The World Cup of Pokemon III - Registration Thread

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Well, I don't consider myself reputable in the least but I would like a chance to prove myself. I won't let you guys down ;)

Team: USA West--2nd USA Central
Shoddy nick: Dormin

I would really appreciate the chance though:heart:

Bring it on!


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How can Mekkah decide which german player is good and which not?
He doesnt knows any of us.
Even if I technically have the final say in everything, I'm leaving the recruiting and ideas mostly to Dak, who has better connections and actually speaks German.
My team choices:

1. USA Central
2. USA East

Shoddy Nickname:FiveKRunner

If it helps my cause for being picked, my team (me, Taylor, skarm, and Melodius) won the Shoddy Team Tournament a while back and I'm on the Shoddy Top 100.

Edit: If you guys are considering breaking up teams even further, you should consider breaking up the Eastern division for sure into Great Lakes/Northeast and Southeast US divisions.


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Hello, I'm Sonuis.

My Shoddy Battle Nickname is Sonuis.

My team preferences are as followed:

1. USA West (I'm part of America's Finest City)
2. USA Central (I'm using this for comedy Wyoming reference)

Mario With Lasers

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Shoddy nick: Mario With Lasers

First Team: South America
Second Team: Errm, being Brazilian, I'm pretty sure I have an European at most four generations above me, does that count...? If it doesn't, so Asia team, solely for preference.
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