Where do you buy your clothes?

I really don't have a preference, I go to different stores for different things, like sometimes I love getting jeans from Pac Sun, or I'll get tanks from A.E. I don't think I've ever purchased anything from Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch, except like a white polo that my sister later tye-dyed. I am also a whore for Urban Outfitters, I love buying their shoes/jeans/whatever. The last thing I tried to purchase from there was a gorgeous pencil skirt, but it flubbed somehow and the order didn't go through, then I didn't care enough to try again. I typically only buy things from Urban Outfitters that are in their sale section, since otherwise things are expensive as fuck.

THAT ALL ASIDE my wardrobe is definitely overwhelmed by garb from TARGET. :D
I hate buying clothes. Thank God for holidays. I always ask my relatives to get me clothes when they ask what I want for Christmas / my birthday. Saves me the effort, and they'll never buy me anything revealing or whatever, so there's nothing I'm too fussy to wear.
I didn't read page 2 but I haven't seen any love for Hollister. That is where all of the cute girls work and the clothes are pretty cool. I am from California though so my opinion is biased I suppose.
i get most of my shirts from shows. generally they're $10-15 each and half of that goes to the band. i get most of my hoodies and jeans from pac sun, usually get belts there too.
i buy my clothes by c&a, newyorker or madonna (i don´t know that you know this shops...). my trousers by jeansfritz. or i buy clothes from the internet.
I approve of this thread.

Anyways, I go to quite a few stores in the mall... I don't have a set place where I like to shop at, besides places like Juicy Couture at the La Cantera mall. The malls in SA are pretty big so there's always somewhere to go. As long as they don't have ugly clothes, you'll prob find me there.


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I usually go to Nordstrom. I used to shop at Macy's but then all their shirts just turned ugly so I didn't bother.
I also shop at Express for 'nicer' shirts and jewelry.

Mainly I just buy stuff by Juicy Couture, whether from their store or Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. Jackets/pants/shirts/jewelry, it's all good.
Alternatively I buy designer jeans either from Nordstrom, or Macy's if they have any good Hudson's/Seven's/True's in stock or from Rock & Republic or True Religion's websites.

Also lululemon has the warmest yet most attractive jackets and their pants are comfy as mess.

Also I get Chanel stuff from their store C:

Yeah I wear expensive stuff but designer jeans fit me way better than the 'cheap' jeans ever did. The ones at Macy's are too short for the most part or too loose around the thighs so it's like 'whatever'.
^ nice N-Man.

Funny, I was just buying clothes yesterday at a TJ Maxx. Which is odd for me, as I usually only shop for clothes once a year. Odd coincidence.


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all saints

generally anywhere where i see something good


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I shop at many places, like Hollister, Ed Hardy, Sid's Pants, and Macy's, and Aeropostale. My favorite is definitly, without a doubt, Sid's Pants.
- When I'm buying jeans, I'll usually hit up JC Penneys on sale- $15 levis, anyone?
- T-shirts will come from any place that sells a shirt that doesn't make me look like a toolbag ie a shirt that I haven't seen 50 times in the last couple of weeks.
- I'm a big fan of steinmart for button ups and sweaters, so I go there occasionally

I too am part of the "Refuse to wear designer clothes" segment. I've been through H&M many a time (spent 4 months in Europe and flirted with the idea of getting into European fashion), and while it's more affordable than american designer, I just couldn't bring myself to look... well, that gay.


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pretty much every single piece of my clothing is from H&M. cheap clothes that make you look good, count me in
pretty much every single piece of my clothing is from H&M. cheap clothes that make you look good, count me in
i switched to forever 21. once in awhile, i find something i like there. it might be cheaper there, too.

also, thrift stores and those "exchange" shops. basically, anything that isn't expensive. i think the cheaper stuff looks better than the more "expensive" stuff.
and i don't need to worry about jeans. i've been wearing the same pair that i've made cut-offs for about a year now. they'll last me a long time.
I'm a pretty feminine guy, like I like to look pretty and stuff :3 but unfortunately my guyness shines through cause I won't buy clothes for myself. I hate clothes shopping cause I don't really know what I want so I'd end up wandering around the store looking scared and alone (like an old man) and would honestly rather buy dvds or something. But everytime I get ready to go out and I put on the same old hoodie with the same ill fitting jeans I get all sad at myself in the mirror.

I try to get girls to send me hoodies so not only will I have a new hoodie but I'll also smell all girly :3 (I'm pretty creepy like that and therefore get no hoodies =/).


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I usually buy my clothes from QuickSilver, because I just like the clothes there, a lot.

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