The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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I wish my country has its own team.
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rlz:ACL :) good luck friends pkpedro, julius , spiritman , demonkiller , golden chicken :D


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Whats with this whole trend of one post mexicans?
I have a question, if there is a difference between Asian and Chinese, then I would like to change into Chinese. sorry about the confusion, because of the fact that chinese wasn't a team last year, i thought that Chinese would go into the category of Asian, so my nationality is Chinese. O_O
I want to say 2 things:

1. Where have all the top players gone? Sign up you bunch of wankers!

2. I'm not sure I like the thought of so many teams expanding. The more teams there are, the less competitive each team is because the talent has to be divided. The world cup is the best pokemon tourney there is imo because of the talent laden teams. Last year, I looked at certain rosters and went 'holy crap, could they get a better team?', and that was amazing because it pushed the level of competition in this tourney. I understand the want to expand and push your own patriotism, but only do that if you're super confident that this new team has a realistic chance of winning the whole thing. Quality before quantity. The thought of a united Europeon team for example excites me because we all want to play against the best of the best.

Hope I didn't offend anyone, I don't want the same sort of drama from last year :/


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I dunno, I'm the opposite. If we could put together a New Zealand team I would totally support it, even though it would remove any realistic chance we had of winning.

I'd rather see a greek team and a luxembourg team than an all of europe except germany and france team.

Have a nice day.
No way man, to me the level of competition is what makes this tourney a top event in the smogon calender. You remember 2 years ago when asia had the championship in the bag before the finals were even played (for those of you who don't know, it was purely point based that year, no playoffs)? The entire competition fell apart at the end because there was simply no point in playing it out. The mark of a good tournament will always be how competitive it is and that includes how even the teams are.

I'll be honest, in my first year, I didn't like the thought of having a British team, a German team and then a separate European team because it seemed ironic. However, imagine a competition where you have a complete USA team (no USA East, West etc.) and think about how exciting that tourney would be. In all honesty, it would be a bore. Any excitement that comes from it would be pure David vs Goliath rather than a clash of the titans. Even if there was a team that could stand up to it, say team Australia, I'm confident that all the other teams would be blown out the water, NZ included.

To me, the awkwardness and unnaturalness of balancing teams by players rather than purely by country is a necessary 'evil' for this competition to strive.
16 teams is optimum the way I see it. Unless countries can get enough support so it actually become county versus country then it would be cool to have a similar thing to the soccer World Cup in which case it would have to be well planned and promoted to get it done in the shortest amount of time.


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I completely agree with nagai. I'd rather have less teams and less players if the teams are more refined. What's the point of having two weak teams when you can have one competent team (or at least stronger)? A lot of teams don't realistically have a hope of winning or attaining significant success (just being honest), I think if anything some consolidation needs to be done... team brown is fair enough because it creates two strong teams (Asia and India+Greater Middle East), but a million team Europes and then the leftovers? Europe is divided enough D:


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For any of the splits, we're going to check quality of the new team as well as whats left over, if it doesn't match up to our standards, it won't go through.
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