The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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Hey omni, you said for Latin America not to separate, but Team Brazil is from a completely different basis and most of the people that played last World Cup are on it (Brazilians, of course).

This year's "Team Latin America" was built a long time ago and is almost completely new, even with some Brazilian who have a better relationship with the Latin America's team, so we are not weakening it and we are making a team who will live up for the challenge, as most of the players from our supposed team already proved themselves worthy enough to play on IV World Cup. Besides we are training a lot and the team is really comitted, we have to do a good job this year, as there are even some personal issues on it.

I don't see a reason why Team Brazil should not exist, as we are not really separating... we are just making a team Brazil who will not steal people from LA, actually, the Brazilian players that are there would not even be on our plans, so there is no way we could "steal" them.
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Its more like that lmao

Anyway, Just to comment on what you said Taxie:
Honestly, why space out one of the better tournaments to a 2 year gap and make people lose interest in the idea? Also on the subject of the US being broken up into sub teams, can you imagine if US was one big team? Just putting a team like that together would be chaos with all the people that would be trying out


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1. This is World Cup and not a clash between continents. Thus, what I'd say is more the merrier. As far as quality is concerned, what would you actually regard as "good". Tbh, any person in Smogon with a high post count and a decent reputation gets selected and the others are just ignored.
Hell, as a fellow battler who signed up and played in the World Cup and only had below 100 posts, but a decent, but still unknown rep, I'm against the more the merrier. Yes, its a clash between countries, but with the time-frame that Smogon has, the more is not very good. Sure, its good that opening more spots gives people more opportunites, but having more spots also slowers the pace of the battles that will be done. Hell, I expect this tournament to end in August. If the tournament doesn't end in August, then I would be mad because I have to go back to school then, and I definitely do not want to waste my time playing Pokemon if I have something as serious as College Education or Social Life. If more people play, its adds unnecessary complication which may be unfinished battles, scheduling battles, etc. World Cup should be the game of the best versus the best, breaking up teams when in my opinion, Smogon does not have a knowledgeable average community, is only bad because it doesnt reinforces World Cup's game of skill versus skill.

2. I was extremely disappointed that I was left out in the previous World Cup since Asia was not possible for me since there are around 12 to 13 people who are regarded as "azn" and of course, the others are ignored. So nobody have a chance other than these 12 or 13. Then as far as Europe was concerned, I was not taken in.
I can see your disappointment, but hey if you cant play for the team, then root for them. Asia was not a joke and still made it to the finals, at least you should be happy that Asia made it that far. And Europe, I have been hearing some minor complaints that some of the Europeans wished that teams like Germany, Italy, and France actually join together as one European nation and be competitive. When they broke up, it severely weakened their team and those European nations didn't make it past the 1st round.

3. Now, everybody need a chance. Europe is too big that ten members are too less. Somebody in Vladivostok can claim that s/he is a European and a person in the other end at Ponta Delgada can also claim that s/he is a European. Therefore, Europe needs to be broken. I myself tried for a Balkan team but according to animenegai(sorry if my spelling is wrong), the teams without a chance should not participate. When a team is defeated badly, then they players from that country/ region become more eager to become better and only then they would be regarded as a quality team. One cannot be good directly.
my second point on your #2 point is a good enough point to address this problem. However, i got a little problem here. Yea, a team is defeated badly and some may become stronger. But you can't ignore the fact that some would see this defeat as a futile effort. They may ditch their team and play for someone else or not play at all. And also, Pokemon isn't a game in my opinion that I think people would commit to. So, they may not play at all if they were defeated badly the previous year.

5. When you talk about quality, why is US broken down into so many fragments? Definitely, EU is bigger. When US is united, only the ten best players will participate from US which will improve the quality of the tournament, right?
The problem here is that in Smogon, the United States have the best players overall compared to other nations. Hell, even people from Asia or Latin America are from the US. It was okay to split the US because it was able to meet a time-frame and it pleased the overall community. Europe is not bigger in terms of Competitive Pokemon in OU, but we gave them a chance on making that Italy, France, Germany, UK, Europe split.

4. I'm fully backing the idea of having a Separate team for India and Arabs(not just because I'm Indian) since if you consider Myanmar to the centre, every country to the west of it will have a different culture but will at least be similar. But East Asia and West Asia are completely different.
I support a separate team for India, too because they have top notch respectable players that I know that would respect the time-frame of the tournament and get shit done. I can't really say that to Team Brazil or even Team Middle East or w/e because their reputation is barely known or not even known at all. I would respect a Team Brazil or Team Middle East if they show they can at least compete and that they meet the tournament's preferred time frame.

5. In a world cup, there will be easy matches and difficult matches. You can't expect everyone to be good.
everyone can't be good, but if a team is significantly weak, that would just be embarrassing. Players in Smogon I know would mock that team for a long time until they somehow prove themselves in the next world cup.

6. I've 2 suggestions. Bring in more teams if the fulfill the requirements. Increase the gap to 2 years to make this tournament more special. A 2 year gap is more than enough for any person transform himself/ herself from mediocre to good.
2 years lol.. that is way too long. No one with a busy in real life schedule wants to dedicate themselves solely to Pokemon. Making it one year is perfect as is as it allows people who still play in that frame to enjoy the game. Skilled players leave the game all the time and no doubt there will be people to fill those positions when they leave. I know my position will be filled next year since this will be my last year.

Final Comments... I didn't really want to post anything that relates to controversy here as this should just be a sign-up thread and not really an argument thread. Whatever happens, I know the the authorities like Jackal and Shiv will do whats best for the tournament. I am sorry that I have to post something this long and perhaps eye-soring for a sign-up thread.
Taxie said:
2. I was extremely disappointed that I was left out in the previous World Cup since Asia was not possible for me since there are around 12 to 13 people who are regarded as "azn" and of course, the others are ignored. So nobody have a chance other than these 12 or 13. Then as far as Europe was concerned, I was not taken in.

If you're talking about last year's WC this is pretty ridiculous. Last year's Asia was definitely open for anyone to play. Asia had an open tryout and I can think of at least three "regular" members who through different circumstances were not on the team. We were using third and fourth string members towards the end. If you weren't chosen during the tryout or didn't make an effort to make your desire to play known, that is entirely your fault. "12 or 13" members who are "azn"? We barely had a squad of 8 people whom we could count on playing each round. I really have no idea what you're talking about.


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stealth jackal nyc post:

i will be back in about 24 hours and will sort everything that has happened out, most notably my exploding inbox.

until then, sit tight one more day!
I agree with Taxie Completely :)

I dont know the conditions of asia cuz i'm not from there, BUT i know about America & mostly latin america that Brazil & México have all the capabilities to put toghether a great team.
IMS that México & Brazil have the biggest servers on Netbattle + both communities have increased their level in great ways ultimately.

Ammm, well I hope the ego of some guys is broken and accept that it would be even better this way =)
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Signing up for US Metro or UK
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