Where do you buy your clothes?

I shop at AE because almost every clothes store here is one of those "big" ones. But I choose AE because all of the other ones have logos that make the item look bad. To me AE's logos are the most bearable.
I like shopping at American Eagle too. It is also my favorite clothing brand. (prior to about June 2009 or so, Hollister was my favorite) Lately they have come out with some good men's graphic tees that look very cool; some of them do not even have a visible AE logo on the print!

In fact, I was shopping at a local AE store today, and I bought some new clothes.


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Esprit has no logos on it, or just enough so that no one notices. Their jeans are really comfortable too.

Levis are comfortable too.

I gave up on the whole AE/AF/Hollister/Junkie scene.
Anchor Blue, there are no logos on it, surprised no one else shops there. Other times, Pacsun or Kohls. Walmart is just where I go to get gym shorts.
Eh, I buy clothes off season at Rack stores. Grabbed a $200 North Face jacket for 50 bucks in the middle of summer.
wherever has good sales/clearance racks, which usually ends up being hot topic (for tees), aeropostale, american eagle (jeans, polos, buttondowns, cool stuff), pacsun, old navy, and kohl's (employee discount ftw!)
Looking into my closet, I see.. Express, PacSun, Old Navy, AE (though I haven't even been inside one of these in more than six months), this cool orange shirt with octopi that a friend of mine designed, some cool shirts from Threadless, Aeropostale, and various Mavs paraphernelia. I need to organize my closet .-.

edit: Also, Target has really cool stuff!
I actually bought some stuff from annywholesale, it is abercrombie clothes for like, 30$ it's amazing.
I like to pick up T Shirts from places I go as "souvenirs," so I have a ton of T Shirts from random places.
I buy nicer clothes, like button up shirts and blazers and whatnot, from larger department stores because they look fine and going to a place that specializes in dress up clothing just causes me to spend more money for something that isnt much better looking than a cheaper version.
I can't stand name brand stores.. What, am I paying the extra $30 for the heavy perfume you've drenched the garments in to the point that the stench gives me a headache?

I'd rather just go get the same pair of pants for $10 at Target or Walmart :)
urban outfitters

accept no substitutes

no but thrift stores / crossroads / redlight are all awesome and out of those four ends up being the general bulk of my wardrobe


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All of those preppy places like American Eagle (I used to work there so I have a lot of their stuff) and Banana Republic on occasion.
Lately I've been buying a lot of clothes online. But otherwise I buy them at a local store called Thread, or at Target if I'm just looking for underwear or socks.


I get a lot of clothes for free and from places like target or that kind of genre. I don't really do fashion. I wear literally the same thing every day. Its comfortable ,what can I say.
Call me whatever but I love going clothes shopping and I go to places like AE, Abercrombie, Nautica, TH, Aeropostale and Hang Ten.
I buy most of my clothes online because stores around here are terrible <_<

Where am I supposed to find a HORSE the Band shirt, a Goomba Beanie and Neon Green Skinny Jeans around here? WHERE I ASK YOU?


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Most of my shirts are from Gigs. Apart from that I shop at TKmax, some charity shops, and online stores. I do own a few expensive shirts that I wear on special occasions that are from Topman and brand stores, but not many. I also have a Randy Orton gas mask shirt that I absolutely fell in love with, which set me back roughly £40. Overall, I'd say I have a good mix of fashionable clothing and cheap crap. (:
target and t.j.maxx, since the supermarket i work at is in the same plaza and i don't have my license due to laziness. Sometimes Kohl's too since it's in the next town over, but I loathe American Eagle for some irrational reason, i think it's that the eagle motif really, really pisses me off. same for Abercrombie or Hollister or any of those damn stores, i hate hate hate the graphics / brand names they just paste on top of their clothes. I dunno, my style's shifted over the years, I now prefer sorta low-key jeans and open hoodies with t-shirts, whenever target and t.j.maxx actually manage to have my size. Agreeing with whoever said it's way harder for tall thin guys, they never have my shirt or pants size exactly right, I'm always between a medium and a large on T-shirts. (They're either too short or hanging off of me, they should have a longer, tighter version for basically all t-shirts).

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