UU Analyses Update thread

pheww... wow, that OP was more backed up than I thought!

The OP is now updated, and I'll be keeping an eye on it. Things are starting to pick up, and hopefully we can keep them going smoothly! :D


what matters is our plan!
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I'm taking Kingdra now.

Also the OP still isn't updated correctly, it says I've reserved Flygon when in fact, it was LucarioarkZ who did so (like 20 minutes before I wanted to do it :(). But if I can do it, I gladly will<3

Currently, I have Kingdra and Chandelure reserved, but everything else I've worked on (Machamp, Snorlax, Zapdos, Crobat, Slowbro, Milotic, and Heracross) should have a completed tag.
I was just wondering, wouldn't it be a good idea to add all 5 BL2 Pokémon (Cresselia, Durant, Porygon-Z, Venomoth, and Yanmega) to the update list, seeing as UU is their lowest tier? None of them are exactly bad Pokémon, and it's just 5 of them. Or is there a reason for them not to be included?
Yeah, don't feel limited to just UU mons with these updates. Just choose anything that's relevant to the UU metagame, using common sense to know which non-UU mons are worth updating. We don't need a Crustle update, but Golurk might need one as an example.

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