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Because most of the Pokemon have now been reserved, we are going to go ahead and add another 10. More will be added when those are taken. The new pokemon are:

Breloom, Jolteon, Hariyama, Arcanine, Aerodactyl, Starmie, Uxie, Blaziken, Froslass, Suicune

Human has Arcanine, and I have Aerodactyl, the rest are up for grabs.


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Out of curiosity (and a bit silly to ask, I admit), since Speed Boost Blaziken is released in Japan only so far, is Nintendo banning it from VGC or not?
If a Pokemon is not on the list of Pokemon you are allowed to reserve at the moment, you may not post a placeholder for it. We'd appreciate your help on any of the Pokemon given, but we need to get those done before we move on to less important Pokemon.

Also, please make sure to post here when your analysis is ready for QC checks, when it has passed the QC stage and is ready for GP checks, and when it is done so that I may more easily keep this thread up-to-date.
It says superpokemon67 has Jumpluff but he didn't post in here nor did he post a placeholder so I'm reserving it.

edit: I gtg but I'll put up a placeholder thread asap


All washed up
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We once again have nearly all the Pokemon reserved, so we are adding another 10. This time around the selected Pokemon are:

Azelf, Murkrow, Hydreigon, Typhlosion, Porygon-z, Virizion, Straptor, Flygon, Rotom-F, Ferrothorn

Theamericandream38 has Ferrothorn, the rest are up for grabs.
I will take anything available
Then pick one and write an analysis!

Lol, I got Jolteon, not Jumpluff.
That was my mistake, it's now fixed.

In the future, I would like to reserve Haxorus.
You may not reserve anything that is not currently on the list of Pokemon allowed for reservation. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but remember that you can always just finish your previous analyses and be ready once we have a sufficient number of the more prominent Pokemon reserved.

EDIT: Sorry, added that along with Blaziken

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