The World Cup of Pokemon VIII - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

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I guess I should write one of these too

Despite the fact I don't really play Pokemon anymore, this was probably the best tournament I've ever been in, I am glad I was picked this year as well and to not have disappointed!


MoP: we've been playing toghether for 2 years now, always a pleasure, best captain and sick player

gene: I can't believe everyone forgot about you (actually yeah I kinda do believe that), it was worth having you on the team, if only for the "wtf gene is an actual person, I thought he was a bot!"

Blarajan: we've been playing in this tournament toghether for 2 years, yet we never talk outside of the actual tour, weird. You're better at OU than most people think, always trying to help as much as you could, excellent job

Dice: I thought you'd hate me for what happened on PO, instead you didn't seem to care too much, you are much better of a person than I thought you were, I'm glad I got to know you better, also beast OU player / builder ^-^

Squirrel: chill guy, good player and builder, I don't like your playstyle but you are very good at it so whatever works for you! A shame the finals match went how it went, a lot of things can easily go wrong in this game sadly

Yusuke: one of the most paranoid people I've ever met online. Chill out man, it's just a game, you are kinda narrow minded but it's ok, tough match in finals, still played it flawlessly and wasn't too far away from actually winning it! YOU ARE THE BEST ILY <333

WhiteQueen: your glory shall never fade, for you are the Queen of all of us, may your frosty reign prosper forever

PttP: your love for birds is paralleled only by your hate for Mortimer. Strong player, but please, your name is so gay. Also glad to have spent more great time with you

ToF: you are really busy so I didn't see you much, even if you were in bad shape, you came on and performed to your best, so thanks for that

Sandshrewz: cutest user ever, if only I were half cute and nice as you are...well, that would be amazing ^-^, its a shame you didn't get to play

Shoutouts to whoever else believed in us until the end, and helped us throughout the tournament, and to all of my opponents for being actually nice and giving me good matches!
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Congrats to Stone and the rest of USA East, you guys killed it. Also many thanks to the hosts for a job well done.

ALSO big shoutout to ~LonelyNess~ as maybe he can see that a team that was literally nothing in 2011 can rise to the top and prove themselves, getting better and better each year. With some leadership, passion, skill and a bit of luck anything can happen.

EDIT: also thankfully mop lost! whew,.,., close one

gene FUK


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Shoutout Based East nikkaz, fuck stone cold faggit 22 making me play shittily developed mobile ps
PO>smogon , IDM fo laife hoe!
Individual shutouts will go in the order of penis size:

CTC: Ur just too good bro, based as fuck, makin godly teams n shit, smashing all the garbage east players in test games lettin them know that shit don't fly round here. Tru leader, innovator, champion, winner, and overall GasedBod.

Hugo: commin thru slangin the ancient mamba ma nigga, Hugo is a God. Arguably the best bwer (but whos arguing against that) Praise the 8astard. 3 trophies nigga, niggas gettin real mad round here. Shoutout to Hugo for being my long time inferior rival, time and time again I have to assert dominance over him to keep this nigga in check. Don't let the trophies fool u he's actually an undeserving douchebag faggit.

August: IDM buddy big tinstrong goin hard up in dis bitch bustin off in the ocean like a harpoon nigga. This man is average in every tier of every gen Jesus Christ just be decent at one tier (BAN ME PLEASE) jk ilu ur godly at all tiers ESP any tier w hail :) aug is a fuckin ballin ass nigga and be chiefin like a muthafuckin Seminole doe. Based as fuck

Dragonuser: DU is one of the more consistent players on the team and I have a fuckload of confidence in this man's building abilities as well as his skills in battle. This man is helpful as fuck and dedicated to the team as well as being one of the nicest ppl on the site, shoutout DU slangin dat large dick. No homo

BKC: Kevin is garbage leaked my fucking rstall in fucking irc that I was gonna use vs Barajan str8 dipshit u superman lookin Harry potter twin with down syndrome. But for real tho this nigga needs to go back to dpp cuz that's the only tier he's decent at, cuz he can only build a decent stall in this tier. BKC most likely is the type of (BAN ME PLEASE) that would actually click the male enhancement ads in his mail so I'll put him here on the list.

Badass: faggotass badass makes the driest jokes Jesus Christ, no lube at all. At least he's half decent at this tier because he's wise enuf to use modified versions of my teams. Overall badass is mostly a role player, u can say he's to east what Lamar odom was to LA. Hopefully u can one day be good like the other grown members of the team u lil shit I hope u contract gonorrhea in ur fingernails.

Luckitup: str8 talentless piece of trash damn this nigga cannot build shit outside of Ho and will almost always lose to a half decent balance or stall. Str8 garbage damn how is this man 15-1, fucking 12 yr old sack of shit (BAN ME PLEASE) this man damn someone needs to smash him 6-0 and stop this shittalking. I swear to god if shake doesn't get fucking anally raped in the next tour despite lucking I will personally smash his laptop then uninstall PO in that order.

Lizard: lizard is based as fuck even tho he didn't play much. This man's quotes are classic and they help to maintain East's morale.wait holy shit why is this nigga so low on the list, insert him ahead of Bitchass Kevin Crackerass so peachy can gag on that large dick (again no homo and no offense to peachy, maybe he has a small dick you never know)

Tinydick yonder: despite his try hard efforts this nigga sucks dickjuice at ou. He's the epitome of try hard (BAN ME PLEASE) and a living embodiment of the smogon ideology. But luckily, we got to know each other and stopped hating <3
Yonder is actually a very nice assmen and is a huge part of our success via claiming activity and enforcing battles. Literally did all the dicklicking work assmen are supposed to do, standout blue collar of the team!

