose to you, you'll be the only person to ever beat me. I have faith in my partners, and they have faith in me. Go, Ivysaur!"

Blue sent out his last Pokemon, his Ivysaur. Ttar sent out Torture, who hadn't yet battled against Blue. Ttar commanded Torture to use Ember, but instead, she went for Confuse Ray. The Ivysaur broke through confusion, however, and hit Torture with a Poisonpowder!

"Torture, I said Ember!" Ttar shouted. "Use Ember!"

This time, Torture did as she was commanded. A small burst of flames hit the Ivysaur, heavily damaging it. The Ivysaur didn't get lucky a second time, and it smacked itself in the face! At this, Torture got a huge grin on her face. She seemed very happy about the residual damage on the enemy! Ttar had her use Ember again, and this time, the Ivysaur fainted from the damage. As always, Ttar had won the battle!

"Just like I expected," Blue said. "I'm not sure I'll ever be able to take you on. But just remember this. Pokemon are not tools of battle. They're partners and friends. Don't push them too hard, or you'll regret it. Smell ya later, Ttar."

With that, Blue walked down the stairs, leaving the tower. Ttar felt really bad for Blue, but after a moment, he shook it off. His target was still Team Rocket, and he still had many floors to climb to get to them.

Ttar could feel negative energy in the air as he climbed the floors of the tower. Ghost-type Pokemon appeared at him out of nowhere, and women who appeared to be possessed by spirits would scream horrible things at him as he passed by. This tower was supposed to be a calm, peaceful place, but Ttar thought it was the most terrifying place he'd ever been.

On the sixth floor, Ttar found some Rare Candies. As Arceustar had been falling behind in levels, he decided to feel them to him. As Arceustar munched on the candies, a voice came from behind Ttar: "Be gone..... intruders....."

Ttar turned around, and saw what appeared to be an actual ghost behind him. He stared at it, and thought he could see a sihlouette within it. He took the Silph Scope out of his bag, and looked through it. He was astounded to see that the spirit was actually the spirit of a Marowak! This Pokemon didn't seem particularly malevolent, but it seemed to want to battle. Ttar let Arceustar take the stage.

The Marowak used Focus Energy, while Arceustar used Bubblebeam. A second Bubblebeam from Arceustar appeared to knock out the Marowak. However, it didn't collapse in defeat. Instead, it looked up at Ttar, and somehow, Ttar thought he saw a smile on it's face. The Marowak then started to fade, and in an instant, it was gone. Ttar didn't know what to think of this encounter, but was certain that Team Rocket had something to do with it. He proceeded up to the seventh floor.

The seventh floor appeared to be the last. There was a long path with a shrine at the end. Ttar approached the shrine, but as he did, three men dressed in black emerged from the shadows. Ttar had been expecting this, so sent out his Pokemon, and prepared for battle!

The three Team Rocket Grunts tried their hardest, but Ttar's Pokemon entirely outclassed their own. One by one, each of the Rocket's Pokemon fainted. They all ran off after being defeated, saying something about Silph Co in Saffron. Ttar paid them no mind, and now walked to the shrine.

An old man turned to look at Ttar. "Hello, my child," he said. "I'm Mr. Fuji. I'm here praying for the spirit of the Marowak killed by Team Rocket."

Ttar's hunch had been correct. The Marowak had indeed been killed by Team Rocket, and it's spirit was out for revenge.

"It's spirit seems to be calm now," Fuji said. "I don't suppose I have you to thank for that, do I?"

Ttar nodded, and told him about how he defeated the spirit in battle. Mr. Fuji smiled and said, "That Marowak always did love to fight. I'm glad to hear that she's at rest now. Why don't we return to my house, at the foot of the tower? This thin air is really getting to me."

Ttar walked down the tower with the old man. They entered a house next to the Pokemon Center, called the 'Lavender Pokemon Volunteer House.' Inside were a few children playing with Pokemon. Mr. Fuji sat in a chair, and began to speak again:

"I see you're attempting to earn all of the Gym Badges," he said. "But I've also heard that many roads are blocked. Take these, and you should be able to remove all obstacles."

He handed Ttar a flute and a thermos. Fuji noticed the confused look on Ttar's face, so he explained, "The path to Fuschia City is blocked by a sleeping Pokemon. Play that flute for it, and it'll wake up and move. As for the thermos, it contains a special drink, the favorite of the Saffron City guards. Give it to them, and they're sure to let you pass."

Ttar wasn't sure how Fuji knew of all of the obstacles, but he thanked him for his generosity, and left. Ttar now had two possible courses of action: head south to Fuschia City, and attempt to earn the Soul Badge, or finally enter Saffron City, and earn the Marsh Badge. After a bit of thought, Ttar decided to make the trek to Fuschia first. He healed up his Pokemon and visited the shop, preparing himself for the long journey ahead.

Chapter 12: The Pink City
Ttar was now ready to make the long trek to Fuschia City. He departed onto Route 12, where he wandered along the winding bridge paths. Before long, he came across the sleeping Pokemon blocking the way. As Mr. Fuji had instructed, Ttar played the PokeFlute the best he could. Sure enough, despite Ttar's poor playing, the Pokemon woke up! Ttar prepared to battle it, but instead, it stood up and lumbered off towards Route 11. Ttar was surprised, but he pocketed the flute and continued on.

After coming to the end of the winding bridges, Ttar came across yet another maze: a maze of fences, filled with trainers. Ttar managed to make his way through it, taking down every trainer along the way. He was forced to use many of his items, however, as his Pokemon were starting to have a hard time keeping up with the opponent's levels.

He made it to the end of that maze, and found one last area, a long stretching route heading due west. Ttar hoped that this would be the final route he had to follow, as he was getting rather tired. Just like the previous routes, this one was swarming with trainers too. They provided good training for Ttar's Pokemon, though, so he wasn't bothered by them. Ttar made it to the end of the route, weary, but still ready for more.

Fuschia City was home to a massive zoo, full of all sorts of neat Pokemon that Ttar had never seen before. The city was also home to a Pokemon-catching attraction, the Safari Zone. Ttar was planning on skipping it, but then he noticed a sign, advertising a prize for those who could reach the end of the Safari Zone. Whatever it was, Ttar figured it would be valuable, so he decided to enter.

He paid the entry fee, and then went inside. The inside appeared to be a savannah, with tons of wild Pokemon wandering free. Ttar decided to ignore them, however, focusing on getting to the end. He wandered through many different areas, following the designated path, and finding many items along the way.

Ttar entered what he assumed to be the final area, and noticed something gleaming in the grass. He went over and picked it up. To his surprise, it appeared to be a set of false teeth, colored gold. He had no idea what they were, but figured that they might be valuable. He continued down the path, and shortly, he arrived at a small house. He assumed this was the end, and went into the house.

Inside, a man congratulated him, stating that he was the first person to reach the end to claim the prize. He shook Ttar's hand, and handed him a disc. The disc said "HM03" on it. This was the HM for Surf, allowing water travel! Ttar figured teaching it to Arceustar would make sense, but then reconsidered. Arceustar was still small, and might not be fit to carry him. Therefore, Ttar taught it to his only other Pokemon that could learn it, Doomed. He thanked the man, and left.

As Ttar exited the Safari Zone, the man at the gate noticed the golden teeth in Ttar's pocket. He told Ttar that those teeth had been lost by the Safari Zone's Warden, and that he might reward Ttar for returning them. Ttar immediately headed for the Warden's house.

The Warden was an old man, and when Ttar entered, he started mumbling incomprehensible nonsense to him. Ttar wasn't sure how to respond, so he took out the Gold Teeth and gave them to the Warden. The Warden popped them in his mouth, without even cleaning them, and then laughed heartily.

"Thank you for finding these, my boy!" he said. "Here, take this HM04 as my thanks!" He handed Ttar another disc. This HM taught Strength. Ttar planned to teach it to Creeper, but Arceustar emerged from it's PokeBall, insisting that it learn Strength. Ttar wasn't sure how effective it would be, but he went ahead and taught Arceustar Strength. He thanked the Warden, and left.

Ttar healed his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and then proceeded to his other destination in Fuschia City: the Gym! As he approached the door, he felt a PokeBall on his belt shake. Out of it came Doomed, who looked very anxious. She attempted to convey a message to Ttar, and from what he could understand, it seemed like she wanted to take on the Fuschia Gym by herself! Ttar brushed her aside, knowing that Creeper had a much better matchup against Poison-types. Doomed got upset, and stood in front of the door, refusing to let Ttar pass. He didn't like it, especially since she didn't know Earthquake, but he reluctantly agreed to let Doomed solo the gym. He returned to the Pokemon Center and dropped off the rest of his team, who all seemed very confused.

Ttar and Doomed entered the Gym. The Leader, Koga, stood before them. Ttar assumed that Koga didn't have a puzzle to his Gym, and walked straight towards him. However, Ttar was in for a nasty surprise. He walked straight into an invisible wall! The Gym guide laughed, and told Ttar that the Gym was full of invisible walls, and that he had to tread carefully.

Ttar managed to make his way to the Leader, bumping into many walls along the way. The trainers gave Doomed a hard time, considering most of them used Psychic-type Pokemon, for some reason, instead of Poison-types. Several Hyper Potions later, Ttar stood before Koga, ready to take him on.

"A mere child like you dares to challenge me?" Koga laughed. "If you wish, I shall show you the true terror of a ninja master! You shall feel the despair of Poison!"

Ttar smiled. Doomed stepped forward, ready to fight. Ttar felt a lot better with Doomed now, knowing that as a Poison-type herself, she was immune to Poison.

"Very well, let us begin!" Koga shouted. He tossed out a PokeBall, from which emerged a Koffing. Ttar ordered Doomed forward, ready to fight.

"Doomed, use Thunderbolt!" Ttar said. Doomed launched a bolt of electricity, and scored a critical hit! The Koffing fell to the ground, already fainted! This was already looking good for Ttar.

"Bah," Koga said, "What misfortune. No matter! Go, Muk!"

The pile of sludge appeared on the battlefield. Ttar ordered Doomed to use Surf, which did a good bit of damage. Koga then commanded Muk to use Disable, which landed, and disabled Surf! Ttar wasn't worried, though. He told Doomed to use Body Slam, which paralyzed the Muk! It even got fully paralyzed that turn!

Ttar ordered another Body Slam. This time, the Muk broke through paralysis, and used Minimize! It shrunk down to a tiny blob of sludge. Ttar was concerned, as with Muk that small, Doomed's attacks could easy miss it. He had Doomed use Body Slam, but as he feared, her attack missed! Luckily, the Muk got fully paralyzed again. Ttar ordered one last Body Slam, and this one struck home! The Muk returned to it's normal size, and had fainted!

Koga still seemed unconcerned. He sent out another Koffing. Ttar hoped for the same luck as before, and he commanded Doomed to use Thunderbolt. Amazingly, he again scored a critical hit, and just like the other one, this Koffing fainted in one hit!

"You seem to be able to manipulate luck in your favor," Koga murmered. "A very valuable trait. However! I am not finished yet! I still have my ace! Go, Weezing!"

