There Were 190 Pokémon!


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Man Gen 1 has so many secrets.
You know, i wonder if the pokemon that were going to be in there have even been released. It could be something that was completly scrapped.
it would be cool if gamefreak eventually released them, being found in the Kanto reigion as a reference.
I'm pretty sure the girl who wanted a Pokemon with a flower on it was just saying it, and 4 generations later, they decided to make that Pokemon. I wonder if a remake of that game will have her using one in battle. Anyways, I was referring to the fact that the guy interviewed the Japanese guy, and how the Japanese guy didn't know what the guy was talking about.
"i said your blissey spread is stupid.
cb scizor's u-turn does 109% - 128.3%. that's a guaranteed ohko. cb ttar's crunch does 127.3% - 150%. no-switch pursuit 2hkos. i hope you're seeing where i'm going with this life orb ledian's brick break does 58% - 68.3%. you are 2HKOD BY A MOTHERFUCKING LEDIAN CHANGE THE FUCKING EVS NOW"

@ Windows- I would pay money if you could in any way possible direct me to the thread of your sig. I am in literal tears right now.

On to the topic of this thread. I heard a rumor awhile back that there was a glitch that made a wildémon)Girafarig sprite show up can anyone confrim that they ever heard of such a thing??
You know, the list DOES explain what happened when I traded Missingno to my Silver version, and it turned into a Remoraid... which was weird, but it corrupted my file either way, and deleted the save file within my Silver Gameboy game.
Anyways, I was referring to the fact that the guy interviewed the Japanese guy, and how the Japanese guy didn't know what the guy was talking about.
It was more like he was saying "Huh no Ho-Oh had nothing to do with it" which was weird. Even when I mentioned the anime episode 1, he understood what I was saying but held that Ho-Oh was never meant to be in the games at this point.

But yeah I was going to ask him this year about the whole Metapod/Venomoth thing but didn't bother in the end cause I was playing the top 8 of worlds which made me late for the queue so I would've had to wait 2 hours to talk to Morimoto and Masuda again and it'd have been really busy so would've had a job on getting to talk to him properly cause dumbasses would be all like hurr durr I want my baseball cap signed stop that guy from actually asking a decent question. And the developers are really hard to get hold of outside of signing things cause they're always busy doing stuff.

And nice to see this topic's still going lol. Any questions, feel free to PM me, I do still remember this pretty vividly cause it was such in interesting thing to do. I'd drawn like, diagrams and stuff to show him, in my vintage generation 1 Pikachu-print notebook so probably looked like a bit of a mong but it was so fun lol. Right now I'm in my dorm room with my Morimoto signed cap on my desk lamp's head, so yeah it was a good experience.
Oh I talked to him before the gear signing session kicked off, so he was mostly free to have a discussion with for about 5 minutes or so. I was right at the front of the queue, I don't like actively talk to him lol. He's a very nice bloke though.
Well everybody sort of knew they had already made pokemon that didn't exist in the top 151. In the anime the very first episode ash saw Ho-oh. Then togepi popped up, but that munna thing just blew my mind lol.
Well there is a lot of unused Pokemon stuff that ended up being used latter, and I will tell you what I know now:
-Gen.1-there was going to be 190 but then they removed 40 of them with mew an ad-on (of course you all ready know that by now)
-Gen.2-there is a 29th Unown sprite, which is a flat box shape with A-Y Unown shapes on it
-Gen.3-there is a back-sprite of Shellos & Gastrodon, Shellos is a west sea color and body but has an east sea shaped head, Gastrodon has a west sea color & shape but has a more rocky-like back/shell (note that the platinum pokedex says "Long ago, its entire back was shielded with a sturdy shell. There are traces of it left in its cells.")
-Gen.4-um........go look at the edit.
_Gen.5-after the japanese release of the game, the european(?) Pokemon home page showed a bunch of Pokemon outlines, one of them is not any of 649 known Pokemon + known forms that we know of today (I got that information from bulbapedia site some time in the spring after the game came out in Japan, I just can't figure out how navegate the archives though).
As you can see there is history of Pokemon left over from & in the games and the trend may still continue far into the future.

Edit: Arceus has a ??? form that was removed from the Gen.5 game with the ??? type.
Very interesting. On a side note, a friend of mine speculated that Kangaskhan is actually the mother of Cubone. That is, the baby in its pouch is a Cubone without its skull helmet. It makes sense because they're both found in Rock Tunnel in GSC.

Moreover, Gengar looks exactly like Clefable, only that it's darker. Could it be Clefable's shadow? I think its Pokedex description suggests such an idea. Anyway, I thought it was relevant. It's cool to speculate things about the Pokemon world like this.


/me huggles
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Exclamation, do you really not see the similarities?
- The overall roundness of both of their bodies
- Small arms with 3 fingers each
- the pointed ears

Also, on the subject of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune being in the RBY, we don't know what they were gonna be used for. For all we know they could have been final evolutions for Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon.


its okay.
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Girafarig's beta art is weird, man. I'm glad they changed it to a chain chomp.

And the only resemblance of Clefable and Gengar that I see are it's ears. Other than that, not much.
edit: or it could jut be a ghastly that ate a clefable or something idk
Yes, I see the similaritiies. However, what monster said is that Gengar and Clefable are looked exactly like each other, and they don't, imo.

Edit: Oh, and Clefable is 4'03'' tall an weighs 88.2lbs, while Gengar is 4'11'' tall and weighs 89.3lbs. Kind of weird for a shadow to be heavier that it's physicall counterpart, don't you think?
Awkwardly enough, about a post that's over two years old, now, having 190 intended pokemon is perfectly plausible. With 255 as the base number, or whatever it's called, and my partner being at least fairly adept at knowing his way around computers and gaming things, he stated that it should have more than enough room in the cart for 251+ pokemon. In other words, 190 would be a reasonable amount. After all... Look at the carts for Gold and Silver. They were merely gameboy carts. You could play them on the original gameboy. They just had color capabilities. Thus why when you played Crystal there was so much more animation in the opening sequence, the legendary dogs actually looked like the dogs, and why you could actually chase Suicune across the map.

All in all, though... Finding out about the 190 originally planned pokemon thing is really neat.

Wait... you keep in touch with Morimoto?


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Wait... you keep in touch with Morimoto?
I guess no one reads the OP anymore?

He and other Pokémon directors (like Junichi Masuda) show up every year to the Pokémon World Championships. Zog's been to the last two. And I've been to the last three.

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