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No Banners,No Colors,No Crazy $&%t here,just pictures,info,and text.Still Under Construction ^^

M*TH*RF*CK*N Updates :P


Laws of the Trade~

A. All Pokemon from me is from the games themselves,none are produced from AR or PokeSav.

B. All Pokemon I received will not be produced from AR or PokeSav,or I'll call my Canadians to throw bacon at your face.Permanently.

D. None of my pokes are clones,so no clones if you CMT my craps.This isnt Star Wars :P

E. There's a variety of RNG and non RNGd,help yourself xD

F. You missed C xD

G. Be Nice,that means:

If I'm nice,you're nice,
if I'm ain't,you're nice,
if you don't like it,you're nice. :)

If we're trading,estimate a deadline for our trade without interferences
If I'm unavailable,Post and be patient,i'll get back to you ASAP when i received it
I'm the vboss,like a boss :P

AR: Code Used
.IV/EV check

2011 OT: Arc~ (Female)(French)(Black)(40027)
2011 OT: Arc~ (Female)(English)(Black)(16339)
2011 OT: Arc~ (Male)(English)(White)(64673)
2010 OT: Arc (Male)(French)(Emerald)(81203)
2009 OT: Rai (Male)(English)(Platinum)(00824)
2007 OT: Eowyn (Female)(English)(Diamond)(62053)
2011 OT: Arc (Male)(English)(Colosseum)(38108)
2011 OT: Entei (Female)(English)(Heartgold)(36834)

Tablets of Sacraments~

1. EV services
2. Pokemon
3. More Pokemon
4. More pokemon
5. Click to see more pokemon
6. Ending list,barely any pokemon left :)

From me:
5:Ominous Fyre

To me:

Labarith: 8

Kurt's Ballz

Ballz.Sexy Pokeballz

Other Kool Ballz

~Courtesy of Bulbapedia

Ditto (Shiny)(French)(Quick) | Quiet |

DW Espeon(France)|Timid| HP Dragon

DW Jolteon(France)|Modest| HP Dragon

DW Vaporeon|Bold| HP ELEC NOTE: Tippett's 1st RNG,taught by me :)

DW Espeon(France)|Timid| HP Fight

DW Jolteon|Modest| HP IC3

DW Flareon|Adamant|

DW Flareon|Adamant| (Curse/Wish)

DW Shiny Eevee|Modest| HP Fight(Curse/Wish)(Hatched at Black City)

DW Eevee|Modest| HP Fight(Curse/Wish)(Hatched at White Forest)

Electrode (Shiny)|Hasty| HP ICE(Cerulean Cave)

Electrode(Shiny)|Mild| HP GRASS(Cerulean Cave)




DW Rapidash|Adamant|

Electabuzz|Naughty| HP ICE

Electabuzz|Mild| HP ICE


DW Elekid|Lonely| HP Grass

XD Zapdos|Lonely|
Note: Baton Pass,Mimic. :P

(Shiny)Zapdos|Timid| Caught on 2/14/2027

Dragonite|Mild| HP GRASS

DW Dragonair|Bold| EVd: 252/0/100/0/158/0 LV 50



FireRed Mewtwo(NN Kewz)|Naive| Knows Selfdestruct|Note: Went through alot of crap for this guy.Trofy Kaze

