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UU Analysis Update Index
Maintained by Moo.

Read these before reserving an analysis:

Please read these threads for more information on how to set up your threads and analyses. Any sets posted that lack the requirements for analyses will be locked and may result in an infraction.

Useful Links:

Analyses will be categorized as shown below (by the status of the content in the analysis):

[Unreserved] – This analysis has not been reserved, so you're free to reserve it.

[Reserved...] – Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis has just been reserved and has no work done on it. Placeholder threads are frowned upon, don't post your thread/analysis until you're ready for QC.

[Skeleton….] – Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis is in the skeleton format.

[Written……] – Will be put beside your analysis (in the index) if your analysis has been written up (in a detailed and organized fashion)

[Completed.] –After your analysis has received the required amount of QC approvals and GP stamps, post here, and I'll change the tag of your analysis to "Completed" which signifies it is done and ready for upload.

Don't post that your analysis needs QC checks if it already has the "Skeleton" tag in the index

[Completed.] Arcanine - kokoloko
[Completed.] Azelf - complete legitimacy
[Completed.] Azumarill - SOMALIA
[Completed.] Bisharp - Cherub Agent
[Completed.] Blastoise - SOMALIA
[Completed.] Bronzong - DittoCrow
[Completed.] Chandelure - kokoloko
[Completed.] Cobalion - SuperJOCKE
[Completed.] Crobat - kokoloko
[Completed.] Dusclops - LucaroarkZ
[Reserved...] Empoleon - Biosci
[Reserved...] Flygon - kokoloko
[Written……] Froslass - complete legitimacy
[Reserved...] Gligar - SJCrew
[Completed.] Heracross - kokoloko
[Completed.] Hippopotas - dragonboy52
[Reserved...] Hitmontop - Moo
[Skeleton….] Kingdra - kokoloko
[Reserved...] Krookodile - pokemon0078
[Completed.] Machamp - kokoloko
[Completed.] Milotic - kokoloko
[Completed.] Nidoking - SJCrew
[Written……] Nidoqueen - Prem
[Reserved...] Porygon2 - capefeather
[Reserved...] Porygon-Z - Molk
[Written……] Roserade - Trollfreak
[Reserved...] Rotom-H - pokemon0078
[Reserved...] Shaymin - SuperJOCKE
[Completed.] Slowbro - kokoloko
[Completed.] Snorlax - kokoloko
[Reserved...] Suicune - New World Order
[Skeleton….] Swampert - religiousjedi
[Reserved...] Umbreon - Cherub Agent
[Reserved...] Venomoth - SuperJOCKE
[Reserved...] Victini - SJCrew
[Completed.] Weavile - V0x
[Reserved...] Yanmega - Endorfins
[Completed.] Zapdos - kokoloko

The Pokemon shown are our priority at the moment. Please do not reserve anything not on the list for now. You can make an arguement on updating something outside the list, and I'll judge whether or not it needs an update. As we progress of course, I'll be more lax in approving other updates.

NOTE: You may only reserve up to 2 Pokemon at any time. Only until both of those analyses have reached the DONE stage or are near completion may you reserve anymore. However, if I know you and trust that you can handle more than 2 analyses, you may reserve more. I'm doing this because the priority list is actually rather short, and I want everyone to have a chance to write an analysis on an important Pokemon that wants to. This is completely subject to change if participation is lacking.

Attention: Please don't edit your posts in this thread at all. It'll help me and whoever else helps with this thread keep track of who has what and when. Double/triple post if you have to.


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Well done to everybody who put a massive effort into getting UU analyses on site. Unfortunately, the time has come where most analyses are in need of updates!

Keep up the good work everybody!
I said I would never do the same Pokémon twice, but I'll make an exception.

I'll take my old friend Cobalion please. I'll take a shot at Shaymin as well.


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Komodo said:
TrollFreak said:
Komodo said:
TrollFreak said:
Hey Komodo, since you already deleted the thread for Carracosta, how about you just take it over, I've used Drapion more often and I can probobly finish it.
I didn't delete the Carracosta thread, I moved it to the L&O forum. If you can handle it, you can do both of them, just post new threads :)
Really, thanks Komodo, I won't let you down :D

I'll post both threads after school today, so make sure no one else takes them :D
I'll be moving Drapion to L&O, just in case you can't find it later. Thanks for your help, keep up the good work.
Yea, and with that i'll be reserving Carracosta and Drapion


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I would like to reserve Snorlax, Slowbro, and Zapdos. I know we're only allowed to do 2 at a time, but I really wanna do those three. If that's not possible, I'll just take Slowbro and Zapdos.

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