Out of his PokeBall came a Pokemon that looked like three different sized Koffing stuck together. Ttar wasn't worried, as the two Koffing hadn't been threats, so surely Weezing would only be slightly more bothersome.

Doomed used Thunderbolt at Ttar's command. It didn't do that much damage. Ttar didn't expect what Koga did next at all:

"Weezing, use Selfdestruct!" Koga cried out. Weezing began to glow, and then burst into flames, spreading everywhere! Doomed was hit full on by the blast. As the smoke cleared, however, Doomed appeared weary, but she was still standing, while the Weezing had fainted. Koga had made a serious mis-play, and for it, Ttar had won the battle!

"How unfortunate for me," Koga said. "You have proven your worth. Here, take the SoulBadge. Oh, and this TM, too. I feel like you could put it to good use."

He handed Ttar a heart-shaped badge. Ttar wasn't sure how this shape related to poison or ninjas, but he accepted. The TM said "TM06" on it. This was the TM for Toxic, the best Poison move! He thanked Koga, who had already turned his back on him. Trying his best to avoid the invisible walls again, Ttar left the Gym and returned to the Pokemon Center.

The rest of Ttar's team eagerly greeted him. When they saw the shiny new badge, they all cheered for Doomed, who basked in her triumphant glory. Torture then noticed the TM06 in Ttar's hand. As if she were a dog, she started making sad eyes at him, begging for the TM. Figuring that Toxic would be a particularly vile form of Torture, Ttar agreed to let Torture learn it.

As Ttar's Pokemon celebrated the new badge, a news report came on TV. According to the newscaster, Team Rocket had laid seige to Saffron City, and were holding the president of Silph Co. hostage! Ttar could feel rage building inside of him. He had to do something to help. He told his Pokemon that their next stop would be Saffron City. He needed to get there quickly, though, and taking Routes 12-15 back would take far too long. He decided that he would have to take the Cycling Road back to Celadon, and then go to Saffron that way. After a bit of preparation, Ttar left the Pokemon Center, ready to put an end to Team Rocket!

Chapter 13: Freeing Saffron City
It was now time to head back to Saffron City. Ttar hopped on his bike, and went on his way. He passed through the gatehouse, and proceeded onto the Cycling Road.

Starting from the bottom, the Cycling Road was tough to pedal up. He had to use all his strength to get to the top, and by the time he did, he was entirely exhausted. His Pokemon were exhausted, too, as the Cycling Road was teeming with roughneck Bikers, all wanting to battle. As always, they provided good experience for Ttar's Pokemon, so he didn't mind. Tired, but still fueled by his desire to stop Team Rocket, Ttar arrived back in Celadon City. He cycled through the city, onto Route 7.

He handed off the drink that Mr. Fuji had given him to the security guard. The guard seemed overjoyed to have the drink, and let Ttar pass into the city. Ttar's first plan was to infiltrate Silph Co. to find Giovanni. He slowly walked up to the skyscraper in the center of the city, but to his amusement, the Rocket Grunt standing guard was asleep! Ttar laughed, and walked into the building.

There was nothing but a reception desk and a few fountains on the first floor. In the corner, Ttar could see staircases leading up to the higher floors, as well as an elevator. He hopped on the elevator, and pressed the button to take him to the top floor, the 11th floor. However, to his dismay, there was nothing on the top floor except a Rocket Grunt, who he easily defeated.

Ttar decided to start over from the bottom floor. He took the stairs to the 2nd floor, but found that he was unable to open the doors to any of the rooms. The same was true of the 3rd and 4th floors as well. Ttar was starting to get frustrated, but he continued to the 5th floor. He noticed a path that was being guarded on both ends by a Rocket Grunt. He knew that something important would be back there, so he defeated them. They ran off, saying they would inform the boss. Ttar checked what they were guarding. He found something that made him extremely happy: a Card Key! It said right on it that any door would open with this key, so Ttar started doing the natural thing: going around and opening all the doors!

Among the rooms, Ttar found lots of trainers, as well as lots of items, as he expected. He also found something strange: a bunch of teleporters, which would take him to various rooms. A kind but frightened Silph employee provided Ttar with a map of how the teleporters worked. With a little studying, Ttar figured out the path to the President's office, where he knew he'd find Giovanni. He took a teleporter from the 3rd floor, which took him to a small hidden room on the 7th floor. Ttar was ready to take on Giovanni again, but he wasn't prepared for what he saw in this room.

"Hey, Ttar, what kept you?" a familiar voice called. The source of the voice approached, and revealed itself to be Blue, once again. "I thought you'd turn up if I waited here!"

Ttar was quite surprised to see Blue here, of all places. He pulled a PokeBall from his belt, knowing that he was going to have to battle his way past Blue.

"I guess you got slowed down by Team Rocket," he said. "I saw you in Saffron, so I decided to see if you got better! Come on, let's battle!"

Blue tossed out his PokeBall. Out of it came a magnificent bird Pokemon, a Pidgeot. Clearly, Blue's Pidgeotto had evolved again, and this time, it looked fearsome. Ttar was relieved to hear that Blue hadn't joined up with Team Rocket, so he sent out Arceustar, ready to battle.

Blue ordered a Wing Attack, but the hit bounced right off of Arceustar. Arceustar retaliated with an Ice Beam, which did a huge chunk of damage to the Pidgeot. Blue then ordered a Sand Attack, but Arceustar quickly dodged it, and fired off another Ice Beam. This one was enough, and the Pidgeot fainted! Blue recalled it, and prepared to send out his next Pokemon.

"Even though you haven't evolved that Squirtle, it still manages to beat my powerful Pokemon," Blue said. "I just don't get it. But let's continue. Go, Gyarados!"

The sea serpent appeared on the field, menacing as ever. Ttar called Arceustar back, and sent out Creeper to combat the Gyarados. Creeper went first, and landed a Hypnosis on the Gyarados. It fell fast asleep, unable to attack. Creeper followed up with a Psychic, which did decent damage. The Gyarados continued to snooze, and Creeper fired off another Psychic. This one landed a critical hit, and the Gyarados slumped, unable to battle!

Blue called Gyarados back, and sent out his next Pokemon, his Growlithe. Ttar sent Arceustar back out to take on the little dog. Growlithe attempted a Leer, but it was unable to hit Arceustar. Arceustar then shot a Bubblebeam at the Growlithe, which almost took it out. On the following turn, the Growlithe managed to connect a Leer, but it was in vain, as another Bubblebeam spelled doom for the Growlithe.

Now at a huge disadvantage, Blue sent out his next Pokemon. It was a tall yellow Pokemon with two spoons and a huge mustache. Blue revealed that it was an Alakazam, the evolved form of Kadabra. Alakazam was said to be one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Ttar was slightly intimidated, but he sent out Angry Nerd, hoping it could win just as easily as before. Sure enough, a single Double-Edge from Angry Nerd caused the Alakazam to faint, removing it from battle.

"I swear, there's something special about your Pokemon," Blue said. "I assemble teams of the most powerful Pokemon around, and you still defeat them as if they were all Caterpie. This is getting disheartening, but.... Go, Venusaur!"

Blue's final Pokemon emerged. It was a massive Pokemon with a tall tree on it's back. His Bulbasaur had now reached it's final evolution, and was at it's most powerful. Ttar decided to let Torture have a shot at it. The Venusaur attacked first, hitting with Razor Leaf, which scored a critical hit! Torture used Confuse Ray on the Venusaur. It tried to attack, but it instead hit itself with it's vines! Torture really wanted to use Toxic, but Ttar convinced her not to, as Venusaur is Poison-type, and thus couldn't be poisoned. Torture seemed upset, but then she launched a Flamethrower, as commanded. The attack singed the Venusaur, but it was still standing. The next turn, however, Venusaur snapped out of confusion, and used Poisonpowder on Torture. It was no use, though, as Torture used Flamethrower again, this time burning the Venusaur into submission. It fainted, and Ttar had won the battle!

"Well, that didn't go well," Blue said as he recalled his fallen partner. "But no matter. I'll just keep getting more powerful Pokemon. I'm gonna beat the Elite Four someday soon, mark my words! Smell ya later, Ttar!"

Blue then stepped on the teleporter that Ttar had arrived on, and dissapeared in an instant. Ttar couldn't imagine Blue beating the Elite Four when he couldn't even beat a Squirtle, but Ttar let those thoughts go quickly. It was time to put an end to Team Rocket's hold on Silph Co.! He took the other teleporter in the room, which transported him up to the 11th floor.

Ttar could hear the voice of a worried president in the room next door. He could also hear Giovanni's laugh and muffled speaking. Ttar ran to the door, but a single Grunt stopped him. As with all those before, Ttar made quick work of him, and then used his Card Key to unlock the final door.

"So, Ttar, we meet again," Giovanni said, getting up from the large table he sat at. "The President and I are discussing a vital business proposition."

Ttar could tell from the look of terror on the faces of the President and his secretary that there was no sort of deal being made here. Ttar pulled a PokeBall from his belt, and stood ready to take on the Rocket Boss.

"Why can't you keep your nose out of grown-up matters?" Giovanni laughed. "Fine, then experience a world of pain!"

Giovanni sent out a Nidorino. Ttar sent out Doomed, who had warmed the bench the entire time since defeating Koga. Doomed started off with a Body Slam, which scored a critical hit, and almost fainted the Nidorino! The Nidorino tried to attack with a Poison Sting, but it hardly did any damage. Doomed then attacked with Body Slam once more, and took out the Nidorino.

Giovanni seemed undisturbed, and sent out his next Pokemon, his Kangaskhan. Ttar sent oout Torture to take it on. Torture confused it with a Confuse Ray, but then was hit by Kangaskhan's Bite. The Kangaskhan then used Tail Whip, as Torture poisoned it with Toxic. The Kangaskhan was clearly suffering, so Torture now did as she was told, and used Flamethrower..... or at least she would have, but the Kangaskhan broke through confusion yet again, and used Bite, which caused Torture to flinch! Ttar used a Hyper Potion on Torture to ensure she wouldn't faint, as the Kangaskhan hit with Bite through confusion again. The poison damage was racking up, though. Kangaskhan snapped out of confusion, and used Rage, locking itself in. This did little damage to Torture, who proceeded to use Confuse Ray again. That was in vain, though, for the Kangaskhan still got to attack even though it was confused, for the 5th turn in a row. Torture was getting weak, but she fired off a Flamethrower, which, combined with the Toxic damage, was enough to take out the Kangaskhan. Ttar called Torture back after that long fight.

Giovanni sent out his Rhyhorn next. Ttar sent Arceustar out, and commanded it to use Bubblebeam. The attack connected, and just like that, the Rhyhorn had fainted. Giovanni then sent out his final Pokemon, the powerful Nidoqueen. Ttar sent out Angry Nerd to finish the battle.

Angry Nerd attacked with Double-Edge, doing heavy damage as the Nidoqueen used Tail Whip. Another Double-Edge brought the Nidoqueen close to fainting, but for some reason, the Nidoqueen used Tail Whip again. Ttar didn't really mind, though, as a third Double-Edge was enough to knock out the Nidoqueen, and to win Ttar the battle!

