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Wobbanaut, you get Palindrome the Girafarig.

This entire Pokemon is a Palindrome, & basically, the restrictions, in a way, are palindromes. Palindrome must have a movpool consisting of two moves of one type, & two moves of another ASAP. They must be ordered so that one Type appears in the first & fourth moveslot, And the other type being in the second & third moveslot.
Palindrome must solo Morty, not only that, but it must also solo the next Gym Leader you face (Either Pryce or Chuck), to keep up the Palindrome theme. Not only that, but Palindrome must solo 2 Kanto Gym Leaders, but in a way to keep up the Palindrome theme (i.e. If you make Palindrome solo the first Kanto Gym Leader you face, it must also solo the last Kanto Gym Leader you face, if you solo the second Kanto Gym Leader you face with it, you must also solo the second last Kanto Gym Leader you face with it, etc.), & it must solo the first & last Pokemon of 2 E4 members. Which ones you pick, I don't care.

Have fun.
I accept palindrome but I'm not doing the Morty solo because there is no way to get it before Morty bar poke walker Which I don't have access to but really fun challenge
Reserving a starter for Wobbanaut.
Wabbanaut, take Reverse the Cyndaquil. Reverse is actually the long-lost brother of my own Cyndaquil, Starter (also a scramblemon). However, they are different in every way possible. Firstly, Starter is always under the effect of Taunt, so Reverse must only have one attacking move. Starter had to solo the Rocket Executives, so Reverse may never battle against any member of Team Rocket unless you have no pokemon left. Starter must never switch out, so Reverse must switch out on every 4th turn it is in battle (e.g. Swtich in >> Turn 1 >> Turn 2 >> Turn 3 >> Switch out). Finally, Starter had to do so many solos, Reverse may not solo any major battle (gym, rival, etc.) Have fun!

And for those of you who care (most likely nobody) I still haven't touched my SS game. I'll continue it for sure, but not for quite a while.
Wobbanaut, add Paras to your team. Call him Crisp.

From a young age, Crisp suffered from skin problems - Crisp must have Dry Skin as his ability, giving him a 5x weakness to Fire. As a result, Crisp has always been absolutely terrified of Fire types. Whenever Crisp is out against a Fire type Pokémon, he becomes traumatised, switches out and will refuse to fight until you heal your team at a Pokémon Centre.

At level 30, Crisp feels it's time to start beating his phobia. The previous restriction is voided. To evolve, Crisp must solo one Fire type Pokémon belonging to a Trainer. If Crisp faints while fighting this Pokémon, the phobia kicks in again and the previous restriction is in effect until Crisp levels up.

Once Crisp does evolve, he feels he's pretty much got his fear beat, and is therefore unrestricted in use.

Crisp the Paras
- Until level 30, if Crisp is ever out against a Fire type Pokémon, he will switch out and refuse to fight until you heal at a Pokémon Centre.
- From level 30 onwards, the above restriction is void. To evolve into Parasect, Crisp must solo any Fire type Pokémon belonging to a Trainer. If Crisp faints in an attempt, the above restriction kicks in again, then is void again once Crisp levels up.
- Upon evolution, Crisp is completely unrestricted.

Edit: On my own Scramble - Oldie just evolved into Rampardos. The sheer POWER of this thing... holy shit. I thought Fiddle's newly discovered X-Scissor was powerful; Oldie is something else. Even his specially-based AncientPower is dealing an awful lot of damage thanks to STAB and the potential for stat boosts across the board. New favourite team member? Perhaps. Pity he'll still be pretty useless in the Crasher Wake fight. D:
I accept palindrome but I'm not doing the Morty solo because there is no way to get it before Morty bar poke walker Which I don't have access to but really fun challenge
Walk through Mt. Mortar, and you can get to Mahogany Town without the need for Surf.

Reserving something for you.

You can go with a Tyrogue. You must explore the depths of Mt Mortar, something which haunted the rest of your team. Your other Pokemon resent Tyrogue for making them travel to such a damp place. Therefore, your team doesn't want to fight with it. Tyrogue can not be used in double battles, and if he faints in battle, your Pokemon get frustrated and hate it more.

When you evolve it after it solos 3 trainers who own 3 or more Pokemon (can be any evolution), it wants to prove itself to your team by soloing every Rocket admin at Radio Tower. In addition, unless the opponent it Flying or Psychic type, he must come in first after any of your Pokemon faint, to prove that it is reliable. Solo a Kanto Gym Leader of your choice that isn't Brock
Reserving a mareep for wobbanaut

NotNU!! the mareep

He looked at the smogon details for himself and he found out that Ampharos is NU. As he hates being weak, he decided to train. First, solo Bugsy and Clair as a Mareep. He then decides to evolve once but he's not happy. Solo Will, Bruno, Erika and Brock. He then wants to evolve again as he feels pure power. Now, Solo red's Pikachu and Snorlax. He will then be unbeatable.
I'll add one in for Wobbanaut. You'll get a water type from me.

