Warmachine version 1.0

Warmachine - the wonderful Warstory formatter

Version 1.0 (rapidshare, requires .net framework to run)

To see a sample warstory formatted with warmachine, go here.

If there's one thing I love, it's a good warstory, but I find that many excellent battlers are discouraged from writing good warstories due to all the tedium of formatting it for readability. Warmachine solves this problem by easily formatting any ordinary shoddy battle log. It adds standard UBB code formatting tags and also offers convinient features such as removing annoying nicknames and tedious repetitive leftover/recovery and sandstorm/hail damage. The best part is, this is completely free!

Q: Help it won't run.
A: Make sure you have the .net framework installed.

Q: Is this Open Source?
A: No, but if you ask me nicely for the source I'll most likely give it to you.

Q: Why doesn't it do X for me?
A: Either it was impractical or I just plain didn't think of it, feel free to post it here or drop me an email and I'll consider adding it to later versions.

Q: Won't making it so easy to write warstories increase the number of crappy commentless war-logs that our lovable mods will need to work overtime to lock/delete?
A: I thought long and hard about this one. Crappy warstories will always exist but to make sure that most of them don't come out of my program, I've added a notice that appears every time you format a warstory reminding users to add insightful commentary before they post their warstories on a forum. I'm 100% certain that some morons will ignore my reminder and post their crap regardless. I promise to mercilessly flame their topics whenever I see them.

Q: Mirror matches don't format properly.
A: Yeeeeeaaah, there's no way around that unless somebody would like to change shoddy battle's code to differentiate two pokemon with the same nickname.

Q: Why aren't I player 1? I don't want to be player 2.
A: Player 1 is whoever sent out their pokemon first in the log, if it's really that important to you to be player 1, you can switch the first two lines in your log before you run it through Warmachine.

Q: I told it to remove nicknames but they still show up on the switching lines, is this a bug?
A: No, that was intentional. I wanted to have the nicknames show up somewhere since some people like them and I figure that they don't hurt the readability of the switching lines since the lines already contain the species name.

Q: Why is it called "Warmachine"?
A: Because calling it "Iron Man" wouldn't make any sense.

Q: Your crappy program killed my computer.
A: I highly doubt that, but on the miniscule off chance that my program was somehow responsible for your computer crashing or whatnot: I'm sorry and I blame Microsoft.

Q: I found a bug!
A: Please tell me about it and if possible, send me a copy of the log that caused it. I can't fix it if I don't know about it.

Q: I named myself/my pokemon something that looks exactly like some shoddy battle system text and it messed up my formatting.
A: If you did that intentionally to break my program: congratulations, I hate you. If it was unintentional: I'm sorry, you'll have to fix those formatting errors by hand.

Known issues:
-Doesn't properly remove nicknames from the line where a pokemon who has used destiny bond takes it's opponent with it.


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thank you for this sexxy sexy app. Now if only i could make threads to post my warstory with... :(
I've already mentioned this in the other thread, but thanks for the ap and I will definately be using it to make even more warstories of mine that no one really likes!
I've already mentioned this in the other thread, but thanks for the ap and I will definately be using it to make even more warstories of mine that no one really likes!
I like your warstories :P

anyways, yea this actually might motivate me to write a warstory, so we'll see how that goes. sick stuff.


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Very Awesome; all the busy-work in Warstory have been eliminated with this application =]

Arctic one, is it possible for you to implement a format that shows the health and status condition of the field pokemon after the end of each turn? It's extraneous, but it does make reading warstories easier.

Thanks, again, for the handy program! (I feel like writing a warstory just to try this out xd)
Yeah that's very doable and I was already thinking of putting that in the next version.

Unfortunately, I've got a lot of breeding to do for my league tournament so I probably won't be able to start the next version for a couple weeks.
this is a great addition. i would just like to suggest that for the next version it would list the pokemons hp after every turn just cause this makes it more understandable and it is usually really hard to do this in a regular warstory
This is awesome dude, great work :O And I agree with mailman in that I would like a way to show each pokemon's percent of HP left after each turn; do you think that would be a practical option?
This is great the artic one, this makes gathering data to prove arguments and back up theorymon a lot easier! Before this there was no way of actually reading the logs that shoddy battle made of battles.

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