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I am well aware that Truth uses the Gyarados image from Arkeis.com. I refer to the specific file you use in your thread.

Each post can have only 100 images, and since Truth has so many ribbons, I couldnt put them all in a single post. So I took a print screen of how it would look like, pasted on Paint.net and removed the background, then saved it (Gyarados pic + Pokeball + ribbons) all together as a single image, which I uploaded. You're using the same image. That's the one I was refering to.

Truth isnt mine. The format is.
justin:no drago and tangrowth are of 4 gen :( howewer i can give u garchomp ;)
Luxpluff:ok sorry i must change the image?finally isn't important because Truth is always the same
are you able to teach lugia tm51 roost, and hippopotas tm76 stealth rock in gen4?

if so, i'll take them for my terrakion and virizion.

otherwise i'll have to try and find two others.
Hi! in response to your CMT can i have these:


Nature: Jolly
Egg Moves: Counter - Pursuit - Ice Punch
31 | 31 | 25*| 31 | 28+ | 31

Yanmega Shiny

evs:252attspec 252 vel 4 ps
moveset:air slash protect hidden power(ice) bug buzz
Never thought someone would bump my inactive trade thread... o.o

Anyway, in response to your CMT, since there's nothing I wanted (again), I guess I'll take 4 credits.
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