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Not related to this mon, but seriously how the fuck does keeping in check one of the most powerful behemoths(Char-X) doesnt qualify for Lando-T as influential?What more influence does a pivot needs?He basically INFLUENCES the metagame to not be overcentralized as hell towards that mon by being incredible splashable alongside having a stupidly great role compression, somehow hating popular mons tends to be a current trend, anyways needed to get that out of my chest.
this is correct however, that's not the primary reasons why lando-t should be top 10. lando-t should be up there simply because it's a pokemon of absolute consistency. it's one of those mons that can adapt to any metagame and is one of the first few mons that we consider when making a team. that in itself is a huge statement as to why lando-t should be up there. sure, it isn't something that influences the metagame by being stupidly powerful and warping the environment around it (e.g the top 3 titans), but i think it's deserving of a top 10 slot at the bare minimum just because it's consistency did not wane throughout the past 2.5 years as it managed to adapt to the ever changing and threat-filled metagame we call 6th gen.

tldr - even though lando-t isn't a mon that influenced the metagame, it is a mon of incredible consistency at it's roles throughout 6th gen and i think that in itself is a quality that makes it a top 10 titan in our metagame.

on the reals tho, i think that talonflame should take the 7th slot. it's one of those mons that once introduced, never failed at doing what it did best. yeah, it was 4x weak to stealth rocks and it's attack is paper thin but that's about the end of it's cons. being a fire physical attacker meant it didn't fear burn cuts and being one of the rare fire types that can thrive in ou (even volc dropped to BL) means that it was definitely a force to be reckoned with. from cb sets to sharp beak sd , it can put in a huge amount of dent offensively on teams that were underprepared for it and even though you could be prepared for it, SD natural gift (grass / fighting) allowed it to surprise lure it's threats so that it can sweep later or allow another member of the party to clean up while the stall breaker sets (bulk up / wisp taunt) gave teams a strong fairy resist that allowed them to deal with stall as well as the common fairy spammers such as clef and mgarde. talonflame is also the mon that sparked the rise of burdspam combined with the help of mpins' overwhelming presence in the tier as well. overall, you can't deny that talonflame has been a prominent force in ou since it's release and was one of the few teambuilding restrictions OU has to handle with that isn't currently banned.

Clearly in the minority here but I think this should go above Clef or Talon. While it wasn't here for anywhere near as long as the other two, it became a dominant force by making the meta filled with HO thanks to two great sets in offensive and hazard stacker. It's versatility made it super hard to switch into and is the reason why most people found this much more overwhelming than its Defense forme.

Previously thought as subpar in the beginning on XY, then moving on to be easily the best revenge killer in Gen 6. It not only helped completely invalidate Scarf revenge killers, but also helped make sure WAY more people pack Rocks just for this, and even keep some otherwise excellent Pokemon like Fighting and Steel types from reigning supreme.

Someone also made the great point earlier of Talonflame being the "minimum height" Pokemon for OU. Where if you couldn't beat Talonflame, or stick on a team that helped beat it, you couldn't be in OU, which is enough for me to think of it for #7.

idk why people are voting Clef, you check one fairy you usually checked Clef. True, it blanket checked a bunch of things, but Talonflame does that in a more offensive, and therefore, less momentum killing manner. Sure, Clef's bulky but it's slow and pretty weak without a boost. When you think Priority you think Talonflame. It revolutionised revenge killing, and unlike Clef it took more dedicated checks and counters than with Clef, and mandated a flying resist that didn't lose automatically to Flare Blitz. No semi bulky flying resist? lol have fun with Talonflame. Also see everyone else's reasons
Talonflame, for reasons mentioned in my last post.

Also, I'm very late with this, but everyone who said it was impossible to put up rocks vs. Mega Sableye needs more SR Mold Breaker Excadrill in their lives.
Rocks drill is really niche and Excadrill usually has better things to do than set up rocks (and it's bad at that because it doesn't beat any hazard remover).

Anyways, I think you guys are hyping up Talonflame waaaay too much. Although it will win this round, I just don't think it's anywhere near as influential as you make it to be.

If you can't beat Talonflame or are revenge killed by it, you're a bad Pokemon? Please, go say that to Charizard X, Mega Pinsir, Greninja, Keldeo, Clefable, and probably more, all of which were S rank threats at one point or another and were either revenge killed by it or couldn't beat it. Did Talonflame stop them from being massive threats? No. What about Mega Venusaur in XY? One of the most annoying Pokemon to take down, couldn't beat Talonflame, but was still one of the most successful Megas in XY. How about Mega Scizor, who is probably the best Mega at this point in the meta (and still was for a while before right now)? It almost never beats Talonflame, yet it's still really good and common.

That said, I'm not completely against it - it is a great revenge killer, and does force out a lot of Pokemon. But its presence hardly invalidates anything, and the only teams that have trouble against it are HO and maybe stall if you're running Taunt. Basically, I find it over exaggerated in this thread.


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Talonflame is 4x weak to rocks. It is not splahable whatsoever. But clef is the definition(well, behind lando-t) of splashable. Plus twave is broken.
The main member of one of the few effective hyper offense teams in this current meta. Bisharp comes close thanks to acting as a modern version of a spin blocker, but talonflame has so many sets and works well with so many different mons' (mega sableye, mega pinsir, bulky waters, etc.) that I think it's a bit more influential than bisharp.

Clefable needs to get on this list at one time or another though.

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