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(Shiny)Thundorus/Fulguris|France|Hasty| HP ICE

(Shiny)Tornadus/Boreas|France|Naive| HP FIRE

(Shiny)Tornadus|Hasty| HP DRAGON
Hey, could you CMT for these please? :) I could also give you credits if you'd like.

(Shiny)Thundorus/Fulguris|France|Hasty| HP ICE

Shelgon|Shiny|Hasty| HP GRASS
hi man, can you cmt for these please?

(Shiny) Cottonee|Bold|

(Shiny)Volcarona/Pyrax||FranceTimid| HP Rock
Update from the last few days

DW Carvanha(Speed Boost)|Mild| HP FIRE

Dragonite|Naive| HP GRASS
CMT for these please:

are these DW females?

DW Elekid|Lonely| HP Grass

DW Natu(Mirror Bounce)|Calm| HP ICE


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Raikou(Shiny) |Timid| HP ICE

Which spread did you use for the timid Raikou?
An HP Ice 31/30/30/31/31/31 Timid Spread doesn't exist on DPPtHgSs
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