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I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Cycle 2


Another day, another dollar. Shibuya is as busy as ever.
You walk towards one of the local vendors. Seeing a few interesting threads, you pull out your wallet.
Unfortunately, you only have 10 Yen in there...sad day.
Hopefully you'll be able to save up enough to buy that cool bracelet. You heard it can do wonders to helping your HP or your Defense.

Suddenly, there is a shout. Somebody seems to be screaming:




You begin running towards the source of the yelling.

There you see theangryscientist, quivering from what seems to be many fatal wounds.

Suddenly he disappears into a dark void, his screams dying along with him...

All that was left was his hat and some slip of paper. You notice it was very similar to the Mysterious Figure's slip of paper, pencil marking scrawled all over it:

Acklow said:
Dear theangryscientist,
You are Sho Minamimoto.
Your Base HP is 6.

Sho Minamimoto is the youngest Game Master of the Reapers in Shibuya at 18. He excels in all areas of leadership except one -- he will not cooperate with others. More of a mathematician than a brawler, Sho loves to speak in mathematical terms and cannot refrain from making a calculation or from telling a math joke during conversation, to the point of obsession and perhaps mental instability.

Sanae Hanekoma is <SNIP>. You know that you will be able to unify with your fellow Taboo Noise if you claim to him.

- Lolita Bat - Level 1 - Every cycle, you may pm Acklow a <USER1>. <USER1> will be warned by the host at the end of the cycle that you have targeted them. However, the following cycle, you may pm Acklow a <USER2>. If you do so, <USER2> will take 2 damage at the end of that cycle. If you don’t, <USER1> will take be dealt 3 damage at the end of that cycle instead.
- LIVE! - Level Max - This pin must reboot before your first use. Once during the game, you may pm Acklow the usernames of 3 active <USERs>. Any time during a cycle, you may post “LIVE!” in the thread (which must be bolded). If you do so, all 3 <USERs> will be affected by “Immobilization” the duration of 2 cycles. They will be unable to use their pins against you. Upon doing so, this pin must reboot the following cycle.
- Frog - Level Max - Every cycle, you may pm Acklow a <USER1>, <USER2>, and <USER3>. If <USER1> targets <USER2> with a damage dealing pin, it will be redirected to <USER3> instead.

You are allied with the Taboo Noise. You win if your fellow Taboo Noise win or if you obtain 500 yen and eliminate the current holder of that pin.

This was certainly an elimination that is surprising. Who would've thought that the infamous Minamimoto would lose to a group of yoctograms. Well would you please excuse my dear aunt sally...

All of a sudden, you hear a whisper in the breeze:

Whisper in the Breeze said:
A terrible curse strikes ginganinja
You frown, why would someone whisper that?

It is now Cycle 2!!! Cycle 2 ends on Thursday, February 2!!! I will be updating in the morning, so get those PMs in REALLY SOON!!!
I want to make some use of this thread (although ginga seemed to have beet me to the punch), but I have two pins that I am willing to trade. PM me if interested.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Acklow said:
- Player Pin - Level Max - As Host, you will be given the opportunity to announce that whoever dies first during this game will be given the choice of being your Co-Host.
Once they become Co-Host, they will gain the responsibility of helping you in organizing, making updates to, and moderating the game.
If they opt out, then the second person to die will be able to be given the choice of being Co-Host.
This process will continue until one person opts to become your Co-Host.
And with that being said,

theangryscientist has become the Co-Host to this game. For all Actions, please send them to me as well as him via Smogon PM. Please add him to any secret Channels or Spreadsheets you own as well.

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