"ARGH!" Giovanni yelled, "I LOST AGAIN?! Blast it all! You ruined our plans for Silph, you brat!"

Ttar stood with a smug look on his face, happy to have put a stop to Team Rocket. Hopefully, this time, they'd be done for good.

"But," Giovanni said, regaining his composure, "Team Rocket will never fall! Never forget that all Pokemon exist for Team Rocket! I must go, but I shall return!"

The lights flickered, and when they came back on, Giovanni was nowhere to be seen. Ttar was upset that Giovanni hadn't disbanded Team Rocket, but he couldn't do anything about it for now.

"Thank you so much for saving Silph!" the President said. "I will never forget you saved us in our moment of peril! I have to thank you in some way!"

Ttar shrugged, saying that it was no big deal. After all, Team Rocket had completely folded before the power of his Pokemon, but the President went to retrieve something from his safe.

"Here you are!" the President said. "It's a Master Ball! You can't buy that anywhere! It's a prototype ball, designed to catch any Pokemon without fail! Use it wisely!"

Ttar thanked the president, and then took the elevator back down to the lobby. A crowd of people cheered for him as he emerged from the elevator, thanking him for his efforts. He smiled and waved at them all, and then left the building. He went to the Pokemon Center, tired from his long day. Ttar knew he still had to take on the Gym Leader, Sabrina, but he decided to save that for the next day. He instead turned his attention to his Master Ball. He chose to store it in the PC, keeping it safe from harm. He then got a room, and fell fast asleep, satisfied with his efforts.

Chapter 14-a: The Psychic Master
Ttar woke up, still satisfied with his efforts in defeating Team Rocket. Now, however, it was time to take on his next challange: Sabrina of Saffron Gym!

On his way to the Saffron Gym, enviro became visibly agitated. The air in the city wasn't exactly the cleanest air Ttar had ever breathed, and enviro seemed to take great offense to it. The Pokemon looked at Ttar, and tried to give him a message. enviro was acting the same way that Doomed did before she soloed Fuschia Gym, so Ttar knew what he wanted. He agreed to let enviro take on the Saffron Gym alone. However, as he agreed to that, Angry Nerd too emerged from it's PokeBall. It glared at the Saffron Gym. From inside the windows, it was clear that there were other Pokemon inside, and they appeared to be jeering at Angry Nerd and Ttar. The large bird then gave Ttar the same look that enviro had just given him. Both Pokemon wanted the Gym to themselves, so Ttar had to figure out a way around this.

With the Gym featuring Psychic-types, enviro would generally be a poor choice anyways. Especially against Sabrina, who would likely use some very powerful Pokemon that could easily defeat enviro. Ttar came to the conclusion that it would be ok to let enviro take on the normal trainers in the Gym, while Angry Nerd would be allowed to take on Sabrina by himself. Ttar dropped off his other four Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and then went into the Gym.

Inside the Gym were teleporters that would take the user to various rooms around the Gym. The goal was to find the teleporter that would take you to Sabrina. Each room had a trainer in it. As promised, Ttar let enviro take them on. However, enviro was too slow and weak to handle many of the trainers (including a trainer with a Haunter, who caused enviro to hit itself in confusion 17 times in a row). enviro was struggling, and clearly needed a boost of some sort. Then, Ttar remembered the Leaf Stone he had bought a while back. He pulled it out of his bag and looked at it. The shiny green stone had a leaf pattern on it, and appeared to be covered in moss.

Ttar turned to enviro, and held out the stone to it. enviro was confused, but soon came to realize what the stone meant. It gave a nod, and with one of it's leaves, it took the stone from Ttar. As it did, it's entire body started to glow! It started to grow, and it's bulb became much larger. As the light faded, Ttar saw before him a much more powerful Pokemon. enviro evolved into Victreebel!

It was clear that the evolution dramatically increased enviro's abilities. Despite the type disadvantage, it now took on all of the trainers with relative ease. It wasn't long before every trainer in the gym had been defeated. Ttar then tried to figure out which teleporter would take him to Sabrina. It didn't take long to discover that the bottom-left teleporter in the top-left room was the correct choice. Ttar called enviro back, and sent out Angry Nerd, ready to take on the Gym Leader.

As Ttar approached, Sabrina began to address him, "I had a vision of your arrival. I have had Psychic powers since I was a child. I first learned to bend spoons with...."

Her speech cut off as she noticed Angry Nerd, who was perched on Ttar's arm.

"No way," she said. "That can't be THAT Spearow, could it?" Sabrina started to laugh, but quickly regained her composure.

"I never thought I'd see you again," she said. "Not after you flunked out of the Saffron Academy. To think, a Spearow... well, I suppose now you're a Fearow.... would want to use Special moves! Unthinkable! Your species is too dumb to learn even a single special move!"

Angry Nerd leapt into the air and flapped it's wings. Clearly, Sabrina was familiar with Angry Nerd. This also brought to light the reason why he had flown off to the school in Viridian City back when Ttar had first started his adventure. Ttar felt bad for Angry Nerd.

"Well, I suppose you're wanting to take on your old teacher, huh?" Sabrina said mockingly. "You know I dislike fighting, but if you really want to lose that badly, I suppose I can oblige. Get ready!"

She had a PokeBall float from her belt into her hand, showing off her psychic abilities. Without even tossing it, the ball opened, and out of it came a Kadabra. Angry Nerd stood ready to take on the opponent, with fire in it's eyes.

Ttar ordered Angry Nerd to use Drill Peck. The Kadabra was unable to dodge the attack, and was hit square in the chest. The Kadabra fell to the ground, but it didn't get back up. In one hit, it had fainted!

Sabrina withdrew Kadabra, and sent out her next Pokemon, a Mr. Mime. The sight of this Pokemon made Ttar uneasy, but Angry Nerd was still ready to fight. At Ttar's order, he launched a Double-Edge attack. Just like the Kadabra before it, the Mr. Mime wasn't fast enough to dodge the hit, and it too fainted in just one hit! This was going exceptionally well for Ttar!

Sabrina's next Pokemon was a Venomoth, which was strange, seeing as Venomoth is not a Psychic-type. Ttar was fine with this, however, as a single Drill Peck easily defeated the moth. Sabrina appeared to be fuming over her losses.

"I suppose I should say that you've gotten a lot stronger, since you're only using physical moves now," she said. "But I bet you can't stand up to this! Go, Alakazam!"

A familiar golden Pokemon with a large mustache appeared before Ttar. He remembered how easily Angry Nerd had defeated Blue's Alakazam, so he was hoping that this one would be just as easy. Ttar commanded a Double-Edge, but before it could attack, Sabrina ordered Alakazam to use Reflect! It set up a barrier, which caused Angry Nerd's Double-Edge to be weakened! The attack still did good damage, but not nearly as much as it should have.

Sabrina had a cocky grin on her face. She commanded Alakazam to use Recover, which brought it back to full health. Ttar knew that if this kept up, Angry Nerd would knock himself out with recoil damage. He whispered encouraging words to Angry Nerd, who appeared to be very motivated to win. It launched another Double-Edge, and this time, it broke right through Reflect, scoring a critical hit, and knocking the Alakazam out in one hit! Ttar had won the battle!

"Wow," Sabrina said, "I can't believe that I lost to a trainer using an Academy drop-out. But, as the rules state, a loss is a loss. Here, take these."

She handed Ttar a small, round badge, colored a shiny gold, as well as a TM46, which contained Psywave. Angry Nerd then went over to Sabrina, and gave her a friendly peck on the shoulder.

"Yeah, I know," she said, "I'm sorry I said all those things about you. You'll never be a special attacker, but that doesn't make you stupid. By playing to your strengths, you've become quite the powerful Pokemon. Keep it up, kid. I believe in you."

Ttar was happy that Angry Nerd had reconciled with his teacher. The two of them bid Sabrina farewell, and then returned to the Pokemon Center.

The rest of Ttar's Pokemon cheered for enviro and Angry Nerd, celebrating their 6th badge! Only two more, and then Ttar and his team would be able to take on the Pokemon Leauge! The group was celebrating heartily, when a nurse came over to Ttar.

"Are you Ttar, by any chance?" she inquired. Ttar nodded yes, and she responded, "Professor Oak is on the phone, and he wishes to speak to you."

Ttar was puzzled, but he followed the nurse to her desk, where he picked up the phone.

"Ah, Ttar," Oak said. "I hear that you've just gotten your sixth badge! That's mighty impressive! Now, I have a special mission. I was planning to have Blue do it for me, but he's more interested in training his Pokemon, so I'd like to ask you to do it for me."

Ttar wasn't happy to hear that he was Oak's second choice, but considering Blue was family to him, it made sense. He asked Oak what the mission was, and Oak replied:

"There is a legend of three magnificent bird Pokemon, one of a kind creatures, who live in this region," he said. "Their names are Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. I've been gathering data on where they may be living, and now, I have a lead on one of them, Zapdos to be specific. On Route 10, there is an old abandoned Power Plant. It's still full of electrical equipment, and according to people in the area, they occasionally hear the factory running. I'd like you to go there, and attempt to find the legendary Pokemon. Can you do that for me?"

Ttar thought about it. He'd heard of the legendary trio since he was a kid. The thought of meeting them made him giddy. He agreed to go and look for them, which Oak was pleased to hear.

"I don't expect you to capture them," he said, "just photograph them in their natural habitat. I believe that, should they turn on you, you could take them on in a battle. Best of luck to you, Ttar!"

The phone went silent, and Ttar replaced it. He told his Pokemon about their new detour, which excited all of them. Ttar went to the PokeMart, where he stocked up on items, making sure he was ready to handle anything. Then, he left Saffron to the north, heading back to Cerulean City.

Chapter 14-b: Legendary Pokemon
Ttar reached Cerulean City, and headed east onto Route 9 again. Upon reaching Route 10, he hopped onto Doomed, who surfed him around the stream that flowed on the route. He eventually found land that he couldn't reach before, and he got off. Before him was a large building that appeared to be a factory. A lone trainer stood in front of it, and he battled Ttar when he saw him. Ttar was able to easily defeat him, however, and then, he entered the abandoned Power Plant.

The inside of the building was quite dark. Broken machinery was everywhere, and so was years of dust. The ground was littered with broken glass, so Ttar walked very carefully. He found quite a few decent items on the ground, but he was also attacked by many Voltorb, who were pretending to be PokeBalls! While wandering around, there was a sudden surge of power! The entire building lit up for just a moment, and then went dark again. Ttar continued down what appeared to be the main path, and soon, there was another surge of power. This time, it seemed like the source was much closer than before.

Ttar rounded a corner, and he was amazed by what he saw. Before him was a massive bird with wings that ended in jagged points. It appeared to be expelling electricity from it's body! It was Zapdos!

Ttar pulled a camera out of his bag. Oak requested that he take a picture, so he was going to, but he wanted a closer shot. He took one step towards the Zapdos, but he stepped on a shard of glass, which cracked beneath his foot. The Zapdos turned to look at him, and then immediately leapt into the air. Ttar snapped a picture of it, and just in time, too, for the Zapdos then flew out of a hole in the wall. Ttar watched it fly away, disappointed that he hadn't been able to see more of it. He hopped out of the same hole. Angry Nerd flew him to the nearby Pokemon Center, where he gave Professor Oak a call.

