VGC Analysis Reservation Thread

I have to ask everyone again to please post here as soon as you post a placeholder (which you should be doing immediately after reserving a Pokemon!), edit in a skeleton, write it up, get it completed, or anything else. It makes it much easier for me to update the OP, and helps to cut down the number of errors.


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I'm really sorry for this, but I'm going to have to give up Venusaur since I won't have any time in the foreseeable future to write an analysis. Plus, this is a pretty important mon all around and it needs a good writer.
Uxie and Cresselia have separate niches in VGC 2012, and both will receive an analysis. If you don't know why anyone would use Uxie over Cresselia, then you shouldn't be writing an analysis about it.
I'm halfway through Chandelure (on Word) and I've been talking to a certain person about making the best Kingdra set possible, so I would like to reserve Dusclops.
Ugh I hate making these pc+++ posts but I don't want to be screamed at!danny

Jumpluff is ready for GP Checks.

edit: Also Hitmontop is in GP and Shiftry is written and awaiting QC Checks.

edit2: Jumpluff is completed!
Alakazam, Blissey, Crobat, Darmanitan, Gardevoir, Kabutops, Mienshao, Persian, Sableye, and Volcarona have been added to the reservations list.

EDIT: muffinhead has reserved Crobat, and I have reserved Sableye. Keep in mind that Alakazam, Gardevoir, and Persian have received their Dream World abilities.

Alaka EDIT: Alakazam shouldn't just focus on Magic Guard though, you should have a set for that and Inner Focus which is arguably still a better ability.

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