VGC Analysis Reservation Thread

VGC 2012 Analysis Index
Maintained by Alaka and cosmicexplorer
Thanks to Nexus and Aerrow for the template.

This thread will be used to catalog all analyses written for the VGC 2012 metagame, and to organize everything into a single post so users can see what's been reserved and what's free. Additionally, all reservations and updates on the status of your analysis should be posted in this thread. I will maintain this list, but I need the cooperation of the writers, you, to keep it up-to-date. Therefore, if your analysis receives QC or GP approval and the like, please post here so that I may update the index accordingly. The remainder of this post has additional information on C&C policy and other general information.

C&C General Information

Useful Links for Analysis Writers

Analysis listed in the index will be categorized in the following manner:

[Unreserved]– This analysis has not been reserved, so you're free to reserve it.

[Placeholder] – Will be put beside your analysis if your analysis has just been reserved and has no work done on it; the thread for your analysis will be marked by “(placeholder)”. Note that once you reserve an analysis, you must post a placeholder thread. Do not post in placeholder threads until they are marked ready for QC.

[QC] – Will be put beside your analysis if your analysis is ready for QC.

[GP] – Will be put beside your analysis if your analysis has passed into the GP stage.

[Completed] – Once your analysis has received the required amount of QC approvals and GP stamps, post here, and I'll change the tag of your analysis to "Completed" which signifies it is done and ready for upload

General Guideline for this Thread:

  • You can only have three analysis that have not yet passed Quality Control at a time, if you already have three please wait till one of them passes Quality Control before reserving any more Pokemon.
  • When posting a reservation, provide a link to the placeholder thread.
  • Each time your analysis passes one of the categories QC approval and GP checks are included in these categories, as well as the ones outlined above.
  • If the OP of an analysis has been inactive for a sufficient amount of time and you wish to take over the analysis, contact the previous author and obtain permission from them to take it over. Once they have replied and given their consent to you taking ownership of their analysis, post here indicating that they have done so. If a member has been inactive for a long period of time, then contact one of the VGC analysis moderators (Alaka, Solace, muffinhead, and JRank) and ask them for permission, do not post here asking if you can take over someone's analysis.
  • If you reserve an analysis, you are expected to see it through until the end (has received its 2 QC stamps and 2 GP checks, and is labeled done) when it will be uploaded. If you know you're not going to take the time or make the effort to finish it, do not reserve the analysis.
  • If you decide to remove your reservation, please post here saying so. It would be best if you provided a reason, as insufficient reason to abandon a reservation will affect your ability to reserve an analysis in the future.

We are going to use a priority list of the 52 most important Pokemon to get analyses first, and only those Pokemon are available to be reserved. More Pokemon will be added to the list once all of these Pokemon are reserved and being worked on.