"Well, at least you got photographic evidence of it's existence," Oak said. "Now, I've got some good news. It's said that Articuno, another of the legendary birds, can be seen in the Seafoam Islands. Since you're going to have to go to Cinnabar Island to get the Volcano Badge anyways, why don't you stop there along the way? If you surf from south of Fuschia City, you'll be there in no time!"

Ttar agreed that was the best course of action. He thanked Oak, and then went outside. Angry Nerd flew him to Fuschia City, and then he headed south to the beach. He hopped on Doomed, and started making his way down the sea route.

There were lots and lots of people out swimming in the sea, which made sense, as it was a bright, warm, sunny day. Many of them challanged Ttar to battles, but he was able to defeat them all with little trouble, netting lots of experience for his Pokemon. After Surfing for a long while, he finally saw another island, or rather, a pair of islands in the distance. He approached them, and from a sign outside, he could tell that he had found the right place: the Seafoam Islands.

The inside of the island caves was very, very cold. This alone told Ttar that there must be Ice-type Pokemon here. He wandered through the cave, but no matter where he went, he saw nothing, just a normal cave. That was until Arceustar emerged from it's PokeBall, and started using Strength to push some boulders around. Ttar was surprised by how easily the little Pokemon was moving the huge rocks, but he commanded it to push the boulders into holes. He didn't know why, but Ttar felt as if he was supposed to be doing this. He then hopped through the holes.

He felt extremely frigid air coming from nearby in the very deepest part of the caves. He hopped on Doomed, who was clearly upset about having to swim in the freezing waters, but she obliged, and the two moved towards the source of the frozen air. On a small platform at the end of the cave, Ttar saw his target: the legendary bird Articuno! It's magestic wings emitted small snowflakes, and it had a chilly aura around it. Articuno was Ttar's favorite of the legendary birds, so he made sure to approach it carefully.

As Ttar got close, Articuno noticed him. However, it didn't flee like Zapdos before it. Ttar landed on the small platform, and stood before the large bird. He held out his hand to it, but the bird did nothing. Ttar reached for the camera in his bag, but the sudden movement startled the Articuno. It leapt up, and started to fly away. Ttar pulled out the camera in a rush to get a picture of Articuno, but all he managed to get was a silver blur flying away.

Ttar was upset about not being able to get a good picture of Articuno. However, he was starting to get chilly, so he needed to find his way through the island. He wandered around, but it took him a long time to find the place he needed to be: another set of boulders. He commanded Arceustar to push them down the nearby holes, and with the boulders, he cut off the heavy current that prevented him from reaching a staircase, which he expected to be the exit. It took a lot of backtracking, but eventually, Ttar did successfully stop the water flow, and he managed to get to the other staircase. As he suspected, it did in fact lead him to the exit of the islands. Ttar happily emerged into the warm sunlight.

There were a few more trainers as Ttar surfed to the west again. They all folded easily, and soon, Ttar had arrived at his destination: Cinnabar Island. He immediately headed for the Pokemon Center, where again, he gave Oak a call.

"Well, that is rather disappointing," Oak said, after Ttar told him about the failed Articuno picture. "But it's ok. Now, there is much to do in Cinnabar Island. There's a lab, where they perform all sorts of experiments, the Gym, which uses Fire-type Pokemon, and the old Cinnabar Mansion. I have a somewhat reliable source telling me that Moltres, the last of the legendary birds, may reside in Cinnabar Mansion. Please, go look for it!"

Ttar thanked Professor Oak for his help, but after his adventures today, he was very tired, and his Pokemon were worn out. They decided to call it a night, and to see everything in Cinnabar Island the next day.

Chapter 15: Fiery Battles in the Fiery Town
The first thing Ttar did on Cinnabar Island was head to the Gym. To his disappointment, however, the door was locked, and he couldn't get in. He then chose to head over to the Cinnabar Lab, just out of curiosity.

Inside were many people offering to make trades with him, but he didn't have the Pokemon they wanted, so he passed them by. In the final room, Ttar came across a man who asked him if he had seen any fossils. Ttar remembered the Helix Fossil he had picked up way back in Mt. Moon. He told the man, who asked him to hand it over, promising to return it to life! He told Ttar to take a walk, as it would take a while. Hoping for an answer, Ttar asked the man about the Cinnabar Gym, and how to get inside. The man told him that all challengers had to search the Cinnabar Mansion for the Secret Key, which would allow access. Ttar decided that this would be his next destination.

The mansion appeared to have been burned badly. Ttar wasn't sure that it was safe to go inside, but he wanted to get the Secret Key, so he went inside anyways. The entryway was rather spacious, and there was broken glass all over the floor. There were many wild Pokemon inside, including Ponyta, which made little sense (horses in an abandoned mansion? really?). There appeared to be nothing on the ground floor, so Ttar went up the stairs to the second floor.

Right at the top of the stairs was a strange statue. It's eyes appeared to be glowing red. There was a button on it's chest area. Ttar wasn't sure what it would do, but he pressed the button anyways. He heard something distant move, and he followed the sound.

Near where the sound came from, Ttar saw another flight of stairs. It led him up to the third floor, where he found another statue, but this time, it's eyes weren't glowing. Ttar pressed the button in it's chest, and waited to see what would happen. To his surprise, on the wall in front of him, one wall started to slide to the side, opening another path! Ttar followed the newly accessable path, but he didn't watch his step well enough, and he stepped on a weak part of the floor, which collapsed beneath him!

Ttar woke shortly, finding himself all the way back on the ground floor. It seemed that he had fallen straight through both floors, and he had been knocked out by the impact of hitting the first floor. He stood up, feeling some bruises on his torso, but otherwise feeling ok. Thankfully, he hadn't broken any bones. He decided to continue searching for the Secret Key.

Just around the corner from where he had landed, he found a set of stairs leading down into a basement. He walked down them, and found himself in a large empty room. He could clearly see on one of the walls that there was a segment that would shift if he pressed a switch, so he tried to find a statue. Hidden in a room around the corner, he found it, and pressed it. He then returned to the wall, which had opened, just as he expected.

Down the hall through the door, Ttar found another door. He searched the rooms in the hall, and found another statue, and he pressed the button on this one too. Returning to the hallway, he saw that the door had opened. As he walked into the last room, he found a single key lying on the table. He picked it up, and it appeared to have a flame symbol on it. Figuring this must be the Secret Key, Ttar put it in his pocket. He then chose to use an Escape Rope to leave, not wanting to wander around again.

Outside, he decided to head straight for the Gym. As he was about to walk inside, Torture appeared before him, forcing herself out of her PokeBall. Ttar had a feeling he knew what she wanted, so he listened. Sure enough, she seemed to want to take on the Cinnabar Gym by herself, and as always, Ttar agreed to let her try. He left the rest of his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and then used the Secret Key to get into the Gym with just Torture by his side.

Torture did a better job at taking on this Gym's trainers than enviro had with it's Gym solo. While Torture couldn't do much direct damage, she was able to use Toxic on the opponents, badly poisoning them, and then she prevented them from moving by following up with Fire Spin. The Toxic damage and the slight damage from the Fire Spin added up quickly, and all of the enemy trainers fell before her. Torture seemed really happy about being able to watch the enemy Pokemon suffer greatly before fainting. After forcing his way through the Gym's trainers, Ttar found himself before the Gym Leader, Blaine.

"Haha!" Blaine laughed, "I'm the Leader of this Gym! I only use Fire-type Pokemon, my partners who incinerate all challengers! You intend to take me on with just a little Vulpix? That's mighty brave of you, child, yet it is also quite foolish! Prepare to be defeated!"

Blaine sent out his first Pokemon, a Growlithe. Ttar stood ready with Torture. He had defeated many Growlithe before, so this one would be no different. Torture used Toxic on the Growlithe, who was badly poisoned. The Growlithe then used Agility, making itself incredibly fast! The following turn, Blaine used a Super Potion on the Growlithe, despite it only having lost a small amount of health to the Toxic. While taking on the Gym, the main problem was that Torture's Fire Spin missed way too often, so Ttar took this chance to use an item of his own, an X Accuracy. With it, Torture's attacks were sure to hit!

The Growlithe used Leer next, cutting Torture's Defense. Torture then used Fire Spin on the Growlithe, trapping it in the flames. Blaine used a Super Potion again, as the Toxic and Fire Spin damage was racking up on the Growlithe. However, it was still unable to move. When it was finally free of Fire Spin, it tried to use Leer again, but it failed, and it fainted to the Toxic damage. Blaine withdrew it, and sent out his next Pokemon, a Ponyta.

Torture used Toxic on the Ponyta, and Blaine then used another Super Potion, despite Ponyta being at full health. Ttar was beginning to think that Blaine wasn't all there in the head. Torture then used Fire Spin again, trapping the Ponyta. The Ponyta tried to move, but it couldn't as the Toxic and Fire Spin damage quickly racked up. As Ponyta was about to faint, Blaine used another Super Potion, but it wasn't enough to counteract the increasing damage from Toxic. The following turn, the Toxic damage was so great that the Ponyta simply collapsed to the ground, unable to take any more.

Blaine sent out his next Pokemon, a Rapidash. Being faster than Torture, it moved first, but all it did was Growl, as Torture used Toxic on it. The next turn, however, Torture went first, and trapped it in a Fire Spin. After a couple of turns with the Rapidash being helpless, Blaine used another Super Potion. Torture continued to use Fire Spin, and the Toxic damage kept building up, until the Rapidash finally collapsed. Ttar had now defeated three of Blaine's Pokemon, and Torture hadn't taken a single hit! Things were looking very good for Torture!

"How are these Super Potions not helping?" Blaine said, seeming upset. "No matter. My trusty Arcanine will put an end to you. Let's go!"

From within the PokeBall came a humongous dog, with a flowing mane and a striped pattern on it's body, looking more like a tiger than a dog. Torture was feeling very pleased with herself, and was ready to take on the final opponent. However, all did not go well. The Arcanine was faster, and used Take Down. It scored a critical hit, and knocked Torture out in one hit!

"Hahaha!" Blaine laughed, "I told you that little Vulpix had no chance. If you truly hope to defeat me, come back with some better Pokemon, kid!"

Ttar scooped Torture up, and ran back to the Pokemon Center. He handed her to the nurse, who took her into the back, to perform some checks. Ttar waited with his other Pokemon. Shortly, the nurse returned, saying that Torture would be just fine. Torture looked tired, but she seemed to still want to fight Blaine. Ttar told her no, but then she jumped at him, and dove into his bag. She came out with a red stone in her mouth. Then she started to glow, and her figure grew larger, and more tails appeared. The light faded, and revealed that Torture had evolved into Ninetales! She had taken the Fire Stone that Ttar had bought back in Celadon City, and evolved!

Torture now appeared to be ready to take Blaine on, and therefore, Ttar returned to the Gym. Blaine laughed heartily as Ttar approached.

"Did you bring some decent Pokemon this time?" he asked mockingly. "Let's see if you can win this time!"