You can have a Magikarp. Call it Blue>Red. This Magikarp wants to show you the virtues of training a Pokemon. Evolve it whenever you want, but it must be a Gyarados before you get to Lake Rage. When you get there, solo the Red Gyarados with your awesome Blue one. You must not use any X items, nor any TM moves against the Red Gyarados (show them the the EVs you got from training is what makes you stronger!). You must also be within 5 levels of the Red Gyarados.

The only other stipulation you'll get is that Gyarados cannot be used against a Gym Leader or Elite Four's Pokemon, unless that Pokemon is already in yellow or red health. If it heals up from red/yellow to green, switch out immediately.

Yes, I am feeling lenient right now.
Crasher Wake just got trolled so hard. Here's how, in five easy steps!

  1. Spam Defense Curl with Lola until at +6, leaving Gyarados to deal pathetic damage.
  2. Use Agility followed by Baton Pass to Purify.
  3. Spam Calm Mind until at +6.
  4. Use Confusion twice to take out Gyarados (yeah, not even a +6 STAB Confusion was enough... did about 75%), followed by Grass Knot to OHKO Floatzel, followed by Grass Knot to OHKO Quagsire.
  5. Mock Crasher Wake mercilessly.

As soon as Lola hit level 33 and learned Agility, he never had a chance. I overwrote Jump Kick so that I could spam Defense Curl in the battle, but I'll probably use one of the Heart Scales I got while searching for Oldie to relearn Jump Kick; it's generally more useful.

Not sure where I would've been without being able to teach Grass Knot to Purify, either... only other supereffective moves I had available were Bullet Seed (usable by nobody) and Shock Wave (usable by Oldie or Lola). Shock Wave is an okay move, but Oldie had no business fighting against Wake and in any case has AncientPower for a special move which is far more useful, while Lola's SpA is abysmal by any standards. :p
I just finished a White challange. Pretty good, especially without having to worry about a starter. My Hydreigon was a beast, especially considering Ghetsis’s one almost OHKO’d every other Pokémon that I had. Anyways, I’m looking for another Solo Scramble, on White. I’m providing a list of rules and viable Pokémon. Also, Microsoft Word autocorrects “challange” to “challenge” so I’m not putting the "a" in it. I like to use variable signs, so you’ll be seeing quite a lot of them. In addition, why doesn’t anybody put the “é” in Pokémon, because I see everyone spell it with a normal “e?”

  • This is an EASY/MEDIUM challenge. That means 4-5/10 on a difficulty scale. I don’t want a ridiculously hard Pokémon that’ll troll me for the entire game. I need something that’s easy enough to work with without being hard enough to kill me.
  • None of the following restrictions:
      • X Pokémon cannot hold Y item (or cannot hold an item)
      • if X Pokémon isn’t holding an item (or Y item), it can’t attack
      • etc. etc. etc.
      • X Pokémon cannot use…
        • STAB moves
        • Moves over X power
      • X Pokémon is always under the effects of…
        • Taunt
        • Torment
        • Choice Item
      • etc. etc. etc.
      • X Pokémon must be at or under/above the highest leveled Pokémon in Y area
      • X Pokémon must be Z levels under/above the highest leveled Pokémon in Y area
      • Note that X Pokémon will be traded, thus it will level up faster. However, being traded means that it may become disobedient. X Pokémon must not be above the… … … “traded Pokémon authority level limit thing that you get when you have more gym badges, and which will make sure your Pokémon actually listen to you.”
  • The Pokémon will be hatched from an egg in Pokémon Black, then traded to Pokémon White after obtaining the C-Gear. Pokémon may have TM, Level-Up, Special, or Egg moves that it wouldn’t normally have at that time. I will use 4 Rare Candies to level up the Pokémon to Lv. 5, which is what any normally obtained Starter Pokémon would be at. This ensures that it doesn’t gain any extra EVs, etc. that it wouldn’t normally have.

