VGC Analysis Reservation Thread

I'm not trying to be pushy or rude, but when will you add ten more Poke's? It seemes to me that all of them have been reserved. I am at the moment quite bored and I'd like to write an analysis for literally any Poke, especially Emolga... XD
Yes, you may. From now on, any pokemon may be reserved for an analysis, within reason.
yay for reading

"Within reason" would also be an important note there. Emolga is not competitive in VGC play, so an analysis about it will not be allowed. Feel free to do an analysis on any pokemon that's not ridiculously useless, though.
It was a joke LOL, I can't believe I missed it. Hmmm, could I reserve; Latias?

edit; I'd like to unreserve Latias, and reserve: Jellicent, and Lucario. Thanks!


Would you look at the time?
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I'd like to reserve Marowak, still hits incredibly hard under Trick Room this gen and shouldn't be left out as Pokemon with an attack equivalent to CB Rhyperior that can switch moves.

Marowak also is ready for QC checks.

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