The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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Shoddybattle Username: Sparko
Country/State of Residence: Malta
Nationality: Italian / Maltese (father is Italian)

Applying for Europe if possible...
Shoddybattle Username: Phantom_IV
Country/State of Residence: USA, Maryland
Nationality: USA
Other Eligibility: My heart belongs in Illinois, where I grew up, even if I'm in school on the east coast.


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Shoddybattle Username: Explore
Country/State of Residence: United States, Michigan
Nationality: Japanese/Bengali
Other Eligibility: Lived in Japan for 4 years before I moved to the US
Shoddybattle Username: SkippyTest, Biros Peter, Tony Azevedo
Country/State of Residence: California, United States
Nationality: Greek and Asian
Other Eligibility: I'm more close to being an Asian than an European as a first-generation Chinese and a second-generation Greek.

Hoping to be part of team Asia!
Shoddybattle Username: Stathakis
Country/State of Residence: Texas
Nationality: Greek
Other Eligibility: Europe

signing up for us south, then europe if they don't want me
Shoddybattle Username: xAbsol
Country/State of Residence: Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Other Eligibility: Grandparents are from Indian descent so if the Canadian team gets full I could go there.
Shoddybattle Username: Brawler1235
Country/State of Residence: Connecticut, USA
Nationality: American
Other Eligibility: My mom is from Malaysia, so i could go for asia as well
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