Shoutout to the east cheerleaders and assmen too but fuckem those nigas are irrelevant and didn't do jack shit for us besides IFM Peachy Nails and PDC.
Those 4 were incredibly helpful w testing and building so shoutout to the large dick trio of the assmen crew and the amazing peachy, also she's clutch as fuck!
Jayde is a small dick faggotwho kinda helped but not really but then again I'd feel bad not givin him a shoutout cuz he's a cool nigga despite being garbage in this tier (or so I think).
Stone (BAN ME PLEASE) 22 sucks dick this nigga literally doesn't do shit fuck this man fuck his trophy plz don't give it to him this man is garbage at this tier he lost to my riolu team 4 times he's 0-4 vs it ban him from smogon.

Shoutout to big Asian Marth, shoulda been on east (born and raised west Philly wuttup) niggas can hate all they want but they ain't got trophies Amirite? Fuckem

Also shoutout to all the teams we smashed u gave us some nice entertainment in the 2 month wait for trophy.

Based shoutout bang bang swag swoop brrrrrrrrt Versace

Just kidding everyone on the team did a phenomenal job , from yonder who was always active and managed the team actively to peachy who was clutch as fuck in the finals and being an acclaimed player with site wide renown. The 3 players who went 5-1 were insanely efficient, and niggas like aug and badass deserve much more credit than their scores suggest cuz they are also amongst the best ouers this gen. Shoutout big StoneCold the legend for picking up the PO duo of Hugo and myself , youv been really chill and nice except when u try to tell us bw niggas how to play bw... Stone muthafuckin cold ! Shoutout to Nails IFM and PDC again for the testing help and being very active and enthusiastic, and jayde for being a based mascot and a cool cat in general. Throughout the entire tour my favorite part was just test battling with u fools cuz its hard to get such quality opponents anywhere else lol. Anyways fuck gr8astard str8 undeserving fsggot 3-3 r u kidding me? Fucking garbage who the fuck loses to Cbb in bw ou nigga get yo shit together. Based East!

P.s. shoutout ma IDM crew that always has my back, and shoutout to based Ruiners and my nigga BLOO for supporting me all the way, the support means a lot guys :) even tho the trophy was in da bag but still, the sentiment is very appreciated
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No shoutout post from me acknowledging my teammates because I think that they all fully know how much I've appreciated my time with them the past month or so. I'm really happy that I got to play for Asia again this year, especially with our circumstances coming into this world cup. Despite representing a huge-ass continent, our playerbase was incredibly small so we didn't really have a crop of players to choose from (blarajan started lol!). I personally didn't even expect us to make it out of the preliminary stages when the tournament began, so making it to the finals was quite an enjoyable ride. It pleases me to know that despite choosing the shitty team that no one projected to do anything over the team region that I actually live in, that we still made the finals. We did good enough xD.

But of course, the best part of it all was the fact that this Asian team went much farther without Eo than it did with him.

Edit: According to numbers master Ciele, when Eo isn't on the team, Team Asia has made the finals 5 out of 6 years. Coincidence?
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i wasn't going to do this, but i just really want to give a shoutout to the few players who actually contributed

lamppost: you were the boss dude. constantly active, testing, team building, and being an overall positive influence in the chat. your constant LoLing helped push us into defeating our enemies. you were great dude, come back next year because this team wouldn't be the same without you.

jayde: easily the best player on the team, thanks for benching yourself to let inferior players such as ctc have a chance. really selfless of you and really appreciated. you built probably 60% of the teams that we actually ended up using in the tournament, so props for that too. you also gave us valuable advice on irc when we were playing our games, making masterful predictions and looking deep into the endgame to find the optimal path of play. we wouldn't have made it out of round 1 without you, dude.

nails: the man was slanging his dick on every one of our opponents because he, like jayde, was giving great advice when we battled. the superiority of his mind compared to that of the mere mortals that were our opponents was simply unfair; it was like pitting a supercomputer against a simple minded shit-flinging monkey.

thanks for a great season guys.
Shout out to dice for being terrible and having a 1-630 W/L vs me and losing to camerupt and getting traded in spl
I'm no math genius but 1-630? I don't think it's ok i should write some bars for this nigga:

Forgive me for i am killing a nigga once again as a result making a sin
We got a nigga criticizing another nigga's record when he didn't even manage a win
Nigga got ghosted by gr8astard throughout SPL then he thinks he's a hero
gr8astard left his side.. how many wins did he manage... Zero?
Lost all 3 of his matches his smile turned into a frown
nigga i have more asia in me than you, atleast im brown
thanks for taking my distant past crown
Fluke ass nigga with an ugly ass frown
you aint a good player sit your fluke ass down

- Masterclass


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thanks for the shoutout yondie, and gj east for letting me ghost every game to victory, no other way a team with stone as cpt could've won any other way
@ masterclass, gr8 wasn't on my side in powc and i went 9-1, and beat him in the process of it so that point is invalid.

I wanted to join East at the start (ask yondie) but i couldn't get in so i thought i'd help them out anyways.
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