Where do you buy your clothes?


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I don't. It seems everyone gets them for me on holidays anyway, so I just wait for said holidays.
I like ordering cool tshirts (like my PedoBear one) online and buying things at stores like Goodwill. I'm not 'cool' enough for name brand. I like to keep it simple.
I don't. It seems everyone gets them for me on holidays anyway, so I just wait for said holidays.
This. I despise clothes shopping, so I just ask my relatives to get me clothing for Christmas. Sometimes, if I see something pretty, I'll get it.
J. Crew is where I get most of the stuff I wear to school (especially shorts / pants). J. Crew is pretty expensive, but they have nice looking clothes and always have my size, which is convenient because finding pants that fit is difficult.
I like to pick up T Shirts from places I go as "souvenirs," so I have a ton of T Shirts from random places.
I buy nicer clothes, like button up shirts and blazers and whatnot, from larger department stores because they look fine and going to a place that specializes in dress up clothing just causes me to spend more money for something that isnt much better looking than a cheaper version.
Wherever I see something that catches my eye.

I actually have to buy my own shit.. so I don't care for the ridiculous A/E A&F clothes where you're pretty much paying for a brand.

Not superficial.
When I rarely have to buy them (holidays ftw), usually it's Target, perhaps Kohl's. I fucking hate clothes shopping. I also don't care at all about brands, especially because you get transformed into a walking advertisement.
whenever I buy clothes, I know exactly what I want. This way, I can walk into stores, buy a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and maybe a sweater or something, then walk out, and be done with all my clothes shopping for the newt 6 months.

aside from that, I get most of my jeans from AE (35 dollar relatively unripped "designer" jeans :D ), and I get a lot of shirts from puma and old navy (seven dollar shirt = pretty cool deal.)
Garage sales and some thrift shops. I've gotten more cool shit out of them than I've seen in retail stores. I have more than enough well-fitted clothing though (so long as I keep up with laundry) so I don't do it too often.
Pac Sun mostly. Sometimes I buy stuff from Hollister or AE or whatever if I actually like the shirt/clothing article. I order online a lot though because i don't like driving to the mall.

I mean if I just saw a cool shirt or something randomly and I had the money to buy it I would (IF i had the money) regardless of brand...
TJ Maxx usually. However the taller you are, the harder it is to find clothes that fit you (maybe that's just me =/)
No one's mentioned Topman.

But for bog standard jeans and plain t-shirts, I'd go with anywhere budget.

Speaking of budget, charity shops are the best. I've picked up many brilliant things there.
Primark usually. Sometimes Asda. When I was in Cambridge the Asda was miles away and there was no Primark so sometimes I'd resort to M&S - especially when I'd left it till the day of a black tie dinner to buy a dress shirt. I'd rather spend my money on music, electronics, or books than clothes.
Anywhere from Target and Old Navy to Gap or Banana Republic (on occasion), anywhere with a good deal, but I usually stray from mall type stores like AE and Hollister.

Also, I used to love the store Steve and Barry's but they shut down sadly.
I shop at AE because almost every clothes store here is one of those "big" ones. But I choose AE because all of the other ones have logos that make the item look bad. To me AE's logos are the most bearable.


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Gigs, occasionally mum will bring something home. I do buy trousers every once in a while, but I have enough to last me for a gooooooooood while.

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