Chansey(NN Puff)|Bold| Knows Aromatherapy/Mimic|Note: OT: DBoss/3rd Gen Bred


Dragonite|Naive| HP GRASS
Magmar(Shiny)|Burned Tower|Modest| HP Dragon

Magmar(Shiny)|Burned Tower|Rash| HP ICE

Kingdra (Heal)(French)| Lonely |

Kingdra (Ultra)(French)|Ripple Spot| Rash | HP ELCTRIC

HVR2010(France)Entei(Shiny) |Adamant|

HVR2010(France)Raikou(Shiny) |Rash| HP ICE

HVR2010(France)Suicune(Shiny) |Relaxed| HP ELECTRIC

Raikou(Shiny) |Timid| HP ICE

Horsea|Whirl Island|Naughty| HP GROUND

DW Natu(Mirror Bounce)|Calm| HP ICE

Lugia|Timid| HP Grass


Entei(Shiny) |Naive| HP ICE OT:Entei/36834

Suicune(Shiny) |Bold| HP Electric|OT:Entei/36834

Raikou(Shiny) |Naive| HP ICE|OT:Entei/36834

Entei(Shiny) |French SS|OT:~Arc/20017|Hasty| HP GRASS

Entei(Shiny) |French SS|OT:~Arc/20017|Hasty| HP GRASS

Whismur(Shiny)(3rd Gen)|Jolly|

Sharpedo(3rd Gen)|Naive| HP ELECTRIC

DW Carvanha(Speed Boost)|Adamant|

DW Carvanha(Speed Boost)|France|Adamant|

Rayqyaza(NN Senjiou)(3rd Gen)|Hasty|



Absol|Whirl Island|Naughty|

Absol|Tohjo Fall|Adamant|

Absol|Great Chasm|Lonely|

Bagon|Shiny|France|Hatched at Whirl Islands|Hydro Pump/Dragon Dance|Hasty| HP GRASS

Latias|Hasty| HP HP Fire

Registeel|Impish| HP HP Fire





Shelgon|Shiny|Hasty| HP GRASS

Salamance|Shiny|Hasty| HP GRASS EVd 252 SpA and Spe

DW Carvanha(Speed Boost)|Mild| HP FIRE


Riolu(Shiny) |Naive|

Garchomp(Shiny) |Hasty| at Lake of Rage)


Gible|Jolly|Hatched at Lake of Rage|

Riolu(Shiny)|Hasty| HP GRASS

(Shiny)Rotom|Timid| HP FIRE

(Shiny)Rotom|Timid| HP ICE

(Shiny)Rotom|France|Bold| HP FIGHTING

(Shiny)Heatran|Hasty| HP GRASS

Lucario (NN ~Rouki)|Hatched at Great Chasm|Hasty| HP ICE|Vacuum Wave/BulletPunch|EV: 0/252/0/4/0/252|Non RNGd(Credit to ProboSausage for providing Ditto parent xD)

(Shiny) Axew|Adamant|

(Shiny) Cottonee|Bold|

(Shiny) Axew|Jolly|

(Shiny)Joltik|Timid| HP Fire

(Shiny)Joltik|Timid| HP ICE

(Shiny)Zorua|Hatched at Guidance Chamber|Hasty| HP ICE

Zoroark|Timid| HP ICE

Zoroark|France|Naive| HP DRAGON


(Shiny)Thundorus/Fulguris|France|Hasty| HP ICE

(Shiny)Tornadus/Boreas|France|Naive| HP FIRE


(Shiny)Tornadus|Hasty| HP DRAGON

(Shiny)Hydreigon|Hasty| HP ICE

(Shiny)Fragilady|France|Timid| HP Rock

(Shiny)Volcarona/Pyrax||FranceTimid| HP Rock

(Shiny)Landorus/Demeteros||France|Naive| HP ICE

Landorus/Demeteros||France|Naive|| HP Dragon

(Shiny)Haxorus/Tranchodon(NN Drakaicer||France|Adamant||

Zebstrika/Zeblitz|Hasty| HP GRASS

Here,i'll provide RNGd eggs,these are unhatched.hatch on your game with your OT and ID.So they'll be treated as your RNG xD
I'll allow the cloning of these.

Follow these if you would, please
Do credit me if these are traded.
you cannot trade these eggs away.
Semi Redis on the pokemon your hatched.

Poke | Gender|Nature|IVs(x.x.x.x.x.x)|Egg Moves|Ability(If noticeable)

4th Gen

Trapinch Male Adamant

Riolu Male Naive |Bullet Punch|Vaccumn Wave|Mach Punch|

5th Gen

Skarmory|Male|Bold| |Brave Bird,Roost,Sky Attack,Whirlwind|Sturdy Ability



Riolu|Male|Naive| |Bullet Punch|Vaccumn Wave|Mach Punch|
Moar Awesome Pokemon from Smogon site :)

Stamp Absol Semi Redis

OT: スタンプ
ID: 30821
Wish :D
AR Cloned by me

Alternative's Shurnana. Semi Redis( I can trade,you can't )

Friday ♂
OT: Flora ~ ID: 50202
Trait: Telepathy ~ Nature: Quiet
IVs: 31 HP | 12 Atk | 31 Def | 31 SpA | 31 SpD | 2 Spe
Availability: UT Lv. 50 Musharna
Notes: C-Gear, retail cart, Dream World ability.
AR Cloned by me
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