The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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Whats the point in having a world cup if you are just going to divide the teams based on balance?

tbh with Oceania, I dont really care, cause I pretty much just view Australia as another bit of New Zealand. But lets be realistic. Japan and India dont have a lot in common..

I definitely support a team brown. And from the looks of it (or rather from a brief conversation I had with Aldaron) brown and asia can both put together pretty potent lineups..

But really I guess its about what you guys feel you can identify with. To me, a greece + sweden team doesnt make much sense, but a benelux team team would. Perhaps instead of having france, italy, germany and europe it would be better to have the rest of europe splitting themselves among the european teams that they can join with..

Have a nice day.
I'm hearing rumblings about Team Special Brownies maybe not happening because Asia will be weak...which is utter nonsense.

Asia still has the potential to be strong as hell but certain egos won't allow it. That isn't Brown's fault, that is those certain egos being morons.

Asia could still have goofball / mop / vil / ipl / g80 / dawnbringer / xianglongfa at least, not ignoring the 50 people I'm forgetting.

That team is strong as hell (don't give me the g80 sucks at dpp crap, how long would it take someone really good at adv to get good at dpp if he was trying? 2 weeks?), and if Brown doesn't happen because of some nonsensical feeling that Asia will be weak it's a damn shame.
ok when those players you say that will play signup sure. But I'm pretty sure I said given the current signups our team would be pretty week. I certainly don't know where you're getting the 50 ppl from lol...Hell I don't think we have more than 10 ppl atm.
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I propose Quantum Mechanics as the captain of Team Brazil.
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I propose Quantum Mechanics as the captain of Team Brazil.


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Now, I wish to say something.

1. This is World Cup and not a clash between continents. Thus, what I'd say is more the merrier. As far as quality is concerned, what would you actually regard as "good". Tbh, any person in Smogon with a high post count and a decent reputation gets selected and the others are just ignored.

2. I was extremely disappointed that I was left out in the previous World Cup since Asia was not possible for me since there are around 12 to 13 people who are regarded as "azn" and of course, the others are ignored. So nobody have a chance other than these 12 or 13. Then as far as Europe was concerned, I was not taken in.

3. Now, everybody need a chance. Europe is too big that ten members are too less. Somebody in Vladivostok can claim that s/he is a European and a person in the other end at Ponta Delgada can also claim that s/he is a European. Therefore, Europe needs to be broken. I myself tried for a Balkan team but according to animenegai(sorry if my spelling is wrong), the teams without a chance should not participate. When a team is defeated badly, then they players from that country/ region become more eager to become better and only then they would be regarded as a quality team. One cannot be good directly.

5. When you talk about quality, why is US broken down into so many fragments? Definitely, EU is bigger. When US is united, only the ten best players will participate from US which will improve the quality of the tournament, right?

4. I'm fully backing the idea of having a Separate team for India and Arabs(not just because I'm Indian) since if you consider Myanmar to the centre, every country to the west of it will have a different culture but will at least be similar. But East Asia and West Asia are completely different.

5. In a world cup, there will be easy matches and difficult matches. You can't expect everyone to be good.

6. I've 2 suggestions. Bring in more teams if the fulfill the requirements. Increase the gap to 2 years to make this tournament more special. A 2 year gap is more than enough for any person transform himself/ herself from mediocre to good.

Then, this tournament will be great! People will really wait for this unlike what is happening now, which makes this yet another ordinary tournament which takes place in an year.
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