Blaine sent his Growlithe out. Ttar sent out the newly-evolved Torture, and Blaine widened his eyes.

"Now that looks a lot better!" he said, "but I've still got this!"

The first three Pokemon Blaine sent at Ttar all fainted easily, just like last time (and Blaine also went crazy with the Super Potions). Before long, Blaine was down to his last Pokemon again, his Arcanine. He sent it out, and prepared for battle.

This time, Torture was faster than the Arcanine, as she had evolved. She used Toxic on the Arcanine, and as always, Blaine being mindless had him use a Super Potion on a full health Pokemon. The next turn, Torture was able to trap the Arcanine in a Fire Spin. The Arcanine was unable to move, and though Blaine tried to keep it alive with Super Potions, the Toxic damage just kept increasing. Before too long, the damage was just too much for the Arcanine, and without even landing a single hit, the Arcanine fell to the floor with a thud, fainted. Ttar had won the battle!

"Well, well," Blaine said, "it seems an evolution was all it took to bring out your Ninetales' true potential. I'm totally burned out, but at the hands of a Fire-type, it doesn't feel so bad. Here, take this Volcano Badge. You earned it."

He handed Ttar a badge in the shape of a flame. This was Ttar's seventh badge- he only had to win one more to challenge the Pokemon League! He thanked Blaine, and then returned to the Pokemon Center with his shiny new badge in hand.

Ttar's other Pokemon were happy to see that Ttar had gotten the badge, and were quite surprised to see that Torture had evolved! Ttar celebrated with his Pokemon, and shortly, he pulled out a map. He noticed that he had visited every town in the region, with the exception of Indigo Plateau, where the Pokemon League is located. Yet, he only had 7 badges. He wondered where the missing gym might be....

It suddenly struck him. Ttar thought back to the beginning of his journey, in Viridian City. Chasing down Angry Nerd in an attempt to capture him, he had seen a building that said "Viridian Gym" on the door, but it had been locked. Ttar concluded that this must be the last gym he had to challenge.

Looking at the map, he noticed that Route 21 was a straight path back to Pallet Town, where he could visit his mother and Professor Oak, on his way to the Viridian Gym. With his plan of action set, Ttar got his Pokemon ready to go, and then left the Pokemon Center, with thoughts of challenging the Pokemon League dancing through his mind.

Chapter 16: The Final Badge
Ttar and his Pokemon were eager to set off on the last leg of their journey, so after gathering some supplies, Ttar left Cinnabar Island. Riding on top of Doomed, and Surfed north on Route 21, towards Pallet Town. Many trainers opposed them along the way, but they prevailed over every single one. Arceustar even learned a powerful new move in Hydro Pump along the way. Before long, they had arrived in Pallet Town.

The first thing Ttar did upon landing was head to Professor Oak's lab. He wanted to show off his new Volcano Badge, as well as tell Oak that Moltres was nowhere to be found on Cinnabar Island. Oak greeted him with a smile, and Ttar told Oak what he wanted.

"So, it wasn't there, huh?" Oak said, sounding rather disappointed. "The only other lead I have is reports of fires inside Victory Road. You need to have eight badges to get inside, though..."

Oak drifted off into thought, but returned to the conversation momentarily. " Surely, with seven badges, you plan to get the eigth and final badge, right, Ttar?" Oak asked. Ttar nodded, to which Oak replied, "Excellent! The Viridian Gym is the location of the final Badge for the Kanto region! If you obtain that badge, you could head to Route 23, and enter Victory Road! Heck, if you make it that far, maybe you could become the Champion! Wouldn't that be something?"

Ttar wanted to help Oak out, but he wanted a chance to take on the Pokemon League even more. He told Oak that he was going to Viridian City, and then left, with Oak and his assistants cheering him on. Before leaving Pallet Town, however, Ttar decided to drop by his home.

His mother was overjoyed to see him. She ran up and hugged him, crying all the while. Ttar showed her his seven badges, and then showed off all of his Pokemon to her. "I'm so proud of you," she said. "I know you can go all the way. Now, go on, and win it all! You can do it. I'll be rooting for you!"

Ttar thanked her for the words of encouragement, and then departed. He headed north onto Route 1. It was a much different feeling, walking up Route 1 with seven badges and six Pokemon, rather than with only one Pokemon and no badges. This was the home stretch, the last road to the final Gym challenge. What awaited him after that was far from his mind. His only concern was getting the final Badge. Before he knew it, Ttar had arrived in Viridian City.

After making sure his Pokemon were healed at the Pokemon Center, Ttar headed to the Gym in the northern part of town. He looked at the sign outside of the door, but the text on it was hardly legible, apart from "Viridian City Gym." Ttar tried the door, and thankfully, it was unlocked. He slid it open, and walked inside, ready for his final challenge.

The Gym was full of trainers, many of which used Ground-type Pokemon, meaning Arceustar and enviro had a field day with them. There were many spinners on the floor, similar to the ones in Team Rocket's Hideout. None of the trainers would reveal anything about the Gym Leader, however. After spinning around for what seemed like hours, Ttar finally found the path to the Leader. He rounded a corner, but he wasn't prepared for what he saw before him.

Sitting at a desk was Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. He swiveled his chair around with a look of disgust on his face. "Damn," he said, "Not you again! I plan to ressurect the remains of Team Rocket here! I can't allow you to interfere!"

Ttar called out all of his Pokemon, ready to take Giovanni on.

"Very well," Giovanni said, "as the most powerful Gym Leader in Kanto, I'll put an end to you one and for all!"

Ttar was surprised to hear that Giovanni was actually the Gym Leader. Considering he was known as the leader of Team Rocket publicly now, it was surprising that he would be allowed to continue running a Gym. Ttar didn't have time to think about that now, however, as Giovanni sent out his first Pokemon, a Rhyhorn. Ttar ordered Arceustar to take the stage, knowing the Rhyhorn posed little threat to a Squirtle.

Sure enough, despite the Rhyhorn being higher leveled than Arceustar, a single Bubblebeam was all that was needed to knock it out in one hit. It collapsed to the floor lamely. Giovanni withdrew it, and sent out his next Pokemon, Dugtrio. As a Pokemon stuck to the ground, Ttar knew that it couldn't hurt Angry Nerd, so he called Arceustar back, and sent out the Nerd.

Angry Nerd got to attack first, and with a single Double-Edge, it was able to knock out the Dugtrio. Giovanni called it back, and sent out his next Pokemon. This time, it was his Nidoqueen. Ttar sent out Creeper to take it on, knowing he could handle anything Nidoqueen could throw at it. Creeper tried to use Hypnosis first, but it missed. Nidoqueen only went for a Tail Whip, though, and Creeper's next Hypnosis connected, and the Nidoqueen fell into a deep sleep. However, it immediately woke up! Creeper landed another Hypnosis, and this time, it stayed asleep. A Psychic from Creeper came next, and to Ttar's surprise, it was enough to take out the Nidoqueen in one hit! The Nidoqueen was recalled by Giovanni, who was now visibly frustrated. He sent out a Nidoking next. Ttar planned to let Creeper take it on too, but Doomed stepped forward, wanting the Nidoking for herself. Ttar agreed and called Creeper back.

Doomed was faster than the Nidoking, and used Surf against it, taking away about half of it's health. The Nidoking retaliated with Tackle (seriously?), doing little damage. Doomed used Surf again, and this one was enough to knock the Nidoking out. Giovanni called it back, and clenched his fists.

"This is beyond ridiculous," he said, "that I should be picked apart so easily by a child yet again. I have faith in my final Pokemon, however. Go, Rhydon!"

From his Pokeball came a hulking dinosaur-like Pokemon, similar in appearance to Nidoking/Nidoqueen. Knowing that it was Ground/Rock type, Ttar sent out enviro to take it on, believing that a single Razor Leaf would knock it out. The Rhydon was eight levels higher than enviro, yet as Ttar expected, Razor Leaf connected, and it was too much for the Rhydon. Giovanni had proven himself to be a pushover yet again, and Ttar had won the battle!

"Heh," Giovanni said, as he recalled his Pokemon, "You've proven yourself again. That didn't go well for me, but it was truly intense. I must be doing something wrong with my training, to be defeated again. But, alas, you have won. Therefore, I present you with the Earth Badge."

Ttar accepted the green badge from Giovanni. He was surprised to hear that Giovanni would give it to him so willingly. Ttar and his Pokemon cheered; they had earned their ticket to the Pokemon League!

"You truly are a masterful trainer," Giovanni said. "And, since you'll now be taking on the Pokemon League, take this." He handed Ttar a disc.

"That's TM27, Fissure," he said. "If it connects, the opponent is guaranteed to faint. I developed it myself. Now, since I've lost, I cannot face my underlings again. For now, Team Rocket is finished! I must go. I will train myself, and one day, I will return to give new life to Team Rocket. I wish you the best of luck, Ttar. One day, you will be at my feet! Farewell!"

The lights in the building flickered, and when they came back on, Giovanni was nowhere to be seen. Ttar almost felt sorry for him, but he cast those thoughts aside, and returned to cheering with his Pokemon. They had earned the Earth Badge, the final badge needed to enter the Pokemon League! Ttar couldn't wait to get there, so after healing his Pokemon, as well as calling Oak and his mother to tell them of his victory, he headed west of Viridian, to where he first met Doomed and Angry Nerd, and where his final challenge awaited!

Chapter 17: The Champion Road
Ttar headed out of Viridian City, onto Route 22. It looked the same as when he had first visited it, what seemed like years ago. He remembered Blue showing up out of nowhere and challenging him to a battle. He remembered meeting Doomed here, as a Nidoran(F). He remembered running into Angry Nerd as a Spearow, and chasing it all the way to Viridian City to catch it. Ttar lost himself in reminiscing, so much so that he didn't notice a figure walking towards him.

The figure got closer, and Ttar snapped out of his daze. Ttar hadn't been expecting to see this person, but the more he thought about it, the more obvious it should've been. The figure was his old rival, Blue, whom he hadn't seen since saving Silph from Team Rocket.

"Haha, Ttar!" Blue called out. "Don't tell me you're going to the Pokemon League too! That's cool, man! I'm on my way there now too! Hey, it's been a while. How about we have a battle, to see which of us is stronger!"

Without even waiting for Ttar to respond, Blue sent out his Pidgeot. The last time Ttar had been on Route 22, the same Pidgeot had been just a little Pidgey. Ttar decided to accept the challenge, and he too sent out a Pokemon from this route, in Doomed.

Pidgeot moved first, and ensured it would always move first by going for an Agility. Doomed attacked with a Thunderbolt, and hilariously, it paralyzed the Pidgeot, throwing away the speed it had just gained! Doomed went first this time, and fired off another Thunderbolt. This was enough to KO the Pidgeot, and Blue called it back.

The next Pokemon Blue sent out was his Rhyhorn. Ttar knew Doomed could handle it, but he wanted all of his Pokemon to get showcased. He called Doomed back, and sent out enviro. One Razor Leaf later, the Rhyhorn was collapsed in a heap on the ground. Blue called it back, and this time sent out his Gyarados. Ttar called enviro back, and decided to give Creeper his turn in battle.

