Various Wyverii Works

all of those peices of art *hint hint* are, just to be put simply, amazing! the litwick is my fav though. its just simple, and thats it =)

also, i have 1 request.
could you do a picture of a scrafty punching a hydreigon in the face? or it could be kicking, just do what you think is right :)

Took a bit of a break to watch the speedrunner's 5 day charity stream. The above is an Owl Baron from the game Ragnarok Online.

I might go and do those requests when I get time. I might not do all of them.
Wow, all of your work looks great! Keep it up! I may have a request for you at a later point, too, but obvioulsy you have a lot of them right now, so I'll save it for later.


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Very few things look bad in dapper attire, and owls are no exception. I like your use of solid black shadows in this one, makes for a really dramatic and serious impression. (although I suppose the lightning bolts help).
I agree. Almost everything can be made spiffy with a top hat. I've never played RO, but that art tempts me for sure. Good work! I love how elegant and imposing the outfit and the dark shadows (like Bummer mentioned) come across as. It looks to me like the cord of the monocle is flying too, as if he had just made some dramatic, flourishing gesture.

Trying some painting. Got a long way to go with that but I'm starting to make some progress. Mouse and GIMP really doesn't help so I'll have to see about that.
Ah, I like it. The little highlights on the tail make it look very well. Some highlights on the wool on top of the head would make it look nicer :D, but it's awesome overall.

Also, what program did you use to paint it? GIMP?
I'm really floored - how on earth do you mange to churn out such good art with only a mouse! I think the way you managed to capture the lighting on the different surfaces is nothing short of brilliant, and I'd love to see more of your painting work.
The use of colour in that Mareep is incredible. The hints of different COLOURS just bring out the depth of the piece and the subtle colours in its wool are beautiful. And with a mouse... this whole thing is incredible <3

One request is done. Tried mixing some techniques. I think I screwed up pretty badly in terms of colour depth but I'm tired to go and fix it now.

This is a redo of an old piece. I'm not usually a very dither happy person but the texture and effect worked well here. Light source was shifted to be more dramatic, colour count reduced, shading utterly changed to remove the horrific pillow shading.

For reference, this is the old piece:

Also, currently redoing the Cyclohm piece. Since I loved the pose but hated the shading. WIP:


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