Where do you buy your clothes?


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Consiering I am unemployed the vast majority of my clothing has come from second-hand stores (goodwill, salvation army, local thrifts). Of course, even when I have employment that tends to be where I shop anyway outside of a couple of GAP sweaters and jeans. If I am going to buy "nice" clothes I would much rather do that at a higher end store (even though I have never been able to afford it) than midrange whose same styles can usually be found at a good thrift store.

I also have a number of talented friends who screenprint tees for me (I am currently wearing a pretty badass [but kinda faded] optimus prime tee that is homemade) which I like a lot more than purchasing shirts from, say, the internet as they are customised and only I (and my friends) have shirts that look like them.


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loki can you post some examples of what you'd specifically recommend (also that was fast)

evan's a hipster lol but thrift stores own


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this is my current pair:

topsiders are great cause you can wear them anywhere. i wear these to class all the time and if you're going out they look great with jeans or slacks
little while ago at Kohl's we started carrying a brand called Hang Ten, which makes some really comfortable shirts:

i don't normally do collars but i have to say these shirts are pretty comfortable and fit really well
I honestly see shopping for clothes as a waste of money. I wear everything that I own until they are absolutely falling apart. If my family buys me clothes, that's fine, but the only thing I ever buy on a regular basis (and its like once a year maybe) is underwear and socks. I've been wearing the same shirts for about 4-6 years, and if I see shorts on sale (I'm talking 5 dollars per pair or less), than I will pick them up. But most of the time, that's by luck that I even find those deals.

Unfortunately, I do have to buy shoes because I walk so damn much that I wear holes rather fast in the souls of my shoes, which is a nightmare when it rains. I probably get 3 pairs of shoes every 2 years or so, but I try to get a buy one get the second half off deal or something like that. I almost always go with New Balance, and while they are expensive, I can usually find pairs for 30 or 40 dollars easily.
i got a pair of blue canvas topsiders the other day, actually.

kohl's has awesome stuff. i got a pair of slim white jeans for less than 10 bucks in the clearance section.
i got a pair of blue canvas topsiders the other day, actually.

kohl's has awesome stuff. i got a pair of slim white jeans for less than 10 bucks in the clearance section.

I'm in need of some new pairs of jeans for cheap, so far... no luck lol
so I went a outlet mall in the middle of nowhere on the way home from visiting OU yesterday. At Reebok, I found a nice windbreaker I've been looking for and at GAP, oh man. I got the most comfortable pair of pants I've ever worn. I also got a couple sweater vests for cheap and a sorta maroon polo shirt. good trip.
i usually shop at ae, hollister, levis, but dope simple design shirts at footlocker, panicpop, etc never hurts xd
I generally go to Kohls/Sears. I've found two Pokemon shirts at Kohls so that made me happy. I rarely even go into malls (unless I only go into the Sears/Kohls) because I'd rather go to one store and know exactly what I want before I go in.
Jeans at aeropostale, everything else at Hollister or AE. No, I'm not a prep, I haven't gone clothes shopping for nearly half a year now.
kohl's has awesome stuff. i got a pair of slim white jeans for less than 10 bucks in the clearance section.
yeah we got some great clearance, i'm usually the one processing it and i always scope the stuff out before putting it on the rack, got a layered T for $4 couple months ago
Ehhh, a lot of various internet shops... CCS, Karmaloop, Digital Gravel, commonwealth, few others..

As for stores I go to when I'm out, zumies is pretty cool... when I'm in Philly I like to go check WTHN and Ubiq.. and some other littler spots.


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Buffalo exchanges in Berkeley/socal has some ridiculously good deals at times so I get most of my clothing there. Used clothing stores in general. Sometimes i buy new clothing because i need to look nice for a job/special occasion.
H&M, Abercrombie, Macy's, and Banana Republic for nice dress shirts and jackets. Pac-Sun or local urban San Francisco stores for decorative tees and GAP for plain tees. Anchor Blue, Levis, and Abercrombie for jeans. I dgf about shorts cause my city is almost always cold, so I get casual shorts at Target or Old Navy. Shoes all nike ranging from Nike Town, Journeys, Urban Outfitters, local urban stores at San Francisco, or Ebay
shit darkie/others, i totally forgot kohls existed. i am totally going to the one nearby me tomorrow in the morning, and getting myself some much-needed new jeans. i hate when you try on pants you've found in your dresser and they :mysteriously: do not fit anymore...
I actually like getting things from J!nx. They have pretty good designs, when they decide to move away from the black t with letters. Besides that, I usually go to Hollister or Marshals or random other places not too notable.
Hey, maybe you guys can help me out.

So I recently went shopping for some new shorts for summer (It didn't manage to get warm around here until this week) and I went pretty much everywhere at the mall, and EVERY SINGLE pair of shorts was ridiculously huge. I'm fairly skinny, but I've never had this much trouble finding a pair of shorts before. I managed to find on pair of khaki shorts that fit pretty well, but other than that, everything just looked ridiculous. Anyone (preferable skinny people) know if there's a particular store that sells shorts that aren't huge?

I was also going to ask if anyone knew of some nice shoes, but those topsiders looks great.

Now that I've got started, I don't want to stop. I tend to buy my stuff from wherever. If I'm walking through Target and I happen to see I shirt I think looks nice, I'll pick it up. That being said, I think I have the most clothes from a shop called "PacSun" where they sell various brands and usually have pretty reasonable prices (For brand-name clothing at least). I think it's a local thing on the Pacific Coast. I just bought a bunch of new v-necks from there for summer. The brand was "Down by the Byas" or something. I got like, 5 of them for 40 bucks. I'm not sure where I got most of my jeans, but I'd be willingly to bet it was Macy's or something. I really wish a had a bit more money to spend on clothes atm, but unfortunately I just put out 700 bucks for a mandolin, so I'm a bit screwed until I get a few more paychecks.
Clothes are not very important to me, so I usually don't buy myself clothing.
When I do, I get it from Target, because I'm cool like that.
Fuck Wal*Mart.

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