The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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Shoddybattle Username: Ranigad
Country/State of Residence: United States (Northwest of the continental U.S.)
Nationality: Asian (by heritage)
Other Eligibility: Canadian (citizenship)
Shoddybattle Username: lolem or ytmnd
Country/State of Residence: Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian + Asian

Supporting Quantum Mechanics as captain for Team Brazil. Otherwise, I'd like to play for Latin America.
Shoddybattle Username: Sk
Country/State of Current Residence: USA (New York)
Nationality: Bengali (Bangladesh)
Eligibility: USA Metro, Asia, Team Brown (?)
Shoddybattle Username: Spiritman
Country/State of Residence: Cancún, México
Nationality: Mexico
Other Elegibility: Latin America

I Would like to be the captain of the Mexican team if Shiv & Jackal Decide so :)
Shoddybattle Username: CBSplashWynaut
Country/State of Residence: Mexico City, México
Nationality: México/Spain
Other Elegibility: Latin América

I hope México would get its own team ._.
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