The List of Viable Pokémon: (BOLD means preferred)
  • Drilbur → Excadrill
  • Sandile → Krokorok → Krookodile
  • Archen → Archeops
  • Tynamo → Eelektrik → Eelektross
  • Litwick → Lampent → Chandelure
  • Axew → Fraxure → Haxorus
  • Deino → Zweilous → Hydreigon
  • Larvesta → Volcarona

^ I wanna see a Litwick solo. :D Gonna have a good ol' time trying to beat Lenora, since both of her Pokes have a Dark-type move, and they're both a shit-ton faster then Litwick's dirt-poor Base 20 Speed. Still, you'll have some fun during the solo, I'm sure. >:P
That was StallMandibuzz's thing. I'm surprised you didn't find any restrictions. Did I make that impossible ? :)
^ I wanna see a Litwick solo. :D Gonna have a good ol' time trying to beat Lenora, since both of her Pokes have a Dark-type move, and they're both a shit-ton faster then Litwick's dirt-poor Base 20 Speed. Still, you'll have some fun during the solo, I'm sure. >:P
Woooo! :D I might try a Litwick solo myself. ^^ Or maybe a Heartgold solo that isn't going to make me want to break my DS in irritation. :P And Larvesta isn't TOO bad, but it changes from a Physical to a Special attacker upon evolution, and you'd have to make sure you evolved at 59 on the head or you'd miss out on Quiver Dance! :P

Edit: Try to avoid double-posting, Reshiram. >_>
Oops, sorry. Anyways, I just got a Litwick egg! I know I shouldn't be doing this... but THANK YOU GAMEFREAK FOR SKYARROW BRIDGE. About 50 runs of that with a Flame Body Volcarona in my party hatched a lovely little Litwick egg. It isn't Modest or Timid, like its parents' natures (curse you everstones!) but it's Mild, which isn't all that bad. It knows Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Energy Ball, and Psychic. I'm so happy!!!! Time to use some Rare Candies... yeah.
Mild isn't that bad of a nature, but you're gonna have to watch for physical moves. :P Have fun with your Litwick solo! Lenora's gonna have loads of fun beating on your Litwick. :3 Keep us posted with updates. :p
@ReshiramBlackZekromWhite: Try a Ferroseed solo. Seriously. Watch it go from an Iron Barbs staller to a Curse+Gyro Ball sweeper to a monster named Ferrothorn.

It would make Lenora super easy though...
Thank you guys for helping me with wy first scramble I will post it In a few weeks and also arceus vote could you revise your mareep it's a little to hard for me thank you guys again
@ Professor Science:

When it says that Rubble may never learn a rock move other than sandstorm, does that mean he has to learn sandstorm, or just that that is the only rock move he may ever learn, but its not required?
Original Post
Update #-1
Update #0

This will be Update #1. Point form, simply because the other document that I wrote was way too tl;dr.

  • Started White, chose Oshawott as my starter
    • No longer have to worry about rivals using SE Starter against Litwick
  • Weird looking dude named Ghetsis made a speech in Accumula town. Is that how you spell it?
  • Met a dork named N. What a stupid name.
    • Crushed N. Purrloin kept using Assist J
    • Moved 3X faster than before
  • Grinding is awful over here. Nothing that has a high enough level. Still, beat the Dreamyard, got a Pansear, and destroyed Cilan.
  • GOT THE C-GEAR after defeating some weak Plasma Grunts. Traded Oshawott for Litwick, and now I can start the solo.
  • Made a mental note to keep Pansear until Nimbasa, simply because the two girls that fight in a Double Battle won’t allow you to pass unless you have at least 2 Pokémon. Dem assholes won’t let me do a proper solo.
  • Trained Litwick from Lv. 5 to Lv. 20. Made the stupid mistake of getting it to Level 26, and now it won’t obey me. This is going to be one big pain in the ass.

Current Team:

Lv. 26
Litwick @ Expert Belt
Mild Nature
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

Current Badges:
Trio Badge

Current Difficulty:
Easy, until Litwick doesn’t listen to me!

P.S.: Can somebody tell me how to insert a hyperlink in here? I have to copy+paste from Microsoft Word because I have a button for that there...... It would really help :)
Thank you guys for helping me with wy first scramble I will post it In a few weeks and also arceus vote could you revise your mareep it's a little to hard for me thank you guys again
How about one gym from the first section, will, two gyms from the second section and snorlax. Ps evolve ASAP as that will make you stronger
@user18, you don't have to teach Rubble Sandstorm, but you can if you want to :)
@RBZW, on the box you type into to post a message, there are a number of buttons along the top. The main ones you will notice are for Bold, Italics and Underline, just like in MS Word. Next to those is a button to change the colour. And to the right of that one is a little button- click that, C+P your web adress into the box that appears and hey presto, you've got a hyperlink.

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