Where do you buy your clothes?

Usually cheap places like Marshalls, Ross, those other discount clothing stores. Malls are usually too expensive for me. I also like big stores like Costco and Target that have decent quality clothes for cheap. Brand usually doesn't mean a whole lot to me. As long as it looks good and it's cheap, I'll wear it.
I usually go to vans for my shoes, I prefer their styles. I shop wherever I want for regular clothes, mostly get levi's for jeans (One pair can last like a week without washing. It may sound dirty but meh. Saves on the water bill right?) I also hate going to the mall. I don't just dislike the mall, I hate it. If I have to go to the mall for something then I'll walk in, get it, walk out.


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Like some of the other people who have posted, I simply wait for holidays but sometimes I got ot stores like Aeropostale to get a few shirts and such.
As a "grown up" (lets us this term loosely) and coming from a poor family I shop around, lookin for "such a deal" :)

I do love-
Macys- great clearence sales! 60% off with an additional 40%, hella
Goodwill/Thrift- just check the wear and always check the quality of seams. but this is where i got my Alfani interveiw suit thats gottem me plenty of jobs and cost like $8
New York and Company- Great for work clothes!
Etsy- I love handmade jewlery and sceened t's! :D


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Incidentally i love shopping in retro/vintage shops if i can find them and have enough patience (they are full of crap mostly), but usually its just topman, h and m, zara men, and more high street shops.

What annoys me about these shops is the fact that you buy a jumper or something from topman and then you see everyone and their mums walking around wearing the exact same thing. Its just far too embarassing.
Topman, H&M, uniqlo and random concessions in Selfridges. I buy a lot of stuff online too, sometimes I just "scout" at places like Urban Outfitters since almost everything they have can be found for half the price online
My clothes are usually bought at Ross or Nordstrom Rack. Mainly because it's hard to find clothes my size, and who doesn't like good quality discounted clothes.
I usually like a mix of pacsun, tilly's, and A&E the best. TJmaxx and Ross are also always good for rl polos at a good price.
I don't buy much of my clothes, but I like buying them at Rock's Gallery (not a store, it's a place full of stores related to music over here. However, not all the stores are ONLY music related, so you can find some pretty nice t-shirts over there).
Well my mom buys alot of my clothes, but I have an expensive taste for clothes, jeans, and shoes. I usually buy my stuff online to save money. IE I have true religion jeans, armani stuff, abercrombie and finch, retro 1 jordans, and such. My most worn brand is Tommy Helfigger though.

I despise "surfer" clothing. You will never see me in a pair of sandals or quick silver stuff. My favorite clothes are muscle fit polos XD. Yeah >.> I'm that type of guy.
got a couple free pairs of corduroy shorts from my friend who's getting fat, goddamn that is some comfortable shit


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most of everything comes from uniqlo or bossini.
occasionally I get things from hollister when I need something that's a size too large.
and converse all-stars, of course. but I buy those from the same shop I get my hollister stuff from.
TJ Maxx usually. However the taller you are, the harder it is to find clothes that fit you (maybe that's just me =/)
I've only had this problem at Old Navy. Large was too baggy, but Medium wasn't long enough. And then the medium shrunk in the wash. Garbage! Luckily the shirt itself was only $3 lol.

My city is over saturated in womens clothing, a lot of the stores will have smaller mens sections or none at all. So I usually find myself going to smaller 'boutiques' that have a wide variety of stuff. Don't care much for brand, I just like 'cool' looking clothes. Some of the bigger name stores I shop at (usually in Toronto) are American Apparel, French Connection... If I want some polos I'll go to AE (cheapest ones) though sometimes I'll try to scope some Lacoste polos at places like Winners or outlets (that will have designer out-of-season clothes for like 1/4 of the price...). Though Winners usually has meh stuff, there are some sweet places around here that sell clothing by the pound so I can get a bunch of normally pricey shirts for barely anything. I LOVE OUTLETS. Shame a bunch of them are starting to close down :/ Gotta go pick up some summer stuff before it's too late...

Pants wise, I get sales rack shorts from like AE and other stores cause I'm not paying for shorts which cost the same as jeans (when there is 50% less fabric!!). I like finding quality jeans (no walmart shit here) but for a good price... Factory outlet stores or Winners or sales rack shtuff... Such nice clothes for such good prices.

Sometimes though, I can't fight the whore inside me and will overspend on reaaall sexy jeans.


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Im kind of a label whore, so Guess mostly. No I'm not rich, I'm just very good at poker ;) lol
oh yeah I go to guess if I want to fancy it up a bit with a nice button down, and usually get belts there.
I get shirts from school that I like. I get my University of Michigan attire from e-bay. Everything else (pants, socks, underwear, undershirts, pants, shoes) Walmart FTW.


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occasionally macy's and nordstrom, h&m, zara, guess, things on gilt, once in a while something classy from hugo boss or armani or zegna or what have you, rarely urban outfitters. uniqlo and some other japanese places are cool but i haven't gotten too much from them yet. shoes from a variety of places, currently wear some cool lacoste shoes and about to buy some new onitsuka tigers because my friend threw up all over and destroyed my old ones (also eventually probably some chelsea boots but they are so expensive).

sweet made-to-measure fashion-forward suits at thickasthieves, more conservative ones from like nordstrom or neiman marcus or more specific men's stores. so probably zegna, corneliani, canali, dior, ralph lauren black, etc (this is all in theory i'm way too poor to afford that stuff right now). so slim-fitting italian cuts, not a big fan of english usually since they are boring and i am skinny-ish.

gonna buy out the all saints manhattan store when i have some extra money though they are completely awesome at almost everything god damn

does anybody have good casual shoe suggestions (no converse, no pumas, no nike anything)

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