Ultimate Back Luck (Round 1)

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mostly harmless
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Vin said that he doesn't want to host it and I can host it so this is it!

Brief Explanation:
This will be a challenge-cup only tournament just with a little twist. Instead of the winner advancing, the loser will advance. Instead of the usual congrats the winner of a tournament gets, here we will see the Ultimate Loser!

To prevent people from losing on purpose, there will be a stipulation. The 'Ultimate Loser' will have to do something wild and take pictures to prove that he did it (with signs or something) like shaving off his head or dressing up like a girl.

The Ultimate Loser has to do one of the following things and post a picture showing he did it (with a sign):

  • Shave of his/her head.
  • Dress up like a girl and go infront of a place like Walmart or McDonalds with a sign saying 'Smogon rocks'. (For males only)
  • Pose nude (underwear is the most your allowed) and take pics.
  • Get a tattoo of Koffing on a highly noticeable body part.

Each round will have a different type of CC, ie. RBY, GSC or ADV. The tournament will be in single elimination format.

  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Freeze Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Apply PP Ups
  • Battle Timeout


This round will be ADV Challenge Cup. Deadline is the 22nd of August.

Lesm46 vs jerryparid
zerowing1991 vs theamericandream38
Flub vs rekt
Aeolus vs cook
Chicken vs Warthog
Sonuis vs Dan Dan
Crono801 vs SuperCoolman
Lord_Marius vs The Communist Plant
Balou vs Mekkah
YU-RI-OH vs Sandslash
Raikou21 vs Siphai
Phantom vs akuchi
Stormy Night vs rikku
gdpt vs meddle
ToP vs Atlas
Moxom vs JeffroBaggins

The brackets were made using Mekkah's Bracketmaker. Ill be bolding the losers for a change :)
I and my opponent PMed but since nb is down this could take a while. I'm leaving on vacation Monday.


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I win. =)

Prepare to strip cook!

Also, I had an idea...too late now though. There should have been penalties for losing each round that got progressively more severe. Maybe next time.


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PM sent, no response yet, but I guess I should get one soon

EDIT: My opponents last activity was August 1 if that means anything
NB was down? I thought my connection went haywire.

End Battle! Moxom wins!
Score: 1 to 0

Magmar vs charizard at the end. His stupid wailmer koed everything with water sprout until jolty saved the day. Lol.
Lost to Warthog by a margin of 3% because my plusle did min damage after a double fp :(

very good game man


I could be boned!
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What if the Ultimate Loser doensn't do that sign thing? Make it so that he/she will get banned if they don't do one of the said things.
Raikou21 said:
Siphai I need your online hours so I can find you.

Edit: Won 1-0. I thought Forry would have swept me.
Yeah well, Sandstorm + Explosion + Sunny Day + Rest can't really sweep when you have Fearow and I have two other bugs =(
I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out. I havn't been able to battle Mekkah in the last few days and I am going on holiday tomorrow, with no chance of Netbattle.

Sorry again.

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