Creeper attacked with Hypnosis first, but it missed. Gyarados responded with a Bite, but Creeper shrugged it off. A second Hypnosis struck hope, but the Gyarados awoke immediately! Thankfully, a third Hypnosis also hit, but the Gyarados woke up immediately again! Amazingly enough, it happened a third time! Ttar was getting quite frustrated. The fourth Hypnosis hit, and this time, Gyarados stayed asleep. Creeper attacked with Psychic, doing good damage, and the Gyarados continued to slumber. A second Psychic was enough to KO the Gyarados, and the serpent flopped in the dirt.

Blue's next Pokemon was his Growlithe. Ttar sent out Arceustar to take it on. The Growlithe went for an Agility first, but a single Hydro Pump from Arceustar knocked it out. Alakazam was the next Pokemon, and Ttar sent out Angry Nerd to take it on. The Alakazam went first, and scored a critical hit with a Psychic, knocking out Angry Nerd in one hit! Ridiculously, this happened again with Arceustar, then with Creeper (who just had to miss a Hypnosis), and Doomed. enviro actually got a chance to move when the Alakazam went for Reflect for some reason, but of course, Stun Spore missed, and enviro was just KOed the next turn. Ttar was astounded that this one Pokemon could breeze straight through his whole team, but he still had faith in his final Pokemon, Torture.

He sent her out, as Blue was laughing, thinking he had won. Alakazam went for Psychic, but amazingly, it didn't get a critical hit! Torture used Toxic, and it hit! Ttar knew everything would be over if the next Psychic was a critical hit, but he had to hope for the best. Alakazam went for Psychic, and Torture's HP kept going down and down..... and stopped at 20HP. Torture then landed a Fire Spin, and just like that, the Alakazam's fate was sealed. Completely immobilised, the Alakazam suffered at Torture's hand (paw?), much to her delight. The Fire Spin and toxic kept racking up, until it couldn't take it anymore, and it finally went down. Blue looked surprised, and he sent out his last Pokemon, his Venusaur.

Venusaur looked menacing, but it didn't stand much of a chance. Ttar ordered Torture to use Fire Spin, and she happily obliged. The Venusaur couldn't stand up to it, as Torture continued to attack the helpless creature. After only a few hits, it had been defeated. Despite being swept by the Alakazam, Torture had mananged to bring it back, and in a narrow 1-0, Ttar had won the battle!

Blue seemed apalled. "I came up with the strongest team I could find," he said, "but even they weren't enough. But it's ok! I can still take on the Pokemon League just fine, with a bit more training! You better train more too, Ttar! Smell ya later!"

A visibly angry Blue stomped off towards the Badge Check Gate. As much as he wanted to follow, Ttar's Pokemon were now in critical condition, and needed to be rested. A few hours later, after all of the Pokemon had had some medicine and rest, Ttar left the Viridian Pokemon Center, and headed to the Badge Check Gate.

The large building stood before him. Ttar was nervous, but he knew he had to press on. Inside, a man asked to see his Boulder Badge. Ttar presented it, and the man ushered him on. Outside of the building was a long road with walls surrounding it. Several more men stopped Ttar, asking to see each of his badges. One man even halted Ttar as he was Surfing across a stream on Doomed. After passing eight guards, Ttar found himself before a cave entrance. This was the Victory Road, the last road to the Pokemon League. Ttar didn't know what he'd find inside, but he proceeded anyways, and stepped into the dark cave.

Many puzzles awaited Ttar inside. Most of them involved using Arceustar's Strength to shove boulders around, and moving them to the correct spot opened gates. Many strong trainers challenged him along the way, but he persevered over all of them. Then, as Ttar was working on another puzzle, he heard a loud crash, and saw a red glow coming from deeper into a side cave. He went to investigate it.

At the end of the path, he saw what he hoped to see. Standing in the darkness was a huge bird, with wings made of fire, and a long pointed beak. It turned to look at Ttar when he approached, and the bird leapt into the air. Ttar pulled his camera out of his bag, but he wasn't quite fast enough. As the Moltres flew over his head, he snapped a few quick shots, but all of them came out as blurry flames. Ttar was rather disappointed, but he decided to not give chase to Moltres. He continued on his way.

Even more trainers challenged Ttar, but in the end, Ttar was victorious. After completing one final puzzle involving pushing a boulder through a hole in the floor, Ttar finally found the exit, and emerged into daylight once again.

All that awaited him was another path, the end of Route 23. It was a fairly straight shot to the end, and at the end, there was just a massive building. This had to be the Pokemon Leauge HQ! Ttar walked inside, and found himself in a basic looking Pokemon Center.

A nurse welcomed him, and asked him to show his badges. He showed them, and the nurse asked for his name. She told him that she would register him to take on the Elite Four as soon as possible. Ttar was more nervous than he'd ever been, but his Pokemon reassured him. Before long, the nurse returned for him, saying that the Elite Four was ready to accept his challenge. Ttar stocked up on items, and then headed through the large door, to his final battles. If he played his cards right, Ttar would soon be Champion!

Chapter 18: Elite Four, Part 1
What awaited Ttar on the other side of the door was not as spectacular as he imagined. A room with a simple platform over a pool was all there was to see. On the platform sat a woman with a long red ponytail and glasses. She looked up when she heard Ttar's footsteps, and gave him a warm welcome.

"Welcome to the Pokemon League!" she said. "I am Lorelei of the Elite Four! And who are you, challenger?"

Ttar introduced himself, and Lorelei pondered for a moment. "Hmm.... are you from Pallet Town, by chance?" she asked. Ttar nodded yes, to which she replied, "Ah, yes. I believe Sam Oak mentioned you once when he visited us. If you made it here, you must be good!"

"BUT!" she suddenly shouted, "Be warned. No one can best me when it comes to icy Pokemon! Freezing moves are powerful! Your Pokemon will be completely at my mercy when they're frozen solid! Hahaha!"

Lorelei sent out her first Pokemon, a Dewgong. Ttar was unfamiliar with this Pokemon, so he chose to sent out Torture. Ttar moved first, and had Torture use Toxic on Dewgong. The Dewgong responded with a Take Down, but it did very little damage. Next, Ttar ordered a Fire Spin, but it missed! Lorelei then commanded Dewgong to use Rest! It fell asleep, but recovered it's lost health, and relieved itself of the Toxic poison!

Torture used Confuse Ray next, and it landed successfully, but Dewgong slept on. Having used all of it's other moves, Torture was now willing to use Flamethrower, and she did! It was a powerful hit, and took away over half of Dewgong's HP! Dewgong woke up, but another Flamethrower was all Ttar needed to take Dewgong out.

Lorelei's next Pokemon was a Cloyster. Ttar called Torture back, and decided to give Doomed a shot at it. Sure enough, a single Thunderbolt was all it took to defeat the shellfish, and Lorelei quickly called it back.

Next up was a Slowbro. Ttar thought this was odd, as Slowbro was not an Ice-type, but he called Doomed back, and sent out enviro to take it on. enviro tried to put the Slowbro to sleep, but Sleep Powder missed several times, as Slowbro set up several Amnesias. Sleep Powder hit on the third attempt, and Ttar smiled, knowing the Amnesia boosts were in vain. He told enviro to use Razor Leaf, and as always, it scored a critical hit, erasing the stat boosts! The Slowbro barely survived, but it slept on, and another Razor Leaf put an end to it.

The next Pokemon Lorelei sent out was a Jynx. Ttar knew that Jynx was not to be trifled with, so he sent out Angry Nerd to take it on. Angry Nerd attacked first, and one Double-Edge was all it took to KO the Jynx. Lorelei called it back, and then addressed Ttar.

"You really do know what you're doing," she said, "but that may not be enough to win the Pokemon League! Let's see if you can take down my final Pokemon! Go, Lapras!"

The ferrying Pokemon appeared out of it's PokeBall, and waited menacingly. Ttar decided that to take it out, he'd have to go the slow route. He sent out Torture again, who was pleased to be able to take on such a strong opponent. Ttar ordered her to use Fire Spin, and the attack connected. It immobilised the Lapras for three turns, chipping away a quarter of it's health. After that, Torture used Confuse Ray, and the Lapras ended up hitting itself that turn! Then, Torture decided to try her luck, and use Toxic. It connected, and the Lapras hit itself in confusion again! Next up was another Fire Spin, immobilising the Lapras once more, with the Fire Spin and the Toxic chipping away at it's HP. Torture was clearly enjoying herself, and after only a few more turns of Fire Spin, the Lapras couldn't take anymore, and it collapsed onto the floor. Ttar had won the battle!

"How dare you!" Lorelei called out. "How could you be so mean to my poor Lapras!" She rushed to it's side, but Lapras lifted it's head, showing that it would be alright. Lorelei helped it into the pool, and then turned to Ttar.

"Well," she said, "It turns out Oak was right about you. You're something else! You've still got a long road ahead, though. Go ahead! You've only gotten a taste of Pokemon League power!"

On the far wall, a door opened up. Lorelei beckoned for Ttar to go through it. He did, but not before shaking her hand, thanking her for a good match.

As Ttar walked through the door, Arceustar emerged from his PokeBall. He was quite clearly upset about not being able to participate in the last battle. Ttar promised him that he could participate in the next one, which made Arceustar happy.

As they walked into the next room, Ttar was surprised to see it as just a large room full of boulders. In the center of the floor sat a large man, wearing nothing but tattered pants, and with squinty eyes. Ttar walked up to him, but before he could say anything, a voice started speaking.

"I am Bruno of the Elite Four," it said. It took Ttar a moment to realize that the voice was coming from the man. The sound echoed all around the room. Bruno opened his eyes a little, and despite sitting down, his eyes were level with Ttar's.

"Through rigorous training, people and Pokemon can become stronger," he said. "I've weight trained with my Pokemon, and I hope you've trained yours well too. If you haven't, we will grind you down with out superior power! Hoo hah!"

Bruno shouted even louder, and then sent out his first Pokemon, an Onix. Ttar was surprised by this, as he'd already defeated a Rock-type specialist and a Ground-type specialist. Regardless, this would be a highly favorable matchup for Arceustar, so Ttar ordered him forward.

"A mere Squirtle?" Bruno laughed. "Not a Blastoise, not even a Wartortle, but a Squirtle? If you wanted your Pokemon League challenge to end this early, you may as well have not even entered!"

Arceustar was extremely upset, and fired off a Bubblebeam without even being told to do so. It hit the Onix square in the face, and as expected, it was knocked out in one hit. Bruno was surprised, but he shook it off, and sent out his next Pokemon, a Hitmonchan. Ttar now realized that Bruno was supposed to use Fighting-types, and Ttar prepared to sent out Creeper to take it on. But as he pulled the PokeBall out, a bubble hit his hand. Arceustar was shaking his head, conveying the message that he wanted to continue to fight on his own. Ttar was reluctant, but he agreed.

Hitmonchan attacked with an Ice Punch, but it wasn't very effective on Arceustar. Ttar ordered Arceustar to use Hydro Pump, and the hit landed, clean KOing the Hitmonchan. Bruno looked even more surprised, and sent out his next Pokemon, Hitmonlee. Arceustar insisted that he stay in again. The Hitmonlee used Mega Kick and did a huge chunk of damage, and then Arceustar missed his Hydro Pump! Ttar hot his revenge hax on the following turn, however, as Hitmonlee missed a Jump Kick, and a Hydro Pump knocked out it out.