Abomasnow - [Completed] - iss (On Site)
Absol - [QC] - Lucien Lachance
Accelgor - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Aerodactyl - [Completed] - Alaka (On Site)
Alakazam - [QC] - Biosci
Altaria - [Placeholder] - Cassie
Amoonguss - [Completed] - Jio (On Site)
Ambipom- [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Arcanine - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Archeops - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Armaldo - [GP] - TrollFreak
Aron - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Articuno - [QC] - Sprocket
Azelf - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Azumarill - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Beartic - [Placeholder] - dragonboy52
Beheeyem - [Unreserved]
Bisharp - [Completed] - Breludicolo (On Site)
Blastoise - CakesOfSpan
Blaziken - [Completed] - dragonboy52 (On Site)
Blissey - [Completed] - Badal (On Site)
Bouffalant - [Completed] - dragonboy52 (On Site)
Breloom - [Completed] - JRank (On site)
Bronzong - [Completed] - Mr. lol (On Site)
Butterfree - Eraddd
Cacturne - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Camerupt - [Completed] - The Knights of Wario Land (On Site)
Chandelure - [Completed] - Eraddd (On Site)
Chansey - [Unreserved]
Charizard - [QC] - TrollFreak
Claydol - [Placeholder] - Tan
Clefable - [QC] - lucariojr
Cloyster - [Completed] - Lucien Lachance (On Site)
Conkeldurr - [Completed] - Tobes (On Site)
Cofagrigus - [QC] - Dragonking700
Cradily - [QC] - theamericandream38
Crawdaunt - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Cresselia - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Crobat - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Darmanitan - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Dodrio - [Completed]- Cybertron (On Site)
Dragonite - [Completed] - Talkinglion (On Site)
Druddigon - [QC] - lucariojr
Dugtrio - [Placeholder] - Miss Tufsy
Dunsparce - [QC] - Sevrah
Durant - [Completed]- The Knights of Wario Land (On Site)
Dusclops - [Completed] - Eraddd (On Site)
Dusknoir - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Eelektross - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Electivire - Cybertron
Empoleon - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Escavalier - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Espeon - [QC] - Improbable
Excadrill - [Completed] - theamericandream38 (On Site)
Ferrothorn - [Completed] - theamericandream38 (On Site)
Flygon - [Completed] - Solace (On Site)
Froslass - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Gallade - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Galvantula - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Garchomp - [Completed] - Alaka (On Site)
Gardevoir - [Placeholder] - Dragonking700
Gastrodon - [Completed] - Solace (On Site)
Gengar - [Completed] - Lucien Lachance (On Site)
Glaceon - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Gliscor - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Gorebyss - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Golduck - [Completed] - Cassie (On Site)
Gyarados - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Hariyama - [Completed] - 7014gree (On Site)
Haxorus - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Heatran - [Completed] - Eraddd (On Site)
Heracross - [QC] - Lucien Lachance
Hippowdon - [Completed]- Infinity.Cypher (On site)
Hitmonlee - [QC] - The Knights of Wario Land
Hitmontop - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Honchkrow - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Houndoom - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Hydreigon - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Hypno - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Infernape - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Jellicent - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Jolteon - [Completed] - superpokemon67 (On Site)
Jumpluff - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Jynx - [Completed] - TheMantyke (On Site)
Kabutops - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Kingdra - [Completed] - Eraddd (On Site)
Kingler - [QC] - Sevrah
Krookodile - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Landorus - [Completed] - cosmicexplorer (On Site)
Lanturn - [Completed] - iss (On Site)
Lapras - [Completed] - cartercr (On Site)
Latias - [Completed] - Solace (On Site)
Latios - [Completed] - Jibaku (On Site)
Lickilicky - [Completed] - Solace (On Site)
Lucario - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Ludicolo - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Lunatone - [Placeholder] - Greysong
Luxray - [Placeholder] - TrollFreak
Machamp - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Magnezone - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Mamoswine - [Completed] - cosmicexplorer (On Site)
Marowak - [Completed] - (On Site)
Medicham - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Metagross - [Completed] - muffinhead (On Site)
Mienshao - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Milotic - [QC] - IceArceus12
Mismagius - [QC] - The Knights of Wario Land
Moltres - Sandman
Murkrow - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Musharna - [Completed] - (On Site)
Nidoking - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Ninetales - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Ninjask - [Completed] - Alphabet123 (On Site)
Octillery - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Parasect - [Completed] - FearZeCrawdaunt (On Site)
Persian - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Pikachu - [GP] - Cybertron
Politoed - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Poliwrath - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Porygon2 - [Completed] - (On Site)
Porygon-Z - [Completed] - Solace (On Site)
Qwilfish - [QC] - R Inanimate
Raichu - [Completed] - dragonboy52 (On Site)
Raikou - [GP] - Jio
Regice - Jio
Regirock - Jio
Relicanth - [QC] - R Inanimate
Reuniclus - [Completed] - Tobes (On Site)
Rhyperior - [Completed] - dingram (On Site)
Roserade - [Completed] - Lucien Lachance (On Site)
Rotom-C - [QC] - Sprocket
Rotom-H - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Rotom-F - [Completed] - Tan (On Site)
Rotom-W - [Completed] - Jio (On Site)
Sableye - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Salamence - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Sceptile - [QC] - Nickscor
Scizor - [Completed] - sandman (On Site)
Scrafty - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Seaking - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Serperior - [Completed]- Nickscor (On Site)
Sharpedo - [QC] - TrollFreak
Shedinja - [Completed] - theamericandream38 (On Site)
Shiftry - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Shuckle - [Completed] - Lucien Lachance (On Site)
Sigilyph - [Placeholder] - Nickscor
Slowbro - [Completed] - Sprocket (On Site)
Slowking - [Completed] - Eraddd (On Site)
Smeargle - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Snorlax - [Completed] - Biosci (On Site)
Solosis - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Spiritomb - [QC] - theamericandream38
Staraptor - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Starmie - [Completed] - 7014gree (On Site)
Stoutland - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Suicune - [Completed] - TrollFreak (On Site)
Swampert - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Tangrowth - [Completed] - Tobes (On Site)
Tentacruel - Cassie
Terrakion - [Completed] - Darkmalice (On Site)
Thundurus - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Togekiss - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Togetic - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Tornadus - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Torterra - [Completed] - The Knights of Wario Land (On Site)
Toxicroak - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Typhlosion - [Completed] - Solace (On Site)
Tyranitar - [Completed] - theamericandream38 (On Site)
Ursaring - [GP] - Cassie
Uxie - [Completed] - Cybertron (On Site)
Vaporeon - TalkingLion
Volcarona - [Completed]- lucariojr (On Site)
Volbeat - [Unreserved]
Venusaur - [Completed] - JRank (On Site)
Virizion - [QC] - Swaggersaurus
Wailord - [Completed] - dragonboy52 (On Site)
Weavile - [Completed] - muffinhead (On Site)
Whimsicott - [Completed] - lucariojr (On Site)
Yanmega - [Completed] - muffinhead (On Site)
Zapdos - [Completed]- cosmicexplorer (On Site)
Zebstrika - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)
Zoroark - [Completed] - R Inanimate (On Site)

edit: Top isn't written yet rofl (but it will be once I get home from soccer practice!)

edit2: Top written, ready for QC


MS State Pokemon!!!
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uh is this open?

if so i want togekiss and scrafty (so i can basically c/p my GBU sets jajaja)

EDIT: also infernape because i personally want to use nape in a 2012 team


Who let marco in here????
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"I'll give this a shot"

Grabbing Latios for the time being. May give it to someone else if things dont work out though


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Could I reserve Whimsicott and Rotom-W please?

EDIT: I didn't see Chandelure get taken until now. My bad.

EDIT2: I'd like to grab Amoongus for my third if that's fine


Would you look at the time?
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I confused Hariyama with Heatran on the list sorry, ill just reserve Bronzong because who doesn't like tricky berserk robots that can fly.

EDIT: Currently reserving through iphone, will make placholders for all 3 when I get home.

EDIT2: Mushurna, Bronzong, and Porygon-2, now have placeholders, they are linked to each other by their name.

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