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failed abortion
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pkgaming actually wasted the time to count that! ice is obviously the best type ever


tits McGee (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
i voted psychic but i immediately regretted it and wished i had just voted ice instead.



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I'd say Psychic type, partly out of the utility of mind control, and partly out of fear of said mind control.
i voted grass because 2/3 my favourite mons are grass and i like nearly every grass mon but i wanted to pick electric and water and flying and ice and ghost so badly

why does electric not have more votes? i expected it'd have loads, with mons like raichu, electabuzz, raikou, ampharos, lanturn...
New world Order wins, x5 :)

Put basically, Dragons are the jocks of the pokemon world. Every team has one, they come in uninvited, steal your girlfriend, eats your lunch, makes you pick up the leftovers and then tells you he'll see you tomorrow to do the same thing again before stuffing you in your locker because you didn't say goodbye.
I voted Grass before it was cool. It only had 2 votes when I vote for it. Now it's mainstream. Lame. Gonna have to start liking Flying.

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