Bruno sent out another Onix next. It used Slam on Arceustar, but the hit bounced right off, and a Bubblebeam easily fainted it. Bruno was now grinding his teeth in frustration. With another loud "HOO HAH" he sent out his final Pokemon, a Machamp. Arceustar still wanted to stay in, however. Arceustar attacked first, scoring a critical hit with Hydro Pump, almost KOing the Machamp. Bruno clearly didn't expect that, as he merely ordered a Focus Energy. Arceustar used Bubblebeam one more time, and it was enough to KO the Machamp. The muscular Pokemon was on it's knees, and Ttar and Arceustar had won the battle!

Bruno called his Pokemon back, and turned away from Ttar. "Go on ahead to your next challenge," he said. "I wish you luck."

Ttar walked past him, and Arceustar stuck his tongue out. Ttar tapped Bruno on the shoulder, and held out his hand. Bruno gripped his hand for a moment, and then turned away again, not saying a word. Ttar walked through the newly opened door at the end of the room. Two of the Elite Four had been defeated, and only two remained. Two battles standing between Ttar and the Championship!

Chapter 19: Elite Four, Part 2
The third room for the Elite Four was very ominous. It was full of headstones, and Ttar really hoped that there weren't actually bodies under them. Ttar had a feeling that this trainer would use Ghost-types. However, he seemed to remember reading about a Poison-type specialist in the Elite Four. He walked forward, and saw an old woman sitting alone at a table.
"Hello, child," the woman said as Ttar approached her, "I am Agatha of the Elite Four! Oak's taken a lot of interest in you! Oh, that old duff! He was once tough and handsome! That was decades ago, however. Now, he only cares about research. He's wrong! Pokemon are for fighting! Enough about him!"
She stood up, and braced herself on her cane. "Now, Ttar," she said, "I'll show you how a real trainer fights!"
She sent out her first Pokemon, a Gengar. Ttar wanted to send out Creeper to take it on, but as he was about to, enviro forced itself out of it's PokeBall. Just like Arceustar before it, enviro seemed very anxious to battle Agatha. Ttar knew this was not a favorable matchup, but he decided to let enviro have a chance anyways.
What followed was one of the most gutwrenching battles in the history of the Pokemon world. enviro wasn't able to do much damage to any of Agatha's Pokemon, due to them all being Poison-types. It fired off Razor Leaf after Razor Leaf, but Agatha kept using Super Potions to heal her Pokemon. enviro would paralyze her Pokemon with Stun Spore, but she would simply switch them out, negating the speed drops. Many Full Heals were used to avoid enviro being destroyed by Dream Eater from the Gengar and Haunter. Gengar and Golbat constantly used Confuse Ray, and in a display that would have Torture in hysterics, enviro hit itself in confusion time and time again, only very rarely managing to get a hit off. Even when it did land a hit, the damage was so low, and before long, enviro ran out of PP for Razor Leaf! Ttar had to use a Max Ether on it, and finally, after thousands of dollars in items were spent, enviro finally managed to knock out all of Agatha's Pokemon. Ttar was quite happy that Agatha chose to use Confuse Ray when enviro was already confused, and use Dream Eater when enviro wasn't asleep. Ttar pledged to himself that he'd never allow another battle like this to happen again, and accepted his victory.
Neither Ttar nor Agatha had any words to share with each other after that battle. The door to the next room opened, and Agatha pointed to it before sitting back down at her table. Ttar called enviro back to it's PokeBall, and walked through. He was feeling a bit uneasy about what may await him, but he proceeded nonetheless.
On the other side of the door was a long hallway, lined with statues of various Pokemon. Ttar walked down it, and shortly came to another room. Upon entering, the door closed behind him. A spotlight came on, shining onto the man at the far end of the room. He had fiery red hair, and was wearing an odd costume, including a cape. The man began to speak:
"Ah, I heard about you, Ttar," he said. "I lead the Elite Four! You can call me Lance the Dragon Trainer!"
Ttar wasn't sure if he really wanted to be called "Lance the Dragon Master," but before he could really ponder it, Lance the Dragon Master continued.
"You know that Dragons are mythical Pokemon, yes?" he asked. "They're hard to catch and raise, but their powers are superior! They're virtually indestructible!"
Out of nowhere, the thought of Tinkerbell tackling a dragon popped into Ttar's mind. He laughed to himself, thinking it funny. Fairies beating Dragons, as if that would ever happen!
"Well, Ttar," Lance the Dragon Trainer said, "Are you ready to lose? Your league challenge ends with me!"
Lance sent out his first Pokemon, a Gyarados. Ttar wondered if Lance knew that Gyarados wasn't actually a Dragon, but he decided to let it slide, and he sent out Doomed. Surprisingly, Doomed attacked first, and a single Thunderbolt made quick work of the Gyarados. Lance called it back, and sent out his next Pokemon, a Dragonair.
Seeing as Creeper had yet to see any use so far, Ttar decided to send him out. Creeper's first Hypnosis missed, but the Dragonair's Slam didn't do much damage back. A second Hypnosis also missed, and Dragonair attacked with Dragon Rage, doing a good bit of damage, but nothing critical. Creeper missed a third Hypnosis, and Ttar was starting to get very frustrated. The Dragonair launched a Hyper Beam, which almost knocked Creeper out. It managed to hang on, however, and used Hypnosis again. The fourth time was the charm, and Dragonair fell into a deep sleep. Creeper then attacked with Psychic, which scored a critical hit, and knocked Dragonair out in one shot!
Lance sent out another Dragonair next. Ttar left Creeper in, and as always, told it to use Hypnosis. Again, it missed, and the Dragonair fired off a Hyper Beam, which knocked Creeper out cold. Ttar called it back, and sent out Angry Nerd. The Dragonair barely survived the Nerd's Double Edge, and Lance healed it with a Hyper Potion! Another Double-Edge hit, but again, the Dragonair barely survived. It proceeded to use Agility, making sure it would go first next turn. Lance made a critical mis-play, however, and used Dragon Rage. Hyper Beam would've KOed, but the Nerd survived Dragon Rage, and used another Double-Edge to KO Dragonair.
Lance's next Pokemon was an Aerodactyl, a species which was supposed to be extinct. Seeing as Angry Nerd was already in very poor health, Ttar called it back, and sent Doomed back out. The Aerodactyl used Hyper Beam, but Doomed easily survived it. She responded with a Rock Slide, which greatly injured Aerodactyl. Lance ordered a Supersonic next, but Doomed avoided it, and used Rock Slide again, and this time, the Aerodactyl fell from the sky, fainted.
"I didn't expect you to be doing this well," Lance said. "I've still got my ace, though. Witness the power of a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon! Go, Dragonite!"
Ttar couldn't help but laugh at what he saw. A large, fat yellow dragon with tiny wings appeared. It reminded Ttar of a character on a TV show he had watched as a toddler. Ttar called Doomed back, and sent Arceustar out, wanting his first partner to score the final KO in the Pokemon League.
Ttar's laughing made Lance furious, and he shouted for his Dragonite to use Slam. Arceustar jumped out of the way of the lumbering beast, however, and at Ttar's command, attacked with Ice Beam. Just as he'd expected, the Ice Beam seemed to really hurt the Dragonite. So much so, that it fell forward onto the ground with a large thud. Dragonite had fainted, and Ttar had won the battle, and the Championship!
As Lance called his Dragonite back, Ttar sent out his Pokemon, celebrating his victory with all of them. Lance cleared his throat, trying to get Ttar's attention, but Ttar didn't care! Only after Lance shouted at him did Ttar finally take notice.
"I still can't believe my Dragons lost to you, Ttar," Lance said. "You are now the Pokemon League Champion!"
Ttar and his Pokemon jumped for joy, but Lance held up his hand.
"Or," he said, with something of a grin on his face, "You would have been, but you have one more challenge ahead."
Ttar was surprised. He had been told that he just had to defeat the Elite Four to become Champion. Lance continued:
"You have to face another trainer!" he said. "His name is..... Blue! He beat the Elite Four before you! He is the real Pokemon League Champion!"
Ttar's jaw dropped. No words could sum up what he felt when Lance uttered those words. Blue, the jerk who he had been defeating constantly over his journey, had defeated the Pokemon League before him, and take his title. If that had happened, Ttar was sure that Blue must've really stepped up his game. Lance opened the door to what would be Ttar's real final battle. Ttar wasn't sure how tough Blue would be, but he had a feeling that defeating him wouldn't be as easy as it had been in the past.

Chapter 20: The End
The time had come for Ttar to face his final challenge. Blue, the trainer who had given Ttar a hard time throughout his journey, was the only thing standing between Ttar and the Pokemon League Championship. Ttar and his Pokemon were fully steeled for the fight ahead. They proceeded through the door, into the final room.
The final room was very small, and the only thing in it was a lone figure: Blue. Ttar walked up to him, and when Blue noticed him, he said:
"Hey, I was looking forward to seeing you, Ttar!"
Ttar had no real words for Blue. The cocky attitude was making things worse.
"My rival should be strong to keep me sharp!" Blue continued. "While working on my Pokedex, I looked all over for powerful Pokemon! Not only that, but I assembled teams that would beat any Pokemon type! And now, I'm the Pokemon League Champion!"
Ttar clenched his fists a little at the sound of those words. Blue took no notice, and continued to speak:
"Do you know what that means, Ttar?" he asked. "I'll tell you! I am the most powerful trainer in the world! Do you still think you can win? Let's see if you've still got your luck!"
Blue tossed out a PokeBall. As Ttar expected, from it came Pidgeot, just as in every other battle. Ttar knew he needed to deal with it fast, so he sent Doomed forward.
Ttar ordered Doomed to attack with Thunderbolt. She attacked first, and the attack connected, dealing heavy damage to the large bird. Blue shouted his command, and Pidgeot tucked in it's wings and started glowing, apparently charging energy.
"You really think you'll be able to survive this?" Blue said tauntingly. "Best of luck!"
Ttar knew Doomed had to attack first to have a chance at beating the Pidgeot. He did not want her to have to take a Sky Attack. He ordered her to use Thunderbolt once more, and the Pidgeot remained entirely immobile, still charging energy. The attack landed flawlessly, and as Ttar had hoped, Pidgeot crumpled to the floor. One Pokemon down, five to go.
"I suppose I should've seen that coming," Blue said. "But no matter! Go, Alakazam!"
The mustached Pokemon appeared. This was the Pokemon that Ttar was fearing the most. It was so very fast and strong, Ttar needed to knock it out quickly, before it could tear through his team. Doomed was not in a favorable matchup versus Alakazam, so Ttar called her back, and sent out Angry Nerd, hoping he'd be able to make quick work of it.
Sure enough, this time, Angry Nerd outsped the Alakazam, and hit it with a powerful Double-Edge attack! The Nerd took a good bit of recoil damage, but Blue's biggest threat was down for the count! Ttar jumped for joy, and thanked Angry Nerd heartily.
"Really?" Blue said, clearly very upset. "I thought Alakazam would be the one to end you. Well, this stinks, but I've still got four more Pokemon! Go, Rhydon!"
The large beast reared it's head as it emerged from it's PokeBall. As powerful as it was, Ttar knew that Angry Nerd wouldn't be defeating a Rhydon, so he called him back, and sent out enviro instead.
enviro attacked before Rhydon, and used Razor Leaf when Ttar commanded it. The attack connected, and all of the little leaves were too much for Rhydon to handle. Before it could launch a single attack, it fell to the ground, defeated. Half of Blue's team was defeated, and Ttar's Pokemon hadn't even been hit once! This was going much better than Ttar ever expected it to.
Blue said nothing as he called his Rhydon back, and sent out his next Pokemon, the fearsome Gyarados. Ttar decided to let Creeper have a shot at it, as Creeper was clearly itching to battle against Blue. Creeper attacked first, and landed Hypnosis on it's first try! But, luck was still not on Ttar's side, as the Gyarados instantly awoke to Blue's call. Ttar commanded another Hypnosis, and amazingly, it landed again! This time, Gyarados slept peacefully. The time had come for Creeper to unleash a Psychic, and it did a good bit of damage to Gyarados, and even scored the Special drop! Gyarados slept on, and Ttar knew that it was lights out for the serpent. Creeper used Psychic once more, and thanks to the Special drop, the Gyarados couldn't survive it. It fainted, and fell to the floor, shaking the entire room.
Ttar may have imagined it, but he thought he saw a tear in Blue's eye. The frustration on his face was clear as day as he sent out his next Pokemon, his Arcanine. Ttar called Creeper back, deciding to give Arceustar a chance to participate. Arcanine attacked first, and used Leer, cutting Arceustar's Defense. Arceustar then attacked with a Bubblebeam, doing a lot of damage, and even scoring the Speed drop! Thanks to that, Arceustar was able to attack again before the Arcanine, and with one more Bubblebeam, the mighty dog fell.
Blue called Arcanine back, and pulled out one last PokeBall. Ttar knew what would be inside of it. He heard Blue whisper "It's all on you, pal," to the ball before tossing it forward. From it emerged Venusaur, the Pokemon Blue had left Oak's lab with on the first day, so long ago. Ttar called Arceustar back, and sent out his final Pokemon, Torture. She had a good matchup against Venusaur, and Ttar wanted to secure his victory.
Torture attacked first, as always, and used Fire Spin on the large plant. It connected, and the flames singed it's petals. It was entirely unable to move, so Ttar had the Fire Spin continue. For four turns Venusaur was trapped, taking steady damage from the fire. When the move ended, Ttar ordered one more Fire Spin, but Torture tripped up and missed! Blue ordered Venusaur to use Growth, increasing it's Special stat, making it's Grass moves more powerful.
Thankfully, when Ttar had Torture use Fire Spin again, it connected, and even got a critical hit! Venusaur couldn't move, and one turn later, the fire was too much, and Venusaur collapsed. Ttar had won the battle, without taking a single hit!
"NO!" Blue shouted. "That can't be! You beat my best! After all that work to become Leauge Champ? My reign is over already! It's not fair!"
Ttar could see the tears welling up in Blue's eyes. He was about to say something, when a voice came from behind him.
"Ttar!" the voice called. Ttar recognized it as the voice of Professor Oak.
"So, you won! Congratulations! You're the new Pokemon League Champion!" Oak said, smiling. Ttar and his Pokemon cheered loudly, so proud of themselves.
"You've grown up so much since you first left with Squirtle!" he continued. "Ttar, you have come of age!"
He turned to Blue, and addressed him. "I came when I heard you beat the Elite Four!" he said. "But, when I got here, you had already lost! Do you understand why you lost? You have forgotten to treat your Pokemon with trust and love. Without them, you'll never become a champ again!"
"Ttar!" Oak said, turning his attention. "You understand that your victory was not just your own doing, yes? The bond you share with your Pokemon is marvelous! Now, come with me!"
Oak walked into the next room, and Ttar and his Pokemon followed. Blue was left behind, brooding over his loss. The next room was bare, except for a computer on the far wall. Oak stood next to it, and called Ttar over.
"Congratulations, again!" Oak said, clearing his throat. "This is the Pokemon League Hall of Fame! Pokemon League Champions are honored for their exploits here! Their Pokemon are also recorded in the Hall of Fame! Ttar, you have endeavored hard to become the new Champion! You and your Pokemon are Hall of Famers!"
Ttar and his Pokemon stood together, as Oak took a photo of them, and registered their data in the computer. When the process was completed, Ttar and Oak left the Hall of Fame. They passed by Blue, who decided to tag along with them.
They passed through each room of the Pokemon League, where each Elite Four member congratulated Ttar. The group travelled on, and before long, they had returned to Pallet Town. Blue and Oak congratulated Ttar one last time, and then went home. Ttar went home as well.
Inside, his mother immediately embraced him, congratulating Ttar and his Pokemon, and saying how proud she was of them. Ttar was very happy with his victory, but he now wondered: what comes next? Only time would tell.

Final Team:

Arceustar the Squirtle
Level 61
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam

Doomed the Nidoqueen
Level 60
-Body Slam
-Rock Slide

Angry Nerd the Fearow
Level 60
-Double Team
[Special Attackers solo'd: 10/10]

enviro the Victreebel
Level 61
-Razor Leaf
-Sleep Powder
-Stun Spore
-Mega Drain

Creeper the Hypno
Level 60
[Children solo'd: 10/10)

Torture the Ninetales
Level 60
-Fire Spin
-Confuse Ray
Reserving something for Tyranitarphantom.

Tyranitarphantom, you get Angry Nerd the Spearow.

This Spearow is like no other Spearow, it aspires to be intelligent. Therefore, it desires to raise its Special. Of course this cannot happen, as in Gen 1 there are no EVs, but every time you get the Special-boosting item, you must use it on Spearow. Spearow is from the Saffron Academy; he had failed the Special exam, hence the name Angry Nerd. Therefore, it must solo its teacher, Sabrina.

After soloing its teacher, it realizes that its true potential is in its Attack and Speed stats. Use every Protein and Carbos that you get on Spearow. Of course, it still remembers the old times, where it was trying to max out its Special. Therefore, every time it is hit by a Special attack, if you have an X-Special, use it on Spearow. It must also know Agility ASAP, along with one Normal STAB, one Flying STAB (it likes STABs) and one status move. (I was going to say Special attack, except that Spearow doesn't learn Special attacks Gen 1.)

Evolve after soloing 10 Special attackers (Pokemon whose STAB is Special Gen 1).
TtarPhantom gets Doomed the _______.

Please select the doomed Pokemon:
1). Rhyhorn
2). Nidoran (female)
3). Mankey

Whatever you choose, it must solo one of the last 4 gyms according to the correct order they come in.

As this mon is doomed from the beginning, no STAB over 40 BP. Must use a non-damaging move first, if possible becaus it is doomed from the start.

Now, so far, you have average restrictions, so, the mon that you chose will you the last two apiece:

Rhyhorn: left alone and abandoned, this little one is very sad. Let it try to solo Moltres in Victory Road. If it fails, Rhyhorn cannot be used in 3 E4 battles because of low confidence.

Nidoran(female): he brother made fun of her for all her life. Unless another restriction prevents it, solo all Nidoran(male), Nidorino, and Nidoking that you see. May only know TM/HM moves ASAP.

Mankey: he lost his fighting skills for most of the trip. You may never learn a fighting move until soloing the fighting Dojo. Must know Mega Punch and Maga Kick (it learns those right?) forever. Solo the Machop line if possible.

Have fun and good luck!!
reserving for Ttar.

Grass/Poison type

You get enviro the bellsprout!
This bellsprout was raised in an environmentally conscious family, and is very concerned about the environment. It believes in natural things, so it must know PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder and Stun Spore ASAP.
After arriving in Celadon, enviro feels great kinship with Erika, due to her respect for the environment and nature, and may not battle inside her gym.

In Saffron, enviro is stunned at the amount of toxic smog released by Silph Co. Solo all the gym trainers in Sabrina's gym in order to make a statement. After Sabrina has been defeated, enviro realizes that PosionPowder is poison type, and may never use a Poison type move again.

Finally, solo Agatha, the poison member of the Elite Four, in order to break all links enviro has with the poison type. After this point, you may only use grass-type moves for the rest of the E4 and Champion, and the rest of the game if you do it, as enviro has fully embraced the grass type.

Let me know if its too easy or too hard, and I can change it.
Phadunk's Pokemon Black Scramble
[1 more Pokemon needed]

Snivy, aka Snood -
He thinks he has the Dream World ability, and it's delusion will carry with him throughout his life. Will never use the same move twice in a row, and cannot use items two moves in a row. If Snivy ever fails in battle, he must prove his worth to be on my squad by soloing a Gym Leader. If any opponent raises his stats, Swagger, etc.. he must switch out not letting anyone force him to do a damn thing. Fuck the police.

Trubbish, aka Toxin
- Toxin is out to prove he isn't trash and wants to show that Poison is here to stay. He will always hold onto 3 Poison type moves in his arsenal, and Toxic Spikes will always stay as 1. If he ever runs into another Poison type, he will play nice and never directly attack them, if he runs into Ground or Psychic typing.. he must fight till the death or victory.. win/die with pride. Once he lays the smack down on 3 gym battles by laying Toxic Spikes, he can evolve. This continues into the E4 however, and needs to lay down TSpikes in every E4 battle, showing Poison dominance. Throughout the journey, he must solo one trainer per gym.

Sandile, aka NileDile - NileDile loves the water, and wants to leave the party every time we surf. However, it is unable to attack Water type Pokemon. During the journey it feels sadden and suddenly.. enraged. It should learn Outrage when it can, and always keep it as it is outraged at the fact it will never find it's true home. NileDile must solo the entire Relic Castle, kill Volcarona, and feel accomplished. Once done, it finally settles down and realizes its true home is with me, and will drop Outrage for Return.

Minccino, aka Enthusia - Enthusia must always have Encore, if an opponent uses a move 60BP +, must Encore that move as a sign of appreciation. Work Up is another move that has to be known, and unless it Works Up once, it may not attack. In order to evolve, Enthusia must solo Elesa while using a move Sing, Rain Dance, Attract, Charm, or Captivate. Once done, it can now finally drop Encore as it feels appreciation has been given to the world, but now Work Up must be used twice before an attack is executed.

Panpour, aka Chill - Chillest Pokemon out there brah. Chill needs to learn Rest ASAP, just wants to chill and take a nap and lay back, you know? Chill needs to also learn an Ice type ASAP since it's just so laid back and chilly.. no biggie. Once I get to Skyla, Chill just needs to show her how cool chilling can be, and solo the leader completely. Acrobatics is a no-no, too much work for such a chill pokemon.
Phadunk, Snivy can't use two items in a row period. I don't care if it's potion and potion, or X attack and a Hyper Potion, as long as Snivy is out as your active Pokemon, you can't use items on two consecutive turns.

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