VGC Analysis Reservation Thread

Venusuar is not good (to say the least) so I'm dropping it, picking up Kabutops.

edit: Venusuar is not good in my opinion (also 100 base Sp. Atk is barely better than Cofagrigus), and I apologize to anyone I made mad with my opinion on Venusaur.

edit2: Yeah I was being a gigantic dick so I'm going to get over myself and not hate on Venusaur just because it lost me a few matches, so I'm dropping Kabutops and picking up Venusaur (again)

Nope you're doing Kabutops

nice one makirizerowing


unreserving gyarados and snorlax; I don't feel like writing analyses of pokemon I haven't used successfully for a few weeks.
Dropping Alakazam in favor of Gliscor. I would do Alakazam, but Gliscor is more relevant to my interests at the moment, and if I finish Kingdra this week, I"ll take it up.

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