The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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Shoddybattle Username: thany
Country/State of Residence: Germany
Nationality: French-German with some Irish Ancestery

(Applying for Europe over Germany)
Shoddybattle Username: Kefka
Country/State of Residence: Spain
Nationality: Spanish

I'll be the captain of the Spanish team in the event that our proposal is accepted.
Shoddybattle Username: YoshiX, YoshiX2, etc.
Country/State of Residence: New Jersey Americah
Other Eligibility: [only if applicable] born in Texas
Shoddybattle Username: Zandgaia
Country/State of Residence: the netherlands
Nationality: the netherlands/Dutch (It's the same >.>)
Other Eligibility: Europe I guess.
Shoddybattle Username:Calm Pokemaster
Country/State of Residence: India, Tamil Nadu
Other Eligibility: Many relations in USA Metro(New York,New Jersey) so if Asia is full, I will go for US Metro


audere est facere
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Shoddybattle Username: Aster. , Naruto-kun, Silver Blade
Country/State of Residence: New York
Nationality: American
Other Eligibility: also could be in italy, i have family there

hoping to